10+ Interesting Facts About The Netherlands

  • Published on Feb 23, 2018
  • Dave Walpole discovers Interesting Facts About The Netherlands
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    There's a lot of history in the Netherlands (Dutch: Nederlands), sometimes referred to as Holland! And today we are looking at a country that is not only beautiful in its people but also in its heart. Travel and tourism are huge here. Welcome to the world of The Netherlands!
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  • FTD Facts
    FTD Facts  Year ago +424

    So a sure we missed some facts! Let us know what facts we missed if you now something! Also what other countries would you like to see! Give it likes and we can get to a part 2 faster!

    • BlueFrostedGlass
      BlueFrostedGlass 5 days ago

      Friesland... yum yum yum

    • S.J. Maas
      S.J. Maas Month ago

      Its not the Haag, but Den Haag, you need to say the N to like in then.

    • Roann Kersbergen
      Roann Kersbergen Month ago

      All of it is correct your indeed missing a few things though. You should talk about things we (the dutch) are proud of. things like de deltawerken,

    • Jeroen Van Campenhout
      Jeroen Van Campenhout 2 months ago

      I'm not sure it's already mentioned but the Dutch invented the stockmarket. And had the biggest company ever called voc

    • Anonymous Dante
      Anonymous Dante 2 months ago

      You should do Suriname. Netherlands once owned this country

  • Wesley Smits
    Wesley Smits 20 hours ago

    They eat allot of fries in friesland :p (pronounce: freezeland)
    Nice videos mate.

  • Laurens Bos
    Laurens Bos Day ago +1

    I'm from the Nederlands

  • Tellu Memo
    Tellu Memo 2 days ago

    I’m Turkish been many countries residing in Finland also did lived in Netherlands, I truly have to say Netherlands is N1 country of EU,
    Ik hou van Nederland,duiiiiii :)

  • Hanna Van der waal
    Hanna Van der waal 4 days ago

    Gelderland, thougt you said kelderland (atticland)
    Friesland (patatland) 😂😂

  • Jasper Schlief
    Jasper Schlief 4 days ago +1

    I hate it when i bike to my house from school and the biccele lane is filled with old people driving slow and tourists who don't know how to drive. Its really annoying and also dangerous.

  • wkruit1
    wkruit1 5 days ago

    If somebody says I’m from Holland I’m not offended at all. But I will point out I’m from Zeeland, or the Netherlands if necessary...

  • D S
    D S 7 days ago


  • irene van Oijen
    irene van Oijen 9 days ago

    Het is den haag (officiele naam is
    s'Hertogenbosch )

    • Brozius
      Brozius 2 days ago

      Den Haag is s'Hertogenbosch????? waar heb je dat geleerd? Den Haag heette vroeger 's-Gravenhage. Den Bosch is s'Hertogenbosch

  • Captain Quantrill
    Captain Quantrill 10 days ago +1

    Fun fact #11 the Netherlands is turning into a Muslim hell hole and its brainwashed left wing indoctrinated sheep population are too cucked to do anything about it and would rather give away their country and children's future away to third world savages if it means not being called "waaaaaacist"

  • Sodoeye fiv
    Sodoeye fiv 11 days ago

    But isn’t Dutch spoke everywhere in The Neatherlands?

  • drunkensailor112
    drunkensailor112 13 days ago

    I hate it when people in the 21st century take city populations as a fact. You need to take the Metropolitan areas. Especially in The Netherlands.

  • Britt Thomas
    Britt Thomas 14 days ago +1

    Mag ik een hartje als je dit kan lezen?

  • Kaiden Bernard
    Kaiden Bernard 15 days ago

    I’m from the Netherlands thx ur the best

  • Puck de kock
    Puck de kock 17 days ago

    Its DEN haag not THE haag

    • Brozius
      Brozius 2 days ago

      In het engels is het The Hague

  • Peter Traudes
    Peter Traudes 19 days ago

    Jezusgodmaria wat n pretentieuze luldebehanger. Doe normaal schatje dan doe je al gek genoeg.

  • Ansjo
    Ansjo 20 days ago

    Lol you don't say Friesland as in french fries hahaha. It's Freesland if you use English pronouncation.

  • Magisa Chan
    Magisa Chan 20 days ago +1

    You missed one

    *Its always raining but we never catch an cold*

  • ElenaRil89
    ElenaRil89 28 days ago

    Yes, there are several towns in Spain that start with "the": El Álamo, El Escorial, El Toboso, La Herradura... Hope this solves your doubts :)

  • the silenced
    the silenced Month ago


  • Roksanda Kosmajac
    Roksanda Kosmajac Month ago

    ALL the BEAUTIFUL Caucasian DUTCH + Other Western Europeans, descend from the SLAVIC people that ended up being transplanted thru the VIKING & other HUMAN TRAFFICKING that has taken place probably even before the Viking times (over 2.000 yrs.). The SLAVS are of the Original Hebrews who christianized + left Israel starting in 745 b.c. and again early AD when Jerusalem was sacked. They are the only ones who do INTRICATE EMBROIDERY for Millenia as the Bible tells us "My People do intricate embroidery". We are also of the Most peaceful NEVER started any wars or attacked other people, ALL have trafficked us for Health + Beauty all over in numbers greater than 40 Millions in the last 2.000+ years vs. 20 Million+ Blacks since 1500's. WE ARE the ORIGINAL SLAVES + still enslaved in Sex Trafficking in False Israel & all over Western Europe in the "Jewish Mafias" agenda. GOD will set us free soon, as was done in Moses' time > LET MY PEOPLE GO. LENIN & STALIN were KHAZARS + FALSE JEWS, predators who killed 150 Millions SLAVS in 2 World Wars and in between.

  • Thomas Visser
    Thomas Visser Month ago

    The helder, the burg etc, just common in the netherlands

  • Lukas van Buren
    Lukas van Buren Month ago

    lol i didnt even now about that guy albert plesman while i (im dutch) live near the albertplesmanroad :)

  • Heinz doofenshmirtz

    Yo mom is flat like netherlands!

  • M you know it
    M you know it Month ago

    The Hague is actually called Den Haag which is a derivative from s'Gravenhage which means The count hedges. By the it's Friesland which is pronounced as Freeze land, and the language is Frysk which is pronounced as Freeze k.

  • cleop4tr4 Cleop4tr4

    Only american’s care if you say Holland or the Netherlands.
    We just don’t give a f@ck to be honest😅😁

  • Anniek
    Anniek Month ago

    The population is mutch higher more toward 17.5 mil. The waterworks are not really mentioned. We have one of the biggest flooddoors to close of a river. Near Rotterdam. The Hague is the short version of it's official name 's-Gravenhagen. In dutch it's Den Haag. We have several city's starting with Den. Like Den Bosch (official name: 's-Hertogenbosch). But as far as i know only in the english version of Den Haag, Den is translated in The.

  • René Peterse
    René Peterse Month ago

    The Hague is an English translation of Den Haag, which is old Dutch. This again is short for ‘s-Gravenhage, des Graven Hage in full, which is even older Dutch and means, the Hague of the Count (in Dutch; de Graaf). Because in Miedeval times the west of the Netherlands (Holland) was ruled by a Count, and this was his place with parks and so on. It’s still our political capitol. Close by there is a small place called ‘s-Gravenzande, which means the sand of the count. Because this place is situated at the dunes at the coast. More east there ruled a duke who had a forest, it’s called ‘s-Hertogenbosch, short, Den Bosch, I’ve never heard it being called the Bosch, Bosch=bos=forest. It’s where the painter Jheronimus Bosch came from. Duke in Dutch is Hertog. So there you go.

  • quincy7231 gamer
    quincy7231 gamer Month ago

    i'm myself from the Netherlands and it is a butifil land 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱❤️❤️and i love the Netherlands

  • Vlad de Impaalor
    Vlad de Impaalor Month ago

    Dont give a fukk what the Dutch think about America. Mijn heit left the shithole after the krauts wrecked it. My cousins can all fukk themselves. USA is beste

    • Brozius
      Brozius 2 days ago

      It's the best in only 1 thing... most incarcerated people per capita.

    YOGESH CHAVAN Month ago

    FTD FACTS is awesome

  • Patricia Sorensen
    Patricia Sorensen Month ago +1

    Half dutch american born. I must see netherlands, conveniently next door to denmark, my other destination. ;o)

  • Cornelius Antonius
    Cornelius Antonius Month ago

    The Hague is actually a village 😎

  • Sluretje
    Sluretje Month ago

    Please STFU! because we are having to deal with airports sitting full and already having planes to go over the only nature we still have, building airports!

  • InfiNight
    InfiNight Month ago

    here at the netherlands we make, poulders to protect us from flooding, bridges so water can cross the road, frikandelbroodje and our mainland

  • Man singh malhotra
    Man singh malhotra Month ago

    Please see also my channel and subcrib and Sher also please

  • Pink Mochi Jimin
    Pink Mochi Jimin Month ago

    You forgot the fact that many places in the Netherlands smell like drugs... cuz it's legal and you can get it at the coffee shop and that's why it's 18+

  • django steenbakker
    django steenbakker Month ago

    oh and Friesland is pronounced as freeze-land and not fries, as in potato chips lol, good job!

  • django steenbakker
    django steenbakker Month ago

    The Dutch are the tallest nation,(thats why we have so much fashion models) the most direct and not easily offended. we work hard and don't spend/show-off. We are awesome lol. actually this video made me a bit emotional....because we do have a beautiful country.

  • von miller Schuring


  • Franklin Kort
    Franklin Kort Month ago

    Nice video. Well done. Thanks

  • Midas Silvius
    Midas Silvius Month ago


  • Mega Dutcher
    Mega Dutcher Month ago

    Only soyboys get offended by Holland...
    I'm Dutch I've used Holland all my life and never encountered any issues.
    Also when the national team plays we all shout...Hup Holland, never Hup Nederland.
    Belgians will also call us Hollanders sooner than Nederlanders, as do the Germans.
    This is the biggest myth that you idiots (non-Dutch people who don't fact check) keep pushing.
    Only petty people get upset by this and the vast majority of Dutch people use Holland interchangeably with The Netherlands.
    Culturally it's akin to U.S.A vs. America, it doesn't always make sense to say U.S.A...America is easier and often makes more sense in a sentence.

  • Taunter Atwill
    Taunter Atwill Month ago

    They all live in windmills wear clogs and eat tulips most of the time they are raving stoned and don't really give a flying shit about the outside world. You're welcome!

  • Alan Brown
    Alan Brown Month ago

    This wanker cannot pronounce Friesland properly. How dare he pretend to be giving valid information when he has clearly done no basic research.

  • Hey look i’m a cat

    The united states

    • Hey look i’m a cat
      Hey look i’m a cat Month ago

      Its big it begins with the AND its the united states OF america so its OF america not whole america

  • Peter de Lang
    Peter de Lang 2 months ago

    My wonderful home town Franeker
    Franeker (Frisian: Frjentsjer) in the province of Friesland (Netherlands). The city has 12,781 inhabitants (2014) and is one of the Frisian eleven cities.

  • muziek
    muziek 2 months ago

    i will uphold?? mede nederlanders uitleg hoe dit ons motto is en hoe ik dit dan moet vertalen???:)

  • Jan de Jong
    Jan de Jong 2 months ago

    The north provinces aren't mentioned and i'm also missing the Waddenislands.

  • Kyle Keklinski
    Kyle Keklinski 2 months ago

    Holland means Netherlands in Old Dutch.

  • b nf
    b nf 2 months ago

    Japan loves Netherlands.

  • Marit van Andel
    Marit van Andel 2 months ago

    The Netherlands has the word "the" because Netherlands (in Dutch Nederland) means the Low landS. It is like 2 or more lands, because way back we were called the Republic of seven united Netherlands. (Het koninkrijk der zeven verenigde nederlanden) that's why we have the in front of it🙃

  • Robert Haarlem
    Robert Haarlem 2 months ago

    it's a Shithole

  • Daphne Dragoncamp
    Daphne Dragoncamp 2 months ago

    You forgot the swearing😂

  • Dean De Man
    Dean De Man 2 months ago

    But don’t forget the best thing we have DE STROOPWAFEL

  • Just Justin
    Just Justin 2 months ago +1

    Nederlandse squad laat jullie horen!

  • V3N0M H4CK3R
    V3N0M H4CK3R 2 months ago

    Its frysk (pronounced like frisk)

  • E A
    E A 2 months ago +1

    Although what you are saying about the name Holland is true, there is another reason why other countries use that name to refer to the Netherlands. When the Netherlands became a puppet state of the First French Empire, the official name was changed into the Kingdom of Holland. So Holland used to be the official name of the Netherlands once.

  • lavalletje gevalletje
    lavalletje gevalletje 2 months ago

    The Hague, The Bosch
    (Den Haag, Den Bosch)

    K- STEAMER 2 months ago

    I live in gelderland
    Just find on google doetinchem

  • Maria Rubino
    Maria Rubino 2 months ago

    The Bronx isn't a city, but it has "the" in its name and the population is about 1.4 million people.

  • xKingdomPvp
    xKingdomPvp 2 months ago


  • Thomas Visser
    Thomas Visser 2 months ago

    Duseldorph in jerman

  • Shrimps Amsterdam
    Shrimps Amsterdam 2 months ago

    Fun video to watch! Very informative! (Cringe too because of the pronunciation of Dutch words like Friesland for example, but it’s ok when you are not Dutch, most people don’t even try to pronounce any Dutch words at all). Curious about no. 2!

  • Sowmya Raykar
    Sowmya Raykar 2 months ago

    Wow..amazing...i want stay therr

  • Liv Fowler
    Liv Fowler 2 months ago

    Hoe mensen denken dat Nederlanders leven: opstaan klompen aantrekken en een lekkere boeren outfit, daarna je broodje met kaas eten om daarna de hele dag rond te fietsen (als je in A'dam woont nog 'n wietje roken en een beetje drugs doen) tulpen en molens kijken en savonds stampot!

  • Anw_Mn
    Anw_Mn 2 months ago

    tering zeg mooi

  • bas van schie
    bas van schie 2 months ago

    heb niets geleerd...............

  • GekkeGamePlay
    GekkeGamePlay 2 months ago

    actually you pronounced the hagh wrong its den Hagh or in dutch Den Haag. So it actually doesn't start with "The" like you sad!

  • Tijn Burgmans
    Tijn Burgmans 2 months ago


  • Aron Bouwhuis
    Aron Bouwhuis 2 months ago

    Freisland hahaha 👌

  • Eric Burbach
    Eric Burbach 2 months ago +1

    mr Freeze comes from Friesland, thats how you remember the pronunciation

  • Keith Perron
    Keith Perron 2 months ago

    the way you pronounce the name is terrible. Could you not practice on the correct way to say them. Keukenhoh isn't German, but you said it as if it was a German name.

  • The BorgR
    The BorgR 2 months ago

    So you fuck face wanne be famous made a TVclip vid about Holland... not the Netherlands. Again a loser American want to get rich on youtube. Well the idiots reacting on you fake vid about a country you have not gor clue about, are from kiddies on the internet. But beside that you are offensive to my county.... and it is not fucking Holland.

  • Bald Game Crazy
    Bald Game Crazy 2 months ago

    Groningen! The best place in the Netherlands. Nederland!

  • Isa De toren van pisa
    Isa De toren van pisa 2 months ago

    The hague is actually not the real name. Its is 'den haag' that is actually an abbreviation too. the whole name is s'gavenhage.

  • FacelessJanus
    FacelessJanus 2 months ago +1

    Not uphold, but maintain. Slight difference, but still the only proper English translation. So far, you are not far off.

  • Kayla James
    Kayla James 2 months ago

    Please talk more about how families everyday life is like, are they like families in the US or in what ways are they different?

  • BesteKanaal1
    BesteKanaal1 2 months ago

    in netherlands all drugs are legal. if the police catches you with heroin they do nothing except if you're a dealer

  • Tygo2006
    Tygo2006 2 months ago

    It’s still flat😂

  • doingperfect
    doingperfect 2 months ago +15

    Wie kijkt dit in 2019?
    En om complimentjes te ontvangen haha

  • Rob Voois
    Rob Voois 2 months ago

    Dude, i'm dutch and even i didn't know all of this. Well done.

  • Ben Drowned
    Ben Drowned 2 months ago

    Nederland is kanker lelijk

  • Ali Sleem
    Ali Sleem 2 months ago

    make a video about egypt please )

  • Irwin Crook
    Irwin Crook 2 months ago

    2:00 scientists work with science not tell you origin of names

  • computerjantje
    computerjantje 2 months ago

    The Dutch fludded the country as a defense against the invasion from the Germans. It was a preset defense system brought in action but worked only temporary. Around the world the Dutch are known for their technical knowledge in keeping seawater out but also for their knowledge and equipment for large waterworks like building islands or salvage sunken ships. Luxury yachts are often build in The Netherlands because of very high quality and perfect finishes. It was one of the first western countries with sort of legalized soft drugs and legal prostitution. People are usually very direct and say what they think compared to other countries. This is not called rude but appreciated for being honest. Almost everybody speaks english well because of early teaching at school and all the American TV series and movies. The dutch love their country but shake their heads in disbelief when someone gets angry about a flag or other symbole being assaulted. If you want to burn a Dutch flag please do. we don't care. We'd love you to buy one though. actually we love you to buy ten and burn them and then buy again :) We complain about the weather because there is nothing else to complain about. Compared to almost every other country in the world, it is an absolute paradise to live in. Extreme low criminality and no real hungry poor people. A rather top nudge health care and social system for everyone. Phillips did invent the CD and some other things but in the USA is probebly known only as name for the screw driver.

  • Hieronymus Petrus
    Hieronymus Petrus 2 months ago

    The name Holland comes from the fact that in early times the Netherlands were covered with forests .Holland comes from the word "houtland" which means "woodland".

  • khalid
    khalid 2 months ago

    And then we use the word 'kanker' in any scentence.. so important...

  • kang kong
    kang kong 2 months ago +1

    I just met a person who is from the netherlands thats why im watching. 👍👍👍👍

  • Lucas Jansen
    Lucas Jansen 2 months ago

    Den helder in the nederlands hahaha

  • Juliann Yall
    Juliann Yall 3 months ago

    Omg CURACAOO!!

  • ChimChimhasnojams •_•

    Why am I watching this? I'm Dutch XD
    meh I'm not the only one

  • Wout Bakker
    Wout Bakker 3 months ago

    You might be interessed to know that the last shot of your clip is special. The mill is in the 'rouwstand', i.e. 'mourning position'. The top sail is somewhat 30 degrees beyond the vertical, indicating that someone has passed away. This is a tradition that is kept in high regard by millers throughout the country.

  • Jonathan Blommers
    Jonathan Blommers 3 months ago

    Well den ‘s hertogenbos is one that starts with the in english

  • Koning Karamel
    Koning Karamel 3 months ago +4

    Welcome to the Netherlands
    The land were foreigners destroy our culture

  • Koning Karamel
    Koning Karamel 3 months ago +2

    Who gets offended if someone says Holland
    If we cheer for our national soccer team we say “hup Holland hup”
    Wat means “go Holland go”

  • Listte
    Listte 3 months ago

    OK, good video. You did good research. But the videos of Amsterdam while talking about our population and the density are pretty misleading. Amsterdam is mostly tourists and it's nowhere that packed in the NL as it is in Amsterdam.

  • WS Intern
    WS Intern 3 months ago

    TEN FACTS: Zero forest and wild life, Holland means wood land, but all trees are gone!
    17 million people in small country, so the most polluted country.
    17 Million Cars, 300 km traffic per day!
    Women are fat, ugly and stupid. Look like men.
    Food is disgusting, fatty and unhealthy
    Weather is always bad, only clouds and rain, this reflex in the people, they are boring and grey.
    The worst is that those stupid Dutch think that they live in the best country of the world, how dumb and stupid!
    They cannot talk normal, they are always shouting as the Italians.
    Wine they don’t have and the beer is disgusting!
    25% of Dutch are NOT Dutch, in cities you see only migrants

    • Brozius
      Brozius 2 months ago

      You don't have one fact right, sounds more to me that you are jealous.

  • Ayla Baharie
    Ayla Baharie 3 months ago

    i live in the netherlands

  • Quinta
    Quinta 3 months ago

    Ik ga stuk om hoe hij friesland zegt 😂