Kevin Durant Eats Snake with Serge Ibaka | How Hungry Are You?

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant eats snake with former teammate Serge Ibaka as the two discuss Durant’s devastating injury in the NBA Finals, his relationship with Russell Westbrook and what would’ve happened if they all stayed together in OKC on the premiere of ‘How Hungry Are You?’ From BR x Samsung
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  • Aaron Francisco
    Aaron Francisco 2 hours ago

    5:31 WHAT IT DO

  • money liston
    money liston 2 hours ago

    NExt episode eating rats with 69

  • Doctor Aids
    Doctor Aids 17 hours ago

    Kd talks like he's a well deserved champ but he joined a 73 and 9 team. Meanwhile Serge actually worked for it.

  • Lukutu Erick
    Lukutu Erick 19 hours ago

    Wow I love that

  • Enha Akonjee
    Enha Akonjee 23 hours ago

    Snakes do eat other snakes wtf is he talking about

    • Enha Akonjee
      Enha Akonjee Hour ago

      @Nishanth ok but still incorrect

    • Nishanth
      Nishanth Hour ago

      @Enha Akonjee man's just tryna bring some content lmao

    • Enha Akonjee
      Enha Akonjee Hour ago

      @Nishanth a lot do

    • Nishanth
      Nishanth Hour ago

      shut up nobody cares

  • Hady Diallo
    Hady Diallo Day ago

    Kev a nice dude

  • Henry Zhang
    Henry Zhang Day ago

    GSW actually won that game, amazing.

  • zykeveyin malone

    He was trying so hard to save KD from the snake syndrome.

  • Shannon-Marie M Rabathaly

    Serge Ibaka is soooo fine 😍

  • markwest1987
    markwest1987 2 days ago

    From a Raps fan, hope you heal up soon KD! The league is more exciting with you in it...glad there's no hard feelings from last year's run. So happy Serge got a ring, he is so awesome.

  • Ateup88
    Ateup88 2 days ago +1

    Next episode: eating curry with Steph Curry

  • Keith Turban
    Keith Turban 3 days ago

    Nice video ...LOL

  • Keith Turban
    Keith Turban 3 days ago

    LOL.....KD : are you single ? .......Serge : abla espanyol por pabor ...Lol

  • PrinceRPG
    PrinceRPG 3 days ago +3

    I feel like I’m watching an african uncle talking to his nephew 😂

  • CEO_GetBucketz
    CEO_GetBucketz 3 days ago +7

    “Maybe we get a ring together”
    **adam silver has joined the chat

  • FlyingArmBar 24/7
    FlyingArmBar 24/7 3 days ago


  • Billy Long Nguyen
    Billy Long Nguyen 3 days ago

    serge funny af

  • MaxxtheGod
    MaxxtheGod 3 days ago


  • ritamix33
    ritamix33 3 days ago

    English is terrible

  • Aritul
    Aritul 3 days ago

    I don't think that I'll ever be that hungry.

  • Justin webb
    Justin webb 4 days ago

    So not only is KD a snake, but a cannibal as well....gross.

  • K1ng Khab1r
    K1ng Khab1r 4 days ago

    *Thats cannibalism*

  • kmusic
    kmusic 4 days ago

    they inviting snakes on this show now....smh

    THATGUYRO 4 days ago

    Okc teammates

  • Mauro Firmino
    Mauro Firmino 4 days ago

    Amazing and fun!!! LOL

  • Lakers 4Life
    Lakers 4Life 4 days ago

    Next Episode: Serge Ibaka Builds A Wall With John Wall featuring Donald Trump

  • TheTiLe CheLi
    TheTiLe CheLi 5 days ago

    come on serge and kev you have to join the rockets !!!!!! thats going to be lethal

  • mongosaur TV
    mongosaur TV 5 days ago

    Do eating bricks with russell westbrook

  • KingKongKock Inyourtinyhole

    Dude props to this! Good vibes and he actually asks hectic questions I dig it

  • Gara75 YT
    Gara75 YT 5 days ago +1

    "I guess ima snake today"

  • teezy lol
    teezy lol 6 days ago


  • Sam M.
    Sam M. 6 days ago

    Cannibalism is no joking matter

  • Justin Libertini
    Justin Libertini 6 days ago

    Next video: *Serge Ibaka eats goat with Alex Caruso*

  • Jenniffer Massoumou
    Jenniffer Massoumou 6 days ago +1

    Un petit peu de lingala en commentaire réchauffe le cœur mouana mboka 🇨🇬🇨🇬 toujours o’bosso 加油

  • The life of manik
    The life of manik 7 days ago

    Does this count as cannibalism?

  • Vahgem Joestar
    Vahgem Joestar 7 days ago +1

    Kevin is 6'11" and here it just looks like two normal sized guys having a fun conversation.
    They are fucking huge.

  • Kodekam
    Kodekam 7 days ago

    So Kevin Durant ate himself

  • OntarioGrownBudz
    OntarioGrownBudz 7 days ago

    The whole city behind you... correct yourself Kraft Dinner... the whole country be behind them.

  • Anfmethodjor
    Anfmethodjor 7 days ago

    Ibaka served snake to a 🐍?

  • Harlan Davis, ll
    Harlan Davis, ll 7 days ago

    Steph >KD Shooting

  • B Minnie
    B Minnie 7 days ago +1

    This was Better than cable tv!!!!

  • B Minnie
    B Minnie 7 days ago

    Whhhew its hot in ass men up in here 😘😘

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 7 days ago


  • JØ
     7 days ago


  • Livingmybestlife2018
    Livingmybestlife2018 7 days ago +2

    The brotherhood ❤

  • goofy goober boy
    goofy goober boy 8 days ago

    I want them to win

  • goofy goober boy
    goofy goober boy 8 days ago

    Tell Serge to go back to okc

  • Larry Johnson
    Larry Johnson 8 days ago

    Next episode:eating a dragon 🐉 with goran dragic

  • superkell 001
    superkell 001 8 days ago +6

    This man look like a tall as offset

  • Eason Liu
    Eason Liu 8 days ago +3

    I kind like KD right now. So funny, dont let the media ruin their personalty.

  • munyeca hellproof
    munyeca hellproof 8 days ago

    Mmmmmm hmmmmm serge is finnnnne

  • gamingwithomar2
    gamingwithomar2 8 days ago

    he ate his own kind...

  • D WILL
    D WILL 8 days ago

    This show SUCKS......he cant cook. At all. He just makin shit up.

  • Just My Opinion
    Just My Opinion 8 days ago

    These 2 go way back, has nothing but love good to see that!

  • Natural Beauty’
    Natural Beauty’ 8 days ago

    Accent sexy af

  • Muhammed Yusuf
    Muhammed Yusuf 8 days ago

    Next episode: Eating dick with Dwight Howard

  • effyiong
    effyiong 9 days ago +1

    and it i s true..once you have nba history with durrant..he supports doubt..(exclude warriors)

  • effyiong
    effyiong 9 days ago +1

    love can any idiot hate on kevin durrant....this is great....i love how players respond to other players -act more comfortable-instead of corny journalists like steven hairline smith...seeking narcissistic soundbites from top payers

  • Sarah sulwey
    Sarah sulwey 9 days ago

    Sleak like a snake

  • Hexcagon YT
    Hexcagon YT 9 days ago +2

    Next episode: eating a dinosaur with Chris Bosh
    Next next episode: eating a donkey with Draymond Green
    Next next next episode: drinking henny with Jr Smith
    Next next next next episode: eating a turtle with Rajon Rondo
    Next next next next next episode: eating chinese food with Jeremy Lin, Yao Ming
    Next next next next next next episode: eating curry with Stephen Curry
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    Next next next next next next next next episode: eating a rat with D’angelo Russel