Top 10 Introductory Games

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • Tom, Zee, and Sam share their favorite ten games that have worked well for introducing new people to the board gaming hobby.
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Comments • 459

  • Ethan Sausville
    Ethan Sausville Day ago


  • jeremywhite92
    jeremywhite92 4 days ago


  • Idee Vee
    Idee Vee 7 days ago

    What about board games for magic the gathering players??

  • Steve Priest
    Steve Priest 9 days ago

    This is pretty irrelevant but the intro music sounds like ‘Steal Your Heart’ by Magnum....just sayin’

  • Mike J.
    Mike J. 9 days ago

    Sam smh

  • Sam Dehertog
    Sam Dehertog 9 days ago


  • Nicholas West
    Nicholas West 10 days ago

    Accessible games?

  • Matthew Harris-Levesque

    Bohnanza is the better trading game.
    Catan (if you want to know why, become a fan of Rym DeCoster) is actually a bad place to do trading.

  • typedeaf
    typedeaf 11 days ago


  • typedeaf
    typedeaf 11 days ago

    Two games I wish I have never bought: Ticket to Ride and Carcassonne. BORING! These games are easily more boring than any traditional Milton Bradley games.
    Game that my child and wife hate because they can't understand the goal: 7 Wonders
    Game also too complex for children under 10 or casuals who dont want to listen to 15min of rules: Pandemic
    Two games that everyone has loved and understood: King of Tokyo and One Night.
    Easy game that most everyone has seen in movies: Marvel Legendary. Taught to several under 10 children. Not Villainous.
    Other fairly simple intro games: Sushi Go! and Hanabi.
    One of my top picks is Dragonwood.
    Also, I was able to easily teach One Deck Dungeon and Pathfinder Adventures.

    The #1 picks were so disappointing.

  • Aaron Pauls
    Aaron Pauls 11 days ago

    Point Salad

  • David Trujillo
    David Trujillo 11 days ago

    Oldie but goodie for me: Dominion.

  • Matthew Hart
    Matthew Hart 14 days ago

    Secret hitler

  • Zachary Martin
    Zachary Martin 15 days ago

    Survive:Escape from Atlantis

  • Stephen Kuch
    Stephen Kuch 16 days ago

    Cardline Animals.

    Every single person I've played with wants to play again immediately, regardless of age, culture, or any other demographic. Short, fast, fun, and relatively even playing field, great with almost any player count, and always end up with laughter and smiles.Hands down a better game than Timeline, and hands-down my most played game by a factor of x10.

  • Victor Whisky
    Victor Whisky 17 days ago

    I introduced a lot of friends with rising sun and viticulture. Depending on age I dont think people need or some even like "introductory games" just my opinion based on my experience only. Pick a good game that you love and love to teach and help everyone have fun thats all you need.

  • NaptownMVP
    NaptownMVP 17 days ago

    2020 Prediction: Sales of Stone Age, Bang! The Dice Game and For Sale plummet to 10 year lows due to Sam not being here to put them on every single Top 10 list.

  • Shortbrain
    Shortbrain 18 days ago

    Pitch Car

  • David B.
    David B. 20 days ago +1

    Point Salad

  • twilightparallax
    twilightparallax 20 days ago

    Give Zee his own board game themed comedy show. Now! 😆

  • ungarelli81
    ungarelli81 20 days ago +1


  • ungarelli81
    ungarelli81 20 days ago +1


  • Renaissance Gamer
    Renaissance Gamer 21 day ago

    Haha, I laugh more watching these Top 10 videos than I do watching stand up! Good work fellows; thank you very much!

  • Wes Ray
    Wes Ray 21 day ago

    Yeah, Zee's right. The new Las Vegas Royale is awful.

  • Eetu Peltomäki
    Eetu Peltomäki 21 day ago

    Ticket to ride takes way too long for what it is. A four player game with one or two slow players is a complete agony. It's also too simple, lacks thrilling moments and interesting decision making to have a lasting appeal.

  • Christian Kroner
    Christian Kroner 21 day ago

    Lost cities, splendor, spot it, qwixx, sushi go, coloretto, 6 nimmt, memoarrr!, codenames, las Vegas, Dixit, facecards, pickomino, skull king, king of tokyo, hol's der geier (raj), strong stuff

  • Jacques Capesius
    Jacques Capesius 21 day ago

    Wow, you guys were having fun putting this video together :-)

    I always bring Tsuro to game nights when I know there are going to be more casual gamers attending. More often than not, people wind up buying their own copy the very next day.

  • Pierre-Luc O
    Pierre-Luc O 21 day ago

    My games in order of introduction in function of the group :
    -Black Stories
    -Bang! Dice game

    -Sushi Go Party
    -Professor Evil

    -The Fox in the Forest
    -7 Wonder Duel

    -Pandemic Iberia
    -Aeon's End
    -Robinson Crusoe

  • Patrick White
    Patrick White 22 days ago

    Catan with all expansions is still pretty cool

  • Patrick White
    Patrick White 22 days ago

    My jaw actually droped when sam sad shadows over camelot is replaced. Got to try obscurio now

  • Patrick White
    Patrick White 22 days ago

    Is it not ok to rebrand a word for something positive? What was your first "Gateway" game into the hobby? Catan then jumped directly to Agricola. Then starship catan. Catan the card game.Those were my gateway games into a great hobby. Gateway the term is used in the board game hobby to usually refer to complexity but I liked it to think of it as exposure games to make people aware board games are actually a thing just like video games or movies

  • Prospero Hall
    Prospero Hall 22 days ago

    Great introductory games list! Thank you for the kinds words about our #Funkoverse, #Villainous, and #Horrified games!

  • VillainCollector1
    VillainCollector1 22 days ago

    37....... haha

  • The Merry-Go-Round Life


  • Sarah Langer
    Sarah Langer 23 days ago

    The Game (Extreme)

  • MartenJanssonComp
    MartenJanssonComp 23 days ago +1

    I would love a top10 list with games that takes about 30min or less. Please consider this.

  • schatte lux
    schatte lux 23 days ago +1

    Hand Management: Kingdom Builder

  • Chris Chin
    Chris Chin 23 days ago +1

    I would pick Star Realms for an intro to deck building games. Very simple mechanics, attractive and entertaining theme, able to handle various player counts well, fast, and portable with a small footprint.

    • Shortbrain
      Shortbrain 18 days ago

      Was going to say Dominion (base set), but this is much simpler, though personally I don't like it as much.

  • dante ferno
    dante ferno 23 days ago

    Chronicles Of driven co-op with built in tutorial to get to grips with it. Very surprised it was not mentioned

  • Randolph Carter
    Randolph Carter 23 days ago +1

    1. Ticket to ride Europa
    2. Survive
    3. Smallworld
    4. Azul
    5. Kingdomino
    6. Patchwork
    7. Hive
    8. Codenames
    9. Pandemic
    10. Star Realms

  • Marek Babinec
    Marek Babinec 23 days ago

    for me worked well star realms, deception, champions of midgard, potion explotion, forbidden desert, dixit, 6 nimt, labyrint the card game, room 25, escape

  • Chris Taggart
    Chris Taggart 24 days ago

    I think Grimm Forest is a great introductory game. Everyone I have shown it to loves it and wants to buy it

  • Anna (Angeloisan92)
    Anna (Angeloisan92) 24 days ago

    I can't believe they didn't mention takenoko here. Everyone I showed it to was hooked!

    • dante ferno
      dante ferno 23 days ago

      If its the overly complex one with bamboo and pandas and irrigation...they aint for beginners

  • bcmaledragon
    bcmaledragon 24 days ago

    I'm surprised that there were 0 Roll n Writes mentioned as well as no mention of Tiny Towns or Lords of Waterdeep.

    Personally my go to games when teaming an Introductory board game to a newbie these are the 10 that I lean towards(In no particular order)

    1) Ticket to Ride
    2) Tiny Towns
    3) Stone Age
    4) Azul/Sagrada
    5) Quacks of Quedlinburg
    6) Wingspan
    7) Ganz Schon Clever, Qwixx, Qwinto, Dizzle, Harvest Dice
    8) Hadara
    9) Lords of Waterdeep
    10) Jamaica, Kingdominio, Majesty for the Realms

    I know that there are more then just 10 on this list but that's because I teach and play all of these when I'm with new players(Heck I even play most of these with experienced players many of which want to play them again and again). They're al worthy of not only owning but also playing with ANYONE new or experienced.

  • Garret Olds
    Garret Olds 24 days ago

    Dixit. I’ve never had it fail with any demographic, ever. Even the most reluctant types enjoy it in spite of themselves.

  • Lukas Vitroler
    Lukas Vitroler 24 days ago +1

    Zee meant asymmetric, not asynchronous haha :D

  • jdkenada
    jdkenada 24 days ago

    I've also found massive success with Camel Up and Run, Fight or Die. Two great games. Sushi Go! is another one people get behind quickly.

  • NICK Van DAM
    NICK Van DAM 24 days ago


  • NICK Van DAM
    NICK Van DAM 24 days ago +1

    Survive Escape from Atlantis

  • blober glawp
    blober glawp 24 days ago

    I’m with Sam, I’ve introduced friend to games using Alhambra, and it failed because it was too simple.

  • nappynut
    nappynut 24 days ago

    I love introducing non-gamers to Space Base. I love that you're either going to get it right away or you won't. If you don't, I know I need to keep you on the lighter side of things. If you get it - it hooks you. Every non-gamer I've introduced it to that understood can almost see that lightbulb go off; followed by fireworks :-)

  • NICK Van DAM
    NICK Van DAM 24 days ago +2

    I love the banter between these three. Survive Escape from Atlantis is a fantastic introductory game. Small world did not work as an introductory game for us because of all the text involved I agree with Z, reference sheet the game was how we experienced it..

  • Jae Cordes
    Jae Cordes 25 days ago

    My Little Scythe

  • Kevin Waskelis
    Kevin Waskelis 25 days ago

    Cockroach poker

  • Kevin Waskelis
    Kevin Waskelis 25 days ago


  • anshulj
    anshulj 25 days ago

    High Society.

  • Andrew Greene
    Andrew Greene 25 days ago

    Quest for el Dorado

  • Amanda Panda
    Amanda Panda 25 days ago

    Cat Lady - set collection

  • IShoot TheyScore
    IShoot TheyScore 25 days ago

    I prefer Sam's approach here - there are no great universal games because you need to think in terms of why the person is looking to play a game, and mechanism is one of the ways of trying to find something that they'll be comfortable with. Theme is also a big thing which makes me loathe to recommend Ticket To Ride.

    • IShoot TheyScore
      IShoot TheyScore 23 days ago

      @dante ferno - it depends on the background of the player. I feel Dead of Winter for example would be a great intro for some people if they have any experience of computer RPGs for example as a lot of the resource management in that would be second nature. I don't think it has to purely track back to boardgame experience

    • dante ferno
      dante ferno 23 days ago

      I think the game MUST be relatable to a generic or classic game that the newcomer is likely to have played...hence things like King Of Tokyo (yahtzee/Godzilla) Ticket To Ride (Rummy/trains) plus the one that's basically chess with semi random movement

  • Malcom Chase
    Malcom Chase 25 days ago

    Tokaido (without the powers).

    It does have both points AND money as separate entities, though.