I Got INFINITE DIAMONDS on Minecraft Skyblock!

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • this took 2.5 hours..
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Comments • 6 378

  • DanTDM
    DanTDM  2 months ago +1736

    Thinking about streaming this over on Twitch soon! If you want to go follow that, here's the link :: www.twitch.tv/dantdm

    • jason heathcote
      jason heathcote 2 days ago

      Go to mixer

    • wob wob
      wob wob 2 days ago

      hey Dan, if you fall off the map you don't lose anything :)

    • nathan Felmingham
      nathan Felmingham 11 days ago

      I love you dan

    • David Anderson
      David Anderson 13 days ago

      My username is helloitsame20020

    • David Anderson
      David Anderson 13 days ago

      Hey Dan I'm a big fan and I play Skyblock a ton and I may be able to help you out with the lapis armor quest

  • James Clapp
    James Clapp 6 hours ago

  • Nery Alvarado
    Nery Alvarado 8 hours ago

    Me i do

  • hridita rahman
    hridita rahman 13 hours ago

    3dI'd you just assume my gender by saying guys I am a girl to let you know get it right!!!!

  • Jim Passio
    Jim Passio 17 hours ago +1


  • Darkrobloxgamerr 85

    I don’t think lapis armor is very good I have a full set it sucks

  • Ethan Brennan
    Ethan Brennan Day ago


  • G.C.O.B Studios and old fan mades

    What the butt

  • Ali Son
    Ali Son Day ago

    Dan Mt ssnake died today R.I.P DOLY
    the snake

  • Anna Huynh
    Anna Huynh Day ago

    I’m glad my favorite Minecart has been playing Minecraft lately (:

  • Emily Elizondo
    Emily Elizondo 2 days ago

    Make a Iron minion

  • us master gamer
    us master gamer 2 days ago


  • Magical PlayzYT
    Magical PlayzYT 2 days ago

    My friend is making fun of me for watching u and tries to put beat it

  • Deep Patel
    Deep Patel 3 days ago

    4:02-haha.Luv ur videos dan!

  •  3 days ago

    The one you were going on with a lot and a half hour and I

  • Tynesha Martin
    Tynesha Martin 3 days ago

    9:12 the name XD

  • Kristin Hawkins
    Kristin Hawkins 4 days ago

    musty fart is his username

  • iJayTV
    iJayTV 4 days ago

    make a house

  • Ethanmikhailo
    Ethanmikhailo 4 days ago

    Who noticed him saying zombles in the start

  • Savage Mads
    Savage Mads 4 days ago

    Upload more skyblock pls

  • sponge755gaudy 909
    sponge755gaudy 909 5 days ago

    Did he say purse

  • Gacha Duck
    Gacha Duck 5 days ago

    In a crafting table surround one coal with eight coal,then you get an auto smelter,add tis to your minions🐑🐏

  • Luis Cuevas
    Luis Cuevas 6 days ago

    Make a manche

  • William agate
    William agate 6 days ago


  • Annie Khan
    Annie Khan 6 days ago

    i do

  • Ezra Pradyasta
    Ezra Pradyasta 6 days ago +1


  • THEjoofyTACO
    THEjoofyTACO 6 days ago

    Make a separate island for your logs
    Also raise Ur minions up by one so they make alot more items.

  • Nathaniel pokorny
    Nathaniel pokorny 7 days ago

    please join the scramble craft server

  • Michelle Miles
    Michelle Miles 7 days ago

    Dan said purse

  • Cricket Craziness
    Cricket Craziness 7 days ago +1

    What is this map called

  • FireHusky 10
    FireHusky 10 8 days ago

    Dan i play on skyblock if u friend me i can give u lapis armor

  • Capall Liath
    Capall Liath 8 days ago

    Dantdm: I rlly need to get the lapis armour bc it increases my health by 60
    me: I'm waiting on an auction for lapis pants rn

  • jack Lister
    jack Lister 8 days ago

    Clear trees

  • Caroline The Crazy
    Caroline The Crazy 9 days ago

    Dan you do go to the desert and there are rabbits there

  • Kenny Yang
    Kenny Yang 10 days ago

    1 like=1more diamond for dan

  • Kenny Yang
    Kenny Yang 10 days ago

    more skyblocks plz

  • Jalal EL-SHAER
    Jalal EL-SHAER 10 days ago

    ❤i love yoU

  • Cayden Cline
    Cayden Cline 11 days ago

    what are zombles???

  • Susanti Lien
    Susanti Lien 11 days ago

    Be friends with time deo and you will be rich and have tons of good stuff

  • Aaryan Sulayman
    Aaryan Sulayman 11 days ago

    It's been a while since you played...

  • Eliot's Bricks
    Eliot's Bricks 11 days ago

    I got my lapis arrmor for free!!!!

  • Bryan King
    Bryan King 12 days ago


  • Rauri Freeman
    Rauri Freeman 12 days ago

    Instead of putting cobble to block of zombies use a door

  • Paige Smith
    Paige Smith 13 days ago

    6:15 "im just reading a little beginners guide"

  • Grayson Gumarus
    Grayson Gumarus 13 days ago +1

    Dan TDM why are you not posting a hypixel sky block

  • Kawaii Puppy
    Kawaii Puppy 13 days ago

    Dan: Disguises himself in skyblock
    Also Dan: Calls himself Mustyfart

    Out of all the things he could've called himself

  • Connor Erwee
    Connor Erwee 13 days ago

    what is you ip address for your sky block game? :/

  • Romy Balderas
    Romy Balderas 13 days ago

    R the pugs ded

  • Liam Keizers
    Liam Keizers 14 days ago

    And yet you made BATH WATER made by: Albert Einstein and DanTDM

  • Swishmations YT
    Swishmations YT 14 days ago

    What the butt
    -DANTDM 2019

  • Water On Fire
    Water On Fire 14 days ago

    Just relixed dan is using 1.14 nit gonna lie a little triggerd

  • Death Mark25
    Death Mark25 14 days ago

    subsriv to antedem plez

  • Death Mark25
    Death Mark25 14 days ago

    plae spoe get the epik mood yow wod get 1000 hp and yow wod get reli big

  • Death Mark25
    Death Mark25 14 days ago


  • Peter Cool
    Peter Cool 15 days ago

    DanTDM is awesome.

  • WolvesUnleashed
    WolvesUnleashed 15 days ago

    dan you need an auto smelter 4 your minions

  • Tyson6474
    Tyson6474 16 days ago

    I already made it to the obsidian mine.

  • Thatonepug
    Thatonepug 18 days ago

    yes enchanted diamond Armour is a thing....

  • Regina Tamayo
    Regina Tamayo 18 days ago

    Raft play it