NERF Dungeons and Dragons: Video Game Edition!

  • Published on Feb 20, 2019
  • NERF Mystery Build Your Weapon Challenge!
    NERF Don't Fall in the Mystery Box Challenge!
    You already know what it is...ITS BU. We are back with one you've been waiting for...D&D! Check out the new characters and abilities for this new twist on one of our favorite series! Comment down below who you'd play as, and who you think will come out victorious!
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Comments • 2 042

  • Battle Universe
    Battle Universe  7 months ago +359

    We'll be commenting back for the next 20 minutes, what were some of your favorite moments from this one? -❤️ BU

  • Duncan Lakin-Hall
    Duncan Lakin-Hall 5 days ago

    “Paul has never played Dungeons & Dragons”
    Me: well on this channel you haven’t been properly playing either
    I think that BU should play some actual D&D before doing another nerf one

  • Duncan Lakin-Hall
    Duncan Lakin-Hall 5 days ago +1

    Paul should have had a train line trap
    If you touch a person and use this ability they are immobilised next turn and anyone that moves into a row of your target also gets hit by the train and loses 90 hp

  • Ibih Igugy
    Ibih Igugy 6 days ago

    Sam is a chearer

  • Umar Umar
    Umar Umar 6 days ago

    13:29 😂😂😂😄😅😆😆

  • John Arroyo
    John Arroyo 7 days ago


  • Kiingsz Queen92
    Kiingsz Queen92 13 days ago

    I don't like how in every video the ref's always changing the rules and cheating. its not fair for some of the players. but hey that's just my opinion

  • Talis 123567
    Talis 123567 15 days ago


  • Heather Winter
    Heather Winter 16 days ago

    Hey how much did it cost to get all this

  • Fe Fd
    Fe Fd 16 days ago

    i thought you have 20 hp in minecraft so it's the lowest but it's not gonna be 20 or he can get one shooted

  • LDATrapzLegend110
    LDATrapzLegend110 16 days ago

    Like minekraft

    Comment fortnite

  • Logan Granniss
    Logan Granniss 18 days ago

    Sam is my lest favorite she is so mean and a bully never shoot Brian again in the head

  • Kathleen Lukasik
    Kathleen Lukasik 18 days ago


  • skrewlooze
    skrewlooze 20 days ago

    Where is roblox

  • Yuri Silva
    Yuri Silva 21 day ago

    Is it just me or is Tanner a bad game master

  • Anonymous Gamer32
    Anonymous Gamer32 23 days ago


  • Tristan_Gaming
    Tristan_Gaming 24 days ago

    I feel bad for Sam and Fortnite

  • ChiLok Leong
    ChiLok Leong Month ago

    I love it that in the intro Tanner shot fortnite

    • ChiLok Leong
      ChiLok Leong Month ago

      Ok I saw it again now I think I’ll just go...

    TEAM EW Month ago

    Did Brian say something God demanded block

  • betty zavala
    betty zavala Month ago

    Don't judge squirtle

  • Christina Ainsworth

    We all know Minecraft is the true winner

  • robdow 208
    robdow 208 Month ago

    sam is so pretty

  • Corupted cow
    Corupted cow Month ago

    Sam at the beginning was actually at 75 not 85 Bryan got Sam for 10 then she was hit again for fifteen.

  • Philippe Deschamps
    Philippe Deschamps Month ago +2

    Why didn’t Sam just took the real fortnite nerf weapons

  • SylusUndertaker
    SylusUndertaker Month ago

    But you can move after your action in D&D, I am now severely disillusioned

  • Shane Mitchell
    Shane Mitchell Month ago

    At least fortnite didn’t win

  • Jeremy Lovelace
    Jeremy Lovelace Month ago

    I'll allow it

  • Kim Holm
    Kim Holm Month ago

    Wow Bryan

  • Dino
    Dino Month ago +1

    Dude no matter what game won its minecraft till then end of time.

  • Chef Xeno
    Chef Xeno Month ago

    Fortnite is out first

  • RaynbowGames
    RaynbowGames Month ago

    That goes to show that fortnite is ded

  • Maxim Still
    Maxim Still Month ago

    Dungeons and dragons is back

  • Marble Lols
    Marble Lols Month ago +1

    Conner is op and tanner was being unfair

  • brettburrington
    brettburrington Month ago

    Sam smile makes these videos almost unwatchable

  • Sheilia Flyr
    Sheilia Flyr Month ago

    God. Even the captions say forknife. This should be the name of a FORTNITE theme restaurant...

  • Owen Baker
    Owen Baker Month ago

    Where was halo

  • Panda 175
    Panda 175 Month ago +2

    8:37 2019 Russia leader Putin 2020 Russia leader Connor

  • Andrew Abdalamlak
    Andrew Abdalamlak Month ago +1

    Fortnight should have 200 heath

  • Killerwolf 529282
    Killerwolf 529282 Month ago


  • XanDork
    XanDork Month ago

    steve should have 200hp bc he has 10 hearts and in minecraft you have 20 hp bc 1 hp is half a heart. or you could just do 20 hp and make each move do like 1hp instead of 10 if you know what i mean

  • XanDork
    XanDork Month ago

    bryan ain't gta thats F*CKING SANS

  • Arthur Alekseyenko
    Arthur Alekseyenko Month ago

    Connor sword better have fire aspect

  • I’m ded
    I’m ded Month ago

    Bryan hits him at the end but it was Paul’s turn...

  • Flórián Varga
    Flórián Varga Month ago

    I fat he is sans

  • Isaiah Smith
    Isaiah Smith Month ago

    Wut about SANS

  • Dragonstar Darkscales

    Imagine if they used TF2 characters for this! Spy would probably be the best in that situation because he can turn invisible and backstab XD (I don't know if his disguises would do him any good though ._.)

  • Js Salas
    Js Salas Month ago

    I love it ❤

  • Blake Cauley vlogs and games

    Sam looks thicc

  • Harley Marsh
    Harley Marsh Month ago

    You are the best ❤️

  • bruh bro plays
    bruh bro plays Month ago

    Byran shot sam for ten damage and he left her to 90 and paul shot her in the head and tanner said she has 85 but if you do 90 subtract 15 you get 75 and tanner dose not know his math

  • Stink Busch
    Stink Busch Month ago

    Go minecraft go away fortnight

  • E Jaf
    E Jaf Month ago

    Grand theth auto for ever

  • Grand Admiral H
    Grand Admiral H 2 months ago

    In the adam's apple.....
    Seems familiar.....

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez 2 months ago

    Is it just me or does Sam look thic with brite bomber for a costume

  • Luke Baker
    Luke Baker 2 months ago

    During this video my cat gave birth to one cat And he was premature The most unlucky thing

  • infinite lagger 503 xdxdxdxd

    Fereal I can NOT take tanner's shoes seriously yo

  • Connor Corlett
    Connor Corlett 2 months ago +1

    No wonder Connor is a block head

  • Mztammy38
    Mztammy38 2 months ago

    Fornite suck