Most Sold Video Games of All Time 1989 - 2019

  • Timeline history of the best selling video games from 1989 to 2019. Measured by cumulative units sold worldwide. Includes game copies sold on PC and gaming consoles. Excludes games bundled with gaming consoles and mobile app sales. Also free-to play copies are not included here.
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    Data source: companies annual sales reporting

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  • Data Is Beautiful
    Data Is Beautiful  5 months ago +3570

    What's your favorite video game?

    • Ļėğò Ýøđæ
      Ļėğò Ýøđæ 5 days ago


    • Jamie Banner
      Jamie Banner 9 days ago

      Favourite games? Deus ex original and Deus ex invisible War. Castlevania N64. Halo 1 and 2. Zelda ocarina of time N64. Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction. Mercenaries. There's a few more but I'm not sure what my favourite game is..
      I'm surprised a few not there. 1 is
      Street fighter 2. It seemed really popular.. it was everywhere are arcade/consoles etc of course there was an original Street fighter one game everybody's forgot about lol. Always found it funny it went on that long Street as fighter 2 that even the sequels was just called special edition or champion mode or something like that lol. Took em 100 years to make Street fighter 3 lol.

    • ויקה קופיטניקוב
      ויקה קופיטניקוב 19 days ago


    • Alfaiz Rizvi
      Alfaiz Rizvi Month ago

      Uncharted 2 & 3

    • kones
      kones Month ago

      Assassin's Creed 2

  • Dynesius
    Dynesius 21 minute ago

    PUBG coming in like Normal Spongebob, “Hi, how are ya?”

  • Christian Bosi
    Christian Bosi 5 hours ago

    My favorite video game is definitely New Super Mario Bros.

  • SouthCarolinahater
    SouthCarolinahater 9 hours ago +1

    Am I the only one here confused why I don't see halo?

    AZE_ GAMER-AZG 10 hours ago +1


  • gaëtan de almeida
    gaëtan de almeida 14 hours ago

    Because you love data, my favorite video games of all time:
    1 - Mass effect trilogy
    2 - Chrono Trigger
    3 - Final fantasy 7
    4 - God of War (the last one)
    5 - Total war warhammer 2
    6 - STALKER - Shadow of chernobyl
    7 - Diablo 2

    My most played game is Skyrim but only with mods. Skyrim without mods is not so great, espcially with the writing. At least, the "world building"/"environment story telling" is 10/10 and it is really easy to lost yourself hours and hours again... which is always a sign of a geat video game

  • Ilirian Bardhi
    Ilirian Bardhi 17 hours ago +1

    As a millennia i will always vote for MARIO

  • RoboBlox
    RoboBlox 18 hours ago

    Bruh why was roblox not there

  • Andrew Elder
    Andrew Elder 21 hour ago

    How was FROGGER still #2 in 2000?!? :D

  • F4CU R3TR0
    F4CU R3TR0 22 hours ago +1


  • Toodee Nomai
    Toodee Nomai Day ago

    Fortnite is the biggest game in history

  • Szymon Lesiak
    Szymon Lesiak Day ago


  • Dmitriy Stoyanov

    Lol, where is half life? Doom? Star craft? Etc

  • Leon C
    Leon C Day ago

    Where's mortal Kombat?

  • CrazyGrizzy
    CrazyGrizzy 2 days ago

    Song ?

  • Coolguy717
    Coolguy717 2 days ago

    0:20 and thus, the longest reign of all time started

    Jntil it got destroyed by minecraft

  • Carlos Gavilanes
    Carlos Gavilanes 2 days ago

    2:20 Minecraft: GET OUT OF MY WAY SUCKERS !!!!!

  • Kill CaptchaBFB
    Kill CaptchaBFB 3 days ago

    Tetris: i used to rule the world

  • Santi Lara
    Santi Lara 3 days ago

    Decir que juegos multiplataformas y digitales como GTA V o Minecraft que están en PC,PS3,PS4,XBOX360,XBOX ONE,3DS, Wii U, Switch, Vita, Android e IOS han vendido mas que otros exclusivos como Wii Fit o Pokemon Rojo/Azul que solo existen en físico pues las comparaciones son bastante odiosas.
    Que sucedería si contáramos los videojuegos mas vendidos por su consola predominante...

  • IL Gio'
    IL Gio' 3 days ago

    Minecraft stupid game for stupid people.... What about cs or warcraft? Bruh

  • Hammad Khan
    Hammad Khan 3 days ago +1

    GTA Vc Fans( Like me)
    Left the chat

  • Steven Foster
    Steven Foster 4 days ago

    All I want to know is: who was going into gamestop and saying, "Let me get that Tetris" in 2013

  • Cody Davis
    Cody Davis 4 days ago

    Hey! Where Super Mario Odyssey and Super Smash Bro’s Ultimate?

  • gnartastickid
    gnartastickid 5 days ago

    Get the fuck out of my room Tetris!!! I’m playing Minecraft!

  • Lucas Harper
    Lucas Harper 5 days ago

    Where is resident evil?

  • Mr Fearless
    Mr Fearless 5 days ago

    For everyone who is wondering why Fortnite is not on the list. Fortnite is an online game not a disc the title say the most SOLD meaning in stores.

  • History Explained
    History Explained 5 days ago +1

    What is the music used in this video?

  • Oneshot -3uLegend
    Oneshot -3uLegend 5 days ago

    Fortnite and Fifa?🤣

  • playagajordann123
    playagajordann123 6 days ago

    Nintendo will always be the best company

  • Dizzy Gaming666
    Dizzy Gaming666 6 days ago

    Your logos are wrong...

  • It’s Ryan Diaz 2.0

    Im looking for all of the GTA games.

  • Pikachu_ 117
    Pikachu_ 117 7 days ago

    Oh yeah, *New Super Mario Bros. 3* sounds good. So does *New Super Mario Land*

  • Chara Playz
    Chara Playz 7 days ago

    Who else is deeply upset undertale wasn’t there-

    • Chara Playz
      Chara Playz 6 days ago

      Zionian NotSoMapperAnymore Ohhhhhh,I get it.

    • Zionian NotSoMapperAnymore
      Zionian NotSoMapperAnymore 7 days ago

      It's a trendy game back in the game but not enough to get here. Most of the games here are cross platform while Undertale at it's prime is only at PC

  • xhype Fortnite
    xhype Fortnite 7 days ago

    Where,s fortnite

  • jr Hurtado
    jr Hurtado 7 days ago

    Ur acting like fortnite (250 million accounts) isnt even a things

  • Ghulam Abbas Mughal
    Ghulam Abbas Mughal 7 days ago +1

    Gaming is superb😗
    Hit👍if you agree

  • Ибрагим Шахбулатов

    Ps4 games ? Wtf

  • Bean Ashley
    Bean Ashley 7 days ago

    So your telling me super Mario world was still selling copies in 2008? Yeah sure

  • Better Sushinico
    Better Sushinico 7 days ago

    Duck Hunt still on top 10 in 2005 is incredible!! 😱

  • Black Berry
    Black Berry 8 days ago

    Fortnite:**AM I JOKE TO YOU?**

  • mrpostman 117
    mrpostman 117 8 days ago

    Where's Halo?

  • Daisy Lee/bindy28
    Daisy Lee/bindy28 8 days ago

    Tetris: No one can beat me
    Tetris again: wait what’s that?

    АРТЁМКА GAME 8 days ago +1

    I love Roblox but it was not listed as a game.
    It had 700 million users

  • Rman
    Rman 8 days ago

    bullshit numbers

  • Kevin Rodriguez
    Kevin Rodriguez 9 days ago

    Guess GoldenEye wasn't a thing then smh

  • Mel Gehl
    Mel Gehl 9 days ago

    Red Dead Redemption 2?

  • Kain Pepe
    Kain Pepe 9 days ago

    Gta sa

  • 3lectricbEaST 17
    3lectricbEaST 17 9 days ago

    How the cinnamon toast fuck is wii fit sold more than bo2

  • aeyisthethics
    aeyisthethics 9 days ago +1

    Minecraft 181,837,000 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

  • Purwati Utami
    Purwati Utami 9 days ago

    my favorite game is super mario sonic minecraft mario kart

  • Garrett Jones
    Garrett Jones 9 days ago

    This feels a little skewed... the console video only displayed one of three x-box consoles, and where were the Halo games on this video or the Batman Arkham or Assassin’s Creed franchises... most of the games you posted were either Sega or Nintendo and it wasn’t until towards the end you showed any non-console-specific titles.

  • Joshua Lefever
    Joshua Lefever 9 days ago

    Pokemon wanted to be the very best, but never was. T-T

  • Jorge Luis Renteria Murphy


  • Ricardo Molina
    Ricardo Molina 9 days ago

    My top ten favorite games are
    10 minecraft
    9 FIFA street 3
    8 resident evil 4
    7 the last of us
    6 need for speed playback
    5 halo 2
    4 uncharted 2 among thieves
    3 call of duty ww2
    2 uncharted 1 drakes fortune
    1 GTA san andreas (the first game i ever played)

  • 여친또는남친생김구독하면

    2:55 korea did it !!!

  • Cris Charlies
    Cris Charlies 9 days ago


  • incog nitor
    incog nitor 10 days ago +1

    Minecraft vs Tetris Cubewars
    *Boxhead crying at the background*

  • Adam Thompson
    Adam Thompson 10 days ago

    Yes game franchises or series' would be cool to see in this yearly data format.

  • Thunder Jim
    Thunder Jim 10 days ago

    I hate the fact that I have discovered this channel.

  • Artic WhitePolarBear
    Artic WhitePolarBear 10 days ago

    let's go minecraft

  • borgeta
    borgeta 10 days ago

    New super mario bros 3 wtf 0:01

  • TheFrighterPH
    TheFrighterPH 11 days ago

    Minecraft Be like
    Minecraft:I am speed 2:20

  • anirudh sahijwani
    anirudh sahijwani 11 days ago

    pokemon red blue: atleast in the chart

  • Supreme overlord
    Supreme overlord 11 days ago

    Didn't expect GTA V there

  • _*N i k i*_
    _*N i k i*_ 12 days ago

    Minecraft be like: 📈📈

  • HotWax93
    HotWax93 12 days ago

    That Pokemon bar can't be for just Red and Blue, judging by how long the numbers kept going up. Surely the original generation games didn't stay on the market for 15+ years, did they?

  • Nate Sprenger
    Nate Sprenger 12 days ago

    Where is fortnite !?!🤬😡

    • Unwanted Cheese
      Unwanted Cheese 8 days ago

      Also fortnite still wouldn't be number one if it was on the list

    • Read Abed
      Read Abed 9 days ago

      Fortnite is free it can't be put here

  • Jay Murthy
    Jay Murthy 12 days ago

    Frogger beat out Super Mario Bros 3? Really? Damn when I was growing up Mario 3 was the shit!

  • turkyish
    turkyish 12 days ago

    All them super Mario games tho👌 combined the best sell franchise of all time, unbelievable games

  • Data World Ranking 2020
    Data World Ranking 2020 13 days ago +1

    Nice video. thanks for sharing this video. Love it so much.

  • omar almadi
    omar almadi 13 days ago

    Where’s crash bandicoot. I thought it would atleast have gotten 1 in 1999-2005

  • jahh1975
    jahh1975 13 days ago

    I call BS. RDR2 isn’t even up there

  • Mr Creeper
    Mr Creeper 13 days ago

    Where’s Undertale?

  • Daniela Boiani
    Daniela Boiani 14 days ago

    Minecraft Minecraft!! MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Epic Legend
    Epic Legend 14 days ago +2

    2:20 Minecraft is like hi sisters

  • Ali Akay
    Ali Akay 14 days ago

    Where do you take these datas from?

  • Джон Бишоп
    Джон Бишоп 14 days ago


  • Jacob Dickinson
    Jacob Dickinson 14 days ago

    No Halo?

  • Shiv Bavaji
    Shiv Bavaji 15 days ago +1

    Jai PUBG

  • All Thesame
    All Thesame 15 days ago

    Пабг с ноги на третье место залетел