The History Of The Playstation VS Xbox Rivalry (Sony VS Microsoft Consoles)

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    It’s a battle of titans. Two of the most celebrated consoles in the modern gaming era, Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox, have been at each other's throats for a long while and that’s putting it mildly. Though Sony has often come out on top, Microsoft has never gone down easy, being the underdog in this rare situation. This has gone on for decades, starting right at the beginning of the new millennium.
    Throughout the years, the two have pulled out all the stops. Microsoft has kept their eyes on taking Sony down, while Sony in turn have done all they can to keep their number one spot. Sometimes, this works and other times it ends in disaster. The rivalry still wages on, however, and with the future of the consoles still in the air, it’s important to look back and see how this all began and how it progressed throughout the years.
    Script by: Zack Latino
    Voice Over by: Justin Freitas
    Edited by: Kyle West
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  • Connor RK800
    Connor RK800 Hour ago

    Xbox is better.

  • Garrett Taylor
    Garrett Taylor 3 hours ago

    I have a playstation and a xbox

  • G chat 2
    G chat 2 8 hours ago

    Ps4 da best

  • Just1
    Just1 20 hours ago +1

    X box: we got halo
    Ps4: we got uncharted
    Nintendo: we got Smash, Mario series, Splatoon, Castlevania, Metroid, Pokemon and Zelda
    Pc: we got everything you guys got, can run it better, and we have more

    • G chat 2
      G chat 2 8 hours ago

      Add spider man to ps4 I think it was a pretty good game is what my friend said

  • T- series
    T- series 22 hours ago


  • stealthy ninja682
    stealthy ninja682 Day ago +1

    Definitely Xbox
    Playstation sucks

  • Regina Ramirez Deyanira

    Im on xbox and nintendo

  • bryan daman
    bryan daman 3 days ago

    Pc has joined the battle ?

  • ProXT Profit
    ProXT Profit 3 days ago

    Nintendo Switch beats both

  • fat yoshi
    fat yoshi 4 days ago +1

    Xbox= Scooter kids
    PS4= Skaters

  • Jerry boi
    Jerry boi 4 days ago

    The Atari Controller is best controller

  • Chickey MoDz
    Chickey MoDz 5 days ago +2

    7:12 68...

    • Nobody
      Nobody 2 days ago

      Chickey MoDz .

  • Dr Applez
    Dr Applez 5 days ago +1

    Vote how’s better like=PlayStation. Dislike=Xbox

  • poeticbeet 41697
    poeticbeet 41697 6 days ago

    Xbox to the go

  • America Martinez
    America Martinez 6 days ago +2

    6:00 epic games in back ground

  • Melio :P
    Melio :P 6 days ago

    I like the xStation U

  • sha harper
    sha harper 6 days ago +1

    Ps4 I have both

    • sha harper
      sha harper 6 days ago

      Ps4 / Xbox because I have both

  • Erin thompson
    Erin thompson 7 days ago

    I used to play on PlayStation, I had the ps3 and the ps4 and then someday I decided to switched to Xbox one (no reasoning as to why I switched lol) and I prefer the Xbox controller way more than the PlayStation one. I just prefer Xbox in general tbh. But don’t get me wrong both PlayStation and Xbox are good consoles but I would rather play on xbox 😊

  • a epic guy
    a epic guy 7 days ago +1

    Nintendo is better

  • Nightmare nerd
    Nightmare nerd 7 days ago +1

    PlayStation is better than Xbox

  • SuperJimmy :v
    SuperJimmy :v 7 days ago +1

    F*ck it lets buy ps4, xbox one and nintendo switch
    And war is over

  • Typical Max
    Typical Max 7 days ago +1


  • Emoji boi
    Emoji boi 7 days ago

    Now kids, let's count the mid-roll ads. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

  • Ben dike2. 0
    Ben dike2. 0 7 days ago +2

    Playstation eve best

  • Bad Dead Honor React


  • Clive Brown
    Clive Brown 8 days ago +4

    Ps4 but xbox one 🤔🤔 both maybe 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    • RAPHÆL nfe
      RAPHÆL nfe 6 days ago

      That's what I said....i'll have them both

  • Operation Blackout
    Operation Blackout 8 days ago +9

    I'm blue , I'm black , I'm yellow , I'm Red . Xbox: I'M GAY

    This is a joke Lmao , no hate plz

    • nnan bsvsvsbs
      nnan bsvsvsbs 2 days ago

      a epic guy (no hate plz)

    • KD YT
      KD YT 6 days ago

      😂 true

    • a epic guy
      a epic guy 7 days ago

      omgmdngavsz bhwow9ww da3yuwke yosywi hepepww 7pay xordn powls bwhedoplea doed a9ro7sn ugly x udh2iody you fuk9u eh no sa siw x9c u cou3 rwowo (this is a joke btw )

  • DanPlayzMine-blox 1905
    DanPlayzMine-blox 1905 8 days ago +2

    Which is better?!

  • Angel Medina
    Angel Medina 8 days ago

    I like them both

  • Kayson Mueller
    Kayson Mueller 8 days ago +6

    But we all came to the conclusion right?

    *PC for the win*

  • prutstv
    prutstv 8 days ago


  • Maredian Scores
    Maredian Scores 8 days ago


  • 3ddypogi
    3ddypogi 9 days ago +13

    Isn’t it the fans that are rivals?
    Both companies don’t seem to be enemies.
    The fans are just being plain toxic to eachother.

  • ps nerd gaming
    ps nerd gaming 9 days ago +5

    There are people arguing about PlayStation and Xbox but we all know a microwave is the best

  • Stephanie Lowrance
    Stephanie Lowrance 9 days ago

    PS4 is better

  • Jacob Peterson
    Jacob Peterson 9 days ago

    Sony there contorlers are so much bether

  • Yousef Tube
    Yousef Tube 10 days ago

    I want a video on The History Rise & Fall of PlayStation Home.

  • McFlurry1k
    McFlurry1k 10 days ago +1

    Xbox one Bruhh .. we have True Native 4K .. PS4 Pro has upscaling 4K which is fake ...

    • ps nerd gaming
      ps nerd gaming 9 days ago

      Do not start a war here i own a ps4 and a Xbox one myself and i think they are both good in their own way. No need a 3rd world war

    • McFlurry1k
      McFlurry1k 9 days ago

      A true gamer knows a true console

    • Supreme Gangster
      Supreme Gangster 9 days ago

      McFlurry1k a true gamer respects all consoles

  • R i C e
    R i C e 11 days ago

    lol Xbox bought 7 studios in a year, there's no way sony can compete with that, microsoft is #4 on interbrand while sony is #54. I'd say that microsoft's / xbox's future is bright.

  • InsTinc
    InsTinc 11 days ago +1

    Yo if you support ps4 you technically support pearl harbor because ps4 was made in Japan and Japan did pearl harbor so your automatically supporting pearl harbor

  • InsTinc
    InsTinc 11 days ago +1

    Who's reppin the xbox

  • Luigi
    Luigi 12 days ago

    Gaystation vs sexbox

  • jamaal cross
    jamaal cross 12 days ago +1

    way to many adds for this video

  • Alexnightwing 1
    Alexnightwing 1 13 days ago

    Who will win on the comments
    Like if Xbox replie if play station

    • Tyler Plays
      Tyler Plays 12 days ago

      Alexnightwing 1 I disliked for nintendo

  • Cason Kim Dean
    Cason Kim Dean 14 days ago +1

    8 ads in one video: impressive

  • Carlos A Gonzalez
    Carlos A Gonzalez 14 days ago +1


    HOTHOT 14 days ago

    Who’s still watching in 2019

  • Muselk NumberOneFan
    Muselk NumberOneFan 14 days ago

    PlayStation more like gaystation

  • AlphaDevil2018
    AlphaDevil2018 15 days ago +2

    For Sony, it should have been the 2011 PSN hack

  • Hector Mayorga
    Hector Mayorga 15 days ago

    add sleepinghost05 on fortnite play Xbox but want ps4

  • FRM OSCAR chavez
    FRM OSCAR chavez 16 days ago

    Xbox is better

  • Olivia Nelmes
    Olivia Nelmes 16 days ago

    PS4 is way better

  • BluRyy
    BluRyy 16 days ago +6

    Microsoft shouldn't have rushed production with xbox 360

    • BluRyy
      BluRyy 7 days ago

      @CKILLZ MLG good point

      CKILLZ MLG 7 days ago +1

      And PlayStation should have better graphics

  • Peter Grevy Ejstrup
    Peter Grevy Ejstrup 16 days ago

    The PlayStation

  • Turab Rasheed
    Turab Rasheed 16 days ago

    When play station 2 was released I bought but when xbox 360 was released I switched over but now I am on play station 4 since 2015

  • Abandoned Account
    Abandoned Account 16 days ago +2

    I like both consoles... I grew up with both of them... I cant choose... but if I really needed to I would choose Xbox because I grew up with the Microsoft company longer...

  • Galaxy Warfare
    Galaxy Warfare 17 days ago +2

    A bet you don't have gmod or TABS XD

  • Youssef Hassan
    Youssef Hassan 17 days ago +1

    Xbox because it can get 120 hz 1440p

  • S Burg
    S Burg 17 days ago

    6:02 the company that made the trash game fortnite. epic games

  • Connor Mitchell
    Connor Mitchell 18 days ago

    PS all the way

  • Keesha Woodland
    Keesha Woodland 19 days ago

    I saw epic games in the background

    LLENN 20 days ago +2

    PS2 vs Xbox
    1 - 0
    PS3 vs X360
    PS4 vs XONE

  • iiCookiezz
    iiCookiezz 20 days ago +3

    Real gamers dont choose which is better because we play all

    • Quirky
      Quirky 15 days ago

      iiCookiezz ok

  • revolution fromthe inside

    A real gamer would respect both consuls but I respect the PS4 and Nintendo switch lol I have both!😂😂😂

  • Stormandre kjerpeset
    Stormandre kjerpeset 23 days ago +1

    The PlayStation is best

  • Gwendolyn Best
    Gwendolyn Best 23 days ago

    i like it

  • m.d yt
    m.d yt 23 days ago

    I have ps3 and Nintendo switch with PSP go and ps2

  • Daniel_ Playz
    Daniel_ Playz 24 days ago

    In the end we all had fun playing those consoles

  • Angie Jackson
    Angie Jackson 24 days ago

    Ps4for ever

  • Angie Jackson
    Angie Jackson 24 days ago

    Like for ps4

  • Tone Piece
    Tone Piece 24 days ago

    Xbox n Microsoft was trying to move too fast with gamin

  • Johnson Chaiwa
    Johnson Chaiwa 25 days ago +3

    Sony is a legend

  • some guy
    some guy 25 days ago

    But the red ring of dead

  • Jacob Bradley
    Jacob Bradley 25 days ago

    Xbox kids suck my ass

  • The Clutch Kid
    The Clutch Kid 25 days ago

    PlayStation for life


    Wait a second they should build a greenray for x box and blueray for PlayStation

  • Sbt Kev4
    Sbt Kev4 26 days ago +1

    This mf said “libary” in stead of “library”

  • Michael Hegarty
    Michael Hegarty 26 days ago


  • Gabriel Aguinaga
    Gabriel Aguinaga 26 days ago

    Xbox one X goes on a 4K quality, and the Ps4 Pro goes at 1080p quality, but it rescale the quality to 4K, but it is NOT REAL 4K. Please, find out about that

  • Dave Spaan
    Dave Spaan 27 days ago

    I laugh at this they did something better you Will see Soon enough tho

  • TheAlpha Saenz
    TheAlpha Saenz 27 days ago +1

    Why argue when u can just a buy a pc that’s stronger then both🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Gairbage
    Gairbage 27 days ago

    U.S Air force be like:
    yeah I'ma just take like 1,738 of these Playstation 3s thank you

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  • Ardiansyah Ardiansyah
    Ardiansyah Ardiansyah 28 days ago


    THE LOST VLOGS/GAMING 28 days ago

    What happens if I play all consoles of this gen xbox one ps4 switch and pc

  • reneo dapotatoe
    reneo dapotatoe 28 days ago

    I say they should both make a console

  • reneo dapotatoe
    reneo dapotatoe 28 days ago

    Me in the corner: Gamecube

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 29 days ago +6

    Lol epic games on the wall

    HEMANTH H 29 days ago +1

    Sony PS 4 Pro

  • Tacticalnukage __
    Tacticalnukage __ Month ago

    A real gamer has all platforms(like me)

  • septic sans
    septic sans Month ago +1

    19:14 what about assassin's creed

    • PugPlayz YT
      PugPlayz YT Day ago

      septic sans assassins creed is also on Xbox

  • Sports Car Nation
    Sports Car Nation Month ago

    Xbox everyday

  • Sixten Eklund
    Sixten Eklund Month ago

    I ha a NES an a PS4

  • Jason Sanchez
    Jason Sanchez Month ago

    Make new video in fornite season 9


    Drop DEAD Microsoft!!!! I was NEVER a petty fanboy of Sony!!!! I've considered myself 👑ROYAL👑 to SONY since February 2001 when I received a PlayStation 1 with Gran Turismo & Spyro Year Of The Dragon. Don't even get me goin on the SUPERB PlayStation 2!!!! I be here ALL DAY!!! Microsoft can no longer hit SONY where it hurts anymore. What's Master Chief (Halo) gonna do??? Summon more aliens?? In recent years Microsoft has been developing GARBAGE exclusives particularly that of the Halo series. Sony keeps it HOT with their exclusives. Xbox 360 and Xbox One also possess unique features that are rather PETTY reasons to make the decision of either console as opposed to PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4 which define gaming and multimedia. Apparently XB1 X is BARELY more powerful than PS4 Pro (which technically doesn't matter much) but which corporation sold more units "AGAIN" ??? SONY IS THE ANCIENT ENTERTAINMENT LORD OF GAMING AND MEDIA!!!!!!! Yeh I'm proud of Sony for possessing ROYALTY unlike Microsoft. I own a XB360 S and ONLY play Gears 2 & Halo's 3 and Reach (Only reason I own mine). Cain't touch them PS3 exclusives!! They're too HOT!!! 🔥 (GREATEST HITS PROVE IT!!!!!) HONOR THE CARMINE COLOR CASE!!!😲 Resistance Fall Of Man and The Last Of Us and God Of War 3 and Uncharted 2 were UNIMAGINABLY satisfying on the big screen!!! (SAMSUNG). So go ahead Microsoft,dip your hand into Sony's cookie jar and I PROMISE they'll bite back!!! HARD!!!!!😡😠 SONY FOR ETERNITY!!!!! 😲....

  • Jaacob Erazo YT
    Jaacob Erazo YT Month ago

    I have complete respect to both consoles, but I lean toward Microsoft and Xbox. I never really liked Sony as a brand in total.

  • Sam VD
    Sam VD Month ago


  • Just iSneaky
    Just iSneaky Month ago

    PlayStation is trash

  • Mr. Frillesås
    Mr. Frillesås Month ago

    I ar on Microsofts side