The Perfect Egg Sandwich, According to Alvin Cailan | Food Skills

  • Published on Jan 8, 2018
  • Egg sandwiches are available at every bodega, cornerstone, and fast-food joint. But at Eggslut, chef Alvin Cailan is turning the everyday breakfast sandwich into a work of art. A cult favorite in L.A., and now available at Chefs Club Counter in NYC, Eggslut’s secret is patience. Eggs and butter are added to a cold pan, and gently stirred on low heat. The result is something soft, smooth, and covered in melted cheese and sriracha mayo. Eggslut’s Fairfax is a must-try for any egg-sandwich enthusiast.
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Comments • 608

  • Mikkle Chua
    Mikkle Chua 16 days ago

    Eveyone in the comments talking shit about the sandwich, but have never tried it. Try it before you make an opinion.

  • Trichome Juice
    Trichome Juice 2 months ago

    those eggs are runny and gross

  • Dossed 2040
    Dossed 2040 2 months ago

    God damn I gotta stop watching videos like this at 1am

  • Kyle Riddering
    Kyle Riddering 4 months ago

    yum gooy runny salmonella or whatever

  • Sullehman
    Sullehman 4 months ago

    my dick got hard when he said "caramelized onions cooked for 8 hours"

  • brianna nicole
    brianna nicole 6 months ago

    My love for eggs is unprecedented

  • mister scribbles
    mister scribbles 7 months ago

    Wow you guys are mean. Cooking doesn't always mean well-done. Enjoy a rare steak why dontcha

  • Mitjell K
    Mitjell K 8 months ago

    Been making my eggs like this for years, has a lot in common with the Gordon Ramsey style

  • Mohammad Al Adham
    Mohammad Al Adham 9 months ago +1

    Name: Alvin
    Occupation : Theodore

  • Anthony3am
    Anthony3am 9 months ago

    I added chives to my eggs today after watching this. Fuck! Why the fuck haven’t I ever done it before!? I’m gonna have to eat them with chives from now on hahah

  • roger robie
    roger robie 9 months ago

    toast on that bread is not legit

  • Zorenn Arbas
    Zorenn Arbas 9 months ago

    Anyone know how hot the pan is when he cooks the eggs?

  • Miaou
    Miaou 9 months ago

    Damned I wish we have this kind of fast food in my town in France 😭

  • Caliph Sun
    Caliph Sun 9 months ago

    My grandma foot aint in this. Therefore, it is not the perfect egg sandwich. Thank you.

  • Iron Platypus
    Iron Platypus 9 months ago

    I always dreamed, as a kid, to own an egg restaurant since that was the only dish I knew how to cook at the time, but I could do it in so many ways. I mean it's not much of an accomplishment but still

  • Cody Morgan
    Cody Morgan 9 months ago

    boy shave that nasty ass beard off

  • Thunk Tank Podcast
    Thunk Tank Podcast 9 months ago

    Looks gooood, but the lesson I really see here is want some egg sandwich with that butter?

  • omwtfyb
    omwtfyb 10 months ago

    Jamie oliver woud destroy this guy in a skills competition

  • hhieu23
    hhieu23 10 months ago

    a nub of butter? that was nearly half a stick of butter for 3 eggs. Jesus christ.

  • Chris Overpeck
    Chris Overpeck 10 months ago

    "We do have caramelized onion, we cook it for 8 hours"

  • Your Disappointed Father
    Your Disappointed Father 10 months ago

    Just fry a damn egg with spices on both sides.

  • Charles Manson
    Charles Manson 10 months ago

    Those eggs are still half raw

  • Aiden Cook
    Aiden Cook 10 months ago

    we've probably all seen this guy demo the same gross lookin sandwich like 3 different times on different channels, why not show off something different??

  • Dustin Scott
    Dustin Scott 10 months ago

    who the fuck would want to eat half raw slimy eggs

  • Isaiah Wong
    Isaiah Wong 10 months ago


  • sortilegus
    sortilegus 10 months ago


  • Logan Miller
    Logan Miller 10 months ago

    the thumbnail looked like garbage.

  • george deehan
    george deehan 10 months ago


  • J.B
    J.B 10 months ago

    who the hell eats runny eggs

  • Parker Lewis
    Parker Lewis 10 months ago


  • MrAlex3132003
    MrAlex3132003 10 months ago

    Eeeewww! I hate slimy eggs!

  • ZiK
    ZiK 10 months ago

    i do my eggs in bread same way i feel like someone stole this idea from me

  • caitlin synder
    caitlin synder 10 months ago

    virtually crime blow teaspoon consultant humor collect edition likely surface theology.

  • CoryBrothers
    CoryBrothers 10 months ago

    this guy is unpleasant to listen to and eggslut is a fucking terrible name

  • JP
    JP 10 months ago

    That looks bommmmmbbbb

  • BigFlufyBalz
    BigFlufyBalz 10 months ago

    No Thanks

  • dage
    dage 10 months ago

    would eat there

  • Francisco Preciado
    Francisco Preciado 10 months ago

    I've tried this sandwich and the whole thing is put together amazingly. Every bite is as if an angel sucker punched you everytime.

  • JKuda
    JKuda 10 months ago +1

    A lot of people saying how this sandwich is too expensive. Lol you cheap fucks. Rewatch the video and listen to how much time is spent making this piece of art. Food isn’t just food to chefs and cooks. It’s more than that. The onions alone were slow cooked for 8 hours. Cmon guys. You get what you pay for. And even if the sandwich was like 10 bucks, that’s not that expensive 😂 I find that perfect.

    • j102srf
      j102srf 10 months ago

      Now that minimum wage is going up, people are REALLY going to be upset when they find out they can no longer get a whole meal for 7 bucks. Times change, expectations need to change with the times, or you are just being lazy and selfish.

  • Domak89
    Domak89 10 months ago

    That is a sick amount of butter, no wonder the guy looks like a minivan. Also, this video is a reupload.

  • FoxCat Gaming
    FoxCat Gaming 10 months ago

    Lol ima name my restaurant eggslut. I'm so edgy and random lolololol
    These eggs are dripping with autism.

  • Black Cat
    Black Cat 10 months ago


  • Jack Jedlicka
    Jack Jedlicka 10 months ago

    Adding a bit of salt to the eggs while whisking them will help break of the some of the whites to get a more uniform consistency.

  • Simon T
    Simon T 10 months ago

    I want that samich so bad.

  • Smrtsk8tr1
    Smrtsk8tr1 10 months ago

    Sorry but that egg needs to be cooked way more

  • Cynical Justin
    Cynical Justin 11 months ago


  • JacobDotson
    JacobDotson 11 months ago

    Nothing but beautiful sandwitchary, please cast your spell on my tastebuds.... Pretty Please?

  • Knight of The Gilded Curvation

    If you want a proper egg sandwich you've got to cook your eggs to an acceptable level not to give the consumer digestive problems. smh

  • CartooNinja
    CartooNinja 11 months ago

    It needs some crunch or crispy in it Maybe some raw onions instead, but that's just my taste

    • Deathbrewer
      Deathbrewer 10 months ago +1

      Yea this is for people who want the entire sandwich to be soft as hell all the way through.

  • Garbanzo123
    Garbanzo123 11 months ago


  • Krowman84
    Krowman84 11 months ago

    Hell Nahh!
    That shit had the consistency of baby vomit

  • Patrick C
    Patrick C 11 months ago +1

    This guy taught me how to make awesome scrambled eggs!

  • huberticusrex
    huberticusrex 11 months ago +1

    I'm sorry but I wouldn't eat eggs that wet. Not that I think I'd get sick per se, just it would be unpleasant. As Matty Mathewson would say, not good 'mouth feel'.

  • TheZombieNixon
    TheZombieNixon 11 months ago

    Looks abit grim to me

  • CAN Control
    CAN Control 11 months ago

    Y'all butter whores

  • Seem U
    Seem U 11 months ago

    its FUCKING RAW !!!!!!!

  • Ninja Chopstick
    Ninja Chopstick 11 months ago

    i dont see how people can even like runny scrambled eggs like that.. eew. and chives instead of pepper??? wtf.. those arent even the same type of flavors...


    "Nug of butter"

  • TheCanadianWayEh
    TheCanadianWayEh 11 months ago

    You forgot to cook the eggs

  • HowManyTimes234
    HowManyTimes234 11 months ago

    maybe it's just me, but how can people possibly enjoy the texture of half-cooked scrambled eggs?

  • TheMustard _ Tiger
    TheMustard _ Tiger 11 months ago

    I'm from New York and i can go down the block to my deli and get a better egg sandwich for $3

  • jason martin
    jason martin 11 months ago

    THis is basically the same video as minus Sean

    AJGGG 11 months ago

    You burnt the bread

  • Tom Praytor
    Tom Praytor 11 months ago

    nothing special.

  • Jason Brown
    Jason Brown 11 months ago

    The eggs still seem to be raw? It looks good but after seeing how the eggs are cooked. It just seems like they should have been cook a bit longer. Maybe it's the butter making them look runny yet?

  • Kevin Mellott
    Kevin Mellott 11 months ago

    how much is he paying you for these advertisements

  • Norman Lang
    Norman Lang 11 months ago


  • James Mason
    James Mason 11 months ago

    people probably love it but i can't do runny eggs

  • lodevijk
    lodevijk 11 months ago

    this needs a bit of tomato chilli sauce.

  • Darth Vegas
    Darth Vegas 11 months ago

    That's a lot of butter lol

  • Keybraker
    Keybraker 11 months ago +7

    _"Throw a nub of butter"_ ~ *thows the whole butter* _lmao_

  • Stealthy Aban
    Stealthy Aban 11 months ago

    1:06 That's a really fancy way to describe scrambling some eggy bois.

  • R Swish17
    R Swish17 11 months ago

    Doin 2 much jus for eggs

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar 11 months ago

    Raw ass eggs

  • Robin S Haug
    Robin S Haug 11 months ago

    Looks good af. Dat butter thought, daym. He called it a breakfast-sandwich, right?

  • Steve Holmgren
    Steve Holmgren 11 months ago

    Eggs taste good, and are good for you, because they are failed and unfertilized animal non-babies in your mouth and body that give you life where no life was initially given. There is no god, we're all goop. :)

  • CoDLegenDz81
    CoDLegenDz81 11 months ago

    I see my self making a mess eating it type of sandwich

  • cr3ative2k
    cr3ative2k 11 months ago

    hasn't this already been posted?

  • martman123456
    martman123456 11 months ago

    This seems gross, and it probably costs $10 for that sandwich. Give me 2 over easy eggs on a roll with bacon and American cheese. I'll also take a small coffee, and since I have all this change from my $10, why don't you double that order.

  • Mark Wright
    Mark Wright 11 months ago +1


  • Mutuku Tumbuku
    Mutuku Tumbuku 11 months ago +1

    Someone likes butter.

  • James Rojas
    James Rojas 11 months ago


  • John Garofalo Content
    John Garofalo Content 11 months ago

    Been making a breakfast sandwich like this every morning since i saw this and... Gahd Damn!

  • bamcki
    bamcki 11 months ago

    *orgasm intensifies*

  • ksullom
    ksullom 11 months ago

    I’m sorry did I just see eggslut on that sign?

  • Slomojoe
    Slomojoe 11 months ago

    25 minutes for eggs tho?

  • redross666
    redross666 11 months ago +2

    8 hours to caramelize onions? there's no way that's any better than doing it for 20 minutes the normal way. It's not a tough cut of beef.

  • Izwan A. Jeffrey
    Izwan A. Jeffrey 11 months ago

    Gordan ramsay stylr of cooking a scramble eggs

  • RedDuppers
    RedDuppers 11 months ago

    Looks like a sandwich any semi-competent cook can make. Sodium-citrate for melty cheese I imagine? The rest is just a music hype-vid. Dumb.

  • im pussy?
    im pussy? 11 months ago

    hell yeah i love eggslut, tho havent they covered this before?

  • oliverislost
    oliverislost 11 months ago

    I like my egg solid with crisp edge's
    not a fan of creamy eggs

  • Saving Ferris
    Saving Ferris 11 months ago

    No Taylor Ham? gtfo out of here with this bullshit.

  • BC
    BC 11 months ago

    Looks kinda gross tbh. Those eggs have a slimy ass texture, not a fan. Dude thinks he's hot shit for coming up with this but it's really nothing special.

  • kmd subs
    kmd subs 11 months ago

    Too gimmicky. Give me an old fashioned Hungry Man on Italian hero bread with SP (no K).

  • Michael O.
    Michael O. 11 months ago

    "We use a spatula." Fucking revolutionary bro

  • Mangu
    Mangu 11 months ago

    Never trust a skinny chef.

  • beautiful rose
    beautiful rose 11 months ago

    im fucking hungry now god damn, get me one of those and i'll marry you or something

  • Kaylan
    Kaylan 11 months ago

    this guy is awesome I am going to his restaurant

  • Hebbie Jebbies
    Hebbie Jebbies 11 months ago

    If you’ve felt like you’ve seen this before it was probably from the channel Eater.

  • shane kay
    shane kay 11 months ago

    Did he say “that last 25 minutes you tried making amazing eggs”?? 👀 talk about low and slooooooooow