If you haven't considered AMD's new GPUs... you should...

  • Published on Jul 8, 2019
  • Most people don't shop for $1200 video cards... that's why this competition taking place in the mid tier GPU market is great got consumers!
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Comments • 4 010

  • Rob Z
    Rob Z 10 hours ago

    I know this old but I bought the 5700 because it didn't have the Dent, it hurts my eyes!

  • Octopus Known
    Octopus Known 2 days ago +1

    These 6 cards u got on the table are equal to 2 and 1/2 of my cars sold amount of money ;-;

  • top banana
    top banana 4 days ago

    you can get a 1060 super for £330 so how is the the same in price its still cheaper by atleast 100 in some cases as the palet rtx 60 super

  • syntehtix
    syntehtix 4 days ago

    Add UT2K4 to the benchmark list pls.

  • jz Gurung
    jz Gurung 5 days ago

    Hackintosh compatible?

  • Chukwillard
    Chukwillard 6 days ago

    AMD sucks ass.

  • Mustafa S
    Mustafa S 6 days ago

    Do not ever trust a guy whom recommends a jet engine for gaming. Gtfo. After 2-6 months this card is will perform similar to 1660 ti gtx

  • electro chemical
    electro chemical 8 days ago

    i want to see amd put their heart and soul into coming up with a top tier 2080 ti crusher of a card ... even if it was 1300 i would buy it but until they go for the top tier market i will stay with nvidia

  • Watch it
    Watch it 9 days ago

    When you can convince your son being used to the intel and nvidia combo all his life to go for AMD theese days instead than you know your doing something right. Keep it up AMD

  • justin carter
    justin carter 11 days ago

    Wait for the aftermarket cards. Don't buy these... yet

  • Science or Something
    Science or Something 12 days ago

    the super cards are an rippoff ! we could have had the power all the time but didnt get it so rippoff !

  • Stepside1986
    Stepside1986 12 days ago

    My first Radeon was a Radeon 32MB SDR. Before the Radeon brand existed though I had a Rendition Verite 2200 8MB and then a Rage 128 16MB.

  • Fast Raw Reviews
    Fast Raw Reviews 13 days ago

    I have the 5700 and man it’s awesome

  • K4yr4h
    K4yr4h 14 days ago

    with pathtracing in reshade and vulcan. amd needs to get into the raytracing game asap

  • Pure Blood
    Pure Blood 14 days ago

    Card is amazing, but cooling is shit! in stress this card can go to 115C!! it's fuckin massive! if you really consider buying this card you really need to know that this card have monster hide inside, and true power you can gain only with better cooling like Arctic accelero xtreme 4.

  • Andrew Solomon
    Andrew Solomon 14 days ago


  • Schnuffelpuff
    Schnuffelpuff 15 days ago

    sadly AMD is no option for me as I am in the 4k and VR club

  • monkeypolicd
    monkeypolicd 15 days ago


  • Kie 7077
    Kie 7077 15 days ago

    AMD need to get it together with their naming, it's confusing AF, at least with Nvidia the naming is easy to follow (apart from 1660 being a bit weird)

  • Calamity
    Calamity 16 days ago

    What about gsync users?

  • Marco Cavazos
    Marco Cavazos 16 days ago

    I currently have 1700x with a rx580, i want a 5700 gpu but would that a require a upgrade to 2nd or 3rd gen ryzen cpu?

    • Kazu
      Kazu 15 days ago

      No you dont have to upgrade It will Work fine but with new Gen (3600x) the Performance would be so much better cause the third Gen have 7nm sorry for my Bad english

  • Phoenix Rahill Conghaile

    The 2060 super is at 470$ minimum in europe.

    • Phoenix Rahill Conghaile
      Phoenix Rahill Conghaile 13 days ago

      @jonathan No I mean just on the Internet

    • jonathan
      jonathan 13 days ago +1

      It's out now? Thought he said they hadn't hit the shelves.

  • Toasty Toast
    Toasty Toast 17 days ago +1

    I’m actually surprised about the 5700 it did quite well

  • The Drake
    The Drake 17 days ago

    the 5700 XT seems good for a budget card. but i dont think people who want a 2070 or 2080 will seriously consider the 5700

    • Jay Andersen
      Jay Andersen 15 days ago

      Dude, a $399 GPU is NOT budget. Definitely a steal against the 2070 Super but far from a budget.

  • andy goodall
    andy goodall 18 days ago +1

    Looking to swap out my 1080 ti for an RX 5700 xt now that Nvidia has killed my ability to play 3D movies.. What do you think, worth it?

  • Niels
    Niels 18 days ago

    Heh heh heh bakayaro nvidia fans

  • Star Wars Chronicler
    Star Wars Chronicler 19 days ago +1


  • ronald whittaker
    ronald whittaker 19 days ago

    i think hes right AMD is got i'll get in your face kind of attitude for less money . you gotta love that .

  • Jerick
    Jerick 19 days ago +4

    I can't recall a time I preferred nvidia drivers/ software over AMD.
    It was only price and performance that made me buy Nvidia.
    This is perfect now, hopefully we see similar price and perfomance battles in the higher tier cards.

  • platinum63
    platinum63 20 days ago

    that metal was so refreshing

  • Juzu Juzu
    Juzu Juzu 20 days ago +7

    RTX in 2060 Super is as important as spoilers and diffusor in Volkswagen Beetle. Get superb 30fps on 1080p on those 5 games that support it.
    5700XT is great 4K 60fps card on most titles, and on all titles with radeon image sharpening + downsampling.
    And small but pretty important thing, Nvidia has closed drivers for a purpose. They optimize by cutting corners, which results in reduction in image quality. It's actually criminal how little that is reported or analyzed. There are some great research on the subject. Would be nice to see if AMD high = Nvidia ultra, and what would the FPS comparison then be.

  • MayDay GoingDown!!
    MayDay GoingDown!! 20 days ago

    I found myself considering AMDS new cards but then looked at the Asus Strix oc 1080ti that's in my rigg, then realised that I got it at launch back in 2017, then I laugh uncontrollably!!...

  • Brandon Zimmer
    Brandon Zimmer 20 days ago +3

    Can't wait to upgrade to a 5700 XT from my 780 Ti

  • Nahmate lol
    Nahmate lol 21 day ago

    Did you get Elric to edit this video

  • Valkirth
    Valkirth 21 day ago

    while i'm rooting for amd on the gpu side they have a long way to go before i swap from nvidia to amd.

  • starsnae
    starsnae 21 day ago

    Yeahhhhhhhhhh! I want 1 THANKS.

  • Smiley C
    Smiley C 21 day ago

    Hey jay, what kind of phone do you like?

  • Brian Love
    Brian Love 21 day ago +4

    I think AMD is on the right track and hope they continue, Not looking to get a new Card at this point got a EVGA 1080 tI FTW a long time ago and see no need to upgrade yet.

  • Marco Esteban
    Marco Esteban 22 days ago

    How well does the 5700XT overclock?

    • Scorpius165
      Scorpius165 18 days ago

      Not well without custom liquid cooling... wait for partner cards.

  • Fredrik
    Fredrik 22 days ago

    Well Amd linux drivers has got alot better, they might be even better then nvidias now crazy enough, so my next card might be an AMD, I never bought one before, had one ATI once tho they are AMD now.

  • TAZ
    TAZ 23 days ago +4

    in the product placement in the beginning he said massdrop but they cut it just to drop

  • Travis Von Elling
    Travis Von Elling 23 days ago

    Really regretting the G-Sync monitor I bought in the spring...

  • Cpt. Ahab_it
    Cpt. Ahab_it 23 days ago

    I have had my 2060 super for a week, love it.

  • BKAGaming
    BKAGaming 23 days ago +6

    I was always AMD so 6 month ago my 1080 is Rip i get than a 480 RedDevil and now i know i dont need a nvidia Gpu to play my Games .Next Pc full AMD for me ;-)

  • sasa ha
    sasa ha 23 days ago

    if rdna is doing well in midrange then the gamingmarket with xbox and playstation is under amds hand!

  • Alexander Peniston-Bird

    If I know nothing about building a PC. And I have a budget of $2000 what kind of graphics card should I be getting. Other part info would also be great

    • Alexander Peniston-Bird
      Alexander Peniston-Bird 23 days ago

      @NiteRiderEVO thank you, it's a reward for finishing year 12. Still undecided about gpu and cpu. But thanks for your help

    • NiteRiderEVO
      NiteRiderEVO 23 days ago

      @Alexander Peniston-Bird you have a really good budget, actually, many top end gaming/workstation builds aren't much over 1k~2k unless you go with a really extreme build or all-out gaming laptops..

    • Alexander Peniston-Bird
      Alexander Peniston-Bird 23 days ago

      @NiteRiderEVO so is my budget high or low, in terms of what kind of performance of get?

    • NiteRiderEVO
      NiteRiderEVO 23 days ago +1

      if you really want to go bat-crazy on the cheap with that budget, i'd be eyeing amd's threadripper, though that's a HEDT platform.. the 2k-WX ones are a little ram-stunted on half the cores.. tr3k won't have that ram-stunting, since tr follows the server-grade epyc in configs, other than tr being single-processor only.. another option is the regular ryzen-3k with a custom liquid-cooling system..

  • mobywv
    mobywv 24 days ago +1

    amd really worth it? I haven't had amd since the Phenom II

    • Adithya R
      Adithya R 22 days ago

      The rx series is really good value for money. In fact rx 580 is really popular choice for casual gamers

  • SixOThree
    SixOThree 24 days ago

    I really do love the look of these AMD cards.

  • Bakz
    Bakz 24 days ago +9

    My main issue with the AMD 5700 cards is that I keep hearing about stability issues and crashes which makes me hesitant to buy one

    • Daryl B
      Daryl B 17 days ago

      5700 is fine even with the blower but if you want xt and aren't going to mod it for better cooling wait for the aib cards which should be out in a week or so.

    • The Pope
      The Pope 22 days ago +2

      Those problems should go away with better drivers. But what you should really worry about are the blower fans of you don’t want your pc to sound like a leaf blower when you’re actually using it.

    • patriqc newman
      patriqc newman 22 days ago +2

      Bakz I don’t have any problems with mine 5700xt

    • Adithya R
      Adithya R 22 days ago +1

      Go for amd 590 for low range, nvidia 1070 or 1660ti mid range and rtx 2060 + for high range. Fuck the radeon series

  • Brian Girnus
    Brian Girnus 24 days ago

    So. My 6 month old Radeon 7 is now a really expensive pile of crap? Sorry AMD never again.

    • Scorpius165
      Scorpius165 16 days ago

      @Brian Girnus Fair enough but still your fault for pre-ordering. Never pre-order hardware / software you know nothing about. This isn't an AMD-specific thing, it's a good practice in general to wait for some reviews and feedback first.

    • Brian Girnus
      Brian Girnus 16 days ago

      @Scorpius165 and if AMD had mentioned it before I pre-ordered it wouldn't have been their fault

    • Scorpius165
      Scorpius165 18 days ago

      You knew what you were getting into when you bought a salvaged Radeon Instinct. If you bought VII only for gaming then you were a fool. Nobody should buy a Radeon VII if they cannot utilize its 16 GB frame buffer, that is what the card is for, it's its only advantage over the competition.

  • Cogzed
    Cogzed 24 days ago +1

    Is good.

  • justin barrett
    justin barrett 24 days ago

    I honestly can't even name 6 games that use rtx...three to 4 tops..

    • Scorpius165
      Scorpius165 18 days ago

      Shadow of Tomb Raider, Battlefield V, Quake II RTX, Metro: Exodus and I think that's it... Oh, FFXV uses DLSS but that is shit anyways so it doesn't count.

  • Chris Beck
    Chris Beck 24 days ago

    Holy crap, I am looking to build a new pc. I bought my Radeon radeon r9 295x2 for 1400$ CAD. This is a good time to to build...prices are really good for good gaming cards.

  • Liam
    Liam 24 days ago

    YAY Capitalism! Driving price lower.

  • Flavia Pitariu
    Flavia Pitariu 25 days ago +3

    AMD has always had better drivers. I'm glad they beat up the 2060 super without the useless rtx crap

  • chrismas
    chrismas 25 days ago

    I’m so confused about the GPU market now. XYs, Supers, performance limiting?

  • jerq887
    jerq887 26 days ago

    so are the RTX Quadro cards not available to the public? i havent seen a single english review

  • Brian Goodspeed
    Brian Goodspeed 26 days ago

    AYYYYYOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGUYYYYYYYYYYYYSS IM USING AN APPLE DVI MONITOR ON A WINDOWS PC BECAUSE ITS THE ONLY PORT THAT WORKS AND MY OLD GRAPHICS CARD IS AN NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 with a whopping 1.8 ghz quadcore processor i cant even play magic the gathering or warcraft 3 , Warcraft III reforged is coming out and i already bought it , please help me LOL

  • Exinferris
    Exinferris 26 days ago

    I'm really liking my Ryzen 7. Alas I can't go AMD graphics without some iteration of RT. My experience with its fledgling form is enough to permanently sway my purchases. I mean HDR, RT, and 4k60 (DLSS) @ 65" is really something to look at.

  • Ben Defazio
    Ben Defazio 26 days ago

    Wonder what the thermals are like with that blower style?

  • Kemp Dog
    Kemp Dog 26 days ago

    *clears throat*

  • whiteandnerdytuba
    whiteandnerdytuba 27 days ago

    What if AMD actually tried years ago, where would we be today

    • Scorpius165
      Scorpius165 18 days ago

      They've been trying. It's just really really hard to compete on two fronts with companies that can spend monthly on research what you earn in a year. Considering that AMD's GPU division has been doing pretty well.

    • Work out
      Work out 26 days ago +1

      They were trying all these years? They just made a breakthrough recently

  • Brandon Buxton
    Brandon Buxton 27 days ago

    Why does AMD only make blower cards?? They look so basic and of course run hotter than any other setup.

    • Scorpius165
      Scorpius165 18 days ago

      My best guess is it's about costs. AMD has to count every penny and doesn't have extra money to waste on better coolers. Blowers are pretty easy to manufacture. AMD made a conscious decision to just offload better cooling to partner companies and if you want cards with great coolers you'll have to wait a few more weeks for partner cards.

  • FoxyRaven-TV
    FoxyRaven-TV 27 days ago +1

    Who ever would have a card in there rig that looks like it got dropped? 😂😂😂😂
    Bend the rules 😂😂😂👏👏👏👏
    No thanks.
    I would pick the rtx2060super anytime over the bend/dropped one from AMD.
    The rtx2060super is also smaller so means better airflow in you're tower/case.
    I have the rtx2080ti but if i did not have that and could only afford one of thise i would pick the RTX2060S.
    Again a bend card in you're rig 😂😂😂👏👏👏👏 ffs AMD dropped there brains on the floor 😂

  • martin fjell
    martin fjell 27 days ago +1

    the only shit thing is that the 5700 xt cooler is bad (90degrees) at around 95% load, now yes its a low of load but it could have been better, had a 1070 strix, ran 100% load at around 60-70 degrees with overclock. we need a better cooler for overclocking

  • henry bagley
    henry bagley 27 days ago +5

    Could we get an accreditation in video info for the metal musical artist, so that we could look up there other works. This is essential for their careers.

  • tj Matus
    tj Matus 27 days ago

    Sold buying mine meow!

  • Modern Pyro
    Modern Pyro 27 days ago

    wait what system was your 5700xt paired with? i ran ghost recon wildlands on ultra @ 140-200fps w r7 3800x & 16gb 3600mhz trident z ram with the 5700xt
    edit: 1080p btw

    • Drunken Hamster
      Drunken Hamster 25 days ago

      Time to go 1440p and get a shaper and larger image, my dude. You'll still be above 100FPS, then, and, with freesync, it'll be ultra-smooth and perfect. Go for IPS and low response time. Even better picture, then.

  • Luke Barnsley
    Luke Barnsley 27 days ago

    Any idea when AMD are gonna release there high end Navi cards???
    Don't really wanna spend $2200 on a 2080ti #JayzTwoCents

    • Scorpius165
      Scorpius165 18 days ago

      Probably not sooner than 3080 Ti.

    • sam salem
      sam salem 27 days ago

      We don't know anything besides it's coming in 2020. CES next year in January is probably when were gonna see it .

  • Dávid Tóth
    Dávid Tóth 27 days ago

    as a 2060 owner i would say go with th 5700xt.im only plaing in 1080p with an msi gaming z rtx 2060 and the amount of times i use ray tracing or any rtx fancy stuff is pretty much 0.I tried it in metro,and yes it looks amazing,but the fans go turbo mode with it,my fps drops to around 50-60 ish,and besides this game there still wasnt any game worth it(bf5s ray trac. looks ok,but not worth it at all).Overall performance is ok without using any rtx card specific stuff,it holds up really well in 1080p,and i like the geforce experience program/interface but thats all.And the dlss is pretty much a joke in metro(only game i tried it).I turned it on and i thought that my eyesight got worse(seriously).The background was so blurry even if it only changet it a little,that i turned it off and never again touched it in any game.The time igot this i was forced to buy this since my gtx 980ti died sadly (still would be using that otherwise) and needed a videocard at that time.The rtx 2060 was the cheapest and pretty much the best for my 1080p gaming,but im not as happy as i was with my 980ti tbh

    • Scorpius165
      Scorpius165 18 days ago

      You switched to a 2060 from 980Ti? Dude, that was almost a downgrade in terms of raw performance.

  • GDLion
    GDLion 28 days ago

    How much more do the custom cards usually cost? I'm planning on buying the 5700 but also trying to decide whether to wait or not since my current pc is unusable due to my 480 getting fried. Thanks if you're reading this!

  • Gobbler_King
    Gobbler_King 28 days ago

    If you haven’t considered letting me fuck, you should

  • Mauricio R
    Mauricio R 28 days ago

    Guys what is the song name 5:46 ???

  • SupaXElite Entertainment

    Thanks Jay, love your vids , very helpful.

  • Amit Ravid
    Amit Ravid 29 days ago

    Radeon cards are great for gamers. don't think I would buy Nvidia if i was mainly playing on the computer. but as a game developer and 3d animator AMD is not an option. the lack of cuda and very poor drivers make these cards useless for anyone who is doing even a little content creation...