Hydraulic Press VS Rubik Cubes! V-cube, Pyraminx, Megaminx, Mirror Cube, Golden Cube

  • Published on Nov 7, 2016
  • In this video you will see how 100 Tonn hydraulic press crush rubik subes. 5 different types of them - V-cube 3x3x3, Pyraminx, Megaminx, mirror cubo o golden cube. The cubes are made of quality plastic and are great for speed cubing
    world record has been made on similar cube

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  • Experimentar En Casa
    Experimentar En Casa 3 years ago +334

    Hello, This is my second channel in english. Please, leave a LIKE :)

    • g mail
      g mail 2 months ago

      Stop doing that fucking bitch somebody dont have ANY rubicks cubr and you crushing them????!!!!! Why?!

    • Requiem
      Requiem 6 months ago


    • Windows 3.1
      Windows 3.1 8 months ago

      you spelled rubik cubes in the description rubik subes

    • I watch Anime
      I watch Anime 9 months ago +1

      Stay away from cubes cuber don't like this trash in their recommended

    • Annerien Van Geest
      Annerien Van Geest 9 months ago


  • I need more subs Online

    V Cubes Died

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    Comment No for No

  • SoulGaming
    SoulGaming 13 days ago

    Its ok to break the 3x3 and the 5x5 because they are vcubes

  • Dai Kaiju
    Dai Kaiju 13 days ago

    he actually wasted his money on these cubes to make a video of crushing them. now thats just sad

  • TheCuteSpider
    TheCuteSpider Month ago

    i as a cuber, am offended
    edit: you are throwing away hard work

  • AQ206/AteeQuest206
    AQ206/AteeQuest206 Month ago

    fuck you because of this

  • Alicia Perez
    Alicia Perez Month ago


  • Potato Wege
    Potato Wege 2 months ago

    So he's destroying v cube and shengshou prodocts
    Atleast I'ts not moyu prodocts

    WOOGTSAR 2 months ago

    You monster

  • Exeshocwave Exeee
    Exeshocwave Exeee 3 months ago

    Ok I didn't read sorry;(

  • Exeshocwave Exeee
    Exeshocwave Exeee 3 months ago

    Golden cube is a mirror cube ;)

  • That1Dude
    That1Dude 3 months ago +1

    I cringed at this

  • Omega 5555
    Omega 5555 3 months ago

    I a cuber and this is cruel to me 😭

  • ghost man j
    ghost man j 3 months ago

    This video should be called don't show this to your cubes

  • Jαяєd
    Jαяєd 5 months ago

    Nooooo, me hubieras regaladooooo

  • I_Schrott
    I_Schrott 5 months ago


  • Crazygamer 055
    Crazygamer 055 5 months ago

    Yay, Fuck rubicks cubes.

  • Questionable Cuber
    Questionable Cuber 5 months ago

    V-cube 6 and mirror cube

  • latrell llana
    latrell llana 6 months ago

    Those 3K dislikes are cubers

  • the Gacha Fanbase
    the Gacha Fanbase 6 months ago

    For you buy just for destroy usseles content

  • Requiem
    Requiem 6 months ago

    Update the description lol that V cube has no match compared to a Gans

  • ImNotAlone
    ImNotAlone 6 months ago

    Those are some nice cubes but why did you crush it?

  • Ranju Madan
    Ranju Madan 7 months ago

    You could have given those to some cuber (me) and he would have become happy

  • JOYturtle
    JOYturtle 7 months ago

    2:20 omg its a ufo flying across the screen 🤣

  • kickdrumfish
    kickdrumfish 7 months ago

    So satisfying, wonderful 👌

  • ZeR0_Bandana _
    ZeR0_Bandana _ 7 months ago

    Cuando no sabes armar el cubo :b

  • Tomithy YT
    Tomithy YT 7 months ago

    cubres are happy they destroyed a vcube

  • Pika_zap
    Pika_zap 7 months ago

    2:21 A UFO!


  • OYT999 Roblox
    OYT999 Roblox 7 months ago

    I have the megaminx

  • Sundaravalli Anandhan
    Sundaravalli Anandhan 8 months ago

    He's wasting all cubes

  • Cubey Speedster
    Cubey Speedster 8 months ago

    I wanted those

  • Evil Banana
    Evil Banana 8 months ago

    Pyraminx 😰😰😰😰

  • Windows 3.1
    Windows 3.1 8 months ago

    try shredding rubik's cubes

  • Defirash Nafeesa Malikha

    Description: great for speed cubing!
    Me, an actual cuber: oh really?

  • Landon Wallington
    Landon Wallington 8 months ago

    this pains me so much to watch

  • Caleb Meyer
    Caleb Meyer 8 months ago

    This hurts to watch you do all these fake solves it hurts anyone who can actually solve them

  • Відіо Тік-тока


  • Marc Denniel Ferrer
    Marc Denniel Ferrer 8 months ago

    Stop breaking the piece of cubes plz and I know that I'm a cuber.

  • M3ga Cuber
    M3ga Cuber 9 months ago


  • Foxar
    Foxar 9 months ago


  • SkyTexx S
    SkyTexx S 9 months ago


  • I watch Anime
    I watch Anime 9 months ago

    Just stay away from cubes . Cubers don't like this trash in their recommended

  • I watch Anime
    I watch Anime 9 months ago

    Nice fake solves u non cuber

  • Annerien Van Geest
    Annerien Van Geest 9 months ago +1


  • Annerien Van Geest
    Annerien Van Geest 9 months ago +1

    My hart is broken:'(

  • Annerien Van Geest
    Annerien Van Geest 9 months ago +1


  • Lucky Smlpe
    Lucky Smlpe 10 months ago


  • Lucky Smlpe
    Lucky Smlpe 10 months ago


  • Elías fernandez
    Elías fernandez 10 months ago


  • dede civava
    dede civava 10 months ago

    :( why u do this...

  • ツIvyy
    ツIvyy 10 months ago +1

    F you
    Why you are destroying all the cubes

  • Damien Chim
    Damien Chim 10 months ago

    You don't have a soul.

  • DJ H3dzz1k
    DJ H3dzz1k 10 months ago


  • Manolo Gómez Roldán
    Manolo Gómez Roldán 11 months ago

    My heart broke

  • Hetzi
    Hetzi 11 months ago


  • Kenan pro09
    Kenan pro09 11 months ago

    I have the one

  • Roberto
    Roberto 11 months ago

    Kill that vcube!!! But save the others

  • SteveGAMER57 Decena
    SteveGAMER57 Decena 11 months ago

    Poor cubes :(

  • AS- Music
    AS- Music 11 months ago

    This hurts

  • Godskull & HCR
    Godskull & HCR 11 months ago

    Thanks for destroying v cubes I hate a lot