Egg in a Hole - You Suck at Cooking (episode 18)

  • Published on Sep 16, 2015
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    I ran out of time trying to make the thing I wanted to make so made something dumb and short instead.
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  • Fire Fox
    Fire Fox 6 days ago

    That works... I guess

  • Hendri Nel
    Hendri Nel Month ago

    TVcliprs: gotta hit that 10 min mark
    You suck at cooking : wait wuuuh

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Month ago

    Too be honest egg in toast is one of the best things ever. My dad would fry it with the butter than you would also have the crispy bread circle for the yoke after. Ten out of ten would recommend

  • Ryan Earnest
    Ryan Earnest Month ago

    The best Soo far!!

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black Month ago

    Tame how to basic

  • vivienpandart
    vivienpandart 2 months ago

    when Ysac goes on coke

  • periclod
    periclod 3 months ago


  • Krakerino
    Krakerino 3 months ago

    yeah the last bite is always only bread. you can't avoid it

  • VeeloIsGud
    VeeloIsGud 3 months ago

    Instructions unclear: dick stuck in bread

  • Abelhawk
    Abelhawk 3 months ago

    I like eggs in a hole with syrup.

  • person
    person 3 months ago

    this shit is fucking delicious thank you

  • GreyPanda
    GreyPanda 3 months ago

    when he slapped the yolk i felt it on my ass

  • thedinodad
    thedinodad 3 months ago


  • Pikabluplays
    Pikabluplays 4 months ago +1

    That last bite was inadequate

  • firstname iskowitz
    firstname iskowitz 4 months ago

    Best episode yet. Subscribed.

  • Am Shin
    Am Shin 4 months ago

    I had to watch this several times. It was too complicated and I still don't understand how to make it... maybe simplify it next time?

  • Kool Kidd
    Kool Kidd 4 months ago

    He's just going for the 10 min ad mark

  • make out hill
    make out hill 4 months ago

    Im just confused

  • Xenon VH2
    Xenon VH2 4 months ago

    Babish took him 4 minutes

  • Captain GAMER
    Captain GAMER 4 months ago

    And binging with babish made a 10 min video of this

  • rachel lee
    rachel lee 4 months ago +1

    My family always called this "Toad in a Hole". Not sure why...

  • william badovinac
    william badovinac 4 months ago

    There is only one place on earth where this is totally delicious, even without the sauce sprinkle, butter, bread, heat, wang jangler, egg, time machine, energy, light, floor, showers, clouds, trees, oceans, fish, cabal of cows, infinity of rocks and/or video-graphical self-gratifying cook.

  • Artemis Apollo
    Artemis Apollo 4 months ago +2

    You're an asshole for not buttering the bread on both sides. You're a mega jerkoff for busting the yolk though. Somebody should have called you out on this years ago if they haven't already. This is a crime.

  • Sushi Rabit
    Sushi Rabit 4 months ago +1

    My dad calls it "eggy toast" and I thought he came up with it

    I've been lied to my whole life

  • Joe Mills
    Joe Mills 4 months ago

    Eh, it's too much work.

  • Phone Thief
    Phone Thief 4 months ago

    How To Make An Egg In A Hole

  • David Beers
    David Beers 5 months ago

    Ketchup doesn't belong on eggs

  • Kanga Roo
    Kanga Roo 5 months ago

    when you need to suck at cooking but you only have 30 seconds

  • The Official Ted Cruz YouTube Channel

    Yet another TVclipr stretching their videos out to 10 minutes. Dissatisfied.

    • Weijian Lim
      Weijian Lim Month ago


  • Random Person
    Random Person 5 months ago +1

    Now you can’t convince me this isn’t how to basic

  • darkman42
    darkman42 5 months ago

    For a minute I thought this was how to basic

  • Send Nudes
    Send Nudes 6 months ago

    They aree called eggs in a basket.

  • Rina Ishino
    Rina Ishino 6 months ago

    What did I just see

  • viziroth
    viziroth 6 months ago

    why break the yolk, though

  • Dead men tell no tales 1914

    Egg a bit overdone for me, otherwise awesome ADHD video!

  • Frostleaf Vlogs
    Frostleaf Vlogs 7 months ago

    Are you howtobasic?

  • Blocky Gamez
    Blocky Gamez 7 months ago

    I watched a 15 second ad for a 30 second video so my experience was 33% ad

  • jose mendivil
    jose mendivil 7 months ago to basic is in another channel

  • beanieboy
    beanieboy 8 months ago

    I call these Adam and Eve on a raft. If you add it cheese it's with a blanket.

  • Hot Chocolate
    Hot Chocolate 8 months ago

    This is the closest ysac has ever gotten to how to basic

  • Gaming with Martin Rackles

    I really like when he put the sauce on it

  • Yadid 613
    Yadid 613 9 months ago

    Gregg told me he's coming over to smash you for not following the recipe properly . Dry toast? Not soaked in wangjangled egg?
    As your father would say, "Your really up a creek, boy!"

  • Taesty
    Taesty 9 months ago +1

    Only one pepper

  • Andrea Feng
    Andrea Feng 9 months ago

    The sound you are making 😂😂😂😂It's killing me...

  • Truelordpower
    Truelordpower 9 months ago


  • Mister Bones
    Mister Bones 10 months ago

    Right down to the shitload of pepper and the hot sauce that's more or less the same way I do it.

  • Bryce F
    Bryce F 10 months ago


  • Dexter Barlow-Busch
    Dexter Barlow-Busch 11 months ago

    wait not everyone calls them egg-in-a-basket? I wasn't prepared for this information.

  • stoneonyx 429
    stoneonyx 429 11 months ago

    Behold his shortest video

  • Mr. Lazurus
    Mr. Lazurus 11 months ago


  • Tsarminya Bright
    Tsarminya Bright 11 months ago

    Always add a sprinkling of parm-e-seeen cheese.

  • lyn
    lyn 11 months ago

    this was too long for me.

  • YA BOI Cj
    YA BOI Cj Year ago

    My dad called it toad in the hole

  • Motha Russia
    Motha Russia Year ago

    When u gotta do ur homework last minute

  • Lil Cherry
    Lil Cherry Year ago

    i dont suck you suck

  • Siam Junior
    Siam Junior Year ago +1


  • Yohanna T.
    Yohanna T. Year ago +2

    Took me years to finish this video. But I finally pulled through

  • Shish World
    Shish World Year ago

    Howtobasic intensifies

  • Maxime Boileau
    Maxime Boileau Year ago

    Ikea fork, huh

  • Mana Puns
    Mana Puns Year ago

    Why do I get a mild howtobasic vibe from this video?