The Devil Is Trying To Trick You Out Of Your Blessing


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  • Tab His Beloved
    Tab His Beloved Year ago


  • justin vines
    justin vines Year ago

    Naw bruh there is no god( you should study that word). Now tell all these people that listen to you who you follow(that white jesus) or real spiritual teaching.

  • Teresa Ballentine

    I need someone to talk to how can I get to talk to you please I need someone help me

  • Follower of Jesus Christ

    I been seeing so much controversy over this lately! Thank you Marcus, I have been delivered of many sins in my past, and right now I still struggle with smoking cigs. I have tried and failed over n over again. It's very frustrating and the guilt of it is terrible always asking forgiveness and trying again. I know that it took awhile for me to quit other things with Jesus, so I know that this to will take awhile. I jus keep trying and stay in the word and close to JESUS, I know by experience he still loves me, and is with me and one day I'll be a non smoker with his HELP. That's all I know to do cause I can't do it myself.

    • Elegant Anne
      Elegant Anne Year ago

      Fasting and praying is very powerful. I use to wear make up everyday for 14 years of my life. Then, God showed me that I was acting in vanity and I was worshipping my outer appearance. With fasting and prayer he took away my love for makeup. I hope this helps.

  • Kayron Weaver
    Kayron Weaver Year ago

    Hello Mr Rogers. Thanks 4 your teachings they really shed light in areas I have. What's your understanding on tithes and offerings.. Example 10% tithes.. I've been taught that from since I was born.

  • The Afro-Jamaican Vegan

    Amen. Thank you God for this video!

  • Daughter Of The King



    Well you makes lots of sense because that's Cleary what I see the devil is doing. He is trying trick me and I don't like to played with.

  • Latrise Thomas
    Latrise Thomas Year ago

    Thank you for sharing ❤❤❤

  • Lashonda Daniels
    Lashonda Daniels Year ago

    We tend to forget that Jesus left the 99 for the 1. ..

  • Tareema Lomax
    Tareema Lomax Year ago

    Amen I to thank God how obidient you are in many ways and I connect with your wisdom because you are the profit that got my attention on what to as soon as the sun come up it will adaptable change

  • Eyvette Wiggins
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  • Te amo dios
    Te amo dios Year ago

    Yes it's true God bless you Man of God

  • IamNotAdoctor
    IamNotAdoctor Year ago

    Nothing, nothing can separate us from the love of Jesus Christ! Just because of the way we feel today, does not mean Jesus loves us any less and he still claims us. Amen!

  • outercyberia
    outercyberia Year ago

    Amen, brother Marcus❣️Timely and on point❣️