Billy Bob Thornton is Best Friends with Unlikely Group

  • Published on Sep 25, 2019
  • Billy Bob talks about a trip to Austin, Texas where he hung out with Jimmy and met a group of women he has become lifelong friends with, the type of questions he gets asked back home, his show “Goliath,” his love of Hoosiers, and his hatred of the Chicago Cubs.
    Guillermo Back-to-Back at the 2019 Emmys
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    Billy Bob Thornton is Best Friends with Unlikely Group
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Comments • 571

  • Richard Tuneff
    Richard Tuneff 2 days ago +1

    Wow!! I'm A diehard Cardinals fan and hate the Cubs..And I too have a friend that passed away that was a diehard Cubs fan....I now root for those ''damn Cubs''

  • fusionaut23
    fusionaut23 2 days ago

    What ever you do don't eat the competitions version called "Treat" unless you want to feel like you are dying. I will assure you that it is the furthest thing from a treat. I saw a dog eat a dead bird carass and was totally fine afterwards. At a later date the owner of the dog gave him some "Treat" and that dog was vomiting so much that his shoulders were up in the air and I swore that dog was sweating. DO NOT EAT "TREAT" FOR ANY REASON.....................unless you want to get back at someone because this will do it.

    • fusionaut23
      fusionaut23 2 hours ago

      @Douglas Steele They talked about Spam. I told a story about the the competitors version. It relates to the story. HELLO!!! :)

    • Douglas Steele
      Douglas Steele 2 hours ago +1


  • Robert Doggett
    Robert Doggett 2 days ago

    Billy Bob I wish we could be friends I enjoy every thing you done you are A great actor thanks for the enjoyment of your talent

  • Dans Smith
    Dans Smith 2 days ago

    Billy Bob a vegan? We are lost.

  • Malzahar Kassadin
    Malzahar Kassadin 3 days ago

    Billy Bob Thornton is Best Friends with Unlikely Group : Lolipop Guild

  • VOIP Portland
    VOIP Portland 3 days ago +1

    There are lips and peckers in that Spam.

  • Shawn Tannehill
    Shawn Tannehill 3 days ago +1

    Goliath is an amazing show.

  • Rhiannon Goguen
    Rhiannon Goguen 5 days ago +2

    There’s something about billy bob thorton that just locks you into him when he has the stage . Amazing actor

  • susan millican
    susan millican 5 days ago

    Hes gorgeous!!

  • Jessicka the highly sensitive

    Damn he fine

  • Jean-Claude Van Damme

    Funny how a guy who causes a lot of women to go see their gynecologist, also happens to know a group of gynecologists.

  • Artistry R. Rene'
    Artistry R. Rene' 7 days ago

    Billy Bob is the coolest

  • Benson
    Benson 9 days ago +1

    mr woodcock brought me here.

  • cute girl
    cute girl 14 days ago

    Damn, that story was like a run on sentence.

  • eqlzr2
    eqlzr2 14 days ago

    I have a couple famous friends in the music business. One is also an actor of some note. The thing is, they are not much like their "on-stage" personalities. We went out for Chinese one time at a place called Mon Kees in LA. Yep, no joke. It was on me cuz I just had a big paycheck. We were sitting there talking about flashlights, of all things. Up walks this grizzly looking skinny guy and says hello to my two friends. You guessed it, it was not Billy Bob Thornton. And that's all the truth. And finally, a good actor can be almost anyone you want (or don't want) them to be. Depending on your point of view, that can be a good or bad thing. That being said, I very much enjoy watching Billy act. He reminds me 100% of some of the people I grew up with. His persona reminds me of me, and in many respects, I think we see things with the same eyes. Uh huh.

  • Chadd Skinner
    Chadd Skinner 14 days ago

    He's just a normal everyday dude. Dog tags hanging and St. Louis Cardinals key chain on his waist.

  • ashley schooneman
    ashley schooneman 16 days ago


  • Break free
    Break free 17 days ago

    I became a big billy bob fan after he had that meltdown on the morning radio show. Thumbs up if you enjoyed that too 😁

  • gugui mke
    gugui mke 18 days ago +2

    Kimmel needs to work on his laugh... so annoying

  • Valmor Williams
    Valmor Williams 18 days ago

    Billy Bob Thorton is a horses ass . He does everything he can to look Attractive and nothing works

  • winter ramos
    winter ramos 19 days ago +2

    That wig looks so realistic

  • Jim Forgrave
    Jim Forgrave 19 days ago +1

    I dont know why I feel kinda bad about this, but Ive always been under the impression Thornton was a real ass hole. Years ago an interviewer asked him who his musical influences were, & he went off on the guy! Sounds like that might of been very uncharistic of him....seems pretty sweet here.

  • ju sticia
    ju sticia 19 days ago

    Thornton's wig is disturbing.

  • tracy g
    tracy g 22 days ago

    They do
    Make vegan haggis in a can 🤔

  • Shanda Morrow
    Shanda Morrow 22 days ago

    OMG Its best santa ever!

  • Mr. Bounce!
    Mr. Bounce! 23 days ago +5

    Go and watch Goliath, you'll love this guy more..!!

  • David Ridding
    David Ridding 24 days ago

    Canadians don't like Billy Bobby. Ask him why?
    Nice Wig Billy Bobby.

  • E S
    E S 24 days ago

    He looks better with longer hair & a beard

  • Peter D
    Peter D 24 days ago

    Since when did he get hair?

  • Frank James Bonarrigo
    Frank James Bonarrigo 24 days ago

    totally the kind of dude id hang with

  • James Darmor
    James Darmor 24 days ago +2

    Billy bob is a character his real name is Lorne malvo

  • Mark Wood
    Mark Wood 25 days ago

    Amazon, HBO, LMAO Amazon is a joke compared to HBO should never be used in the same sentence. Love Billy Bob and Goliath but Amazon's content delivery is lame AF.

  • Johnny Flyover
    Johnny Flyover 26 days ago

    Fallon is a hack. What a lame show. BB rocks.

    WISE AL 26 days ago

    Goliath is the best!!!

  • The Tug is the Drug Fishing Channel

    Billy is super cool, talked to him many times when I worked in L.A.

  • R cee Chi
    R cee Chi 26 days ago

    Jimmy should be asking why these girls didn't keep in touch with him.

  • Free man
    Free man 26 days ago +2

    An interesting man with a very uninteresting interviewer.

  • Joseph Youdontneedtoknowmylastnameski

    Think he’d be pissed if I yanked off his wig?

    • googoo gjoob
      googoo gjoob 24 days ago

      would you be pissed if he knocked out your dentures!.....
      ok, now that i got that off my chest, seriously. it is well documented he has a very successful hair transplant.

  • Tiggerman 73
    Tiggerman 73 27 days ago

    he has a dead ferret on his head. his rug made me despise him before, listening to this skeletal asshat on CBC only clinched the deal.

  • PopeyeCove
    PopeyeCove 27 days ago +2

    Billy Bob is just plain cool.

  • Bruce T
    Bruce T 27 days ago

    True story..I never met a famous person

  • flauschflausch
    flauschflausch 28 days ago

    Yeah I like him. Cool. Strange. Hot. But...also little creepy & we all know its better when he is not your enemy ;)
    Not only in Fargo he was brilliant. Goliath, too. And so many more fantastic movies with dark humor. Womanizer! Like Angelina, lots of wild girls like older men. Daddy thing or complex? Do NOT think so. More fun and secrets and forbidden this and that. Rock n Roll lifestyle.
    I felt unconfortable when i was in my 30´s and had different girls from 18-22. And that happend several times. But when time went on it was fun. With 42 I stopped dating girls younger than 28. But...still happening that they wanna date and do not know why as I am far away from BBT coolness/style/talent.

  • Luciana Mendina
    Luciana Mendina 28 days ago

    Men, he´s different, but I like it. So sexy! Wow

  • wake up
    wake up 28 days ago

    Mmmmmm beavers and ducks

  • ppurppple
    ppurppple 29 days ago

    in my head i think billy bob sounds a bit like Dennis weaver.........neighbouring states...forgive me....only 266 miles apart.....

  • ppurppple
    ppurppple 29 days ago +1

    facial hair suits this man

  • Haluk L. Aka
    Haluk L. Aka 29 days ago +3

    "Woody Harrelson was there too and that's why I don't remember any of it" :))))

  • PEPSIMAX2020
    PEPSIMAX2020 Month ago

    i feel sad he is surprised for things that are normal ... spooky

  • One World4all
    One World4all Month ago

    He looks great tho. Creepy handsome. But thanks for sharing your boring creepy story

  • One World4all
    One World4all Month ago

    Ugh. What a random creepy story. ZZZzzZz

  • noch21Gramm
    noch21Gramm Month ago +7

    "A simple Plan" watch it.

  • William Lucas
    William Lucas Month ago

    Underneath all the chit chat is something amiss. Is the water safe?

  • Steph Singer
    Steph Singer Month ago +1

    Love him he’s awesome. Bad Santa one of my favs!

  • MaxPwr_FPV
    MaxPwr_FPV Month ago


    Mmmmmm Hmmmmmm.

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly Month ago +4

    This guy is a mental case.

  • Rauel
    Rauel Month ago

    Mats going to the WS.

  • older than you Cali
    older than you Cali Month ago +1

    Take off that wig.

  • Spencer Wayne
    Spencer Wayne Month ago

    Whats up with that 80's country bass player cut? Did Billy Bob join Alabama or Sawyer Brown?

  • Negatomix
    Negatomix Month ago +3

    Fpr some reason Billy really reminds me of Timothy Olyphant with the way he talks and his manners.

    • Amy Andersen
      Amy Andersen Month ago +1

      i was just thinking the same thing! i'd love to see them play brothers.

  • Abhijeet Ryder
    Abhijeet Ryder Month ago +8

    What an amazing storyteller. When he speaks you listen. Bad Santa and bandits and Fargo are perfection. He has range as an actor.