Autumn Makeup Tutorial for Straight Men


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  • AnthonyPadilla
    AnthonyPadilla  11 months ago +4376

    Sorry I had to re-upload because there was a glitch in the upload yesterday but here it finally is! Hope you enjoy C**ktober. See ya later bye guys, press a like 👍

    • poopy poopy
      poopy poopy 4 months ago

      Anthony, you slayed this look. Proud of you Ant

    • Joe Nilly
      Joe Nilly 8 months ago

      I feel like this is kinda homophobic, not all gay men wear pounds of cover girl make-up. Why do you assume all gay men are flamboyant?

    • Manuel Ojeda
      Manuel Ojeda 9 months ago

      what song, is in the minut 0:10

    • Winter Wolf0986
      Winter Wolf0986 10 months ago

      AnthonyPadilla lmao. Add straight hair to this look and back to ur emo days😂😂

    • Kayla Jarrels
      Kayla Jarrels 10 months ago

      AnthonyPadilla that true

  • Lucif
    Lucif 4 days ago

    I know a lot of straight men who use makeup, they're at the clown collage in my city

  • Bang Supa
    Bang Supa 9 days ago

    wtf im search for mans transformation after makeup because the girl version is soo AMAZING, and i see anthonio padiya here :D
    LOONG time no SEE
    Hope u have a Great days

  • Martin Kozucharov
    Martin Kozucharov 13 days ago

    We have a guy wearing this makeup to school everyday. :D

  • Dank Pancake
    Dank Pancake 15 days ago

    Why tf is he better with makeup than half the bitches at my school

  • Potato on Pizza
    Potato on Pizza 17 days ago

    Did he just do makeup better than me????

  • jordan 23
    jordan 23 17 days ago


  • Garry Blades
    Garry Blades 23 days ago +2

    I was actually making mental notes until he put on the lashes then. Then I burst out laughing. Oh, I laughed, and I laughed, oh how did I luagh.

  • Fowzia Hassan
    Fowzia Hassan 29 days ago

    MAKEUP FOR MENNN.....anyone els

  • Darlene Roy
    Darlene Roy Month ago

    He’s a whole new man!

  • Gemma Bolderson
    Gemma Bolderson Month ago

    Your lashes look amazing! Wish mine looked like that when I wear falsies :(

  • james evans
    james evans Month ago

    Change the title....

  • Tia Modessa
    Tia Modessa Month ago

    I’m pretty sure u do ur makeup way better than mine ❤️🙈🙊💞📸

  • Esme Hamer
    Esme Hamer Month ago

    It looked really good up until they eyeshadow

  • SouiouMid
    SouiouMid Month ago

    i am crying

  • Eeriestchip26
    Eeriestchip26 Month ago +1

    WTF HAHAHAHAHAHA IM DYING. This is the content I subscribed for 😂😂🤯😂🤯

  • SkyEmaralds Roblox gaming

    When Anthony put all the make up on and I saw it I said “. HOLLY CRAP IS THAT SOFIA FROM SHREK”

  • Jesus Chavira
    Jesus Chavira 2 months ago

    Manny MUA who?

  • Renato Lopes
    Renato Lopes 2 months ago


  • R2D2 From StarTrek
    R2D2 From StarTrek 2 months ago

    2:48 What the fuck

  • patuator
    patuator 2 months ago

    Your cool guy Anthony but this was repusively gay i mean ack! I mean ik know it was a joke but still.....

  • Karen Alba
    Karen Alba 2 months ago

    dude I just bust out laughing when he pulled the lipstick applicator out, THAT SOUND

  • veene gaming
    veene gaming 2 months ago

    i ended up in the weird part of youtube but i still like your content

  • Winged Saviour
    Winged Saviour 2 months ago

    I actually liked this video more than I thought I would, you more than just nailed that look. You owned it. I’m starting to ignore the bigotry with regards to Men wearing makeup. Movie actors indeed.

  • Petrine Vilmun
    Petrine Vilmun 2 months ago +1

    I actually thought this was real for a moment, until he put on the lashes.

  • XxĐîămõñđ FłôwęřxX

    Ok I still have no idea if this is real or not

  • The unstoppable Unicorn

    My name is in your title

  • David Coral
    David Coral 2 months ago

    Click bait 😂😂

  • kouyio man
    kouyio man 2 months ago

    wait isnt this a joke?

  • AS AD
    AS AD 2 months ago

    You look so fuming ga yyyyu

  • trainer red
    trainer red 2 months ago +1

    i like your show

  • Dmc m
    Dmc m 2 months ago


  • Breanna Bre
    Breanna Bre 3 months ago

    James Charles is Q U A K I N G😂😂😂😂🔥❤️👌

  • Captain Steve Rogers
    Captain Steve Rogers 3 months ago

    Hey girl
    He is gay?

  • Akío Aslan
    Akío Aslan 3 months ago

    1:03 most straight ever

  • ARN zz
    ARN zz 3 months ago +1

    You deserve more subscribers

  • Bro Capitalista
    Bro Capitalista 3 months ago +3

    Hahaha dude funny af

  • Cally Ng
    Cally Ng 3 months ago

    i thought that it was a joke, yet it is really SERIOUS! OMG!

  • Panic! At the Pilots Romance

    Anthony actually looks good with that style of make-up. dude, you are all of the goals for women.

  • Ian Oakley
    Ian Oakley 3 months ago

    This is gay

  • Julie Kanutte Risøe
    Julie Kanutte Risøe 3 months ago

    Is this real?😂

  • Angelika Charize
    Angelika Charize 3 months ago

    his fucking look is snatching everybody

  • Jaman the First
    Jaman the First 3 months ago

    Your eyebrows are uneven ........l love your videos

  • Indie Frost
    Indie Frost 3 months ago

    he has such talent I AM ACTUALLY JEALOUS

  • drowninngroses
    drowninngroses 3 months ago

    this rlly funny but rlly good

  • drowninngroses
    drowninngroses 3 months ago

    so tempted to dislike just to make it say 666

  • antony kulik
    antony kulik 3 months ago

    The funny thing is, he really knows what he’s doing and this ain’t his first rodeo....boys

  • Madi
    Madi 3 months ago


  • Aejot
    Aejot 3 months ago

    Anthony is 100% gay

  • megareshiram1
    megareshiram1 3 months ago

    The beard part was helpful

  • megareshiram1
    megareshiram1 3 months ago

    This is actually useful

  • Natalie Riste
    Natalie Riste 3 months ago +1

    I think this is so funny and different and original from a lot of things I see on TVclip and it doesn’t seem like you’re trying too hard either. Been watching since original smosh days and haven’t had that genuine laughter or feeling I use to get when I watched the old smosh videos in a long time. Thanks for this channel -a fan since forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Karina Morado
    Karina Morado 3 months ago

    I can't even and I just did

  • palmtreesandbeaches
    palmtreesandbeaches 3 months ago

    I'm surprised he was on Ru Paul's Drag Race because it kind of seems like he's mocking boys who wear makeup in this video..

  • RockingSummer
    RockingSummer 3 months ago


  • Jenny Nelson
    Jenny Nelson 4 months ago


  • Jake O'Leary
    Jake O'Leary 4 months ago

    james charles is that you

  • ivanray albarido
    ivanray albarido 4 months ago

    Anthony stealing Miel's lighting lol

  • Idk You
    Idk You 4 months ago

    I don’t see why he had to emphasize STRAIGHT

    • Idk You
      Idk You 3 months ago

      Four Knocks which is fucking ignorant

  • Wiinter Valkyrie
    Wiinter Valkyrie 4 months ago

    Better makeup than 69% of the girls at my school

  • EurenDetta _
    EurenDetta _ 4 months ago


  • yrrejjerry
    yrrejjerry 4 months ago +1

    0:33 the moment he did that shit to focus on the shave i knew this was a troll video! hahaha i watched the whole thing regardless haha

  • Metal Princess
    Metal Princess 4 months ago +1

    He’s so hot 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Chelsey Holmes
    Chelsey Holmes 4 months ago

    James charles is quaking

  • Soft Jeong Baby
    Soft Jeong Baby 4 months ago

    A lot of men wear makeup no problem with it lel

  • Des XXI
    Des XXI 4 months ago

    I love you. This is absolutely amazing

  • Clara Flos
    Clara Flos 4 months ago +2

    What about spring

  • PASHA muzgirl
    PASHA muzgirl 4 months ago

    when anthony can do make up while i never did !!! i'm officially lesbian !

  • HonteAToi Lagacé
    HonteAToi Lagacé 4 months ago

    mhhh the begining was good, but the end ... idk, not sure about it

  • Sequoia
    Sequoia 4 months ago +1

    I haven't seen a single male comment.

  • S Alaka
    S Alaka 4 months ago

    I'm actually loving the Candy Corn eye shadow

  • Tony kimbraley
    Tony kimbraley 4 months ago +1

    WARNING 3:53 If your straight don't put on those ear lashes

  • PixiChu
    PixiChu 4 months ago

    I'm neither

  • Younes Khamlichi
    Younes Khamlichi 4 months ago

    gayest video sofar

  • Rin chan
    Rin chan 4 months ago +1

    He does makeup better than me and I'm a girl.

  • Isabelle Gernhardt
    Isabelle Gernhardt 4 months ago

    Why is Anthony prettier then me??

    • Sequoia
      Sequoia 4 months ago

      Isabelle Gernhardt when isn't Anthony prettier?

  • Laurens R. :3
    Laurens R. :3 5 months ago

    for 'straight' men? please explain yourself

  • Young Grim.
    Young Grim. 5 months ago

    bruh i realized only at the end that the straight thing is a joke...........

  • taylor urie
    taylor urie 5 months ago

    “don’t worry if you have a hard time finding it at first. despite it’s name, it’s actually shaped like a rectangle.” LMAO

  • taylor urie
    taylor urie 5 months ago

    wow this man is attractive

  • Neo Jasmine
    Neo Jasmine 5 months ago


  • Flan's Random Randomness

    You look horrible

    • Sequoia
      Sequoia 4 months ago

      Flan's Random Randomness says you.

  • Yasmeen Kazak
    Yasmeen Kazak 5 months ago

    bless the commentary

  • Pipertiger
    Pipertiger 5 months ago

    Generally better than James Charles,

  • Abdullah Nabhan
    Abdullah Nabhan 5 months ago


  • darius reedo
    darius reedo 5 months ago

    if I start doing this, probably look like a doll

  • Fantistic
    Fantistic 5 months ago

    He looks good.

    GOD OF OWL 5 months ago


  • Chesca Chloe
    Chesca Chloe 5 months ago +1

    "oh,you think my lashes are long? Wait 'til you see my dic"

  • Emma Jones
    Emma Jones 5 months ago

    Yes?? I needed this??

  • jun lo
    jun lo 5 months ago

    Work , bitch! Serving butch realness

  • Dex Vega
    Dex Vega 5 months ago

    So fetch! Looking forward to the next makeup tutorial. 💁🏻

  • yo yo
    yo yo 5 months ago +1

    *wasup dude*

  • W-Whezzy Tozier
    W-Whezzy Tozier 5 months ago

    At the end the eyelashes were falling off..... Lol

  • connors bxtch
    connors bxtch 5 months ago


  • Jesse Roark
    Jesse Roark 5 months ago

    Honestly he doesn't look bad

  • Midwest Gothic
    Midwest Gothic 5 months ago

    Slay King!

  • • Bangarang •
    • Bangarang • 5 months ago +7

    Wow I had no idea Dan was this comfortable with his sexuality

  • Whatever Art
    Whatever Art 5 months ago

    I’m a gay girl but I wanna watch

  • Anahy Adame
    Anahy Adame 5 months ago

    okay but like why do i love this lol i want more makeup vids now