Clashes erupt at Catalonia independence protest | LIVE

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • The Sindicat d’Estudiants students union and other pro-independence unions have called for a general strike and protest in support of jailed Catalan pro-independence leaders at Barcelona’s Placa de la Universitat on Friday, October 18. On Monday, nine Catalan pro-independence leaders were sentenced to between nine and 13 years in prison for their role in Catalonia’s 2017 independence bid and unauthorised referendum. Copied from page
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Comments • 461

  • Hulagu Mongke
    Hulagu Mongke 9 hours ago

    General Franco will not tolerate this childish behaviour lenient toward the communist left. Send in the tanks and bombers!!!

  • Po-Hsuan Huang
    Po-Hsuan Huang 9 days ago

    Catalonia don't give up ! The world is watching.

  • connor!
    connor! 14 days ago +2

    3:22:38 wtf lol

  • 张扬
    张扬 14 days ago

    "A beautiful sight to behold" from America

  • Pavel Kovář
    Pavel Kovář 17 days ago

    People must fight against the evil they feel equal to at that moment.

  • Tony Xia
    Tony Xia Month ago

    Free!Free!Free! Catalonia should be an independent country

  • Tony Xia
    Tony Xia Month ago

    Fight for freedom!Stand with Catalonia!Support from Japan !!!

  • Pilar sanchez galiano
    Pilar sanchez galiano Month ago +1

    Do not believe this pantomime theater: Catalonia is not this. It was always a Spanish region, and the rest of Spain loves and supports it. Read real History of Spain (not the 2 minute´video propaganda ones, where the information is being falsified) and learn from the truth. These so-called "independentists" are, either brainwashed people (after more than 30 years of mental manipulation through the school system and the mass media control) or corrupt politicians, who have been stealing from public money for all that period of time or more.
    Search for the history of the corrupt politicians:the PUJOL family especially. They are behind this "movement". Spain is one of the greatest and most liberal countries in the world, just get informed.
    If there are politicians in prison is because they have done a terrible crime: to try to destroy a country. Try and do it in Russia or the USA, and wait to see what happens. We have done NOTHING: police officers were hurt by spoiled brats who were harassing and damaging them, and they could only use a defensive methods, with the orders of not using violence. Many of the images shown against the police in youtube are false, just as many of them were fake (you can also search about it) when, 2 years ago, some people in Catalonia tried to proclaim the region and independent country (they included images from different and previous demonstrations, not related with "independentism"). Do not believe these false news, invented manifestos and dangerous manipulative lies.

  • sefred7
    sefred7 Month ago

    I favor an independent Catalonia. Spain will only have a problems with insurgency if it continues to rule over an independent Catalonia.

  • L Leon
    L Leon Month ago +1

    nice job , Western medias, it is you who bring the violience, the hatred, and the injured even death to the world, how are you feeling ? You shameless villains! Shame on you!!!

  • Jason Zheng
    Jason Zheng Month ago

    An instant slap on US' and UK' faces

  • Douglas
    Douglas Month ago

    “a beautiful sight to behold”!

  • Time hike
    Time hike Month ago

    Free Scotland
    Free California
    Free CAtalonia
    Free Hk

  • 吴泉德
    吴泉德 Month ago

    I strongly suggest US government to issue ""democracy and human rights act of Catalonia"" to protect people from dictatorship.

  • kevin kou
    kevin kou Month ago +3

    should pass a “Catalonia human right and democracy act” to protect those protesters

  • 私人内容
    私人内容 Month ago +3

    stand with catalonia!It’s a beautiful sight to behold!

  • Pearchy
    Pearchy Month ago +2

    Francisco Franco is surely very proud of how fascist Spain is today.

  • lmz
    lmz Month ago +6

    they are peaceful
    just like HK protest.

  • 木马子龙
    木马子龙 Month ago

    A beautiful sight to behold

  • 闽南人
    闽南人 Month ago

    FREE Catalonia! FREEDOM... Chaos to EUROPE! Bring ALL regime down? No SOUND? COWARDS!

  • Tori H
    Tori H Month ago

    Catalonia! With you all the way! Shld learn the full set from HK rioters including throwing corrosive acid on the police and then blame them for "police brutality"!

  • Fish Ball
    Fish Ball Month ago

    Guys this is one of the fews video I can search from TVclip .
    Try to type (HongKong)

  • Paul Ordair.
    Paul Ordair. Month ago

    The independent state of Catalonia.

  • Paul Ordair.
    Paul Ordair. Month ago

    Viva Catalonia.

  • Paul Ordair.
    Paul Ordair. Month ago

    This is what London will be like if we don't get out of the EU.

  • Paul Ordair.
    Paul Ordair. Month ago +1

    This is the will of people to self determination this is a right under a democracy.

  • marcin tomaszek
    marcin tomaszek Month ago

    Gdzie jest Król Hiszpanii?? Do kurzej nędzy powinien zrobić porządek z tymi terrorystami.

  • Dalin
    Dalin Month ago

    You are so weak that you should have Hong Kong people as your advisors

  • xiao zhengguang
    xiao zhengguang Month ago


  • GlL. bb
    GlL. bb Month ago +2

    Come on Catalonia ! fighting for the democracy! Not enough, studying more from Hong-Kong !💪💪💪💪

  • Doug Young
    Doug Young Month ago +2

    Free Catalan!

  • matteo quarantelli
    matteo quarantelli Month ago

    fight for freedom catalonia!!! fight independent from spanish nazism government

  • Jason Free
    Jason Free Month ago

    Free Catalonia! Support from HK!

  • Rick Rangel
    Rick Rangel Month ago


  • Mimir Darko
    Mimir Darko Month ago +4

    The Hypocrisy of the west will be its downfall.

  • Mimir Darko
    Mimir Darko Month ago

    Sadly there is NO OIL in Spain..

  • white pig
    white pig Month ago +4

    Nancy Pelosi: "What a beautiful sight. fight for freedom. Califonia should learn."

  • elin ka
    elin ka Month ago +5

    Catalonia we are with you! Fight for freedom

  • Brian kent
    Brian kent Month ago

    Now is not the time for flower arranging dear !

  • qwertty adffg
    qwertty adffg Month ago +4


  • Xuande Liu
    Xuande Liu Month ago +2

    A beautiful sight, the United States should protect the human rights of Catalonia. Fight for freedom,Stand with Catalonia.

  • Chinese Entertainment
    Chinese Entertainment Month ago +3

    Fight for freedom ! Stand with Catalonia!

  • Chinese Entertainment
    Chinese Entertainment Month ago +4

    Fight for freedom ! Stand with Catalonia!

  • 吴渊
    吴渊 Month ago


  • Xing Sam
    Xing Sam Month ago +3

    “Democracy demand “ culture is exporting from Hong Kong to western. Is it beautiful? @US

  • Walter K.
    Walter K. Month ago

    Viva Franco

  • Zhe Li
    Zhe Li Month ago +11

    BBC CNN totally mute... while not like they talk "Human Rights" about Hongkong as before....

  • YU HE
    YU HE Month ago +2

    Try HongKong style, USA and UK said that is peaceful protest, that`s democracy.~

  • will will
    will will Month ago +1


  • zc kong
    zc kong Month ago +1

    The Spanish police used violence in violation of the rules, and the black police were black. Call on the US Congress to pass a Catalonia Bill of Rights to protect Catalans from democracy and freedom

  • poortaiwanese
    poortaiwanese Month ago +2


  • poortaiwanese
    poortaiwanese Month ago +1

    California, Quebec, it is your turn next! FREE CALIFORNIA, FREE QUEBEC!

  • poortaiwanese
    poortaiwanese Month ago +14

    Nancy Pelosi ' What a beautiful sight' America needs to arm the Catalonians. Give me freedom or give me Death!

  • 萬歲民進黨
    萬歲民進黨 Month ago +5

    Fight for freedom, stand with Catalonia! Hongkongers with you!!!

    • Alan Tse
      Alan Tse Month ago

      you should do what El Che did for Cuba. Go fight with the Catalonians instead of just giving your empty words.

  • SH Rebecca
    SH Rebecca Month ago +1

    Policemen, you can not treat the peaceful democratic peaceful and lovely protestors in such a way. You are not HongKong policemen.

  • Ardian Hadri
    Ardian Hadri Month ago +2

    Viva Catalonia

  • Chill Nation
    Chill Nation Month ago +2

    Why there’s no “Catalonian Human Rights and Democracy Acts” in USA? Protesters were being shot with rubber bullets, tearing gas and water canons. Police were beating them. Also, EU where‘s our liberty? Human rights only appeared while criticizing China?

    • enkii82
      enkii82 Month ago

      @SoeZ-M4 don't have to imagine. US Congress just gave it to the troublemakers of HongKong

    • SoeZ-M4
      SoeZ-M4 Month ago

      Imagine giving rights to pyromanians and troublemakers

  • 帝杰孫
    帝杰孫 Month ago +1


  • Jing
    Jing Month ago

    US: A beautiful sight to behold !!! Support for Catalonians, stand with Catalonia! Free Catalonia!!

    HOO WOO Month ago +2

    hahahahaha that is so hk style!