Panoptic: Peekaboo! - PART 1 - Game Grumps

  • Published on Jul 30, 2018
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Comments • 1 902

  • NovaCam
    NovaCam 2 days ago

    Dan could've just pushed Arin's head in a different direction to make him miss.

  • Richard Dakazo
    Richard Dakazo 6 days ago

    Dan: 'Tis I.

  • adventuretimefreak14
    adventuretimefreak14 10 days ago

    Was that you?

  • Adam Kent
    Adam Kent 13 days ago

    Man didn't know Dan could make them sIkK overtones

  • PurpleFreezer
    PurpleFreezer 18 days ago

    I like how clever dan was trying to be.

  • Addicted2Electronics
    Addicted2Electronics 18 days ago

    You guys are hysterical.

  • kirb has a gun
    kirb has a gun 19 days ago

    ross would be fantastic at mind games

  • a. Negre
    a. Negre 19 days ago


  • Richard Wawrzonkowski
    Richard Wawrzonkowski 20 days ago

    This sphincter...

  • Faith luvscats
    Faith luvscats 24 days ago +1


  • Little Larvitar
    Little Larvitar 26 days ago +1

    Danny is actually acting like the ai
    That’s really good

  • Myu142
    Myu142 27 days ago

    90% of commentary
    "Was that you?"

  • Small Pancakes
    Small Pancakes Month ago

    1:09 Bless you!

  • One Dank PotAto
    One Dank PotAto Month ago +1

    9:50 Idk why but I lost it when Dan was shoving the other mask people out of the way.

  • Ender
    Ender Month ago

    This video bugs me a lot, the way dan moves and the fact that we can't see arins perspective

  • Acute Al
    Acute Al Month ago

    arin doing those overtones in the beginning is incredible

  • aaron plowman
    aaron plowman Month ago

    That sound Dan made In the beginning of the episode he sounded like the cleric beast in bloodborne

  • Owen Lee
    Owen Lee Month ago

    Aye can shmell ya

  • Jane Xemylixa
    Jane Xemylixa Month ago

    This game is like a nightmare. My heart is pounding

  • artemis b
    artemis b Month ago

    oh my god i love this game

  • Fred Bear
    Fred Bear Month ago

    Hey, I just met you, and this is CRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR- so here's my number, so call me: AIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIAI Baby!

  • CowboySamurai
    CowboySamurai 2 months ago

    this is fun

  • Damion Gonzalo
    Damion Gonzalo 2 months ago

    A very determined gait

  • Ethan Lance
    Ethan Lance 2 months ago

    This is fkn fun to study to

  • evie mae
    evie mae 2 months ago

    i have never laughed so hard

  • The Shittiest Poster
    The Shittiest Poster 2 months ago

    This game stresses me out so much

  • TheGaymer 9969
    TheGaymer 9969 2 months ago

    Oh, God, their masks are so creepy

  • Phenix Udyne
    Phenix Udyne 2 months ago

    Dan's perspective bothers me. why does he just keep stopping and standing there.

    • Phenix Udyne
      Phenix Udyne 2 months ago

      why does he do things that are obviously wrong like waking up the middle of the stairs

  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee 3 months ago

    Actually after watching more, Danny standing in one spot FOREVER is so irritating. So maybe if arin was playing opposite roles it would be better.

  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee 3 months ago

    Sooooo you guys need to make at least 5 more of these. It’s so funny!!

  • Brooke
    Brooke 3 months ago

    It’s 5am and I have class at 9 wut why

  • David White
    David White 3 months ago

    My dog has never been so interested in Game Grumps than during the screeching beginning of this episode.

  • CharliesHead
    CharliesHead 4 months ago

    My favorite Game Grumps is when Dan fucks with Arin. I love them both but you dont see this often

  • Larissa Sanchez
    Larissa Sanchez 4 months ago +1

    1:08 BLESS YOU

  • TheKoyn
    TheKoyn 4 months ago

    This is so much fun, more please

  • lil. cartty
    lil. cartty 4 months ago

    bless you dan.

  • agiar2000
    agiar2000 4 months ago +7

    Danny: "'Tis I"
    NEVER FEAR! Simon Belmont is here!

  • nachelio
    nachelio 4 months ago

    If you guys enjoyed this game you should definetly try out Mass Exodus. It has abilities and a more gritty atmosphere

  • Kelyaan
    Kelyaan 4 months ago

    That boarder around the screen is distracting as fuck.

  • TheSkaBouncer
    TheSkaBouncer 4 months ago

    4 minutes in and Arin decides to bitch out and camp the goal

    MOOFAMDEEZ 4 months ago

    Did Dan turn into a Cleric Beast?!?!?

  • Iconoclasm_
    Iconoclasm_ 4 months ago

    I love this.

  • Clippy XP
    Clippy XP 5 months ago

    Can you play this without a headset?

  • sea anemily
    sea anemily 5 months ago

    Holy, this was so fun.

  • NaudaBase
    NaudaBase 5 months ago

    Holy wow, I am so surprised. This game is a belgian indie game that I was really lucky to play with the developers at a monthly Brussels event called "Brotaru". The game really impressed me, it's as fun and interesting as it looks, you should definitely give it a try. But even more so than that, the developers really amazed me too. I remember thinking at the time that it was one of the most fun usage of VR that I knew of, and thinking it was a shame that it might not get too popular. I am really glad that the Grumps played it : a really fun episode, on a game that deserves to be known. 2 birds with one stone. Keep it up boisss

  • Calum Neeson
    Calum Neeson 5 months ago

    I like the environment and a atmosphere, anyone know the name for this genre?

  • ANigerianPrince
    ANigerianPrince 5 months ago

    Holy shit this is an awesome game.

  • Logan Harrington
    Logan Harrington 5 months ago

    your like sarouns eye

  • Divij S
    Divij S 5 months ago

    This looks awesome but its so fucking irritating that you can't walk past people on the stairs.

  • Cancerous Potato
    Cancerous Potato 5 months ago +1

    Tfw Dan says, "Well, I'm trying to go fuck myself!" And I expect at least one of them to say,
    *"Would if I could, bitch!"*

    JEDITS 5 months ago

    Dan was quite impressive, he picked up on the concept pretty much as soon as he had control, acting as if he were one of the AI dudes

  • Undecisive Angel
    Undecisive Angel 5 months ago

    Bless you

  • Sock Mom
    Sock Mom 5 months ago

    when dan sneezed i said bless u

  • Kara Huchel
    Kara Huchel 5 months ago

    “im right near the orb” *light immediately disappears*

  • E equals MC Hammer
    E equals MC Hammer 5 months ago

    Play cosmic showdown

  • Megan Young
    Megan Young 5 months ago

    2:13 “can you see me looking at all the-“ *starts singing John lennon*

  • Infires61
    Infires61 5 months ago

    This is so fun!!!

  • Bobby Monahan
    Bobby Monahan 5 months ago

    Entire sum of this episode:
    Arin: I think I found you, did I kill you?
    Dan: Nope.
    Arin: FUCK

  • Blue tripped
    Blue tripped 5 months ago

    Nothing like waking up at 6am to get ready for the first day of school and thinking, "Hmmmm maybe I should watch something from Game Grumps that I haven't watched before!" Only to recieve LOUD screeching in the first couple seconds of this video :)
    lov u guys

  • FirjiWater
    FirjiWater 5 months ago

    This seems like a good game, but it needs to be possible to kill the person from everywhere so that Dans strategy wouldn’t work

  • Trent Abrams
    Trent Abrams 5 months ago

    0:18 hey that's a pretty good cleric beast impession

  • Zackapo
    Zackapo 5 months ago +1

    without a time limit this doesnt work

  • MidnightTheFoxzz 02
    MidnightTheFoxzz 02 5 months ago

    Dans sneeze Anyone?

  • Evan Peiperl
    Evan Peiperl 5 months ago

    This was awesome. Anyone else think they'd like Spyparty because they liked this?

  • Jessica Torres
    Jessica Torres 5 months ago

    oh my god this game gives me so much anxiety

  • Brian Elliott
    Brian Elliott 5 months ago

    this is cool

  • Incite Insight
    Incite Insight 5 months ago

    Darn it, I actually said “bless you” at the sneeze about 1 minute in

    DRACK 5 months ago


  • whateverman
    whateverman 5 months ago

    gahhh this was awesome to watch. more episodes please!!!

  • Cortor Davey
    Cortor Davey 5 months ago

    I know there probably isn’t, but does a non-VR version exist?

  • str8todamoney
    str8todamoney 5 months ago

    My palms are sweating

  • Gregory Moran
    Gregory Moran 5 months ago +1


  • lavazza
    lavazza 5 months ago

    There are ads stoping this beautiful video 😠

  • Tyler Calia
    Tyler Calia 5 months ago

    I just ate 7 waffles and downed 3 cups of Cuban coffee... I might die

  • KindaStrangeTV
    KindaStrangeTV 5 months ago

    I need this game

  • GPB Jack
    GPB Jack 5 months ago

    I love how long it took for danny to realize he was in first person

  • Trevin Hughes
    Trevin Hughes 5 months ago

    wow this game is shitty

  • wolf skull
    wolf skull 5 months ago

    Why does it say game grumps if it's game grumps vs.?

  • bethmoth
    bethmoth 5 months ago

    9:52 dan walks against everyone and even pushes everyone and arin doesn't notice

  • Silk Chicken
    Silk Chicken 5 months ago

    The game looks like a tool music video

  • Talentless
    Talentless 5 months ago

    The best strategy is to just look and see if any characters are being pushed back by another.

  • Just Shidded
    Just Shidded 5 months ago

    This is giving me nightmares

  • winnkey
    winnkey 5 months ago

    he just kept on walking into people D:

  • Jake AW
    Jake AW 5 months ago

    Dan is so good at messing with Arin’s head

  • ShadowTheLight
    ShadowTheLight 5 months ago

    I love this game I want to get this the second I have VR

  • Lonely Loner
    Lonely Loner 5 months ago

    dan stands: the movie

  • ILikeWaffles
    ILikeWaffles 5 months ago

    The first second I thought that Arin was replaced with a Robot and that Dan was replaced with a Zognoid.

  • Toi O'Kelly
    Toi O'Kelly 5 months ago +2

    These guys look like Re-Deads, but with bigger mask.😂

  • Sun Gear
    Sun Gear 5 months ago


  • Emily L
    Emily L 5 months ago

    this reminds me so much of Inside! (is that the name of the really good Limbo sequel?)

  • Captain Faceplam
    Captain Faceplam 5 months ago

    I don’t understand the premise of this game

  • Kung Fu Kenny
    Kung Fu Kenny 5 months ago

    Is willy nilly short for william nilliam

  • Jake M
    Jake M 5 months ago

    Has a mirrormask-esque feel to it.

  • crazy gaming
    crazy gaming 5 months ago

    This games looks really fun

  • JoAnna Gooley
    JoAnna Gooley 5 months ago

    Bless you danny 😊

  • Luminous
    Luminous 5 months ago

    Did it take anyone else like 10 minutes to realize the screen was showing Dan?

  • NovaGames
    NovaGames 5 months ago

    Duck Hunt: Paid Edition

  • Luminous
    Luminous 5 months ago

    Dan knows what camping is? Don't fire him.

  • Tom Murga
    Tom Murga 5 months ago

    Arin is so overestimating Dans ability

  • Aperture Brain
    Aperture Brain 5 months ago

    This is so good