Interesting Facts About The Netherlands


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  • FTD Facts
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    So a sure we missed some facts! Let us know what facts we missed if you now something! Also what other countries would you like to see! Give it likes and we can get to a part 2 faster!

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    • Pepijn Warmerdam
      Pepijn Warmerdam Month ago

      Operation Market Garden was fought by the Brittish and Polish as well as the Americans.

    • Pepijn Warmerdam
      Pepijn Warmerdam Month ago

      A fact that Americans might like is that the Mayflower actually sailed from the Netherlands, after leaving England the pilgrims lived in the city of Leiden for about ten years before sailing for America.

    • Pepijn Warmerdam
      Pepijn Warmerdam Month ago

      Brooklyn New York gets its name from the Dutch town of Breukelen.

    • Pepijn Warmerdam
      Pepijn Warmerdam Month ago

      There was some footage of Groningen in the beginning of the clip, when they talk about cycling.
      Ebbingestraat and the Vismarkt and not quite sure but i believe also a corner of the Martinikerk.

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    I'm rose 14 hours ago

    I live in the Netherlands I can just speak English to

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    WTF man. 5 freaking commercials within a 10 min video. Are you milking it or something ? The is the main reason why people install adblock and is destroying TVcliprs.

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    Your give to illustrate so faster dude like Eminem 😂

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    Nora Braunius 8 days ago

    Hire géén fietsen plaatsen.

    Overal fietsen.... Dan weet je dat je in Nederland bent.

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    Fancy Fuqer 10 days ago

    The first fact already was wrong lol. The Netherlands actually is the name of Holland and Belgium combined.

  • Jean Bethencourt
    Jean Bethencourt 13 days ago

    My favorite former Spanish colony.

  • Chicken Strip
    Chicken Strip 13 days ago

    I’m from Curacao

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    Connor Capella 14 days ago

    Ay u mentioned curaçao that’s cool

  • Traveller Tom
    Traveller Tom 14 days ago

    The Hague/La Haye(French) are actually the international names for the city. The dutch name is S-gravenhage or Den Haag

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    90% Nederlandse reactie's😂

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    Nicolette Gamezz 16 days ago

    Im out of The Netherlands and the most of us love cheese

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    Rens V. 17 days ago

    I live nearby the 'Oosterschelde!

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    Sky TiTans 17 days ago

    I have a fact. In the Netherlands tree is called boom. Lol

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    Rick Vans 17 days ago

    I live in the netherlands in gelderland

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    daniël Crisafulli 17 days ago

    They do a crime in this country and my neighbours speak to people when I sleep and stop on the moment when I wake up and hear them say that when other country’s understand whAt happen here then they stop direct in this country in the Netherlands and they don’t let me work that I cam begon a lofe beqause I have many good ideas and this they don’t say. And I hear that a Police man want every thing whAt is for me and know one tell me whAt happen and O hear Seven years a go how theu wanne play this against me and this is corrupt and sardistic whAt they do many years to me. And 6 years a go I heF ir they lookig in the futere that there is Some thing for me whAt know one tell me and a women let me heAr 6 yeArs a go that they don’t wanne give me my right and my parents don’t wanne give me my right and my mother stolen all so when my father dead in Italy she stolen many money from Me and she di Some thing to my child and I don’t no exectly what nut hear Some things and my stephfather say that he never let me work to destroy my Life and that I cam do nothing when I in trouble they make and the Bouwman clinic do all so make lies about rhey don’t speK to me and in den haag they understand this but they let my phone not call to the right number I call and my mother is can der zouwen

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    Rukey Burg 17 days ago

    It's weird that I'll get to know more about my country from english men.

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    Den haag niet/not the

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    Meike Heijmans 17 days ago

    I’m Dutch by myself

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    Jou kant speek duch

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    Tim van der Schaaff 18 days ago

    zwarte piet moet blijven!!! (protecting our culture)

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    I am dutch❤️❤️

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    Lol you mention papiamentu which is spoken only in curacao pretty much but u dont mention curacao as part of it

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    You can even see the diffrence when dutch people type in english😂 cuz we are zo geweldig🔥

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    Tim Weijers 18 days ago

    i live near keukenhof xD

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    Ravian Witte 19 days ago

    Finally someone recognizes my country and actually doesn't talk shit about!

    • FTD Facts
      FTD Facts  19 days ago

      Great country and I'm Canadian so its mutual love

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    Documentary Channel 19 days ago

    Like als je van Nederland komt!!!

  • Silvana Meulendijk-luckger

    I’m from the netherlands And we dont get offended easily unless your a very disrespectfull person we hate that kind of person we are open And honest people

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    Hier lijkt het alsof nederland zo prachtig is whahaha😂

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      Aziza Nur 8 days ago

      okay cool...

    • Aziza Nur
      Aziza Nur 8 days ago

      why were you reffering to 'arab shitholes' you should have respect for other people beliefs and values ( i just dont understand you ugh)

    • Aziza Nur
      Aziza Nur 8 days ago

      Nederland is geen provincie van Duitsland, en ik woon in nl en ik zie om de meter afval. Ik ben niet arabisch en ben het ook niet eens met pedofilie. Vroeger was de levensverwachting veel lager en was dat normaal ( ik zou niet zomaar dingen aannemen) fijne dag verder groetjes uit Rotterdam

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    Isabella s 21 day ago

    I didnt know that fact from 3:20 and i live in the netherlands

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    Marije Buwalda 21 day ago

    i saw my school in this video lmao

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    Jaap Harmsma 21 day ago

    im from the netherlands!!!

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    i really dont care if people say holland or the netherlands
    i like both

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    Why do you scream at the beginning of every sentence

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    Why don't they put more vains on these windmills? Why not more torque? What are they, stupid?

  • Azer Efendizade
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    English: Inferiority
    German: Unterlegenheit
    Swedish: Underlägsenhet
    Danish: Underlegenhed
    Norwegian: Underlegenhet
    Meanwhile in the Netherlands: Minderwaardigheidsgevoel

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    Puck The Drummer 22 days ago

    Hahaha frietjesland

  • Anne van der Gevel Wenteler

    Love my country. Including Fraislend and the Koekenhoff 😂😂

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    Thanks for amzazin thumbnail

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    Kwakkie2009 22 days ago

    Dutch people love cheese!😂
    I mean..its true..

  • Kwakkie2009
    Kwakkie2009 22 days ago

    Lol im netherlands..

  • Kevin Versteeg
    Kevin Versteeg 22 days ago

    Den haag is the City of Hague not The Hague

  • Jelmer Vd Hengel
    Jelmer Vd Hengel 23 days ago

    Not true we stopped the germans by destroying dijken

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    Who The Fuck Am I 23 days ago

    hot chicks...

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    Dutch people are boring.

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    Like als je nl bent

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    *Geilderland* 😂😂

  • Andor den Brok
    Andor den Brok 25 days ago

    Gelderland is the biggest province

  • Dan E
    Dan E 26 days ago

    the NEVER-LANDS... stop please stop... you have to say it more fluid than that.

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    Sis & bro 27 days ago

    Btw Im netherlands😍👍🏼

  • Sis & bro
    Sis & bro 27 days ago

    Its den haag not de haag

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    4:39 your average dutch cheese praying cult

  • Dutchfal
    Dutchfal 27 days ago

    Operation Market Garden was excuted by Brittish and Polish paratroopers the Americans came from belgium with Patton and his tank army but were to late lol

  • atzo naftaniel
    atzo naftaniel 27 days ago

    You're wrong about the province sizes. Gelderland is the largest province in landmass and the Netherlands is known as Holland since the VOC from the 16th and 17th century and not 1813. That was the year of the kingdom. The word Holland is derived from teh word HOL which means empty or concave in terms of low land. In the Dutch language low is also neder (nether) hence the name Netherlands The Hague is called 'Den Haag' in the Netherlands, derived from 's-Gravenhage (old spelling). 'S is in fact 'des' which is a relic of old dutch genitive and means 'from'. The same counts for Den Bosch which is derived from 's-Hertognbosch. So there you have your second THE. But THE is an English transliteration of DEN so we do not say THE BOSCH but DEN BOSCH like DEN HAAG.

  • Km Bb
    Km Bb 28 days ago

    De you dont say it like that and it isnt a de it is den haag

  • Meneer Waterkoker
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    Sinterklaas is eigenlijk de kerstman de Nederlanders brachten het naar Amerika

  • Hugniria Gaming
    Hugniria Gaming Month ago

    Finally someone from the USA who did his research right!

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  • Megalodon Unlocked
    Megalodon Unlocked Month ago

    Vergeet niet dat de Engelsen in de Boerenoorlog in Zuid-Afrika 35.000 vrouwen en kinderen hebben gedood.

    • Ik Ja
      Ik Ja 25 days ago

      Megalodon Unlocked hoe moest ik dat vergeten. Ik wist dat niet eens. nu heb je ff heel mijn dag verpest. 1 mij belasten met zinloze info die ik niet mag vergeten. 2 allemaal doden waar niks om geef. Bedankt hè

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  • papa marpob
    papa marpob Month ago

    You do not say friesland as fries you say it as fris.

  • Bjorn Swinkels
    Bjorn Swinkels Month ago

    Hello i,am from the nl south Holland
    Its for is den haag

  • Kaas
    Kaas Month ago +6

    Oh Oh Den haag, mooie stad achter de duinah. Schilderswijk, lange poten en het plein. Oh Oh Den haag zou met niemand willah ruilah. Meteen gaan huilah als ik geen Hagenees zou zijn. 🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰

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    Milan Postma Month ago

    its not freisland lel

  • Silas Bishop
    Silas Bishop Month ago

    The way he says "Netherlands" bothers me.

  • Lisa van Harmelen
    Lisa van Harmelen Month ago

    Thank you so much for saying that “the Netherlands” is not Holland. It always irritates me

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    Who is the girl in the thumbnail?

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    Nederland heeeeeu

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    The Philippines.. there's your 'the'. And would you like to cover it next time?

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    *nationalism activated, loading dutch facts* xDD

  • DutchHeretic
    DutchHeretic Month ago

    Friesland is pronouced as Freesland Freesian , etc you get the gist

  • Dark Sanctuary Cinema

    Many would be suprised what we dutch actually had invented, despite most been done in foreign countries. Why? politics...

  • Tygo Heemskerk
    Tygo Heemskerk Month ago

    We can speak a lot of languages. I am from the Netherlands and I can speak Dutch, English, German and France. I am 14 years old so that is pretty young I think!

  • Tygo Heemskerk
    Tygo Heemskerk Month ago

    I live in south Holland (in the Netherlands) and it was a amazone video about out beautiful country and we also have the afsluitdijk and we made our country way bigger then it was before we idd that

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    Kamiel Bertens Month ago

    Den bosch

  • pietertje APD
    pietertje APD Month ago

    You have got den haag but you have den helder aswell i thinks that are the only 2 with den infront of there city name

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  • Lars Hulsegge
    Lars Hulsegge Month ago

    The snow shots are fake...

    We got rain

  • Dennis Agema
    Dennis Agema Month ago

    Nice to see our Castle in Helmond in this video.

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    jamila20051 Month ago

    it's amazing to see this guy completly mess up on talking dutch with so much confidance

  • just joonas
    just joonas Month ago

    The heahg in dutch den haag is official name in s'gravenhage

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl Month ago

    We dont where wooden shoes

  • Gamer Girl
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    I live in the Netherlands

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    I live in the Netherlands my hole live!!

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    I’m from Friesland! 😂❤️👌🏻

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    When youre talking to another dutch person.....

    Thats good! :D

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    Wow @ 2.28 Groningen where I live ;)

  • Bram minnee
    Bram minnee Month ago

    at 3.05 it is actually not true cause i live in holland and we have learned from hour grandparents that the flouted everything so the germans couldn’t take over the land.

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    Dude how many ads Jezus christ

  • Jordy 229
    Jordy 229 Month ago

    Well, in the dutch language you can say both Holland and Nederland so its cool bro

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    I am dutch, everything is ectualy true

  • 100.000 subscribers whitout a video

    Dutch squad

  • Mark Rutte
    Mark Rutte Month ago +1

    Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague have more inhabitants. Who am i? The president! :)

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    Lingiste Month ago

    Your pronunciation is terrible

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte Month ago

    i went to the netherlands a couple weeks ago and almost everyone owned a bike so me and my family hired bikes and went to a beach on them lmao

  • Bouke Boor
    Bouke Boor Month ago

    Lol, liked this video because my hometown is in this video beginning at 2:40😏

  • Kevin
    Kevin Month ago

    Friesland is not the biggest province in The Netherlands. It's Gelderland and Noor-Brabant is second.

  • Jack Massy
    Jack Massy Month ago

    Friesland XD sounds delicious

  • Hein Coonen
    Hein Coonen Month ago

    I'm Dutch and most people in the Netherlands really don't get offended if you refer to our country as Holland. In fact many Dutch people call the country Holland.