10+ Interesting Facts About The Netherlands


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    So a sure we missed some facts! Let us know what facts we missed if you now something! Also what other countries would you like to see! Give it likes and we can get to a part 2 faster!

    • knolipower
      knolipower 6 days ago

      Now you see how many dutch people are subscibed on you
      I am dutch too

    • S Neleman
      S Neleman 15 days ago

      +Steef van dijk it is if you count the water

    • Maya
      Maya 23 days ago

      You forgot the painters (Rembrand van Rijn, Vincent van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer)

    • Peasman
      Peasman 24 days ago

      I am sorry to tell, but operation market garden had nothing to do with removing dikes and use water as a manner of defense/offense. it was an oldschool way of defense and tried in ww2 to use it against the german invasion but it didnt really help. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch_Water_Line

    • Elena 22
      Elena 22 29 days ago

      Rotterdam Was bombed by the germans in the 2nd WW because they thougth it was Amsterdam but now Rotterdam is the most beutiful place in the world

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    i live in the netherlands

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    Ik ga stuk om hoe hij friesland zegt 😂

  • Ultimate Gamer
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    as a dutch person i can tell about the aviation part: the introducer of flying in the Netherlands was not albert plesman, it was Anthony Fokker, plesman was the director of KLM. I can teel this because I made a thesis about aviation and got 8 out of 10 points

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    Dont scream when you strart a sentece, video is cool but your screaming at the start of every sentence just ruined it for me.

  • Thank u next
    Thank u next 2 days ago

    Okay so the hague in dutch is actually 'Den Haag' and 'den' doesn't actually mean 'the' it's more german. Its actually translated wrong i Think. But now the whole world pronounces it as 'the hague'

  • jim de nooij
    jim de nooij 2 days ago

    pronounce Friesland as Freesland than it sounds as nederlands, I do not dare to speak of their own dialect which has recently been officially recognized as a native language for the Frisians

  • jim de nooij
    jim de nooij 2 days ago

    north and south holland were and naybe still are the most important provinces, in the olden days the most important cities are the capital (Amsterdam) the city where the government is seated (Den Haag) and later the harbour of Rotterdam became more signifficant, the importance, surely in the past was overwhelming. in 15 th century we sailed the world on irder to make some money. Theres journeys were full of threats; no fresh veggies or fruits dried kinda bread and meat that was salted in order to preserve it, these journeyes took half a year a whole year sometimes longer, so you understand that not many men were eager to take a job aboard a ship. Only the ones that had never learned a craft had not much choice even those were not eager too. Some people made it their job to recrute outside of bars and cafes to see drunken guys coming out lost all their money so easy targets to persuade to sign a contract for a journey, most were ignorant, illiterate youngsters. When they came in other countries they told the natives, when asked, their from Holland they really did not know any better than the province where they came from. This created this stubborn misunderstanding

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo 2 days ago

    The first windmills in The Netherlands were not built in 1850! The Dutch have invented windmills and started building and using them since the 16th century. For pumping out the water and keep pumping it out because it is a non stop operation. Also for sawing wood. The Dutch could build ships many times faster (and better) than any other nation in the world. Because of windmills.

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    If you are male and you want to be castrated completely feminised and become a douchebag come to the Netherlands

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    Boring country after a while

  • Video
    Video 4 days ago

    Huj z tymi patalachami

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    dude u stoned?

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    Yeh and we smoke a lot of weed.

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    fun fact: the hague is Den haag but not the full name of the city, its actually called: Den s'gravenhaage

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    Am I the only one here to see What people say about our little country and us?🇳🇱😁
    And fries-land, koekenhof😂😂 dying🤣🤣

  • George Gomez
    George Gomez 6 days ago

    Did you know that actualy carrots are purple but the netherland made them orange many Years ago.

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    Luuk db 6 days ago

    3:10 he said it wrong himself

  • MJ Gaming
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    im happy my country i called beautiful, because most videos about the netherlands are negative and this video was positive :)

  • Lucas Van Valderen
    Lucas Van Valderen 8 days ago

    I am proud to be Dutch and to be part in the NATO🇳🇱

  • Stevan
    Stevan 8 days ago

    Pretty accurate. One of the best I've seen. But for a better picture you should get in touch with Dutch people more. We are not easily offended about anything but we also say what we think so we might offend others with our directness. We are very tolerant and open minded but we do have our own culture being tolerant and open minded just a part of it. Our second language is English, but we usually speak mor languages but not Fries. More than 50% of our universities teach in English. It's weird. Amsterdam is the capitol but actually it does not represent The Netherlands at all. It's just a leftist run city full of immigrants and it's a real challenge to find an original Amsterdam born white person there. Foreigners like Amsterdam way better than we do.

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    for the final touch god created the dutch

  • Pien Van Eijk
    Pien Van Eijk 9 days ago

    5:28 in dutch it's Den haag. So it doesn't have the in it in dutch

  • Julian Kaldenberg
    Julian Kaldenberg 9 days ago

    im from holland and i know no one who get ofended if someone say hey your from holland

  • camel nat
    camel nat 9 days ago

    Been there twice loved it there

  • dusmartijngames
    dusmartijngames 10 days ago

    5:24 it is actually not the haag but it is den haag.. but go on xD

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    Maaskantje 10/10

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    ik ben nederlands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    hah like als je nederlands bent

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    Actually there is a place where I grew up in the Netherlands that is below sea level........called the haarlemmermeer. Now the polder is also below sea level and maby some other places too. My parents taught me to swim since I was very little due to so much water everywhere. In school they had a swim program which was mandatory.

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  • Gewoon Rickert
    Gewoon Rickert 14 days ago

    de Oosterschelde isn’t the biggest the Veluwe is bigger i live in southholland

  • Naut Leuverink
    Naut Leuverink 14 days ago

    I live in the netherlands and we call it “nederland”

  • silvan listiq
    silvan listiq 14 days ago

    I am dutch/ik ben nederlands

  • Metal Fyre
    Metal Fyre 14 days ago

    It's pronounced Frees-land, not Fries-land. ;-) the language is called Freesian (Fries in Dutch, an "ie" sounds like English "ee"), not Fry-sian.

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    Als je nederland bent. Het zal je irriteren hoe hij NetherLAINDS zegt.

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  • imnotworking
    imnotworking 15 days ago

    ppfff hahahaha no one gets offended by saying that someone is from holland nobody gives a shit, to us its the same ,holland or the netherlands they are both correct

  • Romy Consalez diaz
    Romy Consalez diaz 16 days ago

    I’m Dutch and I really facking hate it here. The government is fucked up. Ee pay way too much taxes and from now on (1 january 2019) we have to pay even more. They ruin our countrie. So don’t go live here. When old enough I going to live in an other country.
    In this video it sounds like this is the perfect country to live... but it’s not... (it’s a nice video btw)

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    Netherland hereee💗😂

  • Agustin Medina
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    talk about uruguay please

  • phoebs69
    phoebs69 17 days ago

    Population is still growing. Still more people are coming to the netherlands and have kids and so on. The Hague in dutch is Den Haag ( Den is not The, because De is The) . Lol the way you pronounce Friesland and keukenhof xD. And Fokker factory in our country in 1978 was owned by a far relative of mine. And we are very open to other people's religion and so on.

  • Henk Oosterink
    Henk Oosterink 17 days ago

    The best parts are not Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Too many Muslims.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 18 days ago

    Most Dutch land is below sea level. That's why Dutch people grew so tall.

  • Shirley
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    Missed you ❤️

  • Renee S.S.O. & Eva M.S.P.


  • Kelsas NL
    Kelsas NL 19 days ago

    Gelderland is the biggest province sorry to interrupt

  • Danny Leenards
    Danny Leenards 19 days ago

    There is no city whit the in it The Hage is a village
    Actually this village is more important than the capital

  • Ies Van Wasbeek
    Ies Van Wasbeek 20 days ago

    Im dutch

  • irfan Fortnite en meer

    I come from THE netherlands i come from overijsel

  • T.A. Music
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    This annoying face , cap back to front, keeps mispronouncing Dutch names. Any self respecting narrator would learn first how to pronounce them properly. So much for professionalism.

  • Epic Twins
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    how he says den haag XD

  • Robin Doeve
    Robin Doeve 21 day ago

    IT isnt the haag it is den haag den is nog the

  • Arie in't Veld
    Arie in't Veld 21 day ago

    you say kukenhof not keukenhof (i 'm a hollander i live in south holland)

  • Kai Ferdinand
    Kai Ferdinand 22 days ago

    I live in the netherlands

  • Ivano Valize
    Ivano Valize 22 days ago

    4:47 i was thare in the netherlands my home is in sittard but i ones be in amsterdam and saw a clown XD

  • Mr.douchebird
    Mr.douchebird 23 days ago

    We have another city in the netherlands with the in front of it altough we don’t say the but den. So it’s not the hague but den haag. The city i was talking about is den bosch

  • Can we get 1000 subscribers without videos?

    Den Bosch is also a Dutch city

  • Julian Beekhuis
    Julian Beekhuis 24 days ago

    An other city in the Netherlands Is called den Bosch and is normally 's-Hertogenbosch

  • Sven Beckers
    Sven Beckers 24 days ago

    wait what friesland is the biggest province?

  • ghost
    ghost 25 days ago

    Explains how it is rude to call netherlands holland proceeds to call it holland

  • Stefano
    Stefano 25 days ago

    in Schipol (The Amsterdam airport) there are KLMs ever second

  • Melissa Lololove
    Melissa Lololove 25 days ago

    Emsterdam natuurlijk 😂😂

  • 93?
    93? 25 days ago

    The hague is not from the netherlands. Its from everyone (multicultureel)

  • Fred Stam
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    Why don't you talk normal?

  • Catharine Boeder
    Catharine Boeder 26 days ago

    Im from the Netherlands and friesland isn’t the biggest province but gelderland is

  • 1966MvD
    1966MvD 26 days ago

    The name Holland comes from the old word Holzland, meaning woodland. In de Middle Ages Holland was covered in woods and swamps, but all the wood was used for building ships for the VOC and the WIC.

  • Tygo Dopp
    Tygo Dopp 26 days ago

    Den bosch is a nother

  • 40daan
    40daan 26 days ago

    also excist another smaller city: Den Bosch or 's Hertogenbosch (also both same city)

  • 40daan
    40daan 26 days ago

    The Hague = 's Gravenhage or Den Haag (both are the same city)

  • Harold Keet
    Harold Keet 26 days ago

    it is so funny to hear english people speak dutch

  • Voornaam Achternaam
    Voornaam Achternaam 27 days ago

    What I know about Netherland; taxes calculated over more taxes and a rent which is not comfortable because of rich foreigners and poor immigrants who gets priority on goverment subsidized livings.

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    It is not the haag it is den haag

  • orlando wierenga
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  • moenirjwzz balguidjwzz


  • elena J
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    Its so funny to hear english people say city name, I live in NoOrD bRaBant

  • team RV
    team RV Month ago

    as it is English, how you can make the title Dutch?(without translate)

  • Sophietje Margrietje

    Hahaha Nederland is echt een kut land

  • R Haagsma
    R Haagsma Month ago

    Ik ben trots om een Nederlander ze zijn, en ook ik ben bereid te sterven voor die vrijheid.
    DUTCH MOVIE: Michiel de Ruyter - Johan de Witt speech
    me u een vraag stellen. We leven in een land van kooplui. we varen met
    een vloot van 20.000 schepen over de wereldzeeën, en in de handel werken
    we allemaal samen. Om een goede prijs te bedingen om elkaar te helpen
    in nood. wat denkt u? heeft dat gewerkt of niet? ik zie dat sommige
    afgevaardigde nauwelijks meer in de banken passen. En ik vraag het u.
    als u in de oost of west zaken doet doet u dat als prinsgezinde of
    En waarom denkt u dat de Engelse onze aanvoertjes
    willen blokkeren? en onze handel proberen stil te leggen? Is dat omdat u
    Prinsgezind bent of Staatsgezind bent, nee. De Engelse willen oorlog
    met ons voeren, omdat wij Nederlanders zijn. Vrije Nederlanders. Want in
    de ogen van de grote koning is ons landje te rijk, te succesvol en te
    vrij, want we zijn ook nog eens een republiek. (waar in het ieder vrij
    staat om te leven zoals m'n wil). (Het is een land waarin we zelf
    bepalen hoe we God aanbidden). (Waarin geen enkele leider belangrijker
    is dan het land zelf). de Engelse gunnen ons die vrijheid niet, ze
    worden bang van die vrijheid, omdat wij bereid zijn te sterven voor die
    vrijheid!!!. Omdat wij die vrijheid met ons eigen bloed hebben betaald,
    Daarom. En ik vraag het u, heeft niet ieder van u een familielid
    verloren tegen de Spanjaarden of de Engelse? en was dat staatsgezind
    bloed of prinsgezind bloed? NEE. (Dat was Nederlands bloed), (Dat is ons
    bloed). (Dit is ons land). Het is een land dat we zelf om het water
    hebben veroverd, een land waar we ons geluk zelf verdienen door de
    handen uit de mouw te steken, in de dorpen en de steden, havens en op
    het land. We kunnen onze vrijheid alleen beschermen als we ook willen
    vechten voor die van een ander. DAT!!!, DAT IS DE BAND DIE DE 7 PIJLEN
    Let me pose you a question. We're a nation
    of merchants. we sail the seas of the world with 20'000 ships, in trade
    we work together. to get better prices and to help each othger. and what
    do you think? Does it work or not? It does, some members became so
    successful thay hardly fit in the benches. And i ask you. When you do
    business in the East or the West, do you do so as Origists or as
    Republicans. And why do you think the English want to block our
    supplies? and try to stop our trade? Is that because you are
    Prince-minded or State-minded, no. The English want to make war with us
    because we are Dutch. Free Dutch people. For in the eyes of the great
    king our country is too rich, too successful and too free, because we
    are also a republic. (where in everyone is free to live as my will). (It
    is a country in which we determine how we worship God). (Where no
    leader is more important than the country itself). the English do not
    give us that freedom, they become afraid of that freedom, because we are
    willing to die for that freedom !!! Because we have paid that freedom
    with our own blood, Therefore. And I ask you, has not every one of you
    lost a family member against the Spaniards or the English? and was that
    state-like blood or princely blood? NO. (That was Dutch blood), (That's
    our blood). (This is our country). It is a country that we ourselves
    have conquered the water, a country where we earn our own fortune by
    working our way, in the villages and the cities, ports and on land. We
    can only protect our freedom if we also want to fight for someone
    DUTCH MOVIE: Michiel de Ruyter - Johan de Witt speech. By Dutch actor: Barrie Atsma.

  • VotedGames
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    Kaas eten en op klompen lopen welkom in nederland.
    and for al peaople around the world her are some facts abouth the Neterlands.
    The Netherlands have invented the telescope, microscope, bluethooth, tape and taperecorder and the wifi (Wirless fidelity)

    • The American Dutchman
      The American Dutchman Month ago

      We also are the inventors of capitalism....opened up the worlds first stock exchange in Amsterdam in 1602

  • Demir Tuzla
    Demir Tuzla Month ago

    "The Earth is flat!"
    Me: "no, The Netherlands is"

  • itsdaZpecialboyZ
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    5:38 den bosch and den helder den oever

  • Karel Boy
    Karel Boy Month ago

    Denbosch also Dutch an i’m Dutch

  • obimk1
    obimk1 Month ago

    Province of North Brabant has some pretty advanced high-tech industry

  • Youssef Diab
    Youssef Diab Month ago

    Hello I'm Youssef, a Lebanese teenager. Netherlands is a truly fascinating country, and I'm willing to visit magical Amsterdm sometime. I even know how to speak Dutch, for it's a beautiful language to learn. Love to Netherlands and Dutch people from Lebanon 😍😍❤❤

  • Amina van de Veerdonk

    I'm Dutch and I didn't know much of these things haha

  • Johanna Rogier-Awad

    You did not mention the province of Utrecht.

  • Davey gaat je niks aan

    It Used To Be Holland The Got the Name From the Former Name That Was Houtland/Woodland Because There Were Many Trees.

  • janny laurel
    janny laurel Month ago

    make a video of 10 facts of friesland

  • Es Wee
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    Who else loved his pronouncian?

  • TTVSwift
    TTVSwift Month ago

    When the dutch revolution started in around 1780 they also used the dijken to let the land flow with water to gain land they also build a lot of castles for that war 80 years

  • Jay VanDevender
    Jay VanDevender Month ago

    I am part of the diaspora of The Netherlands in America and I know little about the country so thank you for the insight

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    IdkAName Month ago

    I like watching fun facts about my own country

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    Frans Uitenhoven Month ago

    Kom maar naar rotterdam kanker lul

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    Thank you for making a positive video about the netherlands Thank you❤️❤️

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    ik kan nederlands praten, ja hoor.

  • gerjen brouwer
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    But learned english