Life - Movie Review

  • Published on Mar 23, 2017
  • They have found life on Mars! And surprise's now going to kill everyone on a ship. Here's my review of "Life"!
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  • N. S.
    N. S. 14 days ago

    For is this a bad alien copy!

  • BlogVomMax
    BlogVomMax 20 days ago

    Its a prequel to edge of tomorrow. I mean look at how the thing moves

  • Ben McDonald
    Ben McDonald 27 days ago

    This movie actually took a lot more risks and went in quite a few unexpected directions, culminating into an experience I can only describe as refreshingly different

  • Roy Szweda
    Roy Szweda Month ago

    JG wasted in this. Do people really talk like guttersnipe morons even in spaceships?
    Irritating waste of time movie....

  • yoxredwolf
    yoxredwolf Month ago

    It was garbage

  • twagirimana patrick
    twagirimana patrick 2 months ago

    That ending though

  • GTA5Player1
    GTA5Player1 3 months ago

    Too much cringe for me. Although this could make its way on my so bad it's good movie list.

  • Grant Lambe
    Grant Lambe 4 months ago +1

    I admit, I started cheering for the Octopus monster half way through. The doctors/astronauts all received their Ph. D's from a diploma mill. Go Calvin!!!

    • Grant Lambe
      Grant Lambe 4 months ago

      Too bad Calvin landed in China, it will end up as SOUP. No sequel.

  • Nightjaw
    Nightjaw 4 months ago

    loved the film even though its ending i was not expecting, but im hoping theres a sequel to show what happens next

  • What_are_we_doing ?
    What_are_we_doing ? 4 months ago

    I just watched the movie I have a stomachache 😲😵😵🤢🤕

  • Dregge1
    Dregge1 5 months ago

    Decent movie, but the characters make stupid decisions that end up killing them or someone they care about.... I'm so tired of lazy plots.

  • Ben McDonald
    Ben McDonald 6 months ago

    I really like the design of the creature, very unique

  • NinjaWalrus
    NinjaWalrus 7 months ago



  • SinCity Sinner
    SinCity Sinner 8 months ago

    I love the way they advertised the hell out of this movie as starring Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal, even putting them both on the posters and having their names plastered all over the movie posters and credits, and had them doing interviews and promos, only to kill Ryan Reynolds like 20 minutes in, lol. It was almost more of a cameo for him more than a starting role considering how short his screen time was before the alien destroyed his insides. All in all it was a pretty good sci fi/horror movie. It had its flaws, like the way the alien was able to get around the I.S.S. with ease, despite the fact that the I.S.S. has total air locks almost on every room/pod/laboratory, yet the alien was able to travel all around the entire station, even getting inside it from being outside in space. My favorite part was the ending though. I love when movies have the balls to do a crazy ending instead of wrapping the movie up in a neat little everything worked out happy ending. "Life" went the route of "The Mist" at the end. In the Mist it seems like the main characters are going to escape and survive, but then run out of gas and they decide they would rather die their way instead of by the monsters, but their are 6 people and only 5 bullets, so I'm the most brutal movie ending ever the main character shoots the other 5 survivors, including his own son, only for the most to clear and the military to show up and save the day. That has always been my favorite fucking movie ending simply because the film makers has the balls to forego the typical happy ending and deliver one of the most gut wrenching and devastating endings in cinematic history. Even Stephen King was blown away, lol. When King saw the ending to the movie he said his jaw dropped and he sat there stunned for a few minutes before standing and clapping, lol. Life doesn't have as shocking of an ending, but it definitely has the opposite of a happy ending and I applaud it for having the balls to do something different.

  • Jacob Stewart
    Jacob Stewart 8 months ago

    The ending though. Did not expect that.

  • Max Madmax
    Max Madmax 8 months ago

    Still better than Alien Covenant anyway.

  • Skeletøn SB8
    Skeletøn SB8 9 months ago +1

    I just watched it and omg this is such a good movie!!!!!

  • K. The Artist
    K. The Artist 11 months ago

    Don't know why the thing would attack him. He just poking it. Sure poking someone is irritating, but not lethal. Chill the f out

  • Felipe Carvalho
    Felipe Carvalho 11 months ago

    lame script that needs stupid scientists doing stupid shit. As always.
    great mistakes:
    - bringing the cell to life. why? there are tons of papers to be published with just the dead cell
    - not stopping its growth after it grows REALLY REALLY FAST, together with the fact that it was only one cell in the samples, WITH ONLY ONE SPECIES. This is clearly strange and spells doom.
    - not having all scientists aboard knowing about the "firewall 3" protocol.

  • odin andre
    odin andre 11 months ago

    I mean I agree and disagree. Yeah the first half of the movie was better and the seccond half.. What did you expect its a space horror movie.
    but the freaking end just pulled it back up. Like for real. It was a Dearing move but for me it hit the spot. One thing im tired of are these invincible characters that you know cant die. And I taught it ended like that but boi was I wrong and it was amazing.

  • John von Shepard
    John von Shepard Year ago

    Dat ending tho, Scary af.

  • Razman Rafeek
    Razman Rafeek Year ago

    is there going to be a Life 2?

  • ACID 87
    ACID 87 Year ago

    i fall asleep during most movies today they are such shit..but this was dope, it kept me interested the whole time, the actors were great, well worth watching.

  • NinjaLite
    NinjaLite Year ago

    In a way the Life movie sounded like the 1979 Alien movie.

  • Seth & the Rest
    Seth & the Rest Year ago

    "The first half of life looked like what I wanted life to be" fucking same man

  • Seth & the Rest
    Seth & the Rest Year ago

    I loved this movie, I was actually pretty creeped out during this movie.

  • Craig Calder
    Craig Calder Year ago

    John carpenters the thing is the best movie in this genre by a mile.

  • K. The Artist
    K. The Artist Year ago

    I love Gyllenhaal!
    Although I think I've only seen him in Nightcrawler. I need to watch more of his stuff

  • Zoids Zu
    Zoids Zu Year ago

    I liked it.

  • Mogatroll EU
    Mogatroll EU Year ago

    Honestly, the movie sucked... it was predictable, inaccurate and they killed the best character first... I'll agree that the first half was decent (at best) but it all went downhill from there. I won't even mention the awful ending.

  • Chris Corley
    Chris Corley Year ago

    LIFE (2917) was cool. Pretty good. Great ending, but first half of the movie was much better. Worth watching over again.

  • carls adventures
    carls adventures Year ago

    Watch it to day

  • gbdeck200
    gbdeck200 Year ago

    Saw it
    The Gore on point, really gives the thing, alien vibe to the suspense

    But the end is just that
    Sure it's surprising and sad for her but no sequel so it feels unfinished, I can easily believe they'd remove it as long as it doesn't reproduce and even then just flee earth and go to Mars(lol)

  • JKnifeXXX
    JKnifeXXX Year ago


  • Tony M
    Tony M Year ago

    Fucking LOVED this movie. Seen it 3 times already.

  • Peter D
    Peter D Year ago

    Life has the most stupid group of characters since prometheus. Utter knobs

  • Ashlee Thompson
    Ashlee Thompson Year ago

    Why’d they have to do Deadpool like that..... But that ending though. 👽

  • Sorutsuki
    Sorutsuki Year ago

    When Ryan Reynolds character's died

    I cried so much

  • Marco Gavin
    Marco Gavin Year ago

    I was more freaked out in this movie then i expected to be probably cause its the most realistic sci fi horror ive seen

  • Jake Tibbs
    Jake Tibbs Year ago

    Tell that to Zod's snapped Life.

  • Justice Magagane
    Justice Magagane Year ago

    Im sorry u suck u cant review

  • Jared uchiha
    Jared uchiha Year ago

    THIS movie was trash trash trash it was predictable plane ahh I expected more totally dissapointed

  • 赤ちゃんturtle

    It's the venom movie

  • Jesus Gonzalez
    Jesus Gonzalez Year ago

    It was cliche the entire movie but the ending was good

  • Tyre Wallace
    Tyre Wallace Year ago

    Just saw it. Not a bad movie but the ending was too predictable

  • resistnzisfutl
    resistnzisfutl Year ago

    So, biologists know well, or should know, that when you're introduced to a new ecosystem, or a new factor from another ecosystem is introduced into yours, destruction and mayhem occurs. One or the other ecosystem that has not evolved along with the invading lifeform tends to suffer greatly because it never developed resistances in response to the aggressive lifeforms. We've observed this and have been aware of it as basic biology for a couple hundred years, perhaps more.
    So when it comes to dealing with a lifeform that even potentially developed on another world, what do they think would happen? I think any biologist worth their salt would have accounted for that. That being said, a space program based on typical government spending would inexplicably spend far too much on people who are the lowest common denominators, the ones who don't have the mental capacities to consider such aspects, and therefore would end up in situations like this.
    To take an unknown and Earth-alien lifeform onto a spacestation that is pre-programmed to re-enter Earth's orbit, with no idea how that lifeform would react with the indigenous life and due to history would likely wipe it out, yet still takes it onto said space station out of, what, personal curiosity?
    It's stupid science, but maybe the indelible human nature that many have speculated would be the end of us all.

    • Nox
      Nox Year ago

      resistnzisfutl I don’t think Humans would make a mistake such as this one in reality and there would definitely be a lot more safety precautions before letting an unknown alien organism in Earths orbit. However, I think it’s realistic to assume we could bring alien life from Mars via contamination on returning Astronauts. Probably would have made a more interesting storyline too

  • ChanCeNecK
    ChanCeNecK Year ago

    Just watched it yesterday! Thanks brother, for buying me the Blu-Ray for my 32nd birthday! I thought it was awesome, if it WOULD HAVE BEEN a Venom prequel, I would have been disappointed! And that ending got us jaw dropping!

  • MasterPlanPenguin

    Movie relief to much of deus ex machinas to move the plot. Guy is blast a flamethrower inside that space, no extinguishers go off. Then it perfectly floats near one with a tiny flame and they go off. They then can't just be shut down all st once has to be one by one. Then the creature is lucky enough to attach itself to the one guy in space who can't feel his legs. They then finally trap it and are going to kill it, but oh wait turns out another shuttle thing has come and it's going to connect to the dock they trapped it in. And oh now the Asian guy will rush there thinking it's a rescue because information about standard firewall protocols was kept secret. Then right at the end the alien gets lucky and is in the right shuttle to land of earth and what do you know they land right near some fisherman who don't speak English. It could have been so much better but it was just dumb luck after dumb luck that pushed this movie forward rather than actual well thought out story.

    • MasterPlanPenguin
      MasterPlanPenguin Year ago

      Exactly. Not to mention you look in and see someone like covered by something weird looking. Your first instinct ins't going to be to open the door. More like "Oh shit wtf screw that".

    • Nox
      Nox Year ago

      MasterPlanPenguin haha well summed up. I’m pretty 99% of the Human population understands Yes and No. It’s not even English at that point. Even a head shake should be understood by fishermen lol

  • Little luke
    Little luke Year ago

    I just watched it and couldn't shake the anger of soft tissue monster that is so strong and idiotic moves by crew. Well moves were only few. I just wanted to rip that little precious see through bullshit apart and couldn't finish it. Too much bullshit.
    Alien was somehow little believable in it's essence.

    • MasterPlanPenguin
      MasterPlanPenguin Year ago

      Little luke the most annoying thing. For all the "firewall" protocols. No one thought "hey you know the box we plan on keeping it in, how about instead of gloves we make it machanical with small robotic arms we can use to study it" there was no reason to have him use his actual hands. Everything he did could easily have been done with robotics. Which would have prevented its escape from the box as no gloves to cut through.

  • Cemal Gokce
    Cemal Gokce Year ago

    Jeremy your reviews have been really bad these days

  • Alex Hilber
    Alex Hilber Year ago

    Way better than Alien Covenant

  • Majorbeige
    Majorbeige Year ago

    ending of this film fucked me over so much, i so wanted her to live.

  • shayla sapphire
    shayla sapphire Year ago

    I thought Life was an excellent movie. 10,000 times better than Aliens.

  • Black Titan
    Black Titan Year ago +1

    the ending was foolish

  • UnILoVeFoReVeR OK

    'Life' is a OK movie... something doesn't add up... but it's at least watchable...

  • David Smith
    David Smith Year ago

    i liked it

  • Lil’ SuperSoaker


  • Solid Sorensen
    Solid Sorensen Year ago

    Love Ryan and Jake, and most of this cast actually! But, this movie never made me feel anything. It's pretty bleh for a thrilling space horror flick.

  • asus380
    asus380 Year ago

    didnt like it

  • D Y S P H O R I A

    Are we just NOT going to talk about how spontaneous the ending was? The ending was fucking amazing and super unpredictable! It was more spontaneous than when your girlfriend put her finger in your butt while you were boning her down in missionary position!

    • MasterPlanPenguin
      MasterPlanPenguin Year ago

      Man the ending was super predictable. It's classic horror 101. "Oh we have defeated the big bad" "oh know we didn't and now it's back". It honestly would have been more unpredictable to have it that the girl survived and jakes character did sacrifice himself. You see that way less in these type of movies.

    • ivanlagrossemoule
      ivanlagrossemoule Year ago

      Right below your comment there's someone saying the ending was predictable as hell. Funny.

  • GundyG B
    GundyG B Year ago

    Very enjoyable and fun even though it is not difficult to guess the ending. However, why do alien creatures grow so fast in all the alien movies. lol

  • CRinGE CLaN
    CRinGE CLaN Year ago

    The next one is gonna be called DEATH

  • Roy Poud
    Roy Poud Year ago

    if you can read or write,, this movie is much to dumb for you to waste your time with.

  • Retrotoon
    Retrotoon Year ago

    Awesome movie!! I feel like this movie was overlooked!! Not advertised enough. Both the first and second halves of The movie were great!!! Especially the plot twist at the very end!! The wrong escape pod lands to Earth. Don't F with alien life.

    • MasterPlanPenguin
      MasterPlanPenguin Year ago

      It's not a plot twist. It's horror 101. Thinking the heroes won but the big bad is still alive. Hell that it became obvious the moment the chick hit that debris. Until then it could have gone either way. Soon as it happened it was "oh ok so she will spin off and die and the alien makes it to earth". Add in the fact jakes character never wanted to leave earth and just wanted to stay in space and yeah it's obvious they were going to give us one last kick in the teeth.

    • ivanlagrossemoule
      ivanlagrossemoule Year ago

      The plot was advanced by the sheer force of the stupidity of the characters. It was utterly retarded and I wish I had never seen it.

  • Obsidian1392
    Obsidian1392 Year ago +2

    Dumb movie
    Logic was ridiculous
    Creature should have died 5 minutes after escaping

  • 99troubledminds
    99troubledminds Year ago

    My favorite science fiction horror film is Event Horizon. Its to scary because lord only knows if that could really happen. Space, ghosts, hell, and horrific images scarred me for life.

  • Danny C.
    Danny C. Year ago

    Why the end of this film look like the beginning of Cloverfield with the unknown object crashing in the ocean?!!

  • Carl HIRST
    Carl HIRST Year ago

    took a MONTH for me to forget 1 scene in that film,
    Why didnt he grithis teeth? my mind keeps going back to that scene n thinking about what Happened!

  • Ahmad Blair-Brown

    Necronomicon movie.... The Great Old Ones have returned.

  • SpyengoEen
    SpyengoEen Year ago

    This was way better than Alien: Covenant.

  • Hayden Arnold
    Hayden Arnold Year ago

    My favorite sci-fi horror was sunshine, with cillian murphy, idk if it's classified as a horror but it was creepy at some points

  • Trump's Dingleberries

    I watched a salesman.

  • Joseph Archer
    Joseph Archer Year ago

    Yea, Life was scary. Ryan's character got it the worst. SECQUEL!!

  • Fat Gleesh_112
    Fat Gleesh_112 Year ago

    The BLOB!!! 😂

  • akatgn
    akatgn Year ago

    Its spongebob real life horror....the thing look like patrick :/

  • Chams Ghom
    Chams Ghom Year ago

    I really liked the movie, it was well shot, the main music theme was good and that ending twist was horrifying.

  • The Aspired Spark

    Seriously, i just watched the film, and if that was the symbiote in the MCU I would be fucking terrified of it!!!

  • LazerBeams PewPew
    LazerBeams PewPew Year ago +3

    This movie pissed me off

  • Monstar 4419
    Monstar 4419 Year ago

    this movie is dogshit💩

  • Alice Alice
    Alice Alice Year ago +3

    I didn't like that movie at all

  • M Smith
    M Smith Year ago

    Life Lesson 101 - Never trust the opinion of a man wearing a short sleeved T-shirt under a business jacket.

  • Lawrence Sensei
    Lawrence Sensei Year ago

    better than Prometheus 2

  • Khalid Alshehri
    Khalid Alshehri Year ago +2

    I hated this movie so much, probably the worst movie I've seen this year !

  • Grim Graham
    Grim Graham Year ago

    Conspiracy: Wade Wilson was also an astronaut. Make it happen Marvel!

  • anthrogend
    anthrogend Year ago

    If they want it to be a venom prequel, I'd root it with all my heart. I think it'll be awesome. Highly potential.

  • Steven Wortham
    Steven Wortham Year ago

    The clear gloves, the glass box not having fire or electric defensives built in? The containment room just wasn't believable for CDC members. HAL, I've seen enough at that point and turned the film off.

    • Steven Wortham
      Steven Wortham Year ago

      Nah...I haven't but sounds foolish enough. Once Ryan kept missing with the flamethrower, I thought to myself, that whole room should be able to set the air on fire. I've seen CDC movies before. Even Walking Dead has done this.

    • ivanlagrossemoule
      ivanlagrossemoule Year ago

      You haven't seen the scene where the black guy intentionally saves that creature, when it controls a lander somehow or when the random fishermen find the lander, look through the small window to see a man being devoured by a creature in a huge mess, and decide that the logical thing to do is to open it. And there are many more too.
      Fuck that movie.

    • Steven Wortham
      Steven Wortham Year ago

      Michael Crichton has done better with space germs. The human errors were kid errors. Couldn't believe they let the black man trade places. It was Kubrick-ish showing earth watching the discovery back home, and how the title was slightly introduce, but that is all. I knew this film was riding on star power rather than story.

    • ivanlagrossemoule
      ivanlagrossemoule Year ago

      Actually that was still acceptable, and you're lucky you turned it off.
      The whole movie is people doing dumb shit because the plot needs it until the creature wins. Fuck that movie was shit.

  • Metal
    Metal Year ago

    I enjoyed the movie. I think the major problem I had was that some of the decisions that the characters make seemed too comfortable just for the sake of storyline making them look like amateurs instead of highly qualified space scientists. Even in the ending , Jake reads the book and an idea clicks on using the escape pods. However, these are among the smartest brains on earth, they wouldn't take that long to figure the best solution out. Maybe it can be given a pass that they were afraid but overall it doesn't stop it from being entertaining.

  • Dr.AutoAuctavious

    that ending tho.

  • Joseph Archer
    Joseph Archer Year ago

    Life was No Joke! Horrifying!! Poor Ryan. ;-(

  • Lion Dano
    Lion Dano Year ago

    Why didn't he comment on the ending?

  • Eliecer Hernández

    The ending got me nightmares, for reallll!

  • RidinDutch
    RidinDutch Year ago

    was kankoe goed man

  • bodus
    bodus Year ago

    Meet the robertsons. very dark movie.

  • deanc2000
    deanc2000 Year ago

    I just saw it. CGI was bad. the end was bad. I can retitle it "alien octopus with 100 lives".

  • chrishdk
    chrishdk Year ago

    I thought it was going to be a sci fi movie. If you understand biology, the astronauts explain that it's this prokaryote organism that expands into a multicellular-somatic being where each cell simultaneously communicates with one another. Any astronaut would immediately kill the thing. It's a great idea for a villain alien but the script made the actors look like complete idiots.

  • justin johns
    justin johns Year ago

    hey jeremy, youre spelling your last name wrong bro ;)

  • Vega complex
    Vega complex Year ago

    fuck the ending. oh wait I'm sorry I meant to say, FUCK. THE. ENDING!!!!!!

  • Leon Davis
    Leon Davis Year ago

    Why are so many people bashing this movie. It wasn't that bad. How can you say it's a Alien's knockoff. Every movie made is similar to some book, movie, comic and so on. This is why Hollywood doesn't take risk and we keep getting reboots and prequels. Not every movie going to be the god of film. See kids, this is why we can't have nice things.

  • jessie brown
    jessie brown Year ago

    This movie sucked huge donkey balls.

  • kevin meza
    kevin meza Year ago

    haven't seen a good movie since Logan n hacksawridge