Interesting Facts About The Netherlands


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  • FTD Facts
    FTD Facts  5 months ago +386

    So a sure we missed some facts! Let us know what facts we missed if you now something! Also what other countries would you like to see! Give it likes and we can get to a part 2 faster!

    • Jill Bouwhuis
      Jill Bouwhuis 2 days ago

      FTD Facts can you tell more about Overijssel

    • jack spedicy
      jack spedicy 2 days ago

      FTD Facts 5:50 i'm going to give a little fact about this place (i love you have such a natural curiosity for places and stories )i live close to this castle it is the castle in helmond which litteraly translates to hellmounth, it is named this becuase back in the middle ages the people thought it was the place closest to hell and for a good reason, you see back in the middle ages there was no helmond, it was one big swamp, a swamp were people often would go missing, hence the name helmond, so offcourse you ask well why isn't it a swamp anymore? i can explain, becuase it often rains and storms here in the netherlands and back then that was even worse, trees and other stuff tends to break down, in the swamp too but the swamp would drag that stuff down until eventualy the cloged up wood and dirt combined were so dense you could walk on it. i hope you enjoyed this little fact :)

    • gammaraygem
      gammaraygem 3 days ago

      in Friesland they grow potatoes, hence the "fries", in Gelderland they have the moneytrees, Geld means money, then theres Bra bant ..etc.

    • Redisia
      Redisia 6 days ago

      +FTD Facts "The Hague" does not start with The :) you are reading a english version the dutch name is "Den Haag" but i get what your getting at.

    • Diedrik Brandsma
      Diedrik Brandsma 7 days ago

      Tom Nordhausen Oh, you're living on the edge... Fries (or Frisian in English) is not a dialect, but a language. Limburgs is a dialect, but more people tend to call it a (small) language too.

  • Henk DePotvis
    Henk DePotvis 2 hours ago

    The hague is a translation of den haag so it doesnt means the, den is not al legit word

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  • fleurtje fleur
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    Hoi ik ben nl, lol ik zeg nu dingen en andere mensen verstaan er geen kut van en vragen zich af wtf ik zeg, en nl mensen zijn like: "hahahaaha wij lekker wel" en iedereen denkt nu dat ik echt iets super balangrijks zeg lolol

    Thx voor t lezen lol

  • jan stolk
    jan stolk 8 hours ago

    Too bad it's on it's way to become an Islamic shithole.
    Like most white countries .

  • marin r
    marin r 9 hours ago

    k zou bijna geloven dat er iets te beleven is in nederland

  • Duncan De hulst
    Duncan De hulst Day ago

    If you ever read the name of a foodstore and don't understand, no we do not bang our forhead on a keyboard to name something

  • Astrid DIY'S
    Astrid DIY'S Day ago

    Nederlanders hier ?

  • Daphne Jonkers
    Daphne Jonkers Day ago

    I live in the netherlands eke eke nederland

  • Incindentvolger Nederland

    I comming from Amsterdam Hey Nederland

  • Osamah Saif
    Osamah Saif Day ago

    Studied there ... Extremely nice people and country... Missing those days

  • Maree Bakker
    Maree Bakker Day ago

    I live there💜

  • Iggytommy
    Iggytommy 2 days ago

    shame he cant say Friesland / Frisian / Frisian

  • Mathijs Postmus
    Mathijs Postmus 2 days ago

    The hague

  • Frank Hooper
    Frank Hooper 2 days ago

    If you're going to make a video about The Netherlands, you really need to check the pronunciation of Friesland and Frisian.

  • jonas
    jonas 2 days ago

    Like als je je geskipt voelt als Limburger!

  • Jasper Beks
    Jasper Beks 2 days ago

    Funny how you say Friesland. You say it like the land of fries. xD
    but its actually like Freezeland.

  • Michiel Fransen
    Michiel Fransen 2 days ago

    You pronounce Friesland like freesland

  • springtrap the builder


  • Laurens Wortel
    Laurens Wortel 3 days ago

    The Hague is in dutch Den Haag

  • Paulus Oppai
    Paulus Oppai 3 days ago

    Make a video of the Caribbean island Aruba Bonaire and Curacao please😫🙏🙏 ps. Am from Aruba

  • Mortophobe
    Mortophobe 3 days ago

    why does youtube keep throwing video's about the country i live in at my face? im not even a patriotic nationalist...

  • Sanne van Cruijsen
    Sanne van Cruijsen 3 days ago

    The in the Hague is actually a abbreviation. The city was initially called 's-Gravenhage which is old Dutch. This became Den Haag (when translated in English the Hague). We actually have this with another (also quite big) city called 's-Hertogenbosch which became Den Bosch. I couldn't find an English translation for Den Bosch, which made me think: I assume Den Haag is translated because it has a quite important character for the whole world, because of the ICJ. The Hague is also where our parliament is.

  • mverstaen
    mverstaen 3 days ago

    theres loads of city names which in dutch start with either " den" or " de" in The Netherlands and Belgium. allthough is must admit that i do not know if all of these get a the in the english translation. Perhaps The Hague is unique but i'm inclined to disagree with that.
    (Den Haag, Den Helder, Den Briel, Den Bosch (also known as " 's Hertogenbosch which translates as "the Dukes Forest" )" De Haan, De Panne
    frysian is pronounced different the y and the i are pronounced the same, sounding like an english " e" (free-see-an)
    Amsterdam is the capital, the hague is where the government sits.
    i kinda feel the south of the netherlands is more or less ignored but i'm probably biassed since i'm from the southern part.
    and yes saying " hey you're from Holland" can actually be taken as an insult by people from another province than north or south holland. However, most people don't mind and those that do will most likely correct you instead if acting all insulted.

  • Thirza Knigge
    Thirza Knigge 3 days ago

    Kelderlend 😂😂

  • Famke & Naz
    Famke & Naz 3 days ago

    Finally someone who knows the difference between Holland and the Netherlands!

  • Zntx
    Zntx 3 days ago +1

    Ben benieuwd..

  • Word Of poly
    Word Of poly 3 days ago

    You shoud try typical Dutch food like hagelslag, ontbijtkoek, stroopwafels, boterbabelaars, kroketten end kibbeling it myth be hard to find

  • Nahid Adib
    Nahid Adib 4 days ago

    Lol I live in the Netherlands

  • Jeweetnietwie Ikben
    Jeweetnietwie Ikben 4 days ago

    Al that snow in the begin in the netherlands it never snow

  • Chloe Barneveld
    Chloe Barneveld 4 days ago

    HAHAHA i got so confused when he was talking bout the Dijks. Cuz it all wrong

  • Bas van Vliet
    Bas van Vliet 4 days ago

    5.30 you mean Den Haag

  • Luuk Ten Holte
    Luuk Ten Holte 4 days ago

    Like als je Nederlands bent

  • Jitsinator
    Jitsinator 4 days ago

    loved to see a video about my home that actually has true and nice
    facts and isn't only about things in Amsterdam :)

  • willem gyronimus
    willem gyronimus 4 days ago

    Its the hague cause of the translation its not "de haag" its " den haag"

  • jybuys
    jybuys 4 days ago

    Let's keep the Netherlands Dutch..

  • SamThom
    SamThom 4 days ago

    Do a video about Dutch food

  • bodhi van zutphen
    bodhi van zutphen 4 days ago

    Like als je Nederlands bent

  • kevin lammering
    kevin lammering 4 days ago

    the netherlands sucks

  • Gideon PlanesWalker
    Gideon PlanesWalker 4 days ago

    The banking system of the Netherlands is the basest of the Bank of England. Also William Orange was from the Netherlands.

  • Pino Master 101
    Pino Master 101 4 days ago

    I live in the netherlands

    FRGAST 4 days ago

    Frise land ?? 😂😂😂😂 it is Fryslân deade! Aja Kist dr ek neatoan dwaan âlde mei dyn núvere burd dyst haste (just joking)

  • cookie_licker
    cookie_licker 4 days ago

    2:39 wtf I live like 3 min away from that haha. I was like wait is that what I think it is :P and we have a guy here that is pretty famous with his drone videos

  • Pim Kers
    Pim Kers 4 days ago

    I’m from the Netherlands and almost nothing is accurate. Nobody gets offended when you ask them if they are from Holland because it’s the excact same thing as the Netherlands. And there only is one official language; Dutch😜

  • Paprikagamezz lols
    Paprikagamezz lols 5 days ago

    groningen and overijsel werent called by population or i just missed it

  • Flaustry
    Flaustry 5 days ago

    Isn't Den Haag the capital city of the Netherlands?

  • wishii boo's
    wishii boo's 5 days ago

    Dat moment.... het moest den haag zijn, maar ik verstond De Heg!

  • Fvux
    Fvux 5 days ago

    About the largest provinces, Gelderland is the largest, then Noord-Brabant, and then I even think Overijsel. Friesland doesn't belong here ;)

  • Elvina De Nijs
    Elvina De Nijs 5 days ago

    Heyy im dutch en er is nog veel meer moois hoor

  • Melissa z.
    Melissa z. 5 days ago

    i reconized the street at 2:29. Its in my city called Groningen.

  • Anil Schollaert
    Anil Schollaert 5 days ago

    And what about the girls? ;)

  • Hendrik Hendriks
    Hendrik Hendriks 5 days ago

    But it has no culture ha ha (kinda)

  • juuls09
    juuls09 5 days ago

    Its den haag in dutch and den is an old dutch word for de(the)

  • WimGF
    WimGF 5 days ago

    Fun-fact: North-Holland and South-Holland are actually on the west coast of the Netherlands

  • Yorick Arts
    Yorick Arts 5 days ago

    I hate the culture in the netherlands. Its a disgusting country. Nobody bothers throwing away trash in trash cans. Our president lets immigrants pour in and my neighbours all ruin my way of living. My schools i have been to have had tons of ISIS supporters. I have had my phone stolen and have had death threats by my own classmates. Never have i ever had a true friend here since everyone leaves me behind.
    Recently i have been on vacation to Minsk in belarus. That is what i call good culture. Also no trash to be found anywhere. Those are truly hard working people while the dutch are lazy fucks.

  • infortax
    infortax 5 days ago

    this is so much fun watching this as a dutch person

  • Cars Lansink
    Cars Lansink 5 days ago

    whahaha how you pronounce friesland i'm sorry but it is so funny

  • Neb Neb
    Neb Neb 5 days ago

    5:53 Might have been mentioned before, but Friesland is not the biggest province. In fact Gelderland is with 5137 km2 while Friesland has only 3250 km2. Which ranks 4th after Gelderland (5137 km2), Noord-Brabant (5081 km2) and Overijssel (3327 km2).

  • J.M. K.
    J.M. K. 5 days ago

    Of every country in the world, one of them is in Amsterdam.

  • Lit Squid
    Lit Squid 5 days ago

    Wait who ever said that they were offended by the term Holland??🤔

  • Kyano Bellamy
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  • SharxTheGuy
    SharxTheGuy 6 days ago

    In WW2 the dutch also flooded their own lands to keep the German army at bay.

  • This Is Thomas
    This Is Thomas 6 days ago

    Its not the haque But den haag

  • i k
    i k 6 days ago

    There are other places with den in front such like Den Helder

  • Anoniem Mannetje
    Anoniem Mannetje 6 days ago

    5:36 Den Bosch

  • Sam Etemadi
    Sam Etemadi 6 days ago

    Love Amsterdam from Iran

  • juul B
    juul B 6 days ago

    we don't have a city with the but in inglish its the but in dutch is den srry i want to say that 😂👍🏻

  • D and K Games
    D and K Games 6 days ago

    In the netherlans we sey

  • scarlett Yasmyn
    scarlett Yasmyn 6 days ago

    If you translate Keukenhof then you realize keuken means kitchen yep I’m from the Netherlands 🇳🇱

  • TheMadHatter
    TheMadHatter 6 days ago

    You have forgotten about two provinces Drenthe and Groningen

  • Joeri Streefkerk
    Joeri Streefkerk 6 days ago

    I laughed when he pronounced Friesland, I can understand where it comes from but it is pronounced as "freeze"land (but the dutchies do like fries)

  • Daniel Karnebeek
    Daniel Karnebeek 6 days ago

    That shot of darth vader was THE best

  • Daniel Karnebeek
    Daniel Karnebeek 6 days ago


  • Ronald is here
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  • Anoniempje123
    Anoniempje123 6 days ago

    in the Netherlands we do not say the Hague but den haag and den does not mean the

  • Machiel Luchtmeijer
    Machiel Luchtmeijer 6 days ago

    Wilhelmus van Nassouwe
    ben ik, van Duitsen bloed,
    den vaderland getrouwe
    blijf ik tot in den dood.
    Een Prinse van Oranje
    ben ik, vrij, onverveerd,
    den Koning van Hispanje
    heb ik altijd geëerd.
    In Godes vrees te leven
    heb ik altijd betracht,
    daarom ben ik verdreven,
    om land, om luid gebracht.
    Maar God zal mij regeren
    als een goed instrument,
    dat ik zal wederkeren
    in mijnen regiment.
    Lijdt u, mijn onderzaten
    die oprecht zijt van aard,
    God zal u niet verlaten,
    al zijt gij nu bezwaard.
    Die vroom begeert te leven,
    bidt God nacht ende dag,
    dat Hij mij kracht zal geven,
    dat ik u helpen mag.
    Lijf en goed al te samen
    heb ik u niet verschoond,
    mijn broeders hoog van namen
    hebben 't u ook vertoond:
    Graaf Adolf is gebleven
    in Friesland in den slag,
    zijn ziel in 't eeuwig leven
    verwacht den jongsten dag.
    Edel en hooggeboren,
    van keizerlijken stam,
    een vorst des rijks verkoren,
    als een vroom christenman,
    voor Godes woord geprezen,
    heb ik, vrij onversaagd,
    als een held zonder vrezen
    mijn edel bloed gewaagd.
    Mijn schild ende betrouwen
    zijt Gij, o God mijn Heer,
    op U zo wil ik bouwen,
    Verlaat mij nimmermeer.
    Dat ik doch vroom mag blijven,
    uw dienaar t'aller stond,
    de tirannie verdrijven
    die mij mijn hart doorwondt.
    Van al die mij bezwaren
    en mijn vervolgers zijn,
    mijn God, wil doch bewaren
    den trouwen dienaar dijn,
    dat zij mij niet verrassen
    in hunnen bozen moed,
    hun handen niet en wassen
    in mijn onschuldig bloed.
    Als David moeste vluchten
    voor Sauel den tiran,
    zo heb ik moeten zuchten
    als menig edelman.
    Maar God heeft hem verheven,
    verlost uit alder nood,
    een koninkrijk gegeven
    in Israël zeer groot.
    Na 't zuur zal ik ontvangen
    van God mijn Heer dat zoet,
    daarna zo doet verlangen
    mijn vorstelijk gemoed:
    dat is, dat ik mag sterven
    met eren in dat veld,
    een eeuwig rijk verwerven
    als een getrouwen held.
    Niet doet mij meer erbarmen
    in mijnen wederspoed
    dan dat men ziet verarmen
    des Konings landen goed.
    Dat u de Spanjaards krenken,
    o edel Neerland zoet,
    als ik daaraan gedenke,
    mijn edel hart dat bloedt.
    Als een prins opgezeten
    met mijner heires-kracht,
    van den tiran vermeten
    heb ik den slag verwacht,
    die, bij Maastricht begraven,
    bevreesde mijn geweld;
    mijn ruiters zag men draven
    zeer moedig door dat veld.
    Zo het den wil des Heren
    op dien tijd had geweest,
    had ik geern willen keren
    van u dit zwaar tempeest.
    Maar de Heer van hierboven,
    die alle ding regeert,
    die men altijd moet loven,
    en heeft het niet begeerd.
    Zeer christlijk was gedreven
    mijn prinselijk gemoed,
    standvastig is gebleven
    mijn hart in tegenspoed.
    Den Heer heb ik gebeden
    uit mijnes harten grond,
    dat Hij mijn zaak wil redden,
    mijn onschuld maken kond.
    Oorlof, mijn arme schapen
    die zijt in groten nood,
    uw herder zal niet slapen,
    al zijt gij nu verstrooid.
    Tot God wilt u begeven,
    zijn heilzaam woord neemt aan,
    als vrome christen leven,-
    't zal hier haast zijn gedaan.
    Voor God wil ik belijden
    en zijner groten macht,
    dat ik tot genen tijden
    den Koning heb veracht,
    dan dat ik God den Heere,
    der hoogsten Majesteit,
    heb moeten obediëren
    in der gerechtigheid.

  • Alexander David Jansen

    Fun fact, the Dutch king flies airliner 737 for klm as copilot

  • Keilerbie
    Keilerbie 6 days ago +11

    “One amazing country when it comes to protecting its culture.”

    *kuch kuch* REGENBOOGPIET *kuch kuch*

  • Keilerbie
    Keilerbie 6 days ago +2

    You explain the difference in “Holland” and “The Netherlands” and why Holland is wrong and then you make the same mistake a minute later by saying that Operation Market garden was in Holland...

  • Tailed Summoners
    Tailed Summoners 6 days ago

    Its so funny how english people pronounce dutch words not that they can do anything about it but still its pretty fun to listen to great video btw good and accurate you forgot the weed tho xd

  • yorangames
    yorangames 6 days ago

    Srry boi Amsterdam is not the capital city, it is Leiden

    • Jip Schaafsma
      Jip Schaafsma 6 days ago

      Ik hoop echt heel erg dat je een grapje maakt. Anders moet je gewoon echt weer aan je aardrijkskunde gaan werken

  • Sasha Bosch
    Sasha Bosch 7 days ago +1

    I love it when english people pronounce dutch words :)

  • jesper teunissen
    jesper teunissen 7 days ago

    6:05 gelderland is the biggest not friesland

  • shufflefreakable
    shufflefreakable 7 days ago

    We dont really get offended if you call it holland

  • L V
    L V 7 days ago

    Dijk is pronounced "dayk" with an open "a". If you say "Dike", it is like saying "dyke", the neutral word for "manly lesbian".

  • tim pieper
    tim pieper 7 days ago

    den bosch

  • Tuyn
    Tuyn 7 days ago

    How he pronounces Friesland 🍟 I think they could better say: freezeland, that’s more close to how you should pronounce it

  • Milan Stein
    Milan Stein 7 days ago

    Fries is niet een taal maar een dialect

    • Jip Schaafsma
      Jip Schaafsma 6 days ago

      Milan Stein het is toch echt een taal...
      Sorry man...

  • lol DJ.Kabouter
    lol DJ.Kabouter 7 days ago

    The fiesland talkingbis not true

  • F.T .P.
    F.T .P. 7 days ago

    heeyy 🙋
    in the Netherlands we also have a culture called gabber (hardcore) that started around 1991/1992. just look at it! maybe a cool idea for a new video. 😉

  • Joestoes
    Joestoes 7 days ago

    Another fun fact: the king of the Netherlands actually has a job at KLM as a pilot. So it gives the “royal” in royal dutch airlines an extra meaning.

  • Een game Dorpje
    Een game Dorpje 7 days ago

    We saying keuken and you saying kuken XD

  • Een game Dorpje
    Een game Dorpje 7 days ago

    Amsterdam? I live there!

  • Christopher Cooper
    Christopher Cooper 7 days ago

    Nice Vid but work on you pronunciations for example where the keukenhof is you pronounced it as Lees when actually it is more close to Lisa (with a short I sound as in list)

  • rare dingen
    rare dingen 7 days ago

    Im dutch

  • Nops
    Nops 7 days ago

    Den Helder, den Bosch

  • Insanityltself
    Insanityltself 7 days ago

    Come to the Netherlands. We have stroopwafels!

  • Victor van Nikkelen Kuijper

    Here are some more facts about The Netherlands
    -At breakfast we eat chocolate sprinkles called Hagelslag on our sandwiches.
    -The Netherlands was the first country who recognised the USA and their Bill of Rights is a copy of ours.
    -The genre of music called EDM comes from The Netherlands. It started as House Music in the early 90s.
    -American Pie is in fact Dutch apple pie
    -The Hague is from the name Den Haag. The real name of The Hague/Den Haag is ‘s Gravenhage.
    -‘s Gravenhage/The Hague/Den Haag has no legal status of being called a city. The legal status is village.
    -The oldest city of Holland is Nijmegen (my hometown).
    It organises the worlds biggest 4 day waking march. This is officially a military march.
    -During WW1 The Netherlands was a neutral country and we were left alone. In WW2 our official status was neutral but occupied by Germany.
    -Many international companies are officially stated in Holland for tax reasons.
    -Anna Frank was from Holland. It’s the worlds second best selling book.
    -Philips is know for many innovating inventions.
    -The Netherlands is by average the tallest country in the world.
    -We have been in war with and taken by the Romans, Spain, France, Germany but never by England.
    -The Dutch language was in running to become the language of the USA
    -Dutch is the hardest language to learn. Even for average Dutch people it’s very hard.
    -Anyone who talks English can easily talk to all Dutch. 90% of us can speak English.
    And many many more!

  • The Grey Wizard
    The Grey Wizard 7 days ago +2

    The term Holland has nothing to do with the water , but it is an old Sachsion term for a Forest , Trees Holland ; Holt = Wood , so Woodland = Holland

  • geen haat
    geen haat 8 days ago

    Den haag = 's-Gravenhage