Inside The Mind of Jake Paul


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  • Lana Chu
    Lana Chu 10 hours ago


  • Abby Mance
    Abby Mance 10 hours ago

    What if Jake Paul makes a comeback from all the controversies like Shane, Jeffree Star, and James Charles?

    DOSE OF SNOW 10 hours ago

    What a FINALE! Such an amazing masterpiece to TVclip!!

  • Kim Ting-Ting Zhang
    Kim Ting-Ting Zhang 10 hours ago

    This shit has 7 ads
    Go get that coin shane

  • Juan Arguello
    Juan Arguello 10 hours ago

    I'm subscribing to Jake right after I'm done with this video

  • olivia hannah
    olivia hannah 10 hours ago

    fuckin love u

  • Madison McElhinny
    Madison McElhinny 10 hours ago

    so this was amazing. used to absolutely think he was an asshole but now it all makes sense.

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  • jenjen darkness
    jenjen darkness 10 hours ago

    What the fuck TVclip how can this not be on trending pages 5hr being up 1.4 million views already dead set you are shit cunts bow to the Queen TVclip already.

  • Savannah Rose
    Savannah Rose 10 hours ago

    Two thing I learned about with this series
    1. About Jake Paul
    2. Shane goes to the bathroom ALOT

  • Gabi Amador
    Gabi Amador 10 hours ago

    No one realizes me included that he was young and had a shit ton of money so yeah you’ll make dumbass decisions and the family shit wow like Wow my mind was changed about him I feel bad

  • Rafael Leeuwis
    Rafael Leeuwis 10 hours ago

    Absolutely mindblowing finale. Such a real conversation. I have this feeling that this series will end the YT drama era and start a new trend of authenticity. At least I hope so.

  • Anthony Ramsawak
    Anthony Ramsawak 10 hours ago

    I love this vid

  • Chelsea Hocking
    Chelsea Hocking 10 hours ago

    Wow Shane!

  • Abby Hess
    Abby Hess 10 hours ago

    Weave? Snatched
    Views? Up
    Haters? Quaking
    Fans? ShOoK
    Jake Paul: Entered the chat

  • ricardo miguel montalvan

    I'm no jake pauler but that bitch is a piece of shit

  • christina black
    christina black 10 hours ago

    Shook at the everyday bro intro

  • Amazatastic
    Amazatastic 10 hours ago

    LOVE how honest Shane is !!

  • Maddie Bilskie
    Maddie Bilskie 10 hours ago

    This was amazing. I love you Shane and I love you jake !

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  • mR. StUmP?
    mR. StUmP? 10 hours ago

    I think Shane needs a couple videos with the squad after these really serious series he's expressed how it has drained him and I think we all need a laugh after this

  • Cody Edwards
    Cody Edwards 10 hours ago

    whats the song at the end of the video at 1:42:00

  • Toxic Havoc97
    Toxic Havoc97 10 hours ago

    Whos next?

  • Yaneli_is_here123 Rodriguez

    Love you jake paul💗😭💙

  • pgrieves14
    pgrieves14 10 hours ago

    I think it would have been better if the Alissa interview was first ik it is on the channel but if u did it before you saw jake

  • Amanda Blythe
    Amanda Blythe 10 hours ago

    Shane... please tell me you explained to Jake that this is not about Alyssa?? And its not about her wanting to split Logan and Jake apart, its about Logan and if he were a normal, feeling human being, this jever would have happened. Period.

  • Joey Gazzilli
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  • Jamie wood
    Jamie wood 10 hours ago

    this has changed my perspective about jake I'm still 1000000% team alissa team banks but this has gave another perspective

  • Kassie
    Kassie 10 hours ago

    Now everyone is gonna take a break, andrew,shane, and jake.. they deserve it, after everything with this and social media

  • Helplessshi
    Helplessshi 10 hours ago

    @11:00 HOE YEAH! 😂😂😂

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  • kent mulyadi
    kent mulyadi 10 hours ago

    Love the song and i wana know the name of it, pls help lol. This series is great and i hope it continues. Thx for everything shane.

  • Hayley Bailey
    Hayley Bailey 10 hours ago

    I don't think i am too surprised. I never thought it was any more serious than just a young bkid who got too much power way too early. It happens with celebrities all the time, youtubers just show more. I hope he gets some professional help, a good manager and maybe a life coach. Its okay to ask for help when you need it. Well done Shane and Andrew, I hope you guys continue to make great content. Take a (short) break and we'll be here ready for a new one!

  • Jocelyn reed
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  • Scaredbyeagle Z
    Scaredbyeagle Z 10 hours ago

    Idk what to feel

  • 4 Digit 5
    4 Digit 5 10 hours ago +1

    I feel bad for everyone in this series except the Martinez twins, and Alissa gives me mixed feelings now. Logan Paul seems to be the real messed up one here. I just hope Jake and Erika have a great vacation, -never thought I'd ever say that- , but yeah. Other than that I have nothing else to say except that I feel bad for Jake, the song at the end almost made me cry, and please take a break, Shane. As much as I want to see more DOCU-series or conspiracies, I don't like seeing you having mental breakdowns due to all of the information your brain cannot process or handle. Anyways, I love you, and I love your videos. You explain this very well like no one else could have. I just wonder why Logan would do that... Welp... Bye!

  • Rebecca H
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  • Chelsea Cooper
    Chelsea Cooper 10 hours ago

    Is anyone else just like “it’s not that deep” like about the kids with the merch and stuff???? Calm downnnnnnnn people

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  • Zoe Schiff
    Zoe Schiff 10 hours ago

    How the fuck is this not trending??

  • Amalie Gillerholtmoen
    Amalie Gillerholtmoen 10 hours ago

    The moment on 1:02:13 broke me.

  • Kelly Hawkins Smith
    Kelly Hawkins Smith 10 hours ago

    This was amazing Shane! You need to take your own advice to Jake and Erica and get on a plane tonight and have a vacation! 😬😘

  • Nala Brown
    Nala Brown 10 hours ago

    Uhmmmm the video still up

  • avey wxvy
    avey wxvy 10 hours ago

    wow. this is amazing shane.

  • Wendy Navarro
    Wendy Navarro 10 hours ago

    Not done watching but i watch mukbangs

  • Alejandra Herrera
    Alejandra Herrera 10 hours ago

    Can we just acknowledge the fact that we just watched a movie not a video

  • marina le dean
    marina le dean 10 hours ago

    I'm a 32 yr old woman who had no idea who this kid was, so not trying to defend him here..But I did end up in the rabbit hole for the week. If you watch his interview w big boy/sway you'll actually get in the mind of jake paul. He's actually a really smart businessman- to me the whole team 10 idea is genius. Best practices relative to his channel would be ideal though as his audience is so young. But like, honestly, all i wanted when I was a little girl was all the spice girls merch in the whole world and that's just business.. hate it or love it. How he drew a line between what dre did to social media is genius. He's def smarter than y'all think. Shane did an amazing job though, huge fan of shane :-)

  • elisabet diaz
    elisabet diaz 10 hours ago

    fuck homework im watching this instead

  • LanaDelNeigh
    LanaDelNeigh 10 hours ago

    thanks to this series, i now dislike jake a little less.

  • A Greeneway
    A Greeneway 10 hours ago

    when he said he doesn't drink on camera because of his younger audience ..... what lmao

  • Ransom Patterson
    Ransom Patterson 10 hours ago

    Wait no comments what?

  • Emmy Nicole
    Emmy Nicole 10 hours ago

    40:50 my little sister was OBSESSED with getting his merch and she thought it made her wayyyy cooler. She wore the stuff she inevitably got literally every damn day. (She was 12 at the time).

  • Rocky Atkinson
    Rocky Atkinson 10 hours ago

    "Im gonna go diarrhea" LMAO 💀

  • salty tea
    salty tea 10 hours ago

    Shane we didn’t really talk about Jake’s mom, did he not want to share anything about his mom?

  • Aubre West
    Aubre West 10 hours ago

    what is the song called at the end?

  • Daphné Desjardins
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  • dingleberry liespewer
    dingleberry liespewer 10 hours ago

    I think the "manipulating children" angle is a load of shit. Kids arent so stupid that you can just tell them "this merch will make you cool" and they'll eat it up. There are people that will fall for that and always have, but the majority of kids are smart enough to understand when they are being sold an idea or a thing. This is based on a flimsy idea that kids and society nowadays are dumber than ever when the opposite is true.

  • Tay Does Stuff
    Tay Does Stuff 10 hours ago +1

    It’s says there is 450,000 views while I’m watching this, and when I refreshed the page there is almost 2mil now. Wtf!

  • Ayla Shirley2
    Ayla Shirley2 10 hours ago watch my video please Shane!! I love you!! ❤️💕😘

  • Alexa Leon
    Alexa Leon 10 hours ago

    I want more!! This was so freaking good🙌🏽

  • 1-800-LOST-U
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    Holy shiit.. I dint know this vid was 1 hours long until i paused it.. ;-;

  • MadamMumbles
    MadamMumbles 10 hours ago

    Ayyyye Nerdcity!

  • Jasmine Lira
    Jasmine Lira 10 hours ago

    This was amazing. Shane, you are truly the best Creator out there. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💕

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  • Salma Berumen
    Salma Berumen 10 hours ago

    Why am I crying............oh wait I’m on my period

  • HeyB,ItsMe
    HeyB,ItsMe 10 hours ago

    Does anyone know the song at the end?

  • Samantha Sketas
    Samantha Sketas 10 hours ago

    I love Shane Dawson he is the best he needs to do some squad videos after this!

  • m a
    m a 10 hours ago

    No offense but how is it fair that they got to talk about jake being hurt over Alissa (with one guy) for soo long but when it was with jake constantly “cheating” on Alissa nobody cared if jake was that hurt over one person imagine how Alissa felt over all the girls he “ cheated” on her with. Like each time must have been another stab to the heart.

  • Meg Feather
    Meg Feather 10 hours ago

    Wig flew

  • Wi forever
    Wi forever 10 hours ago

    At the end of the day there are so many kids that are watching stuff on TVclip that they shouldn't watch cause it's not for their age. You can't really stop that. I think it's hard to blame Jake for a whole generation lol

  • Izzy Dizzy
    Izzy Dizzy 10 hours ago +1

    Song at the end of the video:
    Bitter Heart - Myra Granberg

  • Paige Cook
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  • Gurki Singh
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  • Fafne Swe
    Fafne Swe 10 hours ago +1

    No matter what Jake has done I couldn't stop myself from getting all teared up when he spoke about what Logan and Alissa or whatever her name is, did to him. I just put myself into his shoes and that felt fucking horrible. Youre allowed to be sad and angry about it Jake. It's fucked up and I'm sorry it happened to you. Your brother is.. Not a good person.

  • Its uju.
    Its uju. 10 hours ago

    I'm so confused on how Jake hasn't murdered his brother yet if that was me I would have went straight to his house and shot him PERIODT💯💁

  • Nope Knope
    Nope Knope 10 hours ago

    shane i love you so much. i love how you handled giving jake advice, especially when it came to manipulating kids with his merch. i could see that you were being honest with him, but genuinely trying to approach it in a way that he would take something from that conversation and maybe see how he was wrong, in whatever context. you executed this final episode so beautifully and im so so proud of you.

  • Emma and Aurora
    Emma and Aurora 10 hours ago

    being someone who as watched jake since the beginning... this is crazy. i have always liked jake even tho he did some shit i always knew that he had a heart. thxs for making the tea hot Shane lmao.

  • Pyro !
    Pyro ! 10 hours ago

    When he said let’s cut for a second I got an ad what a coincidence

  • Tommmyyy
    Tommmyyy 10 hours ago

    wow, this was dope... i ain’t gon lie 💯.

  • Dawson Winfrey
    Dawson Winfrey 10 hours ago

    Mad respect Jake✊

  • christina black
    christina black 10 hours ago +1

    Only shane could make me sit down for a while god damn hour and forty five minutes to watch jake Paul good job Shane you’ve outdone yourself

  • sharandip shaotha
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    subscribe too me plz

  • Liam Is lit
    Liam Is lit 10 hours ago

    Dragging this serious out a bit?

  • Brittney
    Brittney 10 hours ago

    i hope you see this shane!!!! AMAZING JOB. you're amazing. thank you 💛💛💛💛💛

  • Nabeel
    Nabeel 10 hours ago

    Why would she sleep with his brother like that’s not even an option

  • Jane Newlin
    Jane Newlin 10 hours ago

    When Shane said don’t work with your family he sounded like willy wonka

  • katherine guzman
    katherine guzman 10 hours ago

    This whole series made me realize many things. Re-evaluate my life as well and think about the future. Some of the advices Shane gave to Jake I felt like he was saying it directly to me. Thank You Shane for your wonderful content and for being genuine and trustworthy. I love you!

  • Selena Destiny
    Selena Destiny 10 hours ago

    This series is all I had to look forward to and now it’s over?! The squad has honestly out done themselves with this series👏

  • KingdomofBooks
    KingdomofBooks 10 hours ago

    I honestly loved this series

  • Vanessa George
    Vanessa George 10 hours ago

    An hour and 45 mins?!?!?? Fuucckkkkk me up daddyyyyyyyyy

  • dominica davila
    dominica davila 10 hours ago

    The end had me crying

  • Monii Bunny ♡
    Monii Bunny ♡ 10 hours ago

    Awww I'll miss this 😭😁

  • Jess Sharks
    Jess Sharks 10 hours ago

    Oh shit I think I’m a Jake pauler now ?!?

  • hey pussy boi
    hey pussy boi 10 hours ago

    he acts and sounds like that person who truly never got to be a kid because of the pressure to fit a mold so now he is being the kid he always wanted to be

  • jess mills
    jess mills 10 hours ago +1

    *Next The mind of Logan Paul*

  • Salma Alshmmri
    Salma Alshmmri 10 hours ago +1

    That was the best 2 hours of my fucking liiiffffffeeeeeeeee

  • Jennyyy Bran
    Jennyyy Bran 10 hours ago

    You know, I'm honestly sad that another documentary has ended and truth to be told this series was REALLY interesting. To me it has become a tiny little bit better than Jeffree's (even though I loooved his series and I looooove Jeffree) because of the content, you know? All in all it has changed my mind about Jake Paul. Yeah, he has messed up. Yeah, he has done tons of decisions which weren't right at all but now I understand why. Shane, you've done a great job. There's no one who could have done this better (at least I dunno anyone who could've topped that). Take a break, you deserved it more than anything, I'm really proud of you! I'm lookin' forward for new series! ❤