Brioche Bread

  • Published on Mar 13, 2013
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Comments • 91

  • Linda Lee
    Linda Lee Month ago

    This is not brioche.

  • Chrisco
    Chrisco Month ago

    Sesame seeds, NO BUTTER. Yeah nah, this isn't brioche, but I reckon it's still a fine loaf of bread

  • Apple Gal
    Apple Gal 2 months ago +1

    Holy shit, that's a lot of yeast for just one loaf!

  • رحماكا يارب
    رحماكا يارب 7 months ago

    اريد مقادير بل عربي

  • Joyce Plackey
    Joyce Plackey 7 months ago

    My brioche is in the fridge now so I will have to wait until tomorrow to see how it turns out. This recipe seems quite easy, but it looked heavy and there is NO butter. My dough is light and fluffy... I obviously did not use this recipe.

  • Martin Infeld
    Martin Infeld 11 months ago

    This appears to be another variation of a challah bread. Nevertheless, I am sure it will be good tasting.

  • Gabriel Davidson
    Gabriel Davidson 11 months ago

    This is NOT Brioche by a Mile! Pathetic...

  • Calista Games
    Calista Games Year ago +1

    Brioche without butter wha?

  • Becharis Golden
    Becharis Golden Year ago

    This is dinner roll brioche is very rich in egg and butter

  • Hajaran’s Chanell

    Enak tu bunda

  • Jiale Qin
    Jiale Qin Year ago +2

    I agree. this looks like challah recipe, definitely not Brioche recipe

  • Cypeq
    Cypeq Year ago

    It's quite outrageous, they try to tech something they don't know how to do themselves.
    It's like worst cheap super market brioche, why would you spend your time to do something like this!?
    This is horrible yeast dough... don't ever make it like that use milk and butter instead of oil and water, this dough is hard (far too little liquids),
    and not worked through it's bearly mixed toghether... yeast dough needs minimum 10 minutes of kneeding if you are good at it, if not probably like 15-20 minutes.
    It's not going to work like that it will be goopy and won't rise properly, it rose 50% when it should be getting out of that bowl after 2 hours rising.

  • Cypeq
    Cypeq Year ago

    that's not brioche.

  • monelle
    monelle Year ago

    I think maybe you meant to say challah, not brioche.

  • William Tukei14
    William Tukei14 Year ago

    Good work

  • Ps1 Malfoy
    Ps1 Malfoy Year ago

    That dough looks so stiff. It should be flexible and a little tacky.

  • Narin Gold
    Narin Gold Year ago

    Awesome .. Waaaalllah 💖💗💖

  • exeuroweenie
    exeuroweenie Year ago

    Just made this.Very nice,but reminds me more of Jewish Challah bread.

  • Grace Odikpa
    Grace Odikpa Year ago


  • ستياsathya :good


  • bastard maxfield
    bastard maxfield Year ago

    Do you mean all purpose or bread when you say "plain flour"?

  • Linh Nguyen
    Linh Nguyen 2 years ago

    So beautiful! Thanks

  • sarita sara
    sarita sara 2 years ago


  • Baby RachBell
    Baby RachBell 2 years ago

    can it replace oil with butter?

  • Ullimately
    Ullimately 2 years ago

    To make a simple yeast bread with some eggs in it into a brioche like shape doesnt mean its brioche. This is garbage that has nothing to do with brioche.
    Brioche contains milk and no water, it contains butter and no oil.

  • Shahrbano Qadir
    Shahrbano Qadir 2 years ago


  • Capricorn Capricorn
    Capricorn Capricorn 2 years ago +1

    Looks great . Will try

  • TN1061
    TN1061 2 years ago

    Good recipe for a sweet bread.....not brioche though.

  • Hany Abed
    Hany Abed 2 years ago

    This is more a Challah type bread. Like mentioned below, not Brioche - due to lack of butter

  • Jenny Antognoni
    Jenny Antognoni 2 years ago +1

    This is not brioche. This is just something with flower. Brioche has more eggs so the colour is more golden. You dont add butter as much thats why the dough is not fluff and do not rise as much as supposed to. Please do not use knife in brioche. you tear it apart by the buns. thanks. Make it better. look into french recipes.

  • Danielle Barger
    Danielle Barger 2 years ago +16

    I'm sure this is a delicious bread. It is by no means a brioche. Brioche must contain butter... quite a bit actually.

  • FREEDOM IS A NATURAL RIGHT" Thomas Jefferson.

    I like brioche bread coz it s buttery. However, this recipe didn't have any BUTTER.

  • علاوي البصراوي

    اطلب ترجمة بالعربي

  • Nan Jaya Makmur Indonesia

    thanks verymuch,.. your recepy.good luky

  • susan noronha
    susan noronha 2 years ago +20

    What is brioche without the butter?

    • GodGunsGutsandNRA
      GodGunsGutsandNRA Year ago

      susan noronha Another Americanized Bread Recipe screwup. A bread, but not Brioche.

    • Cypeq
      Cypeq Year ago +1

      well not a brioche. and only two egg xD it's a joke... it's a very cheap yest dough.

    • StephenAnimations
      StephenAnimations Year ago


    • Ma Dj
      Ma Dj Year ago

      susan noronha honestly you should try it, it's really good. I add 1Tsp of vanilla and 1 tsp of baking powder.

    • Ullimately
      Ullimately 2 years ago +1

      and the milk

  • Mahfud Rika
    Mahfud Rika 2 years ago

    dpat ilmu baru lgi thank's

  • Leela jugurnauth
    Leela jugurnauth 2 years ago +1

    very good

  • Masuma Begum
    Masuma Begum 2 years ago +19

    Its not brioche if you dont add the main ingredient - butter!

  • Olfa Silini
    Olfa Silini 3 years ago +4

    I'm really thankful for the recipe !! I made it and it came out ravishing ! so soft and delicious :)

  • Zeta Zhech
    Zeta Zhech 3 years ago

    Very ordinary. Nothing special

  • Muralidhar Rao
    Muralidhar Rao 3 years ago +5

    so you prepared brioche without butter then how you can its brioche ......the main ingredient in brioche is butter

  • Firehiwot Birhan
    Firehiwot Birhan 3 years ago

    I'm so happy becoth i liek bred

  • Mustaf 25
    Mustaf 25 3 years ago

    Haticeni bitanel

  • Thái Học Phan
    Thái Học Phan 3 years ago

    do we need to let it cool down before cutting ?

  • dwa22204
    dwa22204 3 years ago +2

    This is not a brioche....there's no butter or eggs in this recipe.

    • SehMatjoe
      SehMatjoe 3 years ago

      +dwa22204 1:05...check again mr. kitchen police

  • Mai Anh Quản
    Mai Anh Quản 3 years ago +1

    đây chỉ là công thức bánh mì ngọt bình thường thôi mà . brioche chỉ có bơ và trứng còn light broche thì có thêm milk or some full cream @@

  • Jordan Roth
    Jordan Roth 3 years ago

    Do you have to use sesame seeds on the bread cos I'm allergic to sesame seeds

    • M.I.A/MIA1
      M.I.A/MIA1 2 years ago +2

      silly question. its not brioche because of the sesame seeds. it's the content of what's in the dough that makes it brioche. This brioche however, seems under proofed. Too dense and appears doughy.

    • Allrecipes AU | NZ
      Allrecipes AU | NZ  3 years ago

      +Jordan Roth No, you can skip them.

  • Jessica Esparza
    Jessica Esparza 3 years ago +12

    Not an authentic brioche that uses eggs and butter. This is more like braided loaf of bread.

    • No one knows i die
      No one knows i die 8 months ago

      it looks like just a braided bread

    • Ullimately
      Ullimately 2 years ago

      and the milk instead of the water. Butter and Milk. The people here dont know what they are doing.

    • MissIceIceTea
      MissIceIceTea 3 years ago +1

      +Jessica Esparza yeah the butter makes the brioche be a brioche i never saw or heard brioche without butter

  • Fatima A
    Fatima A 4 years ago

    I have a problem with the doe sticking to my fingers. how did you get yours to be so nonstick?

    • Allrecipes AU | NZ
      Allrecipes AU | NZ  4 years ago

      +Fatima Alkhaleef You can add a bit more flour and make sure to add oil as the video did. Good luck!

  • sean b
    sean b 4 years ago +2

    This is easy asf. I used it for sandwiches, garlic bread, dipped it in Italian seasoned olive oil. just amazing.

  • Adrienne Pereira
    Adrienne Pereira 4 years ago

    This bread is identical to my challah bread

  • Vimal Victor
    Vimal Victor 4 years ago +2

    Exellent job

  • Faizaan Agha
    Faizaan Agha 4 years ago +3

    wow, you made it look so damn easy. thanks!

  • anjali5372
    anjali5372 4 years ago +1

    i have trying to find a easy recipe for weeks to do it, THANK YOU SO MUCH , im going try it now . I keep u post it

  • Fizzah Bi
    Fizzah Bi 4 years ago +1

    Can I use selfraising flour instead of plain flour

  • bheng cardoza
    bheng cardoza 4 years ago +1


  • Costas H
    Costas H 4 years ago +7

    brioche is made with butter

    • Albert krank
      Albert krank 3 years ago

      +muralidhar rao Yes!

    • Muralidhar Rao
      Muralidhar Rao 3 years ago +2

      +Albert krank if you use oil its not brioche

    • Albert krank
      Albert krank 4 years ago +1

      Yes but it works also with oil, but butter ist the most yum way :)

  • THarrison004
    THarrison004 5 years ago +1

    I have to try this,it looks amazing.Thanks.

  • Dumebi Agbakoba
    Dumebi Agbakoba 5 years ago +6

    One of the best and easy to follow video tutorials. Clean and well detailed. And off coursr a yummy recipe.

  • Chib Rajput
    Chib Rajput 5 years ago

    Chef i would like to say i thoroughly enjoyed watching this video. I really liked the cleanliness of the whole video and your red oil brush and turquoise bowl are really nice. We eat brioche rolls bought from the supermarket but these are much bigger.

  • Allrecipes AU | NZ
    Allrecipes AU | NZ  5 years ago +2

    Hi Colette, you could but I wouldn't really recommend it for a sweet bread like this. It may turn out too heavy.

  • Grace Charles
    Grace Charles 5 years ago

    Could I use whole wheat flour?

  • Allrecipes AU | NZ
    Allrecipes AU | NZ  5 years ago

    You're welcome!

  • Grace Charles
    Grace Charles 5 years ago

    I just made this and my parents (who dislike rich pastries) absolutely loves it! Thanks

  • Allrecipes AU | NZ
    Allrecipes AU | NZ  6 years ago

    Thank you!

  • tayra973
    tayra973 6 years ago

    love this channel... perfect image and helpfull recipes.