Dana Carvey Tried to Quit “Wayne’s World” After Reading the Script

  • Published on May 22, 2019
  • Three weeks before shooting the wildly popular “Wayne’s World” with Mike Myers, Dana Carvey quit the film. He tells Howard he only came back after he was able to rewrite his character’s scenes in the script.
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Comments • 181

  • Deputy Van Halen
    Deputy Van Halen Month ago

    Dana should've said to Howard, "Ace Victor Saiswa"🙄

  • matt087
    matt087 Month ago

    Garth makes the movie. Best part of the movie

  • Catherine Benton
    Catherine Benton Month ago

    I am so glad he didnt quit though

  • Lauren Thompson
    Lauren Thompson Month ago

    Wayne's world is crazy influential. To this day, so much of that movie has made it into my regular lexicon. "SCHWING"
    "It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine"
    "We're not worthy."
    "It sure does suck"
    "That's what she said."
    "Excuse me, I'd like to get by now"
    "Wax on, wax off."
    Probably even more I just cant think of them now.

    • SceneMissingFilms
      SceneMissingFilms Month ago

      Lauren Thompson many of those existed before Wayne’s World. 😂

  • alberto032973
    alberto032973 3 months ago +1

    Cool video

  • loderunner
    loderunner 3 months ago


  • Lil Draven
    Lil Draven 3 months ago

    Invented the video toaster?? Wuuut!

  • Demented Daniel
    Demented Daniel 3 months ago

    I like to play...

  • wolfsden3
    wolfsden3 3 months ago

    Dana is a legend.

  • adam fink
    adam fink 3 months ago

    " Benjamin is no one's friend. If Benjamin were an ice cream flavor he be pralines and dick"

  • Street Hierarchy
    Street Hierarchy 3 months ago

    Dana Carvey reminds me of PT Anderson

  • Cool Plastix
    Cool Plastix 3 months ago +1


  • Ryan Hartley
    Ryan Hartley 3 months ago

    On the podcast Harmontown Dana Carvey said that he felt like for all these years he thought he ruined Wayne’s World 2 because he wasn’t funny enough. They told him that’s not true people loved it, it’s sad that he felt that way because it is a very funny movie and he didn’t ruin it at all. Sometimes you can get an idea stuck in your head and don’t talk about it to anyone it’ll just grow and grow but you may believe it’s true but it’s not.

  • Teeveepicksures
    Teeveepicksures 3 months ago +17

    wait....Dana Carveys brother invented the video toaster??!?!?!?!?

  • Daveyboy _
    Daveyboy _ 3 months ago

    What did he just say ?

  • Daniel Lindholm
    Daniel Lindholm 3 months ago +1

    *bing!* -“I like to... play.”

  • Carl. J
    Carl. J 3 months ago

    Mike Myers sounds like he was Hollywood's very own Paul Stanley. Always trying to diminish everyone else around him and trying to take all the credit for himself. I'm the genius, i'm the guy, everyone else was just working for me but make no mistake, i'm the master mind.

  • steal threaded
    steal threaded 3 months ago +1

    Easily the most talented and underrated member of that cast.
    Fantastic entertainer. Carvey's always been my idol.

    • CorbCorbin
      CorbCorbin 3 months ago

      steal threaded
      Underrated? He gets his due, and SNL helped produce a few movies for him to star in. His biggest success being Opportunity Knocks, which wasn’t a huge hit, nor critically praised.
      I’m biased because I grew up with him in the main cast, and my group of friends repeated all of his stuff on Mondays at school.

  • MissHolly60
    MissHolly60 3 months ago


  • Joshua Nesbitt
    Joshua Nesbitt 3 months ago

    Mike Myers is a talented guy and he’s funny but I hear a lot that he’s very difficult to work with.

  • sarcasmo57
    sarcasmo57 3 months ago

    I like Garth more than Wayne.

  • citizentuck
    citizentuck 3 months ago

    th beatles ONLY cared about the money and the fame

  • Chris Birch
    Chris Birch 3 months ago

    Even though i believe a lot of what Carvey says you still need both creative sides. Myers may have had a good idea about what wouldn't work in WW and should be taken out. Ultimately it was a great film. Without Myers' push back you could have ended up with the Master of Disguise.

  • Macker Maldrill
    Macker Maldrill 3 months ago


  • Vagina Doctor
    Vagina Doctor 3 months ago

    Garth made the movie funny

  • Greg Rohs
    Greg Rohs 3 months ago +81

    I love Dana Carvey. He was very nice to avoid saying that Mike Meyers is an egocentric doucgebag

  • Rock Hard
    Rock Hard 3 months ago

    Funny thing is i can imagine waynes world without wayne but it would never work without garth. He was the real star of the movie mike just cant act thats his problem .

  • DreamComa
    DreamComa 3 months ago

    I love waynes world, and seeing this, reminds me that it has been way to long since I have seen it last.

  • ianA
    ianA 3 months ago +2

    Garth is EQUALLY as important to the movie as Wayne.

    • Mittens2317
      Mittens2317 3 months ago

      Innit, who else would say “party on Wayne”?

  • Jason Walker
    Jason Walker 3 months ago +1

    “Ribbed for her pleasure.” Ewwwww

  • SuperPussyFinger
    SuperPussyFinger 3 months ago +1

    I thought that Tim Jenison (from “Tim’s Vermeer") invented the Video Toaster.

    • Jim Hill
      Jim Hill 3 months ago +1

      Tim owned the company. Brad was one of the key engineers that actually made it work.

  • DamageIncM
    DamageIncM 3 months ago +1

    That's how you make movies and characters too... You have actors and other people who you let create fleshed out characters, with some sort of background or story line. - People need to stop just writing "And then our main hero does a pose and says a cool line.". A character becomes interesting because of where they came from and what they stand for, no matter if it's a grand statement or a more charming goofy character.

  • Toadilly
    Toadilly 3 months ago +42

    The "excuse me, I'd like to get by now" is a line I use with great frequency to this very day

  • Paul
    Paul 3 months ago +2

    When ever I’m in a crowd I always say
    ‘Excuse me , id like to get by now’. Cracks me up every time

  • Rick Moreno
    Rick Moreno 3 months ago +4

    Id like to use the bathroom now.... In this century....

  • FallicIdol
    FallicIdol 3 months ago +4

    Mike Myers is pretty much hated by everyone who has ever worked with him

  • andriki88
    andriki88 3 months ago +8

    Upload longer clips please

  • cubeincubes
    cubeincubes 3 months ago +1


    • Paul
      Paul 3 months ago

      cubeincubes nope. Wrong movie. How old are you?

  • Sebastian II
    Sebastian II 3 months ago +7

    At first it's constrictive, then, it becomes a part of you!

  • Rolling Ormond
    Rolling Ormond 3 months ago +4

    Vanity Fair article years ago said Myers tried to cut Carvey out of a lot of scenes. Wouldn't be surprised.

  • Rolling Ormond
    Rolling Ormond 3 months ago +4

    Brad's at Sandia Labs in NM?! The Albuquerque Journal should do an article on him.

  • Deja Voodoo
    Deja Voodoo 3 months ago +1

    Shame on SNL for not bringing him back as a host. Imagine church lady sitting down w Trump!

    • R D
      R D 3 months ago

      Deja Voodoo He’s hosted.

  • Owl29
    Owl29 3 months ago +3

    What if Dana and Mike were both incredibly funny. Just a hypothetical.

  • Just4Gamers Tube
    Just4Gamers Tube 3 months ago +2

    He does this every thursday.... Come on man you''ll never afford it live in the now i can't remember the damn words lol

  • dan lugo
    dan lugo 3 months ago +2

    Seems like such a nice guy

  • Veggeta
    Veggeta 3 months ago

    Where do you get the full episodes?

  • Ross Smith
    Ross Smith 3 months ago


  • Ardy Ballyhoo
    Ardy Ballyhoo 3 months ago +13

    This interview with Dana is wonderful.. love hearing from this guy again.

  • BeasTxMode2000
    BeasTxMode2000 3 months ago +14

    the dana carvey show was amazing. people don't know funny

  • Zebulous
    Zebulous 3 months ago +1

    Dana is an impression machine and masterfully hilarious but it’s possible he’s not the best writer. Then again Mike Myers could be bad at collaboration.

  • Shadow Heart
    Shadow Heart 3 months ago +3

    Maybe a crossover between Wayne’s World and Bill & Ted?

  • Cheese Please
    Cheese Please 3 months ago

    Carvey is one of the best SNL ever had. It’s not a stretch to say perhaps THE best. I feel he has never received the fan fair or hype that many less talented from that show have received. I mean come on Bill Murray? Please. He’s the same act, same character in every single thing he does. Same with Sandler. Carvey is leagues above those guys.

  • Scott Davis
    Scott Davis 3 months ago +13

    Did you ever see that scene in Scanners where the dude's head blew up?

  • BobbyNewb
    BobbyNewb 3 months ago +4

    Man with chocolate mousse? He no take-a de pepper. De woman with Caesar salad? SHE take-a de pepper...! Now GO! Make-a me PROUD!

  • Marty Laquidara
    Marty Laquidara 3 months ago +2

    Legend. One of the very best SNL cast members ever.

    • Mark Hanson
      Mark Hanson 3 months ago

      David spade wrote most of his skits on SNL

  • Alex Valdez
    Alex Valdez 3 months ago +11

    My favorite scene when he says: "Ok, we've had some word that there is some bad red rope licorice circulating in the crowd. Please stay away from the red rope licorice. Do not bite any off or chew it. It could cause a dental emergency." 😂

  • Happy Day
    Happy Day 3 months ago +1

    What did he do? Sign some NDA with Mike?

    • Lord Muffins
      Lord Muffins 3 months ago

      Its called having some grace. what ever happened between them happened 20-30 years ago. it really doesn't matter anymore. they both went on to be successful in their own rights. Nothing good would come from him sitting there ripping into Mike. Dana would come across as weak and jealous.

  • the_gifted_one
    the_gifted_one 3 months ago

    I wrote 2 weeks until I got shit canned from them in 2007 .......Dana was the most requested actor to come back ever

  • RisingUnderdog
    RisingUnderdog 3 months ago +1

    Wayne's World 1 & 2 are some of my all time favorite comedies!

  • warnutztheloser
    warnutztheloser 3 months ago +4

    Waynes world 3 we need

    • Svahn
      Svahn 3 months ago

      I agree, Yoda