10 INNOCENT GESTURES That Can Get You KILLED Overseas!

  • Published on Nov 7, 2015
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Comments • 12 111

  • Kirra McDowell
    Kirra McDowell 7 days ago

    I'm from one of those European countries considering "ok" sign a "zero" haha.

  • F r e i d a
    F r e i d a 26 days ago

    My friend group does 👌 all the time. Everyday, anytime, everywhere. I don't think they can NOT do it. I guess they can't go to some countries in Europe then.

  • Statiscube
    Statiscube 26 days ago

    78,000 people are going to stick it up your buttocks. 👍

  • Amelia Conley
    Amelia Conley 26 days ago +1

    I loved how he said “someone’s gonna punch me”.

  • N R
    N R 27 days ago

    I have a lady told me not to use of a red pen to write. She said some cultures red means death.

  • Tim McClelland
    Tim McClelland Month ago

    Am i the only one who doesn't wipe their ass with their left hand?

  • Leo Gem
    Leo Gem Month ago +1

    I am from Greece and the thumbs up gesture does not mean up your a$$ but it's like....saying ok...or that sth is good....however in Turkey it is offensive.. 😊

  • Jacinta Donald
    Jacinta Donald Month ago +1

    I didn't know that doing the peace sign backwards in my country (I'm Australian) is pretty much telling people to F off,
    we use the middle finger backwards a lot more often than that
    Any Americans reading this might learn something new lol!

  • Lisa Campbell
    Lisa Campbell Month ago


  • Dan S
    Dan S Month ago

    The awsome beard makes up for the daldness

  • PoRkChOpZ 2530
    PoRkChOpZ 2530 Month ago

    I’m Aussie n that’s not what the peace sign means here...
    well I have never heard of it anyways ?? Only thing I can think of is when we turn our hands round n spread the 2 fingers and we put our tongue through the gap to represent eating out a chick 😂

  • Damon Tweedy
    Damon Tweedy Month ago

    In some countries the middle finger means something totally different

  • Jaimee Gilmore Duet Covers

    I love your videos I watch all of them but you need to work on how you pronounce words it's called the Byzantine...bye..zan..teen it's just hilarious to me you're always mispronouncing words work on that I don't have anything else to say you're pretty funny

  • Narcie Hernandez
    Narcie Hernandez Month ago +1

    My left hand is my everything hand I'm left-handed😳😁

  • IkImAwesome
    IkImAwesome Month ago

    I live in the middle east the thumbs up means thumbs up not sticking it up your ass

  • Noah Scholz
    Noah Scholz Month ago

    👌🏿Ha gay

  • Jesse Jimenez
    Jesse Jimenez Month ago

    well, I use my right hand to wipe my ass...using toilet paper of course!!!

  • Jack Taylor-Stoakes


  • Jack Taylor-Stoakes

    Senpai noticed me!

  • Jenny Stevens
    Jenny Stevens Month ago

    The two finger insult started when England were at war with France. The English bowmen were far superior to the French so when the French caught an English soldier they cut off those two fingers to stop them drawing the bow. The English would stand on the battle lines and waggle those fingers to show that they could kill them.

  • pug5gaming_ yt
    pug5gaming_ yt Month ago

    I'm left-handed

  • jacktrap gaming
    jacktrap gaming Month ago

    How does the like system work in these countries,hey let's get 500,000 butt thumbs on this video

  • Eric London
    Eric London Month ago

    "..........yes, Judge, I am an American .....How did you know ? "

  • taro taho
    taro taho Month ago

    St paul ph represent

  • Joshua Gump
    Joshua Gump Month ago +1

    In terms of giving gifts with the left hand, what if you are left-handed?

  • TheMariusDarkwolf
    TheMariusDarkwolf Month ago

    In Brazil, the "ok" symbol is calling someone an ahole. The two fingers in Britain is also called the longbowman's salute. Because King Harold had a policy of chopping off the two fingers of captured enemy longbowmen. The stmbol basically says "I've still got the fingers, and will continue to shoot arrows at you" also its representative of lady parts

  • Tweek Ludwig
    Tweek Ludwig Month ago

    2:27 "It's also a symbol to let someone know they're homosexual." *Does it right afterwards*

    I mean, he ain't wrong about that...

  • Anonymous A.
    Anonymous A. Month ago

    I wipe my ass with my right hand...does that mean I should start presenting my gifts with my left hand...? Hhmm...

  • Luke Schoemaker
    Luke Schoemaker Month ago

    REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (i live in nz)

  • numaTruehome 100
    numaTruehome 100 Month ago

    What’s the equivalent in Japan

  • constipated in sin city

    #6 was used to put the evil eye on people by Gypsies . Ronnie James Dio started the horns.

  • madbear3512
    madbear3512 Month ago

    Hay don't call me smart when you know I all ready know everything

  • Emma Wright
    Emma Wright Month ago

    I'm in the UK

  • Emma Wright
    Emma Wright Month ago

    I know Crap

  • Carlos Monroy
    Carlos Monroy Month ago

    no wonder i feel weird making guestures.

  • Dave Goldspink
    Dave Goldspink Month ago

    Good on you Matty 😂🤣😂 Mate I thought marrying a Muslim and refusing to convert was the only way I offending anyone 😂🤣😂 Been in contact with people from all over the world over the years and judging to your video I’ve offended a hell of a lot of people. 😂🤣😂 Great stuff always great learning life’s lessons from you Mate.

  • Lee Felix
    Lee Felix Month ago

    *I'm left-handed and uses my right hand to wipe my ass xD*

  • Lee Felix
    Lee Felix Month ago

    3:33 Just to clarify, Actually in the Philippines, they don't care if you eat your food or not. When I took a vacation there, I was also expecting this etiquette but when I went to a local restaurant called "Mang Inasal" the locals finished their food and nothing left so I figured out that it doesn't actually matter to them as they'll still show you hospitality and great welcoming.

  • Lee Felix
    Lee Felix Month ago

    Good thing I hate doing hand signs *lmao*

  • nina arturo
    nina arturo Month ago

    Laughing my ass off I just love Matthew Santoro 😆😆😅😂🤣

  • ThePictishMan 26
    ThePictishMan 26 Month ago +1

    Ha! More fool on them! I wipe my arse with my right hand!
    Love from Scotland XD

  • Thor Thalman
    Thor Thalman Month ago

    I'm European and American thanks for leting me know

  • Joey T
    Joey T Month ago

    All of you are 🤞s lol

  • chaotixninja5
    chaotixninja5 Month ago

    If you're in Japan, make sure you slurp your noodles.

  • Jisung PwArK
    Jisung PwArK Month ago

    With the flower thing we have it in Lithuania too, we usually give 4 flowers only for death ones.

  • Άννα Μαρία

    Thumbs up is just a thumbs up in Greece, no insult three...

  • Robert Martin
    Robert Martin Month ago

    Yeah i traveled and there was a sayimg...ugly Americans

  • Super Ro
    Super Ro Month ago

    I always not finish my food in the Philippines and people get angry at me

  • Jenni Rowe
    Jenni Rowe Month ago

    I luv this guy, he's awesome

  • Mr. Meme Bucket
    Mr. Meme Bucket Month ago

    I only use my right hand to wipe my ass after shitting.

  • X._.mxyona ._.X
    X._.mxyona ._.X Month ago

    XD I always do piece the wrong way then get screamed at in the UK it mean p**s off and the finger means f**k off :) love your channel

  • Mastermind Official

    What you said about the Philippines is not true, a Filipino here.

  • Shiko Hirosuki
    Shiko Hirosuki 2 months ago

    Thai person here
    I don't get offended
    My parents do tho

  • Shawnee Garote
    Shawnee Garote 2 months ago

    Lol I keep hearing that it is impolite to finish your meal in other countries but what those people have to realize is here in America we have much bigger food sizes. I am all about being polite and not disrespecting others customs but I am not going to starve myself to not be rude either. They just need to get over that one or make more food. Sorry. Not sorry.

  • Nitiesha Murphy
    Nitiesha Murphy 2 months ago

    I wipe with my right

  • Meme Mc Meme
    Meme Mc Meme 2 months ago

    When I saw the ok sign I also knew this was secretly rasist
    👌🏻=White power

  • THE Hetalia Fan
    THE Hetalia Fan 2 months ago +1

    I clean my ass the way I want to.
    My left hand is beautifull~

  • Arizona person
    Arizona person 2 months ago +1

    No such thing as a 'planet' on Gods biblical flat earth.
    Furthermore, the 'baphomet' sign should offend everyone.

  • Eli Novak
    Eli Novak 2 months ago

    I feel horribly bad for all the foreign viewers the may have unsubed 😐 his content is so great!

  • Viktor Tomanov
    Viktor Tomanov 2 months ago

    In Canada you are allowed to yell? That was a closed palm you showed btw