Connectome Scanning: Looking at the Brain's Wiring

  • Published on Jul 24, 2017
  • There's an MRI scanner in Cardiff that can look at how the brain's wired up: your connectome. It's nowhere close to science fiction singularity brain-uploading, but it might well be part of unlocking new medical treatments in the years to come.
    Thanks to Prof. Derek Jones, and to all the team at CUBRIC : -- and to the Cardiff University film crew with their gimballed camera!
    Edited by Michelle Martin (@mrsmmartin)
    Brain scan images courtesy of CUBRIC & Siemens Healthineers, with support from EPSRC, The Wolfson Foundation and The Wellcome Trust
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  • Tichomír Dunlop
    Tichomír Dunlop 6 months ago

    Hey Tom, what metal do you have in your body btw?

  • mspenrice
    mspenrice 10 months ago

    Who came up with the "CUBRIC" acronym and just how much of a smug face did they pull afterwards?
    Also, I'm guessing Cardiff University Brain Radio-Imaging Centre?

  • Steven Sandy
    Steven Sandy Year ago

    question can memories be uploaded wireless my biggest question

  • MrGracham
    MrGracham Year ago

    Could it be used to treat dysgraphia?

  • Livvy Hackett
    Livvy Hackett Year ago

    He has metal in him???

  • Name Last Name
    Name Last Name Year ago

    Phrenology have come a long way!

  • Toasty
    Toasty Year ago

    That feeling when you study at this university.

  • Burning Wang
    Burning Wang Year ago

    Can I have your life please?

  • m4cksfx
    m4cksfx Year ago

    Very interesting stuff. And for some reason, the slicing/"unfolding" animations look incredible to me. Like "I could spend half an hour just watching scans of someone's brain cells bein animated" incredible :)

  • sam neale
    sam neale Year ago

    Brains really fascinate me. Literally everything we deem human is found in there. Also it's the only organ that named itself.

  • Some Rapper
    Some Rapper Year ago

    So using this you could see someone’s brain with anxiety, and be able to tell that they have anxiety by a difference in the brain scan?

  • Charity Thomas
    Charity Thomas Year ago

    9thy do you have too much metal in your body?

  • krraman666
    krraman666 Year ago


  • Joris Griffioen
    Joris Griffioen Year ago

    *Confirmed* Tom is Wolverine.

  • Mandy B
    Mandy B Year ago

    The imaging is awesome! The CGI of the connectome is a work of art! They should make prints and sell them as posters. They'd line the walls of every med student, most other science students and some of us mere non-scientists, from art students to post-college geeks (guilty).

  • Lord LunaEquie is me

    2003 - 2017 =/= a couple of decades. That's really all I have to say, because the rest of this is amazing.

  • Thomas
    Thomas Year ago

    Tom Scott has to stay away from metal detectors and the like, ever since the war

  • Maniesh Ramanayake

    I doubt that it will be cheaper in the future, it uses electromagnets-just like
    MRI, which are still relatively expensive.

  • Josh Edwards
    Josh Edwards Year ago

    From September I will be living literally across the road from here, Cardiff is a wonderful place!

  • Sgt. Tackleberry
    Sgt. Tackleberry Year ago

    I have a question about the intro: "In 2003 ..." and "couple of decades later...".
    Tom, are you in the future already?

  • Near Void
    Near Void Year ago

    I went on this video just because of the video on Matt and Tom's channel about Matt not filming every video. This was great

  • iMeyrick
    iMeyrick Year ago

    Tom and team, the quality of the camera work gets better and better per video! This was truly outstanding!

  • LexieAssassin
    LexieAssassin Year ago

    Bits of metal? You've captured my curiosity there, Tom... ^(O.O)^

  • therealquade
    therealquade Year ago

    Tom, are you telling me that facility can build my genome, clone me as a baby, read my brain, and then use a neural lace to copy all my memories into my clone baby, theoretically allowing me to live forever? I mean, I know there's some missing steps there, but.... still...

  • greenfire61
    greenfire61 Year ago

    Too bad this video didn't get more views 😕

  • John Doe
    John Doe Year ago

    I only found out about this video because you talked about it over on your Matt and Tom channel, does not appear in my sub box and no notifications at all when you uploaded. TVclip done goofed again.

  • Matthew Walden
    Matthew Walden Year ago

    @Tom Scott You really need to talk to Arqiva. there in charge of TV stations in Britain, and i'm fascinated with that stuff! Love your videos, keep up the great work!

  • Thomas Donalek
    Thomas Donalek Year ago

    "Heck of a roadmap though..." Shades of James Burke. (Just to be clear, that's a compliment!)

  • Daniel Walker
    Daniel Walker Year ago

    Love the video style!

  • ThePyCoder
    ThePyCoder Year ago

    Could this help us design the physical structure of an AI? So if we can build something with the same roadmaps, would we get a sentient being?

  • Paul Mansfield
    Paul Mansfield Year ago

    They should put Donald Trump in their special MRI scanner, he's weird and unique, and I think we should be allowed to experiment on him.

  • The RoyceCraft
    The RoyceCraft Year ago

    Cant wait to feed this data into Open Deep Mind and see what intricacies can be picked up.

  • joelproko
    joelproko Year ago

    That flowing camera thing was wierd...

  • Jaynautic
    Jaynautic Year ago

    Awesome video, but too much unnecessary camera movement.

  • Brett Breet
    Brett Breet Year ago

    Is this a 3 Tesla or 7 Tesla strength magnet???

  • Jake Kennedy
    Jake Kennedy Year ago

    Why do you always talk about dollars instead of pounds or euros even when you're in Europe?

    • QwertyuiopThePie
      QwertyuiopThePie Year ago

      Most of his viewers are in the US, or at least a plurality. It's probably for their sake.

  • Aryan Kamath
    Aryan Kamath Year ago

    Tom, I tried the Mccollough effect and it worked... I'm scared because I don't know how long the effect will last. (I only watched it for 3 Minutes) Please help!

  • Jesus Gonzalez
    Jesus Gonzalez Year ago

    The same guy who built the Wuppertal suspension railway also built one in Dresden. Plus Dresden is one of only two *former* world heritage sites. Plus Dresden has a VW plant that used to have its parts delivered by tram...

  • shoehaze
    shoehaze Year ago

    Train a linear classifier AI on a bunch of healthy and sick people and you'll be able to identify which structures are responsible for the disease. At least in theory

  • callum m-v
    callum m-v Year ago

    why do i always get asda ads on this channel

  • Manuel Castellanos

    Hey Tom,
    There is something wrong with the script.
    "In 2003 ... . Couple of decades later." What? year 2023 to get my DNA sequenced. No, I can do it today!
    I guess you mean one decade later.

  • Call Of War Gaming

    Tom scott your videos are AWESOME

  • Mr HeebieJeebie
    Mr HeebieJeebie Year ago

    So I was just listening to the video without watching it and when Derek Jones started talking I almost swore it was Jon Richardson for a second.

    • Mr HeebieJeebie
      Mr HeebieJeebie Year ago

      This is actually so distracting. I can't even process what he's saying now because I'm so wrapped up in just how much he sounds like Jon Richardson.

  • silveravnt
    silveravnt Year ago

    I want a 3d print of my connectome

  • Fulcrum Labs
    Fulcrum Labs Year ago

    That's something I didn't know.

  • FatLingon
    FatLingon Year ago

    Props to the camera guy, really amazing camera work! :)

  • jonathan berg
    jonathan berg Year ago

    Hi Tom, could you please do a vid explaining Blockchain in simple terms and it's possible implications on things like voting. Many thanks, keep up the good work

  • Charles Inman
    Charles Inman Year ago

    This. Is. SO. COOL! :O

  • plasmalink
    plasmalink Year ago

    The camera is distracting, way too much motion.

  • Renfroyour Fro
    Renfroyour Fro Year ago

    Tom, not many videos on TVclip make me say "Wow", but several of yours have! Love your content! Thank you!

  • Abexuro
    Abexuro Year ago

    I would've liked the chase bit more if it was at eye-height. I feel small now :P

  • Julika7
    Julika7 Year ago

    What metal can someone have in their body? :o

  • outaspaceman
    outaspaceman Year ago

    My MRI scan shows up MS `scabs`...

  • Najey Rifai
    Najey Rifai Year ago

    "2003" "a couple of decades later". 2003+20=2023... the future?

  • Zachary Laborde
    Zachary Laborde Year ago

    I don't like how the video made connectomics seem like a complete view of the brain. These white matter tracks are but small aspect of a very complex structure. You still have grey matter, glia, CSF, blood oxidation levels, neural code and neurotransmitters. We are far from having a complete scan of one person's brain.

  • auntieslapscake
    auntieslapscake Year ago

    Nicly filmed..

  • EmBoycott
    EmBoycott Year ago

    Wow! You managed to catch Cardiff University on one of the few days it's not raining! Great to see CUBRIC on here though, very exciting.

  • Curtis Hennessy
    Curtis Hennessy Year ago

    @TomScott It would be interesting to see, say 1000 control people scanned, then take a few people with neurological or mental health issues, and use machine learning to spot patterns between people with similar symptoms.

  • Cajer 1618
    Cajer 1618 Year ago


  • GiggitySam Entz
    GiggitySam Entz Year ago +1

    Why are you running away from the camera in the intro ? XD
    It looks weird...

  • Vexatos
    Vexatos Year ago

    Hmm... Seeing Matt Gray's gray matter?

  • Maam Moos
    Maam Moos Year ago

    Damn, that is one hell of a steadycam you are using

  • Raymond Lee
    Raymond Lee Year ago

    I wonder if you could send one of those to a 3d printer....

  • tom happy
    tom happy Year ago

    My God, that buttery smooth cameras movements

  • Ryan Nicholls
    Ryan Nicholls Year ago

    I bet Tom's proud of that opening sequence.

  • Jason Becker
    Jason Becker Year ago

    10s of gigs is a lot less then I would think. I honestly thought he was going to say 10s of terabytes

  • nitehawk86
    nitehawk86 Year ago

    I read that as "Looking at the Brian's Wiring".
    Actually considering the last video, it reminds me of "Pinky and the Brain"

  • Leviathen _-
    Leviathen _- Year ago

    Who else wants to get one of those scans and 3d print it

  • blaegme
    blaegme Year ago

    Sooner than other application is to assist in major brain surgery as having a better idea of how things are setup could reduce unnecessary damage and allow faster recovery.

  • CrushersCharisma
    CrushersCharisma Year ago

    Park Bench Video Topic: Tom explains the metal in him and the stories of why he has them.

  • JakeTheHammer
    JakeTheHammer Year ago

    Tom is actually a cyborg

  • Pseudonymium
    Pseudonymium Year ago

    Connectome technology is advancing at a fast rate. If we get to the point where we can simulate a human in a computer, should we? it'll be interesting to see what the world will think about the ethical considerations of it (if it happens in our lifetime).

  • kristoferus6
    kristoferus6 Year ago

    I love the camera movement in this video. Cardiff University film crew did a great job :)

  • Alonkr
    Alonkr Year ago

    May not be functional yet, but sure makes great art!

  • soapbing
    soapbing Year ago

    Is it just me or was the camera work int his video a bit...too smooth? it felt like the camera was gliding around and it was kinda weird

  • Succulent Orange
    Succulent Orange Year ago

    I just bought some really bright paints and now I have to buy an MRI scanner, I can't afford you posting such convincing videos!

  • Chipish
    Chipish Year ago

    Given that you're wearing a lav mic, did you add the reverb from talking down the tunnel at 1:40 or did you blend in the smooth-as-a-butter-cam audio in with it?

  • Manfred Höffken
    Manfred Höffken Year ago

    That was quite a dynamic beginning. Filmed with a drone?

  • Sir Roundsound
    Sir Roundsound Year ago

    well, my mind's blown..

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    64bittinen Year ago

    Holy moly has your production quality skyrocketed!

  • Joe Jenkins
    Joe Jenkins Year ago +13

    1:40 careful there Tom getting worryingly close to becoming a cheesy American 'news' channel

  • GerackSerack
    GerackSerack Year ago

    So, will I be able to clone myself and reproduce my brain, with the same conections, in my clone? That's a pretty decent way to avoid death.

  • Logan Carley
    Logan Carley Year ago

    I didn't much care for the smooth sweeping camera motion. Specifically, it's the "drifting" motion that I don't like, it feels unnatural.
    The video itself was fantastic, though. Keep up the great work!

  • LastofAvari
    LastofAvari Year ago

    Don't really care about connectomes, but those smooth floaty shots were really cool :)

  • Jake Clay
    Jake Clay Year ago

    Woah! Fancy camera work!

  • john howe
    john howe Year ago

    Oh Tom we don't use dollars in Wales. Unfortunately we use the British pound.

  • Tomek
    Tomek Year ago

    Loved how this was shot! (and the content itself! can't wait for the future!)

  • Trancecend
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  • enoughofyourkoicarp

    That's pretty frikkin' cool.

  • Cam Caffin
    Cam Caffin Year ago

    Awesome video yet again, fascinating science at work here

  • James Alfred
    James Alfred Year ago

    How is this different compared to the MR Tractography?

  • doddleoddle
    doddleoddle Year ago +11

    EW ! Oh my gosh!!! Can I get scanned?

    • doddleoddle
      doddleoddle Year ago +2

      I want to see where and why my depersonalisation occurs!!

  • sam henderson
    sam henderson Year ago

    How does the scanner work? I'm sure it different from a normal mri?

  • wildone838
    wildone838 Year ago

    Did they really map the whole genome? Or did they just do the easy bits and say that the rest is just boring filler instead of doing the whole job?

  • iolm
    iolm Year ago

    It would be interesting to scan a child's brain and the scan it again when he's grown up to see the changes..

  • Dennis Lubert
    Dennis Lubert Year ago

    Just as many benefits... and maybe the other side too...

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  • Raymond Lee
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  • Nozyspy
    Nozyspy Year ago

    My brain is made out of Spaghetti?