Andrew Garfield Says The World Doesn't Need Movie Stars

  • Published on Oct 12, 2017
  • 'Breathe' star doesn't condemns the concept of a movie star and doesn't consider himself to be one. Stephen polls the audience to test the accuracy of Andrew's claims.
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Comments: 907

  • Charles Iannini
    Charles Iannini 2 days ago

    Andrew Garfield is so fucking awsome we all love him.

  • Pierre O. Park
    Pierre O. Park 5 days ago +1

    This interview reminds me of the early scenes in Call Me By Your Name, before Elio & Oliver finally kissed...

  • Eftihios Christou
    Eftihios Christou 9 days ago

    It’s mad ppl don’t know he’s English

  • minamoon01
    minamoon01 15 days ago

    Andrew should write a book. I really enjoy his thoughts, and I think he has a different mentality than mine which I find very interesting.

  • Konton Sei
    Konton Sei 17 days ago

    Is Andrew garfield gay?

  • Jan Čapek
    Jan Čapek 21 day ago

    His gestures and movements are those of a psychopath.

  • FirstTime ISawJupiter
    FirstTime ISawJupiter 24 days ago +2


  • Lauren Bagwell
    Lauren Bagwell 25 days ago

    sassy finger wag "its my life stephen"

  • Julia Norman
    Julia Norman 27 days ago

    I adore him

  • Todd Takahashi
    Todd Takahashi 28 days ago +1

    Oh my gosh he's Andrew Garfield is so flirtatious! He really likes Stephen! It's adorable LOL

  • caçadora de marte
    caçadora de marte 28 days ago

    we'll made of star... dust, in the end we're just made of dust

  • Salim Sadman
    Salim Sadman 29 days ago

    Is he high?

  • Comic Film Lover
    Comic Film Lover Month ago

    TASM2, Hacksaw Ridge, silence, I've seen all of them.
    He acts really great. I love him.

  • Gail Hobbs
    Gail Hobbs Month ago

    I absolutely love him.

  • J0keriznogoud
    J0keriznogoud Month ago

    Seriously one of the best actors in the world. Hacksaw ridge blew me away.

  • Dulce Mendoza
    Dulce Mendoza Month ago

    He’s so charismatic and charming and so eloquent 🙏

  • P Halliwell
    P Halliwell Month ago

    Not even a huge fan of either, but Stephen’s too much of an asshole sometimes.

  • etlrduce
    etlrduce Month ago

    god, he's gayyyy :')

  • cottoncandymunch
    cottoncandymunch Month ago

    He's such an intelligent, humble, talented man!

  • anonymous4142
    anonymous4142 Month ago

    I agree with him on the movie stars comment .  idolization of celebrities and fandom culture etc is toxic . also people almost forget  celbs are regular people too they shit like the rest of us , make mistakes and bad calls in life but people act like they above all that and they are not allowed growth or second chances (of course some things don't deserve that am talking general stuff that many of us fall into ) !  and the " projecting" concept is so crazy because it goes both ways , celbs and media etc projecting this false image of perfection on people and people projecting on their favorite celb  the "you have to be perfect and make no mistake and do the things I agree with all the time " type things . its unhealthy all around .

  • Chandra Lumintang
    Chandra Lumintang Month ago

    Silence was a great movie.

  • Cameron J
    Cameron J Month ago

    Stevens pretty much saying if your not a movie star then you are a loser...pretty much ...

  • K
    K Month ago +1

    I thing he is on weed.......

  • Mika Lin
    Mika Lin Month ago

    why does he has those gay moves?

  • Dharma Wheel
    Dharma Wheel Month ago

    he's adorable..c'mon

  • Tessa Maye
    Tessa Maye Month ago

    Put two INFPs together & this friendship is GLOWING

  • Tessa Maye
    Tessa Maye Month ago +2

    I love interviews with Andrew so much
    also "hi Andrew talking to you is a good opportunity to see a man's eyebrows" DYING

  • Andrea Thomas
    Andrea Thomas Month ago +1

    He will do great in so movie's when they come out xx

  • Andrea Thomas
    Andrea Thomas Month ago +1

    Hacksaw ridge is a fantastic movie he did bring Tears to my eyes best movie ever fantastic actor x

  • Jenna Ashley
    Jenna Ashley Month ago +1

    I would watch a tv show of them just going on dates and talking. I love them so much!

  • sharpiesarecool814
    sharpiesarecool814 Month ago +1

    They are both so INFP. I'm loving it

  • Fabian Barbecho
    Fabian Barbecho Month ago


  • Fabian Barbecho
    Fabian Barbecho Month ago +1

    Tell Andrew to do the amazing Spider-Man 3

  • Dita Maulida Utomo
    Dita Maulida Utomo Month ago +1

    That sexual tension tho

  • ruoweii
    ruoweii Month ago

    he's right

  • Mason Shaffer
    Mason Shaffer Month ago

    this fuckin guy

  • Sina Takyar
    Sina Takyar Month ago +1

    Am I the only one who totally ships them?

  • Bathilda Bugshot
    Bathilda Bugshot Month ago

    Is he ok?

  • Marla Singer
    Marla Singer Month ago


  • Juan Manual
    Juan Manual Month ago

    it he gay

  • selerim
    selerim Month ago

    Why he doesn't speak his native British accent?

  • l Xephinity
    l Xephinity Month ago

    I love Andrew Garfield

  • JC CA
    JC CA Month ago

    He's so well-spoken. Oh my, oh my. Very few can keep up with him.

  • ambrosia next
    ambrosia next Month ago

    why he seems gay

  • SpencerXIII
    SpencerXIII Month ago

    LOL! Did he just take a few philosophy classes? What a tool.

  • Hema Malik
    Hema Malik Month ago

    He is a literal beacon of light and sunshine and all things wonderful ❤️

  • Somerset
    Somerset Month ago

    he's so awesome =)

  • Sonja Dawn
    Sonja Dawn Month ago

    That's love and respect!

  • umama khanom
    umama khanom Month ago

    omg he said that PERFECTLY

  • Yolanda Martinez Pacheco

    Wow! Bravo! Well said! He got my admiration from now on!

  • Vera Nika
    Vera Nika Month ago

    he is!!!

  • Reina Flores
    Reina Flores Month ago

    es la cosita más hermosa de la tierra

  • Karla Vásquez
    Karla Vásquez Month ago

    Andrew has been woke for years

  • Khadijah Dixon
    Khadijah Dixon Month ago

    Guys is he coming off as high to anyone else?

  • Christian Blacc
    Christian Blacc Month ago +1

    These two have such an interesting chemistry whenever he comes on, who agrees??

  • Ken McFadyen
    Ken McFadyen Month ago

    Who the hell is this no name ?

  • sexntuna
    sexntuna Month ago

    This is the first interview I have seen with Andrew garfield. Is he always like this?
    Swaying back and forth, weird hand gestures, very gay-ish... he’s not gay no?

  • Vishal Venkat
    Vishal Venkat Month ago

    Dude he's so high lol.

  • Gateaux Q
    Gateaux Q Month ago +1

    Someone wants a kiss and I'm not sure who

  • missfairuzadotcom
    missfairuzadotcom Month ago +2

    Andrew is like that girl who came back to summer camp hoping that boy remembers their first kiss, but the boy grew out of it and just thought of her as an old friend 🙃 #friendzone

  • Clara Reis
    Clara Reis Month ago

    omg he is so gaaaay

  • 88Iren
    88Iren Month ago

    Hello, everybody! I need help! I'm just learning english. What is the context of frase 4:22 "we mooving on quickly from that" Does Andrew want to finish conversation about Spider-man or it's a reaction on Stiven's apology?

    • 88Iren
      88Iren Month ago

      Thank you! It was helpful)

    • Sunrisediagnostika
      Sunrisediagnostika Month ago

      Hi. It's just something you say if the current subject is not something you would like to talk about any further - often used in a humorous way to change the subject.

  • witchintraining
    witchintraining Month ago

  • MidnightMoon 123
    MidnightMoon 123 Month ago

    EVERYBODY STOP CALLING HIM GAY!! How would you like it if someone called you that?

    • Jeff Conser
      Jeff Conser Month ago

      Well, considering that being called gay shouldn't be considered an insult...

    • Girl With No Eyes
      Girl With No Eyes Month ago

      Honestly? I wouldn't care cause it's (half) true

  • Charlotte Ng
    Charlotte Ng Month ago

    i love listening to him talk oh my god

  • Captain Ramsey
    Captain Ramsey Month ago +1

    The Amazing Spider-Man Yasss! I love you Andrew Garfield❤

  • Cat Eide
    Cat Eide Month ago

    no kiss? :'(

  • Joyce Wong
    Joyce Wong Month ago

    my God, he's a pretentious git. He only said he's NOT a movie star so he can hear people contradicting him.
    And sure enough the sheeplike audience rewarded him. I can only hope there were people sitting there rolling their eyes.

  • Darian Herrera
    Darian Herrera Month ago

    Is he high or his he embracing his gay side?

  • ksabtq
    ksabtq Month ago

    I think He needs the Bathroom :)

  • Kate Malone
    Kate Malone Month ago

    Andrew Andrew... We are all made of star STUFF, not dust, and it wasn't Neil that cornered that, it was his mentor, the late, sorely missed astrophysicist Carl Sagan!

  • killerkimm
    killerkimm Month ago

    andrew garfield needs to be interviewed by craig ferguson

  • Clovis de Cruz
    Clovis de Cruz Month ago

    "Don't be humble... you are not that great." - Golda Meir

  • Spencer Honda
    Spencer Honda Month ago

    He didn't even say that in the movie!

  • Jonas Bettencourt
    Jonas Bettencourt Month ago

    This guy is loaded at the top

  • Vanda Situmeang
    Vanda Situmeang Month ago +1

    I sense postmo kinda vibes in the air... discourse cloud HAHAHA

  • Jet
    Jet Month ago

    Sony. Hes talking about sony, silly.

  • Trumps21
    Trumps21 Month ago

    For no particular reason, I’m not a big Andrew Garfield fan. But..... that was a great interview. It had pretty much everything. Good job. 👍🏼.

  • Mila VB
    Mila VB Month ago

    And He's so right about that. Love you Andy!!

  • pink sloth
    pink sloth Month ago

    Hahah I watch Andy but i see Prior from 'Angels in America' :)

  • Cinema Studios
    Cinema Studios Month ago

    At 3:22 Andrew pulls a Max Landis haha

  • Jamie Campbell
    Jamie Campbell Month ago

    Very flamboyant.

  • da96103
    da96103 Month ago +3

    5:31 Andrew was leaning in for a kiss during the game. Colbert wanted to but he remembered Mrs Colbert's warning about sleeping on the front porch.

  • bestmoviesever1
    bestmoviesever1 Month ago

    No Morgan Freeman?

  • Sean McIntyre
    Sean McIntyre Month ago

    His argument was aided by his British accent

  • Joshua B
    Joshua B Month ago

    He doesn't act like a MAN.

  • abdullaziz five
    abdullaziz five Month ago +1

    Hes british!!

  • Eric P
    Eric P Month ago

    WTF was that intro music?

  • A S
    A S Month ago +1

    I understand the concept Garfield is trying to articulate with his statement the "world does not need movie stars". To reiterate his thoughts: we, the audience, remove movie stars from the equation that is a movie + actor = movie star. Instead we make them something the actor does not intentionally aim: a projection of beauty and perfection that we can idealise. By doing this we are not supporting the actor as a movie star but a figment of our own imagination. Therefore, in this scenario, we do not need movie stars since our imagination will manifest the subject we desire.
    .... or at least I believe this is the thought process Garfield was taking on. Nevertheless, very insightful and authentic of him.

  • Kalenn13
    Kalenn13 Month ago

    This conversation sounds like when someone randomly clicks on words in their iphone suggestions

  • Altaf Nanawati
    Altaf Nanawati Month ago

    Oh he's for sure high

  • Folarin Osibodu
    Folarin Osibodu Month ago

    forgot to say it was directed by gollum

  • crowe bobby
    crowe bobby 2 months ago +1

    Maybe not, but it needs more of you kissing other guys on TV!

  • NawbzOfficial
    NawbzOfficial 2 months ago +2

    This dude is so humble.

  • SamBeth1980
    SamBeth1980 2 months ago

    Why Andrew looks and acts as gay? He isn't right? Nothing against gay people but I am surprised..

  • Inside Media Dot Com
    Inside Media Dot Com 2 months ago

    Fat Joe new hot smash single So Excited check it out

  • 82nd Airborne 2/508th PIR

    Stephen is a known pedophile! He probably gave it to Andrew Garfield when he was a little boy with help from Weinstein and Podesta.

  • SamuelTBrooks
    SamuelTBrooks 2 months ago +1

    I think I might know how Andrew actually "lightens it up".

  • Memorible werd
    Memorible werd 2 months ago +1

    Hey at least its not a video whining about the government, another one of those and ill jump of a bridge

  • kaykay12152
    kaykay12152 2 months ago +8

    We don't need movie stars. We just need