I Bought the NEW Soulja Boy Consoles! - SouljaGame Review | OzTalksHW

  • Published on Dec 25, 2018
  • They're not half bad...

    if you don't buy them from Soulja
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    I Bought the NEW Soulja Boy Consoles! - SouljaGame Review | OzTalksHW
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  • OzTalksHW
    OzTalksHW  10 months ago +5649

    You officially can't buy the SouljaGame consoles from Soulja's website anymore. He took them off his website! In other news, he added the SouljaPhone and the SouljaPad 🤔

    • Mrhomerunner09
      Mrhomerunner09 28 days ago

      It’s almost like he lied 🤥

    • Chris Mcbride
      Chris Mcbride Month ago

      OzTalksHW I herd he was from Missouri not Chicago

    • urban News
      urban News Month ago

      Where can I buy straight from the source

    • Imaru Lewis
      Imaru Lewis 2 months ago

      Hey man, the rest of the ps1 games are in the 'SD Card' file.

    • Kiwi YT
      Kiwi YT 3 months ago


  • d oliver
    d oliver 2 days ago

    He leased the rights to the games they are all licensed he's not as dumb as people think

  • dudder86 dudder
    dudder86 dudder 3 days ago

    The 32gig card has the ps1 games

  • ツTriumph
    ツTriumph 3 days ago

    Made with a raspberry pi

  • Jonny Alarcon
    Jonny Alarcon 5 days ago

    9 fkn ads

  • Greenmeanie91
    Greenmeanie91 5 days ago

    I had to dislike because you kept saying it's not that bad. Now I haven't used it but it's obviously he is infringing on a bunch of copyrights and ripping you off on hardware charging double what the manufacturer is. Just those 2 reasons should make these consoles absolute junk. You can buy cheaper all-in-one controllers for cheaper with all these games. Why soulja boy though he would make money is over my head, maybe he is just really dumb and thought it was a great idea.

  • vandaan slash main
    vandaan slash main 7 days ago


  • Eric Msemwa
    Eric Msemwa 7 days ago

    Soulja decided to lag the sound...fanna be a surprise!! 😭

  • Ethan Santiago
    Ethan Santiago 8 days ago

    not celebrating crishtlar i see

  • Mar Cash Dodson
    Mar Cash Dodson 8 days ago

    He is not from Chicago!

  • Ayamalach
    Ayamalach 9 days ago

    Soulja boy figured out how many emulators existed, asked a few game heads what it would take to make a system, looked for programers and coders and said YOOULLLLLL😂

  • vreath.
    vreath. 10 days ago

    High quality video/review. Definitely subscribing

  • Chaseordieofficial
    Chaseordieofficial 10 days ago

    Why bruhhh?

  • VAX1S
    VAX1S 10 days ago

    You applaud soljafuckboi? You're about as dumb as he is...

  • Melchiah Nozgoth
    Melchiah Nozgoth 12 days ago

    He didn't make any console he just steal the look of Xbox . The games of Nintendo , Sega , etc and call it souljaboy consoles . And of course some dumbass will buy this shit . He doesn't have brain . And his customers don't have brain either . Seriously 😐

  • NLZ_ mama3YT
    NLZ_ mama3YT 12 days ago

    Honestly last year for Christmas I bought my kids gameboys that are the EXACT SAME as that one, But on Wish.com for $9.99 and it had the same amount of games. Just didn't have the game cartage option, the games were built in... So I mean the game cartrage is cool because you can go buy more. But i mean for $100 more... No Thanks...

  • Justin Keen
    Justin Keen 12 days ago

    I want one

  • Tony Castro 124
    Tony Castro 124 13 days ago

    I wonder if that cartridge works with the ds

  • Jackaroo 223
    Jackaroo 223 13 days ago

    So it’s basically an emulator

  • JDR 235
    JDR 235 14 days ago

    Bruh yo daddy or mama Gene's strong all yall look alike

  • Chris Stokes
    Chris Stokes 17 days ago

    4K gaming on a AV lead..... people prepare yourselves for true ultra high Def experience's.

  • Toyota Bucket
    Toyota Bucket 20 days ago

    You have the biggest lips I've ever seen

  • mentlinc
    mentlinc 20 days ago

    After buying controllers on raspberry Pi though you end up paying the same as SB charges. I see people building Pi's and selling them with the controllers and games included for $200 on eBay. So SB is not really being too greedy.

  • Gregs Evans
    Gregs Evans 21 day ago

    He is from mississippi not Chicago

  • Han P
    Han P 22 days ago

    lmao he ripped them all off

  • Sean Mulholland
    Sean Mulholland 24 days ago

    You bought a piece of shit..

  • Ali Abbas
    Ali Abbas 28 days ago

    He sold ya boy a console 🤣

  • justin miller
    justin miller Month ago

    Hey my swith has a headphone jack. I usr it every day too.

  • justin miller
    justin miller Month ago

    He's going to talk about how his console belongs to someone else right? He just doubled the price of someone else's console. Oh good, he did hit that point. I don't think its legal either but no one's slapped him yet.

  • BeauRoc Mane
    BeauRoc Mane Month ago

    Y'all bought it 🙌🎉

  • Andre Bell
    Andre Bell Month ago

    Y everyone hating it’s his first one what u doing that’s different from everyone else

  • Alan Harper
    Alan Harper Month ago

    You look very much like 50 Cent lol
    Are you related? 🤔

  • IxUr LiFe
    IxUr LiFe Month ago

    So how many units did he sell if thesw pieces of S### 😂😂

  • Heylayna. marie
    Heylayna. marie Month ago

    Broke niggas video game looool

  • underwaterlady
    underwaterlady Month ago

    hopefully soulja comes out with some soulja booze. the man's doing big bizniss up in this b****

  • Walter Clements
    Walter Clements Month ago

    Console is $80 on eBay ect, the electronics inside are a quarter of the size, horrible from tear, you can do this for free if you own a android. Don’t buy emulator consoles.

  • opafritzsche
    opafritzsche Month ago

    VERY nice Review! Thank you!

  • Steezart
    Steezart Month ago


  • Wes Helton
    Wes Helton Month ago

    Southern rapper from Chicago is this a joke lmap

  • Mzoh Profit MB
    Mzoh Profit MB Month ago

    Basically you like the game but you still find a way to discredit Big Draco for laveraging his name to cut a check with the company. Black People we are pathetic

  • Clarence Pratt
    Clarence Pratt Month ago

    You can buy it from Alibaba for like 26 dollars.

  • trendgil
    trendgil Month ago

    Elbow grease.. not elbow work 😴

  • Alexander Rosario
    Alexander Rosario Month ago

    why are the buttons on the wrong side lmao

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin Month ago +4

    Im watching this from my SOULJABOY ™ microwave

  • Delta Prime
    Delta Prime Month ago

    Soulja phone 😂😂😂 what a joke

  • Mani Inthavong
    Mani Inthavong Month ago

    I'm not paying 150 lol that dude is crazy

  • khalil simpsons
    khalil simpsons Month ago

    Hmmmm to expensive for these to consoles but I would have bought it or buy it

  • Tony Buchanan
    Tony Buchanan Month ago

    His electronics are bullshit

  • David
    David Month ago +1

    so you officially are stupid as fuck and soulja boy cant rap either he is a joke real talk and honestly that takes no brains to do wat he did smh those graphics are a joke 2d really step your game up u lame and how u gonna compare two established gaming consoles to that piece of shit

  • 360 Wavey Mane
    360 Wavey Mane Month ago

    He from oxford Mississippi not the chi

  • Lone Surviver
    Lone Surviver Month ago +1

    People still say lit but who cares anyway

  • J ay
    J ay Month ago

    Lame ass ahaha

  • scarlett dunn
    scarlett dunn Month ago +1

    No worries for fame now, just go to the site *AUTHENTIC VIEWS D O T C O M* many models used it to boost up their career on TVclip.

  • Rod Hullaby
    Rod Hullaby Month ago

    U talk to much im sorry

  • Hawk Jones
    Hawk Jones Month ago

    Do this man brought you childhood memories back that's priceless you just a hater

  • binky boo
    binky boo Month ago


  • Captain Barbossa
    Captain Barbossa Month ago +1

    Ay my man no homo or anything, but you actually got a really pleasing speaking voice. Praise where praise is due.

  • Dre Robinson
    Dre Robinson Month ago

    I thought he was from Atlanta

  • Jose Casado
    Jose Casado Month ago

    Horrible review...

  • Toxic_Garbagecan
    Toxic_Garbagecan Month ago

    Bro that looks like they took the bottom half of the 3ds and modified the ui