YouTube Rewind 2017


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  • Big Ol Pupper
    Big Ol Pupper 4 days ago

    Im not trying to hate but OH GOD PLEASE NOOO ITS EMMA BLACKERYYYY

  • theavery s6
    theavery s6 17 days ago

    No hate to the tons of lower TVcliprs but they should only invite TVcliprs with over 5 million subscribers because there are so many TVcliprs now and they need to have less in rewind

  • theavery s6
    theavery s6 17 days ago

    The animators were not given enough time and nearly no one watched the end to even see some of their favorite TVclip animators

  • Abby Sprankle
    Abby Sprankle 24 days ago +1

    I couldn’t find emmas video

  • Lacon Combs
    Lacon Combs Month ago

    They just care about their PayPigs.

  • Vegan Movie Guy
    Vegan Movie Guy Month ago

    LoL you called Emma Blackerry "Emma BlackBerry" LoL the misspelling is understandable but Emma isn't a fruit nor a phone. It's Emma Blackerry

  • fake acount
    fake acount Month ago +3

    Back when bobby burns was good...

    • Fam Squad
      Fam Squad Month ago

      yeah fame got to his head

  • *•. marialouisabrennan .•*

    The only people I was happy to see was the animators and simplynailogical. The animators work their butts off to animate nearly every month and put so much thought in their work! They deserve that recognition. Same as simplynailogical. I have the upmost respect for her as she displays good morals to her fans, unlike some youtubers out there! As well as creating videos that are entertaining; she has a real/normal job and does TVclip as her hobby because she enjoys it~

  • Ruby
    Ruby Month ago

    emma blackberry :D

  • Gavin Johnson
    Gavin Johnson Month ago +1

    Emma’s video isn’t available anymore 😐

  • Pete HrapStick
    Pete HrapStick 2 months ago

    Fuck this year bum fights is gonna be in the rewind.

  • Frost Night
    Frost Night 2 months ago

    Its now that I noticed the Les twins were on youtube rewind

  • Sarcasm
    Sarcasm 2 months ago

    Emma Blackberry :)))))))))

  • Heidy Solis
    Heidy Solis 2 months ago +2

    go back to this hope you feeling OK to be your self

  • Fat elf
    Fat elf 2 months ago

    I hadn't noticed before but this youtube rewind is full of Brazilian youtubers and landscapes

  • Polar333Bear
    Polar333Bear 2 months ago

    97% of the people in Rewind are random unknowns.

  • Chloe Westaway
    Chloe Westaway 2 months ago

    The Year 11 leavers videos in the UK are better than that shit 😂

  • Zain Amer
    Zain Amer 3 months ago

    f$#@ TVclip rewind

  • Glitchy Gir
    Glitchy Gir 3 months ago +1

    I tried to watch Emma's vid but OH NO youtube had a crap attack and didn't want ppl to know so the vid is gone -_-

  • Sir t!lted
    Sir t!lted 3 months ago +1

    more like TVclip Child Friendly Only TVcliprs 2017 Rewind

  • ThatGothGamer Daven
    ThatGothGamer Daven 3 months ago +1

    These youtubers seem to be bitching as a filmmaker meaning a real filmmaker not someone to be a comedian on TVclip. Sometimes you’re going to be sitting around on set getting make up put on you for hours sometimes you’re going to be in the cold and I guarantee these TVclip or‘s were paid because there’s laws in place for actors under the union guidelines. These TVclip or’s sound like a bunch of bitchy teenagers who could definitely never handle being on set and damn I thought some actors were bad. Give me a fucking break.

    RAZVIEL RAMOS VLOGS 3 months ago

    I am down to volunteering for your version of the TVclip we want

  • BrawnyLion
    BrawnyLion 3 months ago

    Bruh is liza koshy even funny

  • Francis Lee
    Francis Lee 3 months ago

    so some 30ksub channels are verified but this 870k thousand channel isn't

  • #relateableoldman 👴🏻

    Emma’s video was deleted.

  • #relateableoldman 👴🏻

    They put way too many people. Who tf are 90% of those people?

  • Mariam K
    Mariam K 3 months ago

    Ryan higa was doing youtube reryan before anyone else

  • quinn
    quinn 3 months ago

    youtube rewind just keeps getting worse throughout the years

  • Ticker Chicken
    Ticker Chicken 3 months ago

    I watched the rewind and halfway through I didn’t even know what was going on, I just felt like the life was being sucked out of me, by the end I didn’t even remember what I watched, it felt like I’ve been on a murder spree and the red mist just accented.

  • JuanRetrofónico
    JuanRetrofónico 3 months ago

    Aaaaaaand they deleted Emma's video...

  • TheCounterWolf
    TheCounterWolf 3 months ago

    5:57 but remember...
    *_MANS NOT HOT_*

  • Doomsday Device123
    Doomsday Device123 3 months ago

    What happened to Emma's video? Its unavailable.. why was it taken down?

  • imicca
    imicca 3 months ago

    Seems like TVclip and own creators are fighting with each other. But some of these creators are happy to kiss youtube ass and bend over to satisfy any demands.

  • Airik
    Airik 3 months ago

    youtube rewind is the definition of cringe, grats

  • fishyfaic
    fishyfaic 3 months ago

    They took down the video
    (Or the link stopped working)

  • Elizabeth Prendeville
    Elizabeth Prendeville 3 months ago

    Emma's video was taken down I think?

  • Chelsea
    Chelsea 4 months ago


  • MsSidknee2
    MsSidknee2 4 months ago

    "Emma Blackberry"

  • K N
    K N 4 months ago

    Why does everybody ignore the fact that it's a fking cringefest

  • Harry Ryder
    Harry Ryder 4 months ago +1

    emmas video has been taken down :(

  • Wonder_ galaxylove
    Wonder_ galaxylove 4 months ago

    Markiplier and PewDiePie are have TOP sub numbers! They were in the video for what 1.03 seconds?
    Just no TVclip.

  • camerooney !
    camerooney ! 4 months ago

    I hope in 2018 most of the youtubers they ask, just say no and have like 10 people from mexico in the entire thing

  • packs
    packs 4 months ago

    his last video

  • Sea Horse
    Sea Horse 4 months ago

    Pewdiepie = Money

  • AndreJustine
    AndreJustine 4 months ago

    Tbh at the end I was like oh these people were in there?

  • Agnes Jonsson
    Agnes Jonsson 4 months ago

    *Emma Blackberry*

  • Mansoor Haque
    Mansoor Haque 4 months ago

    I mean the more famous you are the more screen time you will get.This is showbiz lady.It ain't glamorous.I mean if you want respect be normal like us and get respect.

  • Mr. Oogoo
    Mr. Oogoo 5 months ago

    Bobby cucc

  • Animationmotion Artist
    Animationmotion Artist 5 months ago +1

    My only thing about this...she was on yt rewind last year.. if its that shitty...whats the point of coming back on if she knows what to expect. I mean if this was her first experience, id be like “yeah i feel ya” but lol she was there last year so in truth she just shouldn’t of done it again. Nothing to cry/bitch over...😒you cant whine if you know what goes on.

  • salad
    salad 5 months ago


  • PixelCraft Style
    PixelCraft Style 5 months ago

    But yououtube does pay them and that’s why that don’t have to worry about anything aver again because half of them are millionaires BECAUSE OF TVclip

  • Rayni Haugen
    Rayni Haugen 5 months ago

    emma blackberry? really? it’s blackery. how hard is it to pronounce names correctly?

  • V Sen
    V Sen 5 months ago +1

    0:12 sounds like Morty.

  • Isabella Rhiannon
    Isabella Rhiannon 5 months ago +1

    Emma blackberry I'm dead.. BLACKERY NOT BLACKBERRY LOL

  • hannah stewart
    hannah stewart 5 months ago

    i love the dolan twins and they were there for like 2 seconds which isnt fair for fans who actually care about them xx

  • Melanie Gibbons
    Melanie Gibbons 5 months ago +1

    Emma Blackburry.... 😂 *Emma Blackery

  • Alyssa Jasmin B
    Alyssa Jasmin B 5 months ago +1

    Omg the hair tho

  • Jillie fish
    Jillie fish 5 months ago

    TVclip rewind Used to inspire me now it’s just a joke

  • Betty White
    Betty White 5 months ago

    Nobody's making them do it. If you don't wanna do it then don't.

  • Allison Urdaibay
    Allison Urdaibay 5 months ago +1

    I'm just mad that lele pons was even considered for this

  • I have no creativity for a name

    I'm just shook that the gave big shaq a s e c o n d

  • The MsTender
    The MsTender 5 months ago

    Emma nailed it with honesty.. I totally agree.

  • troye trash
    troye trash 5 months ago +1

    "Emma Blackberry" lmao

  • SuperMixFilms
    SuperMixFilms 5 months ago

    bitch, it's not blackberry. it's blackerry.

  • Coolcoolcool Smort
    Coolcoolcool Smort 5 months ago

    okay but like Blackberry?

  • E&E
    E&E 5 months ago

    Question, Why does Lele look like she got a really bad nose jib done/ Looks like Jake paul as a drag racer

  • Blobfish Girl
    Blobfish Girl 5 months ago


  • BikerDanni
    BikerDanni 5 months ago


  • Kush Shah
    Kush Shah 5 months ago

    I don't know if he's saying Emma Blackberry as a joke, or a mistake😂😂
    It's Emma Blackery

  • nobody cares
    nobody cares 5 months ago

    My name is jef

  • simply emlogical
    simply emlogical 5 months ago

    Can TVclip stop shoving Liza Koshy in my face too lol

  • Blue Bell
    Blue Bell 5 months ago

    “Emma Blackberry”

  • Z W
    Z W 5 months ago


  • Sophie xx
    Sophie xx 5 months ago

    Ryan higa makes his own TVclip rewind and they are fucking awesome

  • Gabriella Longa
    Gabriella Longa 5 months ago

    What's wrong with being liza koshy

  • Hamish Boneham
    Hamish Boneham 5 months ago

    1:47 you say that her last name is blackberry.

  • Sona Proges
    Sona Proges 5 months ago

    Aaaaaaah nearly at 700 000 subs

  • ariana tane
    ariana tane 5 months ago

    black berry

  • MichealMell
    MichealMell 5 months ago +1

    i think the only good part was the train and fidget spinner and i hate fidget spinners

  • Faryal Shams
    Faryal Shams 5 months ago


  • Cameron Beattie
    Cameron Beattie 5 months ago +1

    1:51 Emma Blackberry 😂 it's Blackery

  • Amber
    Amber 5 months ago

    Like we need to see more of Liza or the Paul brothers. We get it, they’re making you the most money.

  • dramatictea
    dramatictea 5 months ago

    emma blackberry

  • Lemons Are Lemonade
    Lemons Are Lemonade 5 months ago

    The animation part was good but it was so short.

  • kabronplay
    kabronplay 5 months ago

    nigahiga rewind is the best

  • Ethan Rast
    Ethan Rast 5 months ago

    Its sad that a youtuber under 1 million can make a better 2016 rewind than TVclip themselves. No shade at you tho, you're great!

  • A Flame On Fire
    A Flame On Fire 5 months ago


    MUSIC VOICE STUDIO 5 months ago

    The animators weren't paid, promoted yt rewind and then got that promoted video demonetised. Fantastic

  • Grace Taylor
    Grace Taylor 5 months ago

    TVclip rewind was such a joke this year- none of the creators that I actually like were on there.. even though they all have 10m+ subscribers

  • Grace Taylor
    Grace Taylor 5 months ago

    I love Emma blackberry

  • Madison McClelland
    Madison McClelland 5 months ago

    Honestly, a lot of hate got thrown on the youtube rewind because the youtubers didn’t get paid , however if it weren’t for TVclip in the first place, the creator’s ads and content would not be put out there and people like David Dobrik or Liza Koshy or any other creator who works on videos full time, would not be getting paid. You might want to consider that before complaining about youtube not paying you for one day of your time.

  • Sofia
    Sofia 5 months ago

    I remember when TVclip Rewind came out, my little sister (who is 13) said that her favorite youtuber tweeted that she is in youtube Rewind, my sister saw the video like a thousand times and she couldn't find the youtuber until someone pointed out in twitter where the girl was
    The girl was on screen for half a second and was dressed like a zombie, my sister was disappointed

  • ohohvalerie
    ohohvalerie 6 months ago

    The blonde girl at the very beginning looks like one of the girls in White Chicks

  • jetnight 88
    jetnight 88 6 months ago

    It’s all bullshit and yeah it kinda don’t matter if you’re not being payed as long as you’re respected.

  • Nope. Sorry. Next.
    Nope. Sorry. Next. 6 months ago


  • Tanooki Patrick
    Tanooki Patrick 6 months ago

    If I ever become big enough to be in Rewind, I'll 100% decline it. I don't wanna be involved in such a garbage excuse of a video

  • Umbreon Gaming
    Umbreon Gaming 6 months ago

    Bobby my man

  • Insert unoriginal Name here

    2016 at least had good creators and they didn’t have to cram in a hole bunch of people 2017was just a whole bunch of people no one knew and the good creators didn’t have lots of time sorry for the long comment

  • Caleigh Parlier
    Caleigh Parlier 6 months ago

    I respect you so much as a person and as a creator. You are so authentic with all of your content. I hope you continue to grow on TVclip; you have the potential to do big things for it since it’s gone to shit so much in the past couple years.

  • Ubersnuber
    Ubersnuber 6 months ago

    What is YT-red? Low-class TV productions? You want me to pay for that!?
    Appreciate the video walkthrough. Thanks, Bobby!