Houston Rockets vs Orlando Magic Full Game Highlights | December 13, 2019-20 NBA Season

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
  • Houston Rockets vs Orlando Magic Full Game Highlights | December 13, 2019-20 NBA Season
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  • sennsir_
    sennsir_ 18 days ago +1

    2:46 Imagine Brodie dominating as a football player 😎

  • Lynden Legault
    Lynden Legault Month ago

    5:48...Get The F%&# Outta Here!

  • tombino544
    tombino544 Month ago

    I want 1080 HD quality

  • TheJ Santiago
    TheJ Santiago Month ago

    1:34 look at the score

  • aled 2
    aled 2 Month ago +1

    Fournier all star

  • Curly Boy
    Curly Boy Month ago +1

    Harden and westbrook 😱❤️❤️

    PG 13PACERNATION Month ago

    James Harden’s last two games: 55 points and 54 points.
    This isn’t normal. This is historic.

  • tlgandhi patıbay
    tlgandhi patıbay Month ago

    watchin russ on defense is nightmare .. feels like houston 4 player on defense ... he s not doin anything ...

  • Young Beige
    Young Beige Month ago

    I am so glad markelle is starting and play some ball

  • Gal Tesler
    Gal Tesler Month ago +2

    WTFFFFF how come the score is 10 - 7 at @1:31, and then after Tucker's 3, the score is 10 - 8?

  • Shafi Abbasi
    Shafi Abbasi Month ago +1

    Haters seeing harden dominate:
    wAiT fOR PLayOfFs

  • Hansell Villeda
    Hansell Villeda Month ago

    5:45 ***** out here

  • david villa
    david villa Month ago

    Westbrook-harden lebron-davis or leonard-george?

  • TheRado77
    TheRado77 Month ago


  • Muhammad Ahsan Haritsah Pramudita

    Tucker's three only counted for 1 point

  • C
    C Month ago +2

    8 guys playing basketball, Russ and James playing some whole other sport

  • K B
    K B Month ago

    Idk I still don’t believe in Fultz

  • Paulo Baptista
    Paulo Baptista Month ago +2

    Harden on fire as always

  • Zylo1009
    Zylo1009 Month ago +1

    Now THIS is a 50+ point game worth talking about. Pure domination instead of just bricking and shooting free throws

  • Illay Reich
    Illay Reich Month ago +4

    Westbrook is by far the most passionate player in Rockets!

  • Troy Davenport
    Troy Davenport Month ago

    Russ got better at assists, Harden seems to get worse at assists every game. Gets the W though, so can't fault him there 🤔

  • irGuilty
    irGuilty Month ago +17

    People love to hate on harden instead of appreciating how incredible he is offensively

    • Troy Davenport
      Troy Davenport Month ago +3

      People hate that he isn't on their team. I'm surprised how many fans the bulls still have, well the few that aren't band wagon jumpers that just dropped the Raptors after dropping Golden state and are now Lakers fans 😆

  • tri dra
    tri dra Month ago

    I've been supporting Houston all season and honestly they make me depressed

  • El Malo #¡VivaLaRevolución! #VivaCuba

    9:49 Why he look like that 🤣🤣

  • Wade Walsh
    Wade Walsh Month ago

    5:47 "get the fuck outta here"

  • Binks To binks
    Binks To binks Month ago

    1:33 the three pointers Tucker does not count

  • Милош
    Милош Month ago +1

    Imagine if Luka plays 4th quarter to stat pad lmao

    • Idris Λjayi
      Idris Λjayi 29 days ago

      @Young King that's an L

    • Young King
      Young King Month ago

      Delta Squad Luka is a scrub no one cares

  • Broken Glass
    Broken Glass Month ago +4

    Since rockets lossed to LAC, Russell Westbrook has shot 47 FT and made 42 of those. That's 89% shooting. Even when you look at his FT, it looks way better than the past 2 years, it's more fluid and in rythm. Also he's attacking the rim and showing prime athleticism, along with his patent mid range jumper. He's still getting going. He could easily be getting 30+ per night but when you got a guy like Harden avg 39, 23 is more than enough. In fact Russ avg 23 behind a guy avg 40 should speak volume!!

  • Raskol Nikov
    Raskol Nikov Month ago

    Don't like those railings in that stadium. Looks like a dolphin show...

  • Broken Glass
    Broken Glass Month ago +4

    Russ Is back....to MVP mode!

  • Fernando García
    Fernando García Month ago

    1:33 - 7-10 T3 for Rockets
    Next play 8-11 ????

  • Savage
    Savage Month ago +1

    Harden avgs like 50 for the last 4 games lmao

    • Savage
      Savage Month ago

      Troy Davenport lesser teams? Think he did goodjob against clippers 2x spurs 1x and forgot the other better teams
      That he isnt the best defender okay he clearly doesnt give a fuck but never heard me or any1 say he is.. lol
      Offensively he is top 3 of all time. Cant guard him and its not me saying it its former nba legends on shows and analyisy programs

    • Troy Davenport
      Troy Davenport Month ago

      34, 27, 55 and tonight's effort. The man thrives against lesser teams, needs to improve his defense to get Houston that W in the finals.

  • enrqiue macalintal
    enrqiue macalintal Month ago

    am I the only one who notice score in the start of the game or did something happen?

  • cyrusville
    cyrusville Month ago

    What song is playing from 1:18?

  • Manu Bee
    Manu Bee Month ago +2

    I see Hou, I see +50 by Harden !
    Simple as that guys, simply as that 🔥🔥

  • Bankroll Pino
    Bankroll Pino Month ago +4

    I love when Harden Activate his " Unstoppable Mode "
    Shooting 3's From Alaska to Houston
    Laying up from Pluton to Earth
    Crossing over from Asia to America

  • Bankroll Pino
    Bankroll Pino Month ago

    PJ tucker so Calm These Days

  • Gerald daGod
    Gerald daGod Month ago

    5:48 Lmao

  • Jonny Lex
    Jonny Lex Month ago +1

    3point basketball isn't basketball, its circus

  • Devanshu Dwivedi
    Devanshu Dwivedi Month ago +11

    I was first skeptical about the westbrook trade but damn him and Harden are cookin!!! #onemission #mvp

    • Jayden V
      Jayden V Month ago

      @Troy Davenport Bucks beating clippers is low tier? Lakers bbbeating mavs and heat and nuggets is low tier?

    • Devanshu Dwivedi
      Devanshu Dwivedi Month ago

      @Troy Davenport we still got time. Our chances have never been better. If we don't go for the championship this year then it's gonna be nearly impossible to win a ring in the future

    • Troy Davenport
      Troy Davenport Month ago +1

      If they improve on defense they are a real threat to the Bucks and the Clippers. The Lakers are so inconsistent it's hard to predict how well they will go in the playoffs. Their winning streak is like the Bucks, against low tier teams. Looking forward to the all LA match up coming up soon.

    • Broken Glass
      Broken Glass Month ago

      Cuz your dumb

  • Mike Buford
    Mike Buford Month ago +1

    Orlando played my Lakers tough but then played weak against the Rockets smh

  • Arnel Estanoco
    Arnel Estanoco Month ago +4

    This Mclemore guy, doing a signature gesture after hitting a 3 is damn cringy. 😖

    • Idris Λjayi
      Idris Λjayi 29 days ago

      McLemore is a baller tho so allow it.

  • Theteller3
    Theteller3 Month ago +19

    If harden can average 40 while shooting above 45% he should be mvp regardless of his team standing

    • Troy Davenport
      Troy Davenport Month ago

      Iverson proved you can be a star on an average team. If they had got some talent around him Philly would have been a real threat.

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar Month ago +30

    mclemore & westbrook played crazy even tucker went off but man when hardens shooting like that, its game over

    • Troy Davenport
      Troy Davenport Month ago +2

      Westbrook seems to fit in well in Houston. I wasn't sure how he would go with Harden but the dynamic works well. They have completely different playing styles but compliment each other well. Westbrook has that speed and Harden seems to pull apart the defense and always be in the zone. Weird they barely ever block his shots, but the guy draws so many fouls I get why they avoid trying. Watch his rebounds, barely ever contested.

  • Aina Lin
    Aina Lin Month ago +31

    Harden is a good defender, yes i said it. He just choose games when it comes to it, he generaly prefers to focus on offense.

    • Spinit Tweeks
      Spinit Tweeks Month ago

      Good defenders don’t chose games to show up

    • Choy Shui ping
      Choy Shui ping Month ago +1

      Harden is somehow good at guessing opponent's passing lane and an average low-post defender

    • Niño Besin
      Niño Besin Month ago +1

      Yup. He has been a rly good post defender

    • Troy Davenport
      Troy Davenport Month ago

      Reminds me of that old foot locker ad, "no one has ever called me defensive". Theres 4 other guys on the court doing f all, yet everyone only notices Hardens defense or lack of. Russ is a good defender, I think thats why Houston got him. Feed Macklemore and assist on turnovers and steals, let Harden do his thing. 2 MVP's with frequent triple doubles, what a team. Playoffs are gonna be insane!

    • Peepsi DT
      Peepsi DT Month ago +1

      Stop it just stop

  • Igbo Kwenu
    Igbo Kwenu Month ago +9

    But but Harden needs 15 FTs to put up 50.. 🤭🤭

    • Saps L
      Saps L Month ago

      He only had 5 to get 55 two days ago

    • Miguel Toledo
      Miguel Toledo Month ago +1

      Igbo Kwenu who cares as long as its a WIN

  • Harry GoldbergTV
    Harry GoldbergTV Month ago +70

    "career high of 9 3s"
    He had 10 2 days ago...

    • Broken Glass
      Broken Glass Month ago +5

      You have to watch the game lol...He said harden career high is 10 but it skipped to where he says harden is at 9 3s. He tied his career high with 10 3s again tonight

  • Alunski Jacky
    Alunski Jacky Month ago +3

    Ball hog Harden trying so hard every game to break whatever NBA record and people will only be talking about him not Russell Westbrook.
    Boring game to watch

    • Joey Smith
      Joey Smith Month ago

      Rite game was boring ass fuck

  • Ilir United
    Ilir United Month ago +1

    harden is crazy .

  • Ron T.
    Ron T. Month ago +30

    do Westbrook have nitros in his shoes? that speed man. 💪

      BIG FACTS Month ago

      I wonder house fast he run without the ball, he has to be a 4.4 40yd

    • makis papachristou
      makis papachristou Month ago

      He's 31 years old

  • Carol Denvers
    Carol Denvers Month ago +5

    Thunder Westbrook ⚡⚡⚡⚡

  • NSA
    NSA Month ago +4

    That's nice Harden. You know when that would have been nicer?

  • xavier05
    xavier05 Month ago

    Happy to see both teams following the conventional dark vs light jerseys...hard to follow sometimes when both teams are wearing same dark colored jerseys

  • YM Erik
    YM Erik Month ago +33

    and Eric Gordon is coming back.. he's the the X Factor

    • YM Erik
      YM Erik Month ago

      @Raphaëlle Pin hence the X factor cuz he can hit 10 in a row also

    • FMOI at _kingtai_
      FMOI at _kingtai_ Month ago

      @Troy Davenport lmaooo

    • Troy Davenport
      Troy Davenport Month ago

      His career highlights are slam dunk contest replays

    • makis papachristou
      makis papachristou Month ago +8

      @Raphaëlle Pin Who can also average 20ppg in the WCSF last year vs a healthy loaded GSW team

    • Raphaëlle Pin
      Raphaëlle Pin Month ago

      Who can also choke and miss 10 3s in a row

  • Camorree Tinsley
    Camorree Tinsley Month ago +12

    When it rains, it pours.

  • Glenn Joseph
    Glenn Joseph Month ago +9

    Casual 50 for the beard..

  • Bruno Fawks
    Bruno Fawks Month ago +42

    3:27 that's Westbrook I know

  • Prince Slauzy
    Prince Slauzy Month ago +49

    once i was on the court and i scored and scored and scored again i felt like i had 100 points and when i checked i had 29, and james harden just score fifty like it's nothing😂😂

    • Troy Davenport
      Troy Davenport Month ago

      I remember getting 6 3's, 12 assists and 10 rebounds and thinking I was a real contender. But then I remembered It was high school, and only those of us that developed into men earlier than others had a real advantage. I often wonder how far i could have gone if i lived in the states and not turned to Rugby in my late teens, early 20s. Concussions killed that career 😅

    • Savage Opress
      Savage Opress Month ago +5

      Yeah i remember my career high was 30 in highschool and i felt like i got so many buckets but then theres this and hes doing this against the best players in the world..... harden is crazy

  • Danilo Sagarang
    Danilo Sagarang Month ago +10

    54pts. is nothing unusual if it's Harden.

  • Mail Jadid
    Mail Jadid Month ago +1

    Right now MVP :
    -Still hopin old Bron can get another MVP just to make history

    • Himura Kenshin
      Himura Kenshin Month ago

      Luka and Davis to make it top 5 .. not in that order but i believe giannis was 1st on the ladder right now

    • body run
      body run Month ago

      you forget DONCIC