Old Men Exposed

  • Published on May 21, 2019
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  • pinupgrl69
    pinupgrl69 2 hours ago

    This dude...luv im

  • anum khan777
    anum khan777 10 hours ago

    His laughter is so contiguous 😍

  • Laura Saari
    Laura Saari 23 hours ago

    Improv and script collide...you are creative and blunt. All stick, no sugar. Rock it man!

  • American Viking
    American Viking Day ago

    This guy is fucking comedy gold. I love him. Josh keep up the comedy

  • Just Your Dream official

    Oh my God you stole the joke from Michael Mcintyre 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧😔

  • himynameisHANNAH
    himynameisHANNAH 3 days ago

    I fucking pissed my pants laughing bro 😂

  • himynameisHANNAH
    himynameisHANNAH 3 days ago

    I fucking pissed my pants laughing bro 😂

  • WHEELS DON'T STOP ME Blue margolin

    omg ROTFLMFAO i needed this laugh

  • SosnowskiJORDAN
    SosnowskiJORDAN 11 days ago

    At some point in my life, I will definitely be attending one of your gigs.

  • brie beahan
    brie beahan 13 days ago +1

    I'm disappointed youtube didn't randomly recommend this guy to me sooner, like how have I gone this long without Josh Wolf in my life?

  • Steve Str22
    Steve Str22 15 days ago +1

    - How is it going?
    - Nut that good anymore, dude
    *Pun intended*

  • A_Thicc_ Sister
    A_Thicc_ Sister 15 days ago +1

    Is how I laugh

  • kryzsec
    kryzsec 18 days ago

    Not going to lie, I look forward to the day where I can legally scar people in the locker room like this

  • Luke Edwards
    Luke Edwards 18 days ago

    Bruuuuh this is factual. It doesn't just happen in gym locker rooms lol

  • mr hater
    mr hater 21 day ago +1

    I think this guy is if crash Bandicoot could talk and was a comedian

  • Yeet
    Yeet 23 days ago


  • Raven Kimmich
    Raven Kimmich 23 days ago

    I would love to meet you!!!

  • StarWarFan
    StarWarFan 24 days ago

    1:38 now THAT'S a powermove.

  • Ella_Does_ Gacha
    Ella_Does_ Gacha 25 days ago +9

    Reasons I love Josh:
    He actually fucking funny
    He always looks like he's having a good time
    He has the biggest smile of anyone I've ever saw
    I'm a female and knows what he's talking about
    He just makes me laugh

  • Anarky101
    Anarky101 26 days ago

    Bro Josh wolf always has me at work fuckin rolling

  • RacoonofCancun
    RacoonofCancun 28 days ago

    But their tits hang down to their bellybuttons

  • RacoonofCancun
    RacoonofCancun 28 days ago

    Omg women do this tooo

    • Win
      Win 8 days ago

      Have you seen ladies dry their boobs with hand dryers?! What even is America?

  • strongself37
    strongself37 Month ago

    Haha. Thank for the laughs.
    Love it.

  • Tam A
    Tam A Month ago

    You need to come to Australia

  • William Watson
    William Watson Month ago

    Ate an edible...... Now im dying.....old men drying their NUTS....in a hand dryer

  • Homer Gutierrez
    Homer Gutierrez Month ago

    My new fav comic.

  • Error 404
    Error 404 Month ago

    that lowkey sounds like vanoss

  • jess B.
    jess B. Month ago +1

    "how's it going"
    "...not that good anymore dude"

  • Kulxy
    Kulxy Month ago

    He's made almost 100k subs in a week

  • raph009
    raph009 Month ago

    Somebody should come up with the nutdryer for men 65+

  • elides1
    elides1 Month ago

    Can confirm

  • Dominic Adams
    Dominic Adams Month ago


  • Jirjeiddueuedjdjdj Heudduddh

    !fucking hand 🖐 🤚 dryers 🤣 lmao

  • ZeeJay
    ZeeJay Month ago

    if you close your eyes it sounds like quagmire

  • Connor Martinez
    Connor Martinez Month ago +5

    Me:why is this in my recommended
    **clicks video**
    Also me:Thank you TVclip

  • bby m
    bby m Month ago

    Old women don’t care either lol they be naked in front of everybody

  • Orgito Qose
    Orgito Qose Month ago

    This makes me feel bad about the future me

  • tinbanger66
    tinbanger66 Month ago

    Josh, you've heard of the Spiderman, right? Just shoot the load into your hand, yell ,"Spiderman!", and flick your hand. No? Me either.

  • Cassia McKamey
    Cassia McKamey Month ago

    I actually cANT w this guy he's too funny lmaooo

  • Raspberries Rrandom

    I like to think that when comedians laugh after a joke they are laughing not at what they just said but what they didn't.

  • KiarraSari
    KiarraSari Month ago

    This is the best comedian!! I feel so educated about men’s locker rooms. 😂

  • Essence CN
    Essence CN Month ago


  • Kieran Fitzsimon
    Kieran Fitzsimon Month ago

    When he laughs he makes me wanna kill myself

  • Omar Linares 1213
    Omar Linares 1213 Month ago

    When are they going to give this guy a Netflix special man

  • Evan Jacobson
    Evan Jacobson Month ago

    When you look up naked boobs on the family computer 😏 when your mom sees it 🤭
    Me 😏
    My ass🍑✋🏻

  • nette32211
    nette32211 Month ago

    Women too .. stuff sagging ..

  • OBJ3Ct 1
    OBJ3Ct 1 Month ago

    He totally wear that hat because of his big forehead
    Looking goood broo:)));;;;))))

  • 522nibbles
    522nibbles Month ago +1

    Marble bag haha.

  • Snow Blind
    Snow Blind Month ago

    There’s this one lady’s laugh that makes me want to rip my hair out

  • Herry Bells
    Herry Bells Month ago

    That's a sign of prostate problems...

  • JuanCarlos Reyna
    JuanCarlos Reyna Month ago

    The last few times I've been to my local gym, there's been naked old men in the locker room😭😭🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Danyelle Seeders
    Danyelle Seeders Month ago

    Man I can never look at my grandpa the same way again

  • BusinessSquid 95
    BusinessSquid 95 Month ago

    One time when my buddy and I were at the gym we went back into the locker room to get our shit, when we walk in some old man probably in his 70s or 80s was just standing there butt ass naked, Worst thing was he was right in front of the locker we were using. My friend needed to get his keys and stuff so he just walks over reaches his hand down and opens the locker his hand was at least 2 inches away from this guys white haired bush. Second the guy moved out of the way a little we fucking grab our shit speed walk out of there and start dying of laughter outside the building.

  • kenny s
    kenny s Month ago

    I am 44 and I have no issue with my cum shot. it still shoots load and proud.

  • LockedUpPanda
    LockedUpPanda Month ago

    Honestly, I fucking hate standup. But damn, you're making me love it for some reason, keep it up!


    You are just jealous Mr Wolf - Your Day Will Come BE PATIENT

  • Matthew Kreider
    Matthew Kreider Month ago +1


  • D-Day Fitness
    D-Day Fitness Month ago

    This story has been told A MILLION TIMES by guy who have NEVER BEEN TO THE GYM! 👎

  • Sports Freak
    Sports Freak Month ago +1

    Josh you actually helped me through a dark period in my life and I can’t stop laughing thank you for being awesome and keep up the good work

  • Griffin Noname
    Griffin Noname 2 months ago