• Published on Nov 4, 2018
    Take Anthony's advice and you are on the safe side.
    Compare two great chefs preparing steaks their way. Learn and educate yourself by comparison and take home the best for yourself.
    Food is always a challenge.
    But amazing to see new ideas when it comes to cooking. It's a never ending story and there will be always something to spice up or to burn. Always look around for new ideas and inspiration. The possibilities in food will never stop.
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    Marco Pierre White
    Gordon Ramsay
    #UnderstandingIngredients #FoodNetWorld

Comments • 1 747

  • PloP10 :L
    PloP10 :L Hour ago

    This seems like old school trad. vs Modern

  • fhtrucker62
    fhtrucker62 4 hours ago

    Knorr??. Its called prostituting your principles. If he does not normally use it, then why here...millions not enough for him.. Must be some crap bit of meat when you have to use Knorr. Probably do use it in can you sell a Β£3 meal for Β£70...Talk bullshit and use Knorr. No saying Knorr is bad, it just that these guys like to charge a lot for something not that special.

  • Kenny Collins
    Kenny Collins 19 hours ago

    Marco 1- Rambo 0

  • LIL MIKE706 mike

    Aint the guy at 0:42 the nigga the killed himself in jail recently?

  • Peter
    Peter 2 days ago

    You can't cook the 'gamy' zebu meat like this. Pure grass fed, the cows cover about 20 km a day. The meat is tough but extremely tasty. American beef is unbelievably tasteless.

  • Kami bro
    Kami bro 3 days ago

    Hey I really like your channel.we should do sub for sub...!

  • sly angler
    sly angler 6 days ago

    Go check out the MTV videos of a young Marco Pierre. Maddest coolest chef of the time..

  • Duncan MacLeod
    Duncan MacLeod 7 days ago

    What is with the cream and peppercorns

  • Chase
    Chase 7 days ago

    Gordon is a great Chef no argument there, but Marco is like the Davinci of cooking where as Gordon is more like the Bob Ross.

  • Wanwad Marwein
    Wanwad Marwein 8 days ago

    I like gordon steak more

  • Sohail Khan
    Sohail Khan 9 days ago

    Marco chef is the best πŸ‘πŸ’―

    GIG NIKKO 9 days ago

    Don't poke it and cut, tell to salt bae! Ahahaha
    He's not a good chef, he only have very good meat...

  • aaron monke
    aaron monke 10 days ago

    Gordon's way is better but makes the house smokey and smell like a steakhouse for a day or two.

  • Jocelyn Richmond
    Jocelyn Richmond 13 days ago

    Why didn't Chef Ramsay show the steak's inside after he cut it? I think maybe he overcooked it a bit. I still would have eaten it.

  • Some guy
    Some guy 13 days ago +1

    Would much rather have Gordon's than Marco's. Marco is very likely every bit the chef Gordon Ramsay is, but he pretty much sold his soul to Knorr at this point. The simple truth is that those stockpots are horrible for you - and horrible tasting, too.

  • Neds dark
    Neds dark 13 days ago

    I prefer the Hannibal Lecter method

  • Joris De Laat
    Joris De Laat 14 days ago +1

    Damn, drooling for a steak right now...

  • mahdiarmuscle tabasi
    mahdiarmuscle tabasi 15 days ago

    i prefer Gordon

  • Gustavo Campos
    Gustavo Campos 15 days ago

    Marco, you’re the Best.

  • Joe
    Joe 15 days ago

    Marco what do you use for shampoo? Thanks

  • Max Pioch
    Max Pioch 16 days ago

    OMG! That looked more like thick sliced Bologna Challenge..

  • Jason Lin
    Jason Lin 18 days ago

    It's a matter of how thick your steak is and if it is aged or not. When your steak is thinner or aged then use Gordon 's recipe. When you steak is thicker not aged then use Marco' s recipe. Because a thick unaged steak wouldn't bring the flavor out by simply rubbing salt or putting herbs in the cooking process. The taste is still bland . Putting stock cub is just to adding the essence to it.

  • joel ray
    joel ray 20 days ago +8

    Marcos wife says his nuts taste better with Knorrs stock flavour

    • joel ray
      joel ray 5 days ago

      @LoveSpinShow lol pineapple juice

    • LoveSpinShow
      LoveSpinShow 19 days ago

      joel ray my friend told me that his gf at the time hated giving him head bc his sperm was too salty lol I never knew that was a thing so I’ve been watching my sodium intake and drink juices so his exgf won’t have why complaints

  • Kevin /RDT Ramos
    Kevin /RDT Ramos 21 day ago

    Neither let it rest in the end like big tony stated in the beginning.. also this is entirely incomparable just look at the fuckin cuts of meat they have totally different cuts!

  • keith bornemann
    keith bornemann 23 days ago

    Cameraman: Where did you get the thyme from?
    Ramsey: From the Gordon

  • cold water
    cold water 24 days ago

    U guys bashing stock cubes proves to me why others consider white peoples food unseasoned πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Unseasoned chicken lamb beef. Cus u mofos sprinkle salt and black pepper on it .. do y’all even know how to make stock liquid real broth... smh lol

  • Steven Lewis
    Steven Lewis 24 days ago

    Msg cubes? Wtf

  • robert bennett
    robert bennett 25 days ago

    I was just watching a tutorial on how to cook Rib Eye steak, and the advise was to get the steak to room temperature and season with salt and pepper before putting it in a hot pan with Olive oil and to leave it to cook for the duration of time required before you turn the steak over. Now Gordon's version is to keep turning the steak over every one minute to get even cooking on both sides. Both steaks looked gorgeous but definitely different techniques.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 27 days ago

    Gordon won that battle the other guys steak needed help some how lol

  • Mark Riley
    Mark Riley 28 days ago

    Would you tell Marco his steaks were not delicious? Then you are braver than me!

  • LeQuantum Tech HD
    LeQuantum Tech HD 29 days ago +1

    I eat my steak in 5-7 minutes

  • Mm Vv
    Mm Vv Month ago

    Marco's technique is more natural. It's probably better.

  • VeNuS2910
    VeNuS2910 Month ago +1

    i prefer Chef Ramsey's steak. because that's how i do it too. :)

  • papacachawa exalibur

    *dont even look at it*

  • Jack Blade
    Jack Blade Month ago

    What kind of frying pans are they using?

  • Liverpool FC YNWA
    Liverpool FC YNWA Month ago +1

    Gordon look the best

  • Lone Star
    Lone Star Month ago +5

    Marco is the youngest triple Michelin star chef in history.
    Tells you how good he is really. I've followed his simple, no-nonsense recipes and techniques a few times, and they really are excellent. Makes you feel like a Chef yourself.

  • art bleich
    art bleich Month ago

    who tf gets a ribeye without the cap?

  • kyler buck
    kyler buck Month ago

    gordans just an overall good cook like he's been trained by some of the world's best chefs

  • T. Zappa
    T. Zappa Month ago +2

    Marco is the only one who knows how to tell a steak is done. Blood starts to pierce when it's medium rare. Like he says, some meat are hung longer than others and so depend on the water content.

  • pvp
    pvp Month ago

    Heston has the best way to cook a steak

  • Montreux Xerrei 92
    Montreux Xerrei 92 Month ago +2

    Marco is Gordon sifu. There's no way Gordon can beat him.

    • BossWafflez
      BossWafflez 27 days ago +1

      He was also the youngest chef to get a michelin star in that time

  • V A U G H N 1945
    V A U G H N 1945 Month ago +5

    Marco Piere created Gordon. Gordon cried once because of Chef Piere.

    • A Name
      A Name Month ago

      Yeah i heard that happened is there a video ?

    • PhelixJMech
      PhelixJMech Month ago +2

      V A U G H N 1945 Gordon made himself cryπŸ‘

  • HM
    HM Month ago

    Really stock cube? Disappointed

  • TheScoutPlay
    TheScoutPlay Month ago +3

    It's very entertaining to see the differences between their methods, and how it reeaaaally shows what their food is all about.
    Anthony Bourdain: the best basic steak you can do, just wait and you'll see how.
    Gordon Ramsay: f*cking cook that steak correctly and pay attention to the characteristics. Good made quickly, but still with patience.
    Marco White: a steak can be so much more than a basic to be mixed. Much can be added to a steak if you think outside the box.
    Again, so cool.

  • TheDCGuitar13
    TheDCGuitar13 Month ago

    Rip Anthony bourdain.

  • A G
    A G Month ago +1

    Devil In The Kitchen by Marco
    Kitchen Confidential by Anthony
    Two of my favorite books

  • Don Tomasos bbq&grill Andersson

    The thing is that Gordon worked for him and Gordon was like a puppy

  • Megumin
    Megumin Month ago +1

    Gordon: *grabs steaks with utensils*
    Marco: *grabs it with his fingers like a madlad*

  • Megumin
    Megumin Month ago

    Who filmed this in 1fps?

  • J374338
    J374338 Month ago

    With Marco you can’t really argue his method is right or wrong, *IT’S YOUR CHOICE*
    And are we going to ignore that the fact Gordon cooks like a normal person, using tools like tongs, while Marco cooks like an Indian where some of them don’t really bother with the heat, bare hand flipping proteins in a sizzling oil pan/feeling the temperature of the oil by dipping his finger

  • Jiff Bascar
    Jiff Bascar Month ago +2

    Gordon: get a tong to flip the steaks
    Marco: Flip the steaks with his hands

  • Justin Gibson
    Justin Gibson Month ago

    They both suck. They are not good

  • The Missouri Traveler
    The Missouri Traveler Month ago +3

    Marco is the man. Anyone who has made Gordon cry... deserves the respect.

  • Mathew Toepfer
    Mathew Toepfer Month ago +1

    Gordon over cooked the steak

  • T Fierro
    T Fierro Month ago

    Prefer the southamerican way...salt, fire and muΓ±eca(wrist) everything else is to cover the lak of wrist...every worldknown chef that comes here to try stake says that the stake here has no comparison(especially when they go to argentina) but then they continue to add extra shit to the beef...why would you bathed a expensive stake in cream? It takes aways all the extra flavor that you are stake do what you want, expensive stake salt fire and wrist nothing more

  • bragee
    bragee Month ago

    Stock cube steak tastes better because is covered with glutamate... Come on...

  • Paul Gibbons
    Paul Gibbons Month ago

    Come in Saturday night and cook a steak for the wife. Righto Marco. Sure you don't just get a kebab like the rest of us. Im sure you have far too much wine for that xXx

  • Nina Cribbs
    Nina Cribbs Month ago

    Gordon's steaks look better.

  • Destian Light
    Destian Light Month ago

    4am and I want steak