Godzilla SPOILER Talk

  • Published on May 19, 2014
  • Godzilla killed it in the box office, so for those of you who have seen it, here's my spoiler talk for "Godzilla"!
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  • Ryan Woodward
    Ryan Woodward 2 days ago

    The EMP is what they used to disrupt Godzilla’s Atomic Breath.

  • belly QBE6878
    belly QBE6878 27 days ago


  • Reyboy Gaming | AL. EvIL DeEdS


  • Dave Richardson
    Dave Richardson 5 months ago

    I think the sequel will have Mothra, Rodan and Ghidorah. Calling it now!

  • G Toyadha Tagya B
    G Toyadha Tagya B 5 months ago

    "Dino Jesus" X'D

  • chris berg
    chris berg 8 months ago

    Hi, late as hell, saw the movie opening weekend but wanted to what the video again. Basically I feel like the one problem w the movie was that Brian died, bc if he was still alive it would’ve fix the rest of the issues w the movie

  • Nathan Pitek
    Nathan Pitek 9 months ago

    If by any chance u r watching this in 2018, there is a sequel in a year with king gihdora and mothra. Get excited.

  • Tnv Madhav
    Tnv Madhav 9 months ago

    Godzilla v rhodan v mothra v king ghidora......wait why is earth still in one piece?

  • ill eat yo children 667
    ill eat yo children 667 9 months ago +1

    For a movie called Godzilla Godzilla doesn't appear much in this movie

    • Adrian Bigno
      Adrian Bigno 8 months ago

      Because as he said on the other video...
      It is about the people.
      Just like his example. The Walking Dead. It is not all about the zombies, it focuses about the people that are living with the zombies.

  • Kithro Games
    Kithro Games 10 months ago

    I was okay with not seeing the fight

  • Zendeedo Setiawan

    Dooms day with AIDS LOL

    JAMMA Year ago

    KABOOM you see the foot KADOON ITS GODZILLA!!

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord Year ago

    Yep, sequels gonna happen and god damn .. mothra, rohdan and king fucking gahdora himself will all be in that movie

    Sorry i'm not a kaiju spelling bee champion so yeah, they are probably spelled wrong..

  • warystatue33
    warystatue33 Year ago

    The first porn iv seen was Hilton night vision porn

  • Andres Garcia
    Andres Garcia Year ago

    "Fuck you and your night vision porn" best quote of 2014 😂😂

  • vgvan353
    vgvan353 Year ago

    U should do like a kaiju video

  • Azure Pulse
    Azure Pulse Year ago

    So when are you gonna do a review of the reboot- Shin Godzilla? Easily 100 times better than this movie, especially in all the ways you said this movie did a good job. It'll be like watching Christian Bale's batman and then looking back at Clooney's batman.
    Original Funimation Trailer: tvclip.biz/video/zgyq6YKeIms/video.html

  • Dikeledi Musi
    Dikeledi Musi Year ago

    Yeah... Imma have to disagree on this one... Godzilla is hella boring... Watanabe is an incredibly useless/misused character and, was it just me, or is Godzilla one hellava nice creature... He was attacked so many times by humans, yet he never retaliated once... Ever! Also, the Godzilla fights were bland as fuck...

  • Corey
    Corey Year ago

    3:41 “Everyone wants to see Vegas get destroyed”
    And today is the day where the Las Vegas concert got shot up😐

  • Maggie Ledbetter
    Maggie Ledbetter Year ago

    When I saw this movie as I was walking out there was a couple next to me and the girl says "I donno. It didn't seem very....realistic" to which her boyfriend and I both stop turn and look at her like she's lost her bloody mind. I laugh and walked off as her boyfriend tried to stay calm.

  • Jerrod Rivas
    Jerrod Rivas Year ago +1

    Big spoiler... The movie was shit

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali Year ago

    They're in the same universe.

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali Year ago

    Its gonna be KingKong vs Godzilla.. gonna be released in 2019.

  • Kyle bedient
    Kyle bedient Year ago +1

    Fortunately, (or unfortunately), I forgot his tail lights up so it made me jump back when the fire came out. I loved how that death looks, it makes you think he's gonna rip the jaw open, King Kong style, right before he breathed down the MUTO's neck I saw the blue fin light up and it was enough to say "oh that's" and that is when it hit, it was awesome.

  • Megamigit23
    Megamigit23 Year ago

    this movie was trash!! idk why godzilla is even in the title!!

  • Boom Nation
    Boom Nation 2 years ago

    I hope ford comes back

  • Alexander Hagen
    Alexander Hagen 2 years ago

    I don't watch this as a Godzilla movie, I watch it like a war movie. It's a lot better that way.

  • Kaleo Ha'o
    Kaleo Ha'o 2 years ago

    So awesome. Have to ask, do you write out your reviews before videoing? Or do you say this ad lib?

  • Infected Dro
    Infected Dro 2 years ago

    he is going to kill king kong in the next one cant wait!!!!

  • sanderflop
    sanderflop 2 years ago +11

    So Godzilla is hardly shown in his movie and the director of Kong: Skull Island said Kong will be shown heavily in his movie. King Kong vs Godzilla is gonna be an hour and a half of Kong trotting around and in the end Godzilla will show up and kill him because let's be honest, Kong is tiny and he doesn't have shit on atomic breath.

    • Paul B
      Paul B 2 years ago

      He'll have grown by 2020 he'll be about 330ft or 350ft

    • Advanced King Cobra
      Advanced King Cobra 2 years ago

      It's mostly based off the original King Kong vs Godzilla movie I think.

    • JustSimon419
      JustSimon419 2 years ago

      domagoj905 Oh... Well still, 40 years is still a fair amount of time for Kong to grow.

    • domagoj905
      domagoj905 2 years ago

      Setting of the Skull Island is like in 70's..

    • JustSimon419
      JustSimon419 2 years ago

      sanderflop Well Skull Island is taking place in the 30s, and Godzilla was in modern times so I'm assuming:
      Kong will help kill the Skull Crawlers, BUT he'll be captured and taken back to where we are by the dickhead humans. He'll break free in the Kong vs. Godzilla movie, now grown and wiser than he will be in Skull Island. That causes Godzilla to rise from the ocean and battle the new and improved Kong.

  • Mr Ridley Animation
    Mr Ridley Animation 2 years ago +7

    Dino Jesus xD

  • Darien Bartholomew
    Darien Bartholomew 2 years ago

    Well, the same studio is making "Kong-Skull Island". I think it's safe to assume that there may be a possible Godzilla VS Kong in the near future.

  • Cesar Becerra
    Cesar Becerra 2 years ago

    I heard Rodan Mothera and King Gidorah are confirmed for the sequel.

  • WolfsbaneFilms
    WolfsbaneFilms 2 years ago +13

    "Fuck you and your night vision porn movie!" 😂😂

  • Sharad Chaubey
    Sharad Chaubey 2 years ago +2

    Jeremy please review Kong (2017) trailer

  • - LiIloOmedA -
    - LiIloOmedA - 2 years ago +18

    Doomsday with AIDS :,D

  • Declan Sullivan
    Declan Sullivan 2 years ago +1

    they're going to have a new King Kong Movie then King Kong vs Godzilla

  • Ser Ratman
    Ser Ratman 2 years ago

    Well, the way they talk about it is that there was an entire ecosystem of these awesome monsters, so I'm guessing a bigger badder monster, or from the other godzilla shit where they have mothra and the King or whatever the fuck they are I have no clue but it doesn't matter as long as it's awesome

  • Delicious Berger
    Delicious Berger 2 years ago

    ghidorah pls

  • Ignatius Bane
    Ignatius Bane 2 years ago +7

    King Kong is gonna be in the sequel

  • prashant ghoshal
    prashant ghoshal 2 years ago

    Hands down the best Godzilla story summary EVER.

  • Monky Mangler
    Monky Mangler 2 years ago

    something tells me that king Ghidorah is going to be in the sequel.

  • Zombie Inc
    Zombie Inc 2 years ago

    the trailers were just as much of a tease. they did right by not showing the big guy alot in the trailers, otherwise people would have said the movie was shit

  • Rufus Davis
    Rufus Davis 2 years ago

    If there's a sequel to the 2014 version of Godzilla, Gareth Edwards better not be directing it!😒

    • Derek Furst
      Derek Furst 2 years ago

      1) Gareth Edwards doesn't control the writing. 2) everyone agrees this is one of the best shot movies in years.

    • Rufus Davis
      Rufus Davis 2 years ago

      I'm just saying we all know that Gareth Edwards fucked up this movie SO! And he had us all fooled into thinking we'd see Godzilla fight these two monsters throughout the movie but no! I mean bullshit!!

  • Allen Daniels
    Allen Daniels 2 years ago

    King Ghidara

  • The Ren
    The Ren 2 years ago +55

    LOOOL... "It's DinoJesus..."

  • 0311apache
    0311apache 2 years ago +63

    Doomsday with AIDS. You kill me Jeremy! Lmao.

  • AJA Ryan1994
    AJA Ryan1994 2 years ago

    One thing that was completely stupid about the movie is that everyone says that these monsters feed off radiation yet throughout the movie soldiers are firing nukes at them.

    • The Ren
      The Ren 2 years ago

      No one fired nukes at them. Do you even know what nukes are? And they did feed off one of the nukes. It was being used to feed the hundreds of babies that the main lead set ablaze. And it was heading for the last one before Godzilla blasted it.

  • Dislike Button
    Dislike Button 3 years ago

    Next movie King gchiadorah and mothra. Make it happen guys. Make it happen

  • sam marry
    sam marry 3 years ago

    in teh being when the asian guy said a moster likw godzilla i was he is going to be in the movie

  • nougatbitz
    nougatbitz 3 years ago

    Never have seen Breaking Bad so I really did not care much for the Walter White stuff. You can skip his part entirely and not miss much in the movie. Just did it and it's a much better film. Elisabeth Olson for the few scenes she was in, did a great job. Her role was a bit of a cliche with being the caring mother, but she was so emotional and terrified for her son ... A totally different person than when she plays Scarlet Witch!

  • ShuffMomo
    ShuffMomo 3 years ago


  • Supa Crack [ ULTRA ]
    Supa Crack [ ULTRA ] 3 years ago +1

    "You don't need to make Godzilla look like Doomsday with aids" 😂

    • Will Hush
      Will Hush 3 years ago +1

      Or for Batman V Superman, "don't make Doomsday look like Godzilla with aids".

  • Overdose Divided
    Overdose Divided 3 years ago

    Doomsday with aids? lol What?!

  • aj richardson
    aj richardson 3 years ago +2

    I want King Kong to fight Godzilla

    • JustSimon419
      JustSimon419 2 years ago +3

      There's gonna be a Godzilla vs. King Kong movie for 2019. After Godzilla 2 is released in 2018.

  • Jordan D
    Jordan D 3 years ago +3

    It's funny how he said 90's Godzilla looked like Doomsday with aids and Doomsday in BvS looked like complete shit, so they practically did the same thing with Doomsday as they did with 90's Godzilla by making him look so different than the source material

  • Char Bucket
    Char Bucket 3 years ago

    EMPs aren't just from electronics. EMPs can come from any source of electromagnetism (the EM in EMP). For example: solar storms from the sun carry powerful EMPs through space, and could one day obliterate all of our electronics if one strong enough passes through our atmosphere, and that's assuming we aren't all roasted anyway. The more you know~
    So, that monster having the ability to make EMPs isn't far-fetched if it's prehistoric, it's actually more likely than if it was created in modern times, because in prehistoric times, there was a lot of electromagnetic forces and different kinds of bacteria and atmosphere, that if you bullshit science it just a little bit, could explain the existence of a giant monster that emits electromagnetic pulses. We all actually have low frequency electromagnetic waves even in our very skin, so it's totally biologically possible sorta, electromagnetism is *everywhere*, it's very cool. SCIENCE.

    • Glaedr58
      Glaedr58 3 years ago

      +Char Bucket I think the official lore for the movie states that the species was preyed on/a rival of Godzilla's species and the EMP was a defense mechanism (though what the purpose was I can't remember off the top of my head but I'd assume it somehow interferes with Godzilla's ability to track them).

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 3 years ago

    I feel like Mutos use EMP pulses to fend off against a Ghidorah. Since King Ghidorah uses electricity so why not.

    • jake 117
      jake 117 2 years ago

      +Derek Furst I just liked his explanation.
      I understand the new official explanation

    • Derek Furst
      Derek Furst 2 years ago

      jake thomp no. it was explained. the EMP is a byproduct of the nuclear radiation. that's why his watch stopped during the bombing in ww2

    • jake 117
      jake 117 3 years ago

      +Bruce Wayne yes

  • Anthony Bobb
    Anthony Bobb 3 years ago

    Jeremy man you make me want to watch the movie again fck!

  • Homicidal Tendencies
    Homicidal Tendencies 3 years ago

    'Doomsday with AIDS' wtf

  • Hutchsurfer
    Hutchsurfer 3 years ago

    No sequel yet :(

    • The Khan
      The Khan 3 years ago +1

      +Hutchsurfer In 2 years it's scheduled to come out.

  • Nick Walker
    Nick Walker 3 years ago

    Actually Godzilla was appearing throughout the ENTIRE first movie. (the latest they held him off was like 25 minutes in, when he like comes out from behind a hill.)

  • Desteron
    Desteron 3 years ago

    mothra resurrects brain cranson = profit???

  • Derpy Dimentio
    Derpy Dimentio 3 years ago +1

    i dont mind if they use the old monsters or make new ones i just wanna see godzilla melt shit with his atomic breath leik ABALZAAAAAAFSDAJMGSVAMJGSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! BOOM!

  • flash2130
    flash2130 3 years ago

    Gojira wins FATALITY

  • Konrad Bałwan
    Konrad Bałwan 3 years ago

    Godzilla 2014 is better than 1998 but still worse than any of Japanese movies, this movie is more about Muto than Godzilla. Now i am much more hyped for 2016 Godzilla because it's much more meaner and more awesome than 2014.

    • Koba
      Koba 3 years ago

      +Konrad Bałwan the japanese movies always focused on the other monster more too. that's what this film is. other monster destroys stuff Godzilla fights them. same with most of the Japanese films.

  • Hayden Brown
    Hayden Brown 3 years ago

    Jeremy, please research the following monsters: Rodan, Mothra, King ghidorah. Theses are the monsters in Godzilla 2.

  • Azzy8007
    Azzy8007 3 years ago +19

    EMP pulse? Is that like PIN number or ATM machine?

    • Jonjey Comms
      Jonjey Comms 3 years ago

      +Andrew Thorne Andrew I appreciate you explaining that for retards like myself.

    • Sada
      Sada 3 years ago +5

      +Andrew Thorne Dc Comics. Ding!

    • Andrew Thorne
      Andrew Thorne 3 years ago

      +Azzy8007 I like what you did there. Use of redundant words are annoying

  • Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!

    After Godzilla roars he grins afterwards. AWESOME! Like, RAAAAAAHRRRR!!!!! then, >:-)

  • Marcello Orefice
    Marcello Orefice 3 years ago +2

    The fact that the last fight was SO AWESOME is what makes me mad about it. Imagine if you had like 3 scenes like this in this movie! It would be the best movie of 2014!!!

  • iEntity XF
    iEntity XF 3 years ago

    Lol I just discovered this spoiler talk videos after 2 months following your channel. Am I retarded? :D

  • Mechanic 47
    Mechanic 47 3 years ago

    sorry bro I like a lot of your movies review but Gosdzilla is not a good movie

    • Mechanic 47
      Mechanic 47 2 years ago

      +Derek Furst this movie was suppose to be about Godzilla and not about kikass family.

    • Derek Furst
      Derek Furst 2 years ago

      Mechanic 47 well acted. well shot. good effects. the pacing didn't pander to weak people with short attention spans

  • Michael William
    Michael William 3 years ago

    Godzilla VS The Smog Monster (to make the global warming liberals happy)

  • LiK
    LiK 3 years ago

    More monsters in sequel hopefully.

  • Ryan Sarmanian
    Ryan Sarmanian 3 years ago

    Sequel will have King Ghidorah, Rodan and Mothra.

  • Demon Z
    Demon Z 3 years ago +1

    Doomsday with aids

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Pedro Rodrigues 3 years ago


  • ChanoCyber9Avila
    ChanoCyber9Avila 3 years ago

    the monsters in the new one are gonna be Rodin,mothra , and king ghidorah and possibly a king Kong cameo and pacific rim

  • Chris G
    Chris G 3 years ago

    Godzilla sequel idea -
    Godzilla v. King Kong: Dawn of Monsters.

    • Logank365
      Logank365 3 years ago


    • PycosDyll
      PycosDyll 3 years ago

      Yes I have numerous times,it IS very fun. Get to do alot of "What If?" fights amongst monsters like Godzilla(2014) vs Godzilla (1954).

    • Logank365
      Logank365 3 years ago

      Have you played Godzilla: Daikaiju Battle Royale? It's a flash game that's pretty fun.

    • PycosDyll
      PycosDyll 3 years ago

      +Logan Kavanagh I'm on the same boat,I grew up more on the side with Godzilla and he's still by far my favorite monster.

    • Logank365
      Logank365 3 years ago

      I've never been the biggest King Kong fan, Godzilla always appealed to me more.

  • Josh Redmon
    Josh Redmon 3 years ago

    Just a little FYI, the reason that the mutos had emp attacks waaaayyyyy back in the prehistoric times was to counter the radioactive fire that godzilla's species used, whenever they did it, the godzillas couldn't use there fire.

  • TheCrosshare
    TheCrosshare 3 years ago

    I did not expect it to be godzilla good guy movie, because hollywood, and man was i surprised. In a good way. Just the right amount of "boring" bits and fighty megapunchy bits.

  • Michael McCallister
    Michael McCallister 3 years ago +1

    Godzilla pacific rim cross over
    drops mic......

  • drakeunderscoremason
    drakeunderscoremason 3 years ago

    Godzilla + King King + Pacific Rim = all of my money.

  • Alvin De Rama
    Alvin De Rama 3 years ago

    Bring "Godzilla vs - " movie again!

  • Mr. Succ Meh
    Mr. Succ Meh 3 years ago +1


  • MARCKO 9902
    MARCKO 9902 3 years ago +1

    godzilla vs mechagodzilla3 in the most badass pacific rim style, shut up and take my money

  • BMV The Movie Fanatic
    BMV The Movie Fanatic 3 years ago

    I was so pumped for this movie, more than I've ever been for basically anything, however it was just disappointing. Should get perhaps Zach Snyder to direct the sequel, and get a cooler villain, better human characters, and KEEP THE CAMERA ON GODZILLA!

  • Cameron Dalton
    Cameron Dalton 3 years ago

    KING GIDORAH!!!!!! and MOTHRA!!!!!! gonna be EPIC!!!!!!

  • Yajie Liu
    Yajie Liu 3 years ago

    only comment: wraps up WAYYY too soon after the big fight in the end

  • Gaston
    Gaston 3 years ago

    this movie fucking sucks and you all know it.

    • Karl Johnson
      Karl Johnson 3 years ago

      +paul johnson II fuck u

    • Gaston
      Gaston 3 years ago

      +Mark Stewart yes your opinion is below mine.

  • Jordan Gate
    Jordan Gate 3 years ago

    I'm going have to disagree with the great Jeremy Jahns. This movie was unbelievably boring and terrible. It showed 2 hours of 2 reptile, bad cgi moths. & Godzilla at the airport (where we only saw his foot), he looked like the t-rex from toy story; gay & non-intimidating. On the news (where we see no exciting fight, because the director sucks, seriously, get fired from Hollywood budy) Godzilla looks like a dog getting attacked by a pigeon. The Pigeon/bad cgi moth, is flying over Godzilla & Godzilla is just biting into the air, because his huge mass & fat cankles (that we had a close up of at the airport & NOTHING ELSE!) & small unmasterbatable T-rex arms are all useless. This is the hero we have defending mankind? & people disrespect Man of Steel. Godzilla was dogshit. 2 hours of boring disaster porn, with 2 monsters that the commercials & title did not advertise. And then 10 minutes of Godzilla. Where Godzilla should have done what he did to save the day in f***ing Japan! where he had, how ever many years, to prepare for the dormant reptile monthra (I forget the years because monthra is boring & this movie sucked ass). I hear of good directing shots, & teases of Godzilla, to build the anticipation. I just wanted to be entertained and see Godzilla fight pacific rim style. This movie was in no Oscar category, so why shoot it like a boring jerriactric fuck falling asleep in the audience pleasing movie? & the US army soldier, who was the main character & wasn't in the trailers for a reason (because people want to see Bryan Cranston, an actual actor, not this pathetic piece of shit) was supposed to sold to the audience as a heroic tough guy, but he had a high pitched bitch voice & did not resemble a military confident leader at all.

    • Jack Hagar
      Jack Hagar 3 years ago

      You seem like a guy who just doesn't like Godzilla, like literally the entire Godzilla franchise. Yeah I will admit that if your a fanboy like me then you would have enjoyed this movie a lot more and understood it, but just because they teased Godzilla so much doesn't actually make it a bad movie. It had emotion, some intense scenes, and great cinematography. Again, I can tell you don't like the original Godzilla when you made fun of 2014's Godzilla motel. I thought it was great, looked just like the original but more realistic and overall enormous. The male muto "bad cgi moth" wasn't even bad most of the time, it was just the terrible rain effect that was on it that made it look unrealistic and shiny. Godzilla was far from dogshit. I thought that it was good time no alcohol required, and if your a fan of the original Godzilla it was awesometacular

  • Nico Reveco
    Nico Reveco 3 years ago +16

    Bryan Cranston was just in the movie to cash in on the Breaking Bad hype. Anyone could have played the role

    • Immense Dreamer
      Immense Dreamer 2 years ago +2

      I agree with you, a lot of people saw this movie only because it had Bryan Cranston, only to be disappointment that he lasted like 10 minutes haha xD

    • Joonha Shcal
      Joonha Shcal 3 years ago +1

      +Nico Reveco your*

    • Nico Reveco
      Nico Reveco 3 years ago

      +Joonha Shcal i respect you're opinion, still feel like anybody could have played that role. During the breaking bad all i heard was "Bryan Cranston is the greatest actor" Now that Breaking Bad is over. Ain't nobody talking about him now, not even when he was on How I Met Your Mother did i hear people thype him up

    • Joonha Shcal
      Joonha Shcal 3 years ago +2

      +Nico Reveco I don't think Lee Jones or Nesson could have done it as well, Cranston is a great crier. Oldman definitely, he can play anyone (befitting his age of course)

    • Nico Reveco
      Nico Reveco 3 years ago

      Neeson, Oldman, Lee Jones to name a few.

  • Estevan Calderon
    Estevan Calderon 3 years ago


  • ThunderWolfVX
    ThunderWolfVX 3 years ago

    Godzilla vs King Kong vs Gypsi Danger vs the fucking MegaZord.

  • Akidra 0
    Akidra 0 3 years ago +1

    There actually is an explanation for why the MUTO would have the EMP. So we know that they have at least one aquatic predator, right? The big G himself. What if the EMP's original purpose was to disorient aquatic predators that had electrolocation, like sharks? Think about it.

  • Pandega Wikantyasa
    Pandega Wikantyasa 3 years ago +1

    Im glad godzilla 2 is confirmed along with rodan, mothra, and king ghidorah, cant wait for the battle and I hope rodan and mothra allies with big g to take down ghidorah like in the original

    • AJA Ryan1994
      AJA Ryan1994 3 years ago

      +Pandega wikantyasa I think I heard somewhere that the movie Skull Island is going to be a part of the 2014 Godzilla universe so if that movie is successful then we could see a King Kong/Godzilla crossover.

  • Super Man
    Super Man 3 years ago

    I hated this movie. Godzilla was too fat and muto was a lame monster. They focused waaaaay too much on the people I didn't care about, and the final kill is stolen from the movie Godzilla 2000. You should watch that if you want to see a REAL Godzilla movie

    • Koba
      Koba 3 years ago

      +Brandon Gay not really the same. in the 2000 movie godzilla is being eaten. so he has to do that move as an escape. this version it's more the king kong move with a twist of fire breath down the throat

  • William T
    William T 3 years ago

    I'd never seen a Godzilla movie before this one, but I really enjoyed this film. But in the same sort of way I enjoyed Pacific Rim. It was dumb, and there were plot holes and killing off Bryan Cranston 40 minutes in was a sin, but the good things about make up for the bad things. But to me the 2 main flaws was the extreme lack of Godzilla and the killing off of Bryan Cranston's character. This movie could have easily run for an extra 30 minutes and just added in all the fight scenes, or maybe even just extended the end one. And Bryan Cranston could've easily just been a character alongside the Japanese scientist (who's name escapes me). But what's there of the fight scenes, the movies atmosphere and great visual effects, decent script for the most part, and excellent portrayal of Godzilla in my opinion, really redeem the movie and make it a decent enough movie. Not the master piece it could've been, but I good one for some drinks and a night in with your friends.

  • Dave R.
    Dave R. 3 years ago

    What if they bring Gamera for a sequel?

  • Dave R.
    Dave R. 3 years ago

    Doomsday with AIDS, I laughed out loud