TRAPPED Overnight In Haunted Witches Forest

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
    Sam and Colby are trapped overnight in the haunted witches forest for 24 hours because they lost the key to their haunted cabin in the woods. Corey and Jake encounter many paranormal things including losing Colby in the forest...
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
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    Part 4:
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  • Sam and Colby
    Sam and Colby  3 months ago +7842

    Make sure to get the merch before it's gone!
    Make sure to turn on NOTIFICATIONS so you know when we come back!

    • Scorpio water ninja
      Scorpio water ninja 10 hours ago

      Would the key be close to where Sam was sitting when he pulled out the haunted hotel key ik it's an old video but I just have a theary that the key fell once he pulled out the haunted hotel key

    • BizarreDragon
      BizarreDragon 21 day ago

      Awesome ☺️

    • Tammy Baker
      Tammy Baker Month ago

      The fact Sam lost the key is kinda funny 😂

    • Tammy Baker
      Tammy Baker Month ago

      I just bought some merch 😝

    • Luz Garza
      Luz Garza 2 months ago

      Sam and Colby k

  • MLB
    MLB 9 minutes ago

    I’m new here. My sister got me into you guys. Love the videos! So creepy. The one thing, I was yelling at my phone over, is in this episode, why has no one considered every sound you’re hearing, isn’t the creepy girl. She knows you guys are out there. Just saying 😁😉

  • Francisco Jimenez

    On one of the cards said kayos and that's what caused them to argue

  • Midnight wolfy xoxo
    Midnight wolfy xoxo 9 hours ago +1

    It’s crazy that no matter how scared they get and how many warnings their given they always go back....

  • Tina Scheinert
    Tina Scheinert 10 hours ago

    I agree with corey it is super dangerous and I feel like I have saw stuff too and I always feel like I'm being watched

  • Scorpio water ninja
    Scorpio water ninja 10 hours ago

    Didn't the girls key drop when u pulled out the haunted hotel key

  • Unknown Gachalover

    Anyone rewatching?

  • Kyle Wilkins
    Kyle Wilkins Day ago

    It's an overnight in my books.

  • Bella ØwØ
    Bella ØwØ 2 days ago

    I can’t hear a crackling noises

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 days ago

    Nooo I really wanted you guys to go back to that path and see wtf was hanging

  • Teresa Hoerricks
    Teresa Hoerricks 2 days ago +1

    yes it a overnght

  • Will Gordon
    Will Gordon 2 days ago

    Isn't that Jennifer from the Stanley hotel wtf

  • sydney madrid
    sydney madrid 3 days ago

    this is my fist time looking at you guy but i littre saw a shado man but it was a shado girl and i been seen her sest i was 3 im 10 now

  • Grace Samples
    Grace Samples 4 days ago

    Was I the only one that thought.. maybe the key from the ‘hotel’, was actually the key from the cabin and he just accidentally threw the wrong one.

  • Amber Welsh
    Amber Welsh 5 days ago

    I particularly wanted Sam and Jake during the day in the morning after the incidents they should’ve check to see if the baby or doll was there.

  • Jaclyn McCosker
    Jaclyn McCosker 6 days ago


  • prestigelawn
    prestigelawn 7 days ago

    3:52 otay Corey otay

  • Apelu Hazelwood
    Apelu Hazelwood 7 days ago +1

    Corey was being a bitch and a bad person but i would be a hitch too

  • Itz_Abbu _Weeb
    Itz_Abbu _Weeb 7 days ago

    Okay the only noise that I've heard was the pot everything else I couldn't here at all and I just bought new headphones and that was the only thing that I've heard

  • Emmie Grace
    Emmie Grace 7 days ago +1

    It went from exploring amusement parks to staying at haunted forests 😂

  • K - Nights
    K - Nights 8 days ago


  • Gael Mendoza
    Gael Mendoza 13 days ago


  • MK *MK games*
    MK *MK games* 14 days ago +1

    You should do a series with a fan winner. Like me or my fiancé who can see hear and feel spirits.l

  • Hubert Forsberg
    Hubert Forsberg 14 days ago

    Guys listen, when you guys were explaining what the green represents, it said you would be open. That's probably why you're experiencing all of this. Because the spirit knows you're open to stuff.

  • Aaron Fahey
    Aaron Fahey 17 days ago

    The first thing you do if you are camping and hear someone is say to whoever is with you get the gun even if you don’t have one and say it loud enough that if someone is out there they can hear it

  • daniel stokes
    daniel stokes 19 days ago +1

    When Corey said he didn’t want to be in the creepy vids anymore I was like COREY ONE MORE CHANCE!!!!!!! your one of the only reasons I watch these vids cause I always know that you’ll have a sense of humour in this!!!

  • satan 666
    satan 666 19 days ago

    sam fr u f66666d up dude,
    its the only key to the house wtf.

  • Savannah Micelli
    Savannah Micelli 21 day ago +2

    “Where did you get that fire ritual?”


  • No Name
    No Name 21 day ago +1

    6:00 first of all wtf did Corey even say ?? LMAOOOO

    KJ_SHADOW 21 day ago

    6:00 what the fuck did Corey and Colby say. I laughed so hard i had to replay it 26488748474 times

  • Kameron Parker
    Kameron Parker 21 day ago

    2:25 wrong. Wiccans sent in any way sitanic♥️ love youuu!💕

  • Nour Al jabouri
    Nour Al jabouri 21 day ago

    Bro they were in a goddamn forest every noise they heard could have been anything like wtf stop jumping to conclusion

  • Destiny Banerjee
    Destiny Banerjee 21 day ago

    At 11:23 I think I saw a figure

  • Rosaly Noiseux
    Rosaly Noiseux 22 days ago

    Jennifer: don't forget about the death card...
    Me: Oh wHat A gOod ReMinDer,

  • LightMythHunter
    LightMythHunter 23 days ago

    Guys c'mon there is much more higher power than demons or devil when he shows up all the demons and us will be put in the lava with brimstone that''s a bad news for us but there is good news for us too

  • rachel fleeman
    rachel fleeman 26 days ago

    the witch lady is the one haunting them the entire time and making the calls.

  • Shiloe McElhaney
    Shiloe McElhaney 26 days ago

    Note that at 14:09 right when colby picked up the cowboy hat Corey's phone rang. 😱 (also sorry for posting this so late. 😑)

  • Fire Wolf
    Fire Wolf 27 days ago

    I go in the woods at 4:30 in the morning because ether my dog has gotten out or I got mad at my roommates and left for the night (also woods by my house are kinda haunted and I hear stuff like laughter so I go check it out and I find nothing )( I go check it out cus I ain’t scared of paranormal activity i saw a shadowy figure but the thing I saw was pitch black with red eyes... I but i don’t talk about that stuff very much any more

  • Jackson Wininger
    Jackson Wininger 28 days ago

    Bro shriek killed 5 bugs was saved by Jake from being burned and is the only one who did not scream the whole night and protected there swamp

  • lowlow bass
    lowlow bass 28 days ago

    Do yall ever tour in alabama?

  • Rosemarie Menjivar
    Rosemarie Menjivar 29 days ago

    Wait wait wait! I have a theory what if the guy that was calling you that talk gibberish what if he got like idk like got captured and he had to join them idk it’s a theory okay? Please don’t say idiot or stuff like that okay?

  • Nulli So2
    Nulli So2 Month ago

    Im playing critical ops while watching this and bcz of that i was always paranoid while playing thus leading to me being good cuz everytime the listen. Thing pops up i hear my game instead of the video so my reaction time was faster cuz i was fkn scared shitless. Just thought id share this

  • Kathy Garza
    Kathy Garza Month ago

    Corey accidentally calling sam "Scam" made me laugh harder than I should have lmao

  • satifiying unicorn
    satifiying unicorn Month ago +1

    My little brother has the same sleeping bag that corey has😂

  • xXMaja AnnaXx
    xXMaja AnnaXx Month ago

    Who else actually wants to know why they didn't just chill in the car? Wth?

  • Cee
    Cee Month ago

    Why wouldn't you just sleep/stay awake in the car? Bros are too brave for their own good fr.

  • マリアAlice
    マリアAlice Month ago

    I just wanted to know what that "hanging baby thing" was

  • Kat
    Kat Month ago

    did they ever think that witchy lady and her pals were fucking with them all night?

  • taylor speth
    taylor speth Month ago

    Sam and his gloves 🧤 lol

  • taylor speth
    taylor speth Month ago

    Poor Corey lol

  • Kira Hayes
    Kira Hayes Month ago

    my goal is to make u guys to reply plsss i love you but no offence colby i would marry you

  • Kira Hayes
    Kira Hayes Month ago

    lamo i love you guys

  • gacha rage
    gacha rage Month ago

    Not to be rude but I'm curouse if you did something back when you were a teen to make the spirts\devils to be upset with you? (P.S. your team rocks!)

  • Emily Hutchby
    Emily Hutchby Month ago

    Wait Jake has ADHD so do I
    Is it actually true he has ADHD

  • Pure Water
    Pure Water Month ago

    I wish you guys come back

  • Positively Q
    Positively Q Month ago

    Okay but real talk here... why doesn’t Corey get a new number after all these calls in the videos we see 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Rebecca Wagner
    Rebecca Wagner Month ago

    I think it was the creepy girl they met at the Stanley, it was her idea to get them to the forest and the witch was her friend, and it was her andher friends out at 4 am, they were the ones messing with you. She had time to set things up, like babies hanging from trees ? I think she went to the Stanley just to find you guys and planed all of this.

  • this is basically
    this is basically Month ago

    when they freaked out about rain hitting the pot I felt that

  • Insanity Suck
    Insanity Suck Month ago

    When u weak up u should go and chek what was that thing hanging

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca Month ago +1

    Anyone believe growing up that if u kill a spider it rains and it started raining after 1 of em killed a spider