• Published on Sep 25, 2018
  • Cavill out - or is he? Superman movies over - Supergirl movies on? What's happening in the chaos of the DCEU?
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  • GamingGaming

Comments • 952

  • dwarfie24
    dwarfie24 2 days ago

    Dc is in a weird place.

  • dwarfie24
    dwarfie24 2 days ago

    Lol anyone else noticed the nod to the jimmy kimmel interview of Afleck where Jimmys arc nemesis managed ti sneak in?

  • Eric Schwenke
    Eric Schwenke 3 days ago

    Race-swapping can be interesting in theory, but I’d hope serious thought would be put into how it would change his background. Was he still adopted by the Kents? If so, are they black too? Are they still farmers? How is life different for black farmers in Kansas than for white ones? Or if they’re still white, how did everyone deal with it being very obvious that they just found this kid? How did his peers treat him as a kid? Changing things like race without thinking about how else that would change the character is simply lazy and uninspired, but if they did the work it could be really interesting.

  • joseph kelly
    joseph kelly 3 days ago

    Warner Brothers and DC by association has had some long running management and creative issues.
    On the flip side Marvel SJW is on the rise and it takes no prisoners. I think Marvel is going to soil itself on the other side of Infinity war 2. SJW Marvel is bad not because diversity is bad... but their approach to a hyper progressive push that is honestly just propaganda for a far left ideology is the issue. I loved Ms Marvel, I can't stand Captain Marvel.
    With them placing captain marvel at the end of the cycle, with their choice in actors, and using (apparently based on the trailer) the SJW narrative influences I have very limited hope for that movie to be any good or for films that follow infinity war 2 to keep up the quality as they phase out classic marvel and shift to the SJW format.

  • Al Nu
    Al Nu 4 days ago

    I heard James Gunn is in talks to write and direct Suicide Squad 2, your thoughts bob?

  • Khrene Cleaver
    Khrene Cleaver 6 days ago

    Jason Mamoa is White Passing, so its "okay" that hes playing Aquaman

  • Justin Pipes
    Justin Pipes 9 days ago +1

    Great video. I know it's off topic but I'm still waiting for a black James Bond.

  • Horus SC
    Horus SC 11 days ago

    Say what you will, but I have faith on Affleck's vision for Batman.
    If they stick to the partner formula with Alfred, plus the intel, sabotaging and infiltrating using Wayne's wealth (other than bat-toys),
    that could probably be the only Batman we deserve nowadays after Nolan's trilogy (again, say what you will, but it rocked).
    Fact: Let's not forget the fandom is so stupid that barely deserve quality products, and all things considered, Batfleck needs his chance.
    Edit: Let's see how many millions of dollars the comics industry can do by promoting everything to women and in-closet men.

  • Nosfonader87
    Nosfonader87 13 days ago

    Since we all know you never research properly, why not do this? I know it might be hard for a far leftie like yourself but: THERE IS ALREADY A BLACK SUPERMAN! HE’S CALLED VAL ZOD OF EARTH 2! OR WHY NOT PROMOTE JOHN STEWART GREEN LANTERN OR A STATIC SHOCK MOVIE?!
    As for your constant endorsement for gender and race swapping the white man: YOU’RE NOT DOING THEM ANY FAVORS BY DOING THIS! WHY NOT JUST MAKE NON WHITE OR WOMEN LEADS INSTEAD?! THIS IS SIMPLY LAZY WRITING!
    How about we gender bend Samus to a man for the next Metroid reboot?

  • Robogabriel
    Robogabriel 14 days ago

    Whew! Thank god I don't care!

  • Pelger
    Pelger 16 days ago

    wonder woman was ok, not great, but compared to the mess that are man of steel and batman v superman it's good and should have been a fresh start. like, reboot the whole thing and keep only wonder woman.
    I'm sad for batfleck, he deserved better, he was one of the few good things out of batman v superman, he deserved to be in a good batman movie.
    as for a black superman, sure, but make a white "black phanter" too, or changing a character's race is only "good" if it's from white to black?.

  • tuamigajordana
    tuamigajordana 16 days ago

    Thank you Bob!

  • Derek Barnett
    Derek Barnett 16 days ago

    So basically hope in one hand, eh? Fair enough. I think Jordan could do spectacular things of given a good writing team. Let's see what happens.

  • KRAS 2
    KRAS 2 17 days ago

    Jonathan Nolan did not work on Man of Steel, Please divert blame to David Goyer

  • Ned Hollman
    Ned Hollman 17 days ago

    All I'll say about if we get a black Superman is that there are other African American DC heroes that have not gotten any movies or anything out side of comics, I'd rather have those heroes be put in the lime light first before a black Superman.

  • ElvenRaptor
    ElvenRaptor 17 days ago

    Wait, you got rehired by theescapist? Huh, and here I'd thought that bridge was permanently burned. Welp, nice to see things turn out well in the end. Good video, too.

  • diegofloor
    diegofloor 18 days ago

    I feel like this should have a more distinguished identity. I find the clearly edited lack of punctuation distractingly similar to zero punctuation

  • erakus
    erakus 18 days ago

    Henry Cavil was a good superman, in horrible superman movies. As long as superman still acts like he's from smallville Kansas it'll still seem legit to me, race means nothing..

  • Stoned Gentleman
    Stoned Gentleman 18 days ago

    I'm shocked Movie Bob hasn't eaten himself as much as he's eaten his credibility

  • wrthgdrver710
    wrthgdrver710 18 days ago

    Please god no more MovieBob

  • noobslayer135
    noobslayer135 18 days ago

    I'd like to see a movie based on Kurt Busiek's Superman: Secret Identity; Michael B Jordan would be good for Clark Kent in that I think

  • CountBifford
    CountBifford 18 days ago

    DC's mistake was Zack Snyder. That's it.

  • Randal Jeffrey
    Randal Jeffrey 19 days ago

    Don't really care, because it's the DC cinematic universe. I LOVE superman, I love batman, I love the flash and wonder woman and feel these characters are a more interesting concept than the Marvel counterparts. But the marvel movies actually give you the characters they advertize. The DC cinematic movies give you "brooding lazerface mcflying brick" who cuts himself and shops at emo goth stores, trying to cosplay at superman in a world where the average IQ is "Trump Voter"

  • RobotShlomo
    RobotShlomo 19 days ago

    Michael B. Jordan is the American Idris Elba. His name keeps popping up in every role, and his fans who think he's more popular than he really all say "where do I vote?".

  • Orange Eyes
    Orange Eyes 19 days ago

    Moviebob! Used to love these vids back when i was on the escapist everyday. Glad to hear your voice again dude :)

  • chewface
    chewface 19 days ago

    Who cares if the writing is shit? Who cares if the plot sucks? Who cares who the director is? Make Superman black and it will sell tickets. Minorities will be thrilled to have representation, and old Superman fans will be enraged/curious and want to stop and stare at the car accident that is now the DCU. Everyone..."wins". Welcome to 2018, where identity politics rule the day. And, of course, if anyone is opposed to a black superman, theyz racistsstss.

  • Laverne Blaszczyk
    Laverne Blaszczyk 19 days ago

    With every piece of gossip I hear about Will Smith he seems more and more like a big pussy

  • Zero Exodus
    Zero Exodus 19 days ago

    I wouldn't take the role unless they've demonstrated some semblance of an idea of what they are doing. so if MBJ took supes as the interwebz suggests, i hope he really really really got sold on it, and not just for the $$$.... i wouldn't want to fantFOURstick again anytime soon

  • Darren Garoutte
    Darren Garoutte 19 days ago

    I really wish the DCU were all period pieces from the 1920s through the 1940s.

  • Sonicron86
    Sonicron86 19 days ago

    I have nothing against casting actors whose skin color differs from the classic 'standard' of an established character. Hell, I still remember immensely enjoying the Kingpin in Affleck's Daredevil movie. But if you do this, please please PLEASE do not do it for the sake of skin color, diversity or whatever. It should be done if the director is either convinced the actor in question will bring something new and great to the table that nobody else will be able to, or because they have a specific vision in mind that requires a specific actor or actress whose skin color wouldn't be a defining attribute. It could also be a matter of telling an alternate universe story about an established figure. Basically what I'm saying is that the reason for doing something like this should always be the motivation to make a good movie, not make a sociopolitical statement.

  • Akitas in the House
    Akitas in the House 19 days ago

    DC animation is so much better than Marvel. DC TV series are so much better than Marvel. You'd think SOMEONE at WB or DC would figure out how to translate that success onto the big screen, but they just keep royally screwing it up OVER and OVER and OVER. If they did nothing more sophisticated than to put the DC TV universe onto the big screen, I would watch THAT over the garbage they've been releasing lately. As it is, my assessment of the movie characters is this:
    Wonder Woman: charming and entertaining
    Batman: bitter and tedious
    Superman: bitter and sullen
    Aquaman: bitter surfer dude
    Cyborg: bitter cuisinart
    Flash: seriously, where am I supposed to believe an awkward, introverted nerd got a suit of high tech custom made armour? Walmart?

  • Kosta Zarikos
    Kosta Zarikos 19 days ago

    I love u bob but god damn the sjw mindset...

  • endless013
    endless013 20 days ago

    If they bring in Jordan as Superman it better be Earth 23 Superman, if they're just lazy as do nothing more than a palette swap I'm out I don't care if they change Soupy Man but they have to do it right. (I do highly doubt it will or even can be him though, I mean he works for Disney/Marvel and I doubt Killmonger is going to be a 1x villain, or even a 1x movie appearance he's set up to be Bucky 2.0 at this point. Or Loki)
    Also, if anyone thinks Gunn got fired because of cernovich you really are giving him way too much credit, I mean the dude is literally unimportant and even when Bob Iger himself said exactly why he fired Gunn, cernovich's name didn't pop up at all.

  • Don Draper
    Don Draper 20 days ago

    Michael B. Jordan sucks. He is the equivalent of Brie Larson except I never saw him ever give a good performance and I've seen them all. This "charisma" people want to claim he has does not exist. If he was white, the only time his name and the noun charisma would be mentioned in the same topic would be to highlight the lack of it he has

  • Allen Dean
    Allen Dean 20 days ago

    I guess they could go all multiple earths, because there is one where all the heroes are of color...... yet, wouldn’t this be seen as a poor copy of Black Panther? It’s almost as if WB just want to chase their tails, whenever a movie from Marvel kills in the box office....
    How bout they do a really good Green Lantern movie, with John Stewart?
    How bout they do a great Firestorm movie?
    How bout they actually take a PAGE from marvel, use their low tier characters, and make great films???

  • Slow Moe
    Slow Moe 20 days ago

    And people accuse Marvel of going SJW... DC is preparing to go whole hog on it...

    • Shitstirrer
      Shitstirrer 18 days ago

      And I can't wait to see the manchildren lose their shit over it, pledge a boycott, then watch star wars anyway.

  • Ben Walsh
    Ben Walsh 20 days ago

    Hey fat boy, why is this shit on the escapist channel now? Thought you had your own channel for people to safely ignore?

  • Wesley-Skye Hayes
    Wesley-Skye Hayes 20 days ago

    This is just another example of the studio not really listening to the fans and albeit trying but failing miserably; you all wanted to see the Black Superman suit, but WB thought you meant Black Superman.. lol

  • Quacktics are Go
    Quacktics are Go 21 day ago

    God, how long does Movie Bob have to be making videos before he gets a microphone that isn't trash?

  • ArtFlunky
    ArtFlunky 21 day ago

    I would love to see Jordan or another person of color take on the role because Superman was never white: he’s Kryptonion. He codes as white, and changing that could be interesting. Could a black kid raised by white parents in Kansas in this century find it in himself to be a beacon of hope for all? I’d be interested in that story.

  • waterguyroks
    waterguyroks 21 day ago

    These videos are actually really great. I for one am glad to see something other than Yahtzee pop up from the Escapist. As much as I like him his style is pretty formulaic and can get a bit tiresome.

  • Petrichor
    Petrichor 21 day ago

    Val-Zod Is already a black Superman with a very different personality, background and costume than Clark. Absolutely no reason why Michael couldn’t play that character.

  • Batzarro
    Batzarro 21 day ago

    Also, I don't think Steel is gonna happen again. The idea of "Superman dies and these 4 Supermans crop up is interesting but There need to be some movies in which Superman doesn't die, I guess.

  • Batzarro
    Batzarro 21 day ago

    People where angry at Will Smith for Wild Wild West?
    I mean, when's the last time ANYONE mentioned Wild Wild West outside the movie.
    Like, I get it probably has fans and all but...really? "Oh, yeah, the movie would have been fine if a White guy had to stop a giant mechanical spider."
    Get the fuck outta here!

    • Prince Marth
      Prince Marth 20 days ago

      So if there was complains about that. were there similar complaints when the Justice League cartoon had John Stewart instead of Hal Jordan?

    • moviebob
      moviebob 21 day ago

      It's hard to remember with 20 years of hindsight, but yeah - at that moment "cult TV shows Baby Boomers watched in syndication as kids" was the big thing to make franchise movies out of and WWW had kind of a following. Plus it was really the first time Smith really stepped into any kind of remotely racial-political space in his "moment" as the top movie star, when it had been assumed that a lot of his appeal had been in being a version of a "hip hop star" that was acceptable to Middle American parents. In retrospect, it's understandable how much his career and persona were effected by it (especially since the film responded to the criticism by making the villain a full-blown racist)

  • Strykenine
    Strykenine 21 day ago

    Have I told you how glad I am that you are back at the Escapist? Because I don't think I have.

    J0ECRAWF15H 21 day ago +1


  • Seven Octaves
    Seven Octaves 21 day ago

    For god's sake, nobody wants Moviebob here. Get that through your skulls.

  • MrBazBake
    MrBazBake 22 days ago

    DC embraces gender parity in a ticket buying climate that is MOSTLY women...
    Moviebob: OVERCORRECTION!!!!
    Sit down, Bob, you're tired.

  • slashandbones13
    slashandbones13 22 days ago

    Sure, have him play Steel but you shouldn't race change A list characters, characters where their race is relevant, or in times where it just doesn't make any sense.

  • ekjudo
    ekjudo 22 days ago

    Another white soy boy Cuck with a black fetish. #noblacksuperman

  • Rayce Archer
    Rayce Archer 22 days ago

    Making a Supergirl movie that totally blows off the show when the show is so successful is a dumb move. Plenty of TV shows have jumped to movies with no problem - Star Trek is the obvious example, but also X-Files and any number of kids' shows.

  • Dan Nolan
    Dan Nolan 22 days ago

    The Dark Knight worked precisely because no Supermen existed in that world.

  • Eric Fletcher
    Eric Fletcher 22 days ago

    I think they should be hiring more diverse actors to play superheroes, I mean how many more white superheroes do we need? I don't get why people on the internet get so mad when an acting role is given to a black actor. Wouldn't the Avengers be more interesting if each of them came from a different background? It's sad that the MCU has 20 movies under it's belt, but the only Hispanic actor is Michael Pena. And the only Asian superhero is Wong, and the guy in X-Men Origins Wolverine.

  • Antoine Roth
    Antoine Roth 22 days ago

    Aquaman may be a tonal shift (colors!) but it still looks like shit. Shazam, though, now that looks really fun.

  • Louis Apple
    Louis Apple 22 days ago

    Hahaha that over correction had me cracking up!!

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent 22 days ago

    Creed 2 looks amazing

  • MaybDefinitely
    MaybDefinitely 22 days ago

    I've unsubscribed, get this low tier movie flop out now!

  • Paul T Sjordal
    Paul T Sjordal 22 days ago

    It all depends on Walter Hamada.
    Is he the WB answer to Kevin Feige who will save the DCEU? If he is, does her have enough power and influence to do it?

  • Lance Wright
    Lance Wright 22 days ago

    MovieBob? SUBSCRIBED.

  • ALez Taka
    ALez Taka 22 days ago

    Hey that's bob the racist anti-white loser , oh bob you are a hate white people , hey how aobut the tweets you blocked me , kkkkkk , bob the racist loser who thinks is superior but writes like a latino retard .

  • Keldroc
    Keldroc 22 days ago

    According to the man himself, "Cavill" rhymes with "travel."

  • 0r0ch1
    0r0ch1 22 days ago


    THEGAMEGOD7777 22 days ago

    The James Gunn thing is really annoying for me. On one hand I agree that he's a brilliant director and Disney/Marvel may have made a huge mistake in firing him. I don't think anyone should be fired over tweets of all things, especially ones that were made over half a decade ago!
    But on the other hand, it's a great example of the left cannibalizing itself in a "reap what you sow" kinda way. But nearly all of Gunn's supporters are so lacking in self awareness to understand that they're the ones who caused him to get fired in the fucking first place! The alt-right didn't do this you fucking idiot, YOU DID IT!!!

    • Shitstirrer
      Shitstirrer 18 days ago

      It's the far right discovering the traditional left weapon: public outrage.

    • JGCR 45
      JGCR 45 21 day ago

      The one who compiled the tweets and fueled the outrage machine was the smear goblin known as Mike Cernovich, and alt right loser who still pushes pizzagate to this day.
      I mean, this narrative of "The left is trying to get people unjustly fired as the right is pro free speech" really doesn't hold up when there is fucking anti porn fearmongering in the Republican platform and when the most well known hacks who make a career out of getting people fired for fabricated outrage and hurt fee fees like Mike Cernovich or Charlie Kirk or James O'keefe are squarely on the right. Seriously throwing stones from a glass house here.

  • Neo2266
    Neo2266 22 days ago +1

    hmmm... that's a nice and refreshing way to spell Zero Punctuation

  • nutboy93
    nutboy93 22 days ago

    Fuck the haters
    Love you bob ❤️

  • Alex Levin
    Alex Levin 23 days ago

    6:09 cavil was in fallout was he not? plus all these actors will be remembered as Superman that's an achievement. they should make a john steward green lantern, I remember him as the most realistic character in the cartoons in terms that he is a war vet from the ghetto that's a thing in real life lots of people can relate but the writers at dc are just to rich to care about the writing pfff it superman and batman it will make a buck 700 mil worldwide is still alot of money

  • ForNoGoodReason
    ForNoGoodReason 23 days ago

    Um, justice league made 657 million dollars on a 300 million budge, and you called it a box office flop? I'm not saying its good bob, i'm just saying it did make money. I wish it didn't, but it did.

    • yeet yeet
      yeet yeet 18 days ago

      they did reveal they needed 750 to break even. so we do know
      (they needed 100 more to just break even)

    • Shitstirrer
      Shitstirrer 18 days ago

      +yeet yeet Nobody actually knows, do they? Marketing budget is never revealed to the public so we can't know that for sure.

    • yeet yeet
      yeet yeet 22 days ago

      that was the budget to *make* the movie i believe, not including marketing. they lost 60 million overall. they needed to cross 750 million to break even

  • adam hewitt
    adam hewitt 23 days ago


  • David Cantor
    David Cantor 23 days ago


  • Data Human
    Data Human 23 days ago +1

    I hope the legions of entitled man-children whining in the comments of every new moviebob video realize how much free comedy they're giving us.

    • Horus SC
      Horus SC 11 days ago

      Let's hope the same for self-important morons that try to make points by trying to sound better than their antagonists.
      Cheers to you and all the entitled imbeciles populating this YT channel.

  • BoyNamedSue4
    BoyNamedSue4 23 days ago

    Eh. I was perfectly fine with Jordan as Johnny Storm because he fit the character in the comics. I just don’t see it with Superman.

  • Voltairine Kropotkin
    Voltairine Kropotkin 23 days ago

    Turning the DCEU into the Superhero Ladyverse isn't a bad idea at this point. It's certainly a better way of "over-correcting" their course than making the universe into the moody I'm-so-edgy teen boy of superhero cinema.
    It's a chance to give great representation to women in the genre and to women/girls who like the genre.
    Movies centring on Batgirl, Birds of Prey, Harley Quinn, et al also just sound like great ideas in general. As long as they get people to write and direct who actually know and like the characters and what makes them work. Not tools like Zach Snyder who totally missed the point of both Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns as comics.

    • Shitstirrer
      Shitstirrer 18 days ago

      It was a bit difficult after they reached peak grimdark with the Nolan trilogy.

  • ToylandChairman666
    ToylandChairman666 23 days ago

    White America isn't ready for a black Superman. I wonder if Black America is even ready yet. In a country where blacks are still the victims of prejudice, it's hard to imagine any black superhero proclaiming "Truth, Justice and the American Way." And this is currently the Trump era. A black Superman would simply be a pointless statement, and nothing more. It wouldn't be the coincidence of the best actor hired for the role, and it doesn't lend itself to any unique story telling. If WB wants to embrace a black hero, embrace Cyborg. An established DCEU superhero they already seem to have no use for other than a sense of diversity. If we're never going to see this JUSTICE LEAGUE Snyder Cut, then why can't they recycle the Cyborg origin footage, and film a CYBORG movie around it?

  • Jim Slade
    Jim Slade 23 days ago

    It's so good The Big Picture is back.

  • Simon Macomber
    Simon Macomber 23 days ago +2

    Remember, folks. The studio heads gave Batman v. Superman a standing ovation when they saw it in its final cut. And they are still scratching their heads wondering why Wonder Woman, which they never liked, has done so well.

    • yeet yeet
      yeet yeet 22 days ago +1

      jesus christ.... they really are backwards people

  • Glyphwright
    Glyphwright 23 days ago

    Blackwashing and female supremacy, yaaaaaay! This is why Trump won.

    • yeet yeet
      yeet yeet 22 days ago

      he won because they plan on making more female superhero movies?

  • Bob Miller
    Bob Miller 23 days ago +1

    James Gunn got fired because because Nazis pretended to be offended by Twitter jokes from ten years ago...THAT THEY'RE STILL MAKING TODAY ON TWITTER! Disney, you are some gullible motherfuckers.

  • abigfavor
    abigfavor 23 days ago

    Already heard this almost exact episode from bob last week on other channel. Who do i unsubscribe

  • Korben Dalles
    Korben Dalles 23 days ago

    right 2 things geek culture is still its own thing, what you have in the mainstream is surface level, second James Gun was Canned BY PEOPLE FROM YOUR CAMP.

    • yeet yeet
      yeet yeet 22 days ago

      Korben Dalles it was a campaign type thing where a bunch of alt right (when i say alt right, i dont mean the right, i mean the weirdos on the right), they did a huge twitter seach after he made some liberal tweets, then when they found them (from 10 years ago) and pointed at disney and their fans and said "yOu SuppORT a PeDOphiLE"

    • Korben Dalles
      Korben Dalles 22 days ago

      yeet yeet well seeing as Bob is a man who supported the whole "gamers are dead" narrative i doubt he meant just the movies, & as far as the gun thing i have not heard anything about the Ult Right being involved

    • yeet yeet
      yeet yeet 22 days ago

      i think he means watching the movies isnt a geek culture thing, not comics in general. because lets face it, it isnt "geek" culture if its apart of everyone's culture now.
      james gunn was fired by liberals, but because of a political scheme from the far right that idiots fell for

  • Christian Sager
    Christian Sager 23 days ago

    Did anyone hear about Muhammad Ali being a possible choice for Superman before Christopher Reeves got the job?

  • felicia cooke
    felicia cooke 23 days ago +44

    And there's the problem. People are so hyper focused and obsessed with who's playing these characters that they aren't thinking or talking about who's coming on to direct, write, and produce these films. Because most of the issues with the DC universe has NOTHING to do with the actors and everything to do with a lack of cohesive creative vision and the cynical film studio trying to make bank on current movie trends.

  • E. Grey
    E. Grey 23 days ago

  • TheXDatabase
    TheXDatabase 24 days ago

    should they replace this host with a black one ?

  • TheXDatabase
    TheXDatabase 24 days ago

    so they will make superman more alien ?

  • Prince Marth
    Prince Marth 24 days ago

    aside from the characters who have connections to mythology, i think the only white superhero who's race is connected to their character is Steve Rogers. But even still when he was growing up, the Irish were not considered "white" (whatever white, in regards to race, is supposed to mean nowadays)

  • Prince Marth
    Prince Marth 24 days ago

    Can MBJ even legally play superman? IIRC all the MCU actors' contracts with Disney say that they cant play a role in the DCEU

  • Overseer76
    Overseer76 24 days ago

    Can we get every actor, celebrity and newsworthy person to issue a five-second clip of them pronouncing their own names? I'm tired of hearing five different versions of Kevin Feige, Henry Caville, and Gal Godot ("FIE-gee", "KAH-vel" and "Gu-DOT" with a hard "T" if you're interested.) Most words don't have built-in advocates for correct pronunciation, but at least we can get NAMES right, right?
    (The contrarian in me can hear protests amounting to "it doesn't matter" to which I reply "of course, it matters." Communication is how we humans excel. If we can't SAY it right, we won't write it right (see any and all misspellings for evidence that people write down what they thought they heard). And if we don't write it right, we can't communicate and the whole system falls apart. Not all at once like a catastrophe. A little at a time, like greenlighting The Emoji Movie.)

  • Kalypso Belador
    Kalypso Belador 24 days ago +1

    I don't want MBJ to be Superman, not because of the whole black thing (I couldn't care less about Superman's race, he's a fucking alien ffs), but because I like where his career as an actor is going, and I don't want the absolute shit show that is DC to drag him down.

  • Conn Benn
    Conn Benn 24 days ago

    I like how you speed up your voice to make you talk so fast, as if there are no commas or full stops in your sentence, zero punctuation if you will, very original and well done. So impressed

  • RaccoonBrigade
    RaccoonBrigade 24 days ago

    I would like this series more if Bob would slow the fuck down.

  • C E Three
    C E Three 24 days ago

    I will say, it looks like Cavill's career prospects are better than those of anyone else who's played Superman. His turn in the smash Mission: Impossible - Fallout, his casting as the lead in the Witcher series, and being one of the three most circulated names to become the next Bond (while a safe choice, he could probably pull it off), all speak to good things coming to him in the not-too-distant future.

  • Shinkajo
    Shinkajo 24 days ago

    Thing is that studios are cynical and greedy. I get that they are a business, but they have power to change things. Thing is also, that central audiences are idiots who enable this bullshit. Another thing is that is much harder to get general audiences to demand(and understand) quality, than for studios to make original movies. Do we really need more standard comic book superhero movies??

  • Tim Chesnut
    Tim Chesnut 24 days ago

    I'm definitely feeling superhero fatigue. I used to look forward to the Marvel movies. Now it feels like homework. Gotta watch them all or you might miss something super important that will come back in one of the ones you actually want to see. I really hope DC goes goes for stand alone movies that only require 90 minutes of my attention and are actually fun to watch.

  • voidmaster45
    voidmaster45 24 days ago

    Bob must be doing something right to anger this many fuckheads in one go. Keep it up!

  • cyberroN1c
    cyberroN1c 24 days ago

    Ok, so it should be no problem getting a white black panther then?

    • Jon Ericson
      Jon Ericson 19 days ago

      I believe that's The Phantom.

    • yeet yeet
      yeet yeet 22 days ago

      it matters when it affects the backstory of a character -
      characters like Thor should be white because of Norse mythology. Steve Rogers cant be Japanese because he was in 1940s America. Black Panther should be black because he is ub an isolated African country.
      Superman is an alien, Aquaman isnt technically human, so the race doesn't matter for those two.
      the race of a character shouldn't (and really doesn't) mean anything unless it doesn't make sense in their backstory

  • Jeremy Crow
    Jeremy Crow 24 days ago

    Sups should be Hispanic. He was created when the face of immigration was white and now that's changed.

  • Joe Larson
    Joe Larson 24 days ago

    do u just talk fast because yatzee does it and his stuff is the best and u hope that if u in some way copy his delivery method that ur stuff will also be good?

  • AvsJoe
    AvsJoe 24 days ago

    Holy run-on sentences, Batman! Replace some of those commas and conjunctions with periods once in a while.

  • CornishCreamtea07
    CornishCreamtea07 24 days ago

    Been out and has for awhile, and we won't hear about it officially. So it is like when a Soviet leader dies.

  • Terra Incognita Gaming

    But its in in 2k18 to blackwash everything. BBC UK has done a great job with it. Turning historical characters (real people) into black.