We Got A NEW Candy Cooling Table?! (2019)

  • Published on Sep 9, 2019
  • The marble table wasn't paying its rent, so it had to move out. We found an amazing NEW cooling table to add its place! What this means for us and all of you is 1. More candy being made, because we no longer have to wait for the table to cool/candy to cool. 2. Possibly sour hard candy ?!? This video is a huge step in the progression of more candy that YOU ALL WANT!
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Comments • 866

  • Nicholas Bennett
    Nicholas Bennett 9 hours ago

    you cover it to keep the dust off of right

  • Nicholas Bennett
    Nicholas Bennett 9 hours ago

    are you outgrowing your space

  • Nicholas Bennett
    Nicholas Bennett 9 hours ago

    Who does the triangle box with the flag in it represent

  • Fresno Cascabel
    Fresno Cascabel 4 days ago

    Ever fix the toilet? It's the old fill assembly that's making the screaming noise. Replace with a new one, $15.

  • Stacey Pearce
    Stacey Pearce 4 days ago

    Even though you may not see this but when making the hard candy what part is your favorite out of the process?😊

  • Pettalwing2000 Miller

    Toilet Ghost = Moaning Myrtle!

  • Moe Yagz
    Moe Yagz 7 days ago

    45:15 ..my new Asmr video... thanks guys

  • Astro BOY
    Astro BOY 8 days ago

    That was painful to watch..

  • Alyssa Tarbox
    Alyssa Tarbox 8 days ago

    Max is so adorable 😍

  • Faith Oberg
    Faith Oberg 10 days ago

    My only complaint is o this video is the squeaking of their shoes

  • Doc
    Doc 10 days ago

    Muscle Steve

  • Doc
    Doc 10 days ago

    Already outgrowing the new building I see 😁

  • C. A.M.
    C. A.M. 11 days ago


  • Christian J Tlatelpa
    Christian J Tlatelpa 14 days ago

    "that was just my back" LMAO

  • Sarah Merrill
    Sarah Merrill 16 days ago

    I love the humor you all get to enjoy everyday. especially the knick-knack patty wack....

  • reedrts1
    reedrts1 16 days ago


  • Boogaloo Bob
    Boogaloo Bob 19 days ago

    I wish I was dead

  • Fish man Gaming
    Fish man Gaming 19 days ago

    I have watched from the beginning and it has been fun watching you progress from a small cramped basement to a spacious luxurious store love you guys

  • Lydia Fife
    Lydia Fife 20 days ago

    Big props to Joe
    And to everyone for being sooooooo nice to each other during a move like that!
    I prefer to « look away » when that stuff is undertaken.
    Looking good!

  • ooXChrissieXoo
    ooXChrissieXoo 20 days ago

    impressive how you guys moved it out of the basement... the entire time I held my breathe that nobody lose a finger to that table.

  • KMiller 1181
    KMiller 1181 21 day ago

    This is how you know you've made it. We've just watch someone move a table around for an hour. Lol Great job on your expansion and success. U guys rock.

  • Majestic AF
    Majestic AF 23 days ago

    My fav part of the whole vid... "I'm Batman!". 😂😂 I loved that!

  • Marc-André Demers
    Marc-André Demers 24 days ago +1

    You could call the old table the _slab chap_ lmao
    (there's a couple puns in there. get it?)

  • Moogie Always
    Moogie Always 24 days ago

    Joe is a marvelous guy

  • Shifttube
    Shifttube 25 days ago

    TOOO many chiefs and not nuff Indians ........................

    max would drive me nuts

  • Shifttube
    Shifttube 25 days ago +1

    damn they left the hinges on that door when they made the cooling table out of or it swigged up and down

  • A Simpleton
    A Simpleton 25 days ago

    Alpha Joe

  • αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd :3

    For some reason i thought the start of the video was like a car thing XD

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie 26 days ago

    They say if you dont use it, you lose it.

  • davidv2002
    davidv2002 26 days ago

    does that mean you can now add citric acid to the hard candy and ribbon candy?

  • Millie
    Millie 26 days ago

    is it me or has Terrys voice sound different?

  • Dab Master
    Dab Master 26 days ago

    Sitting here thinking to myself about what sound you would hear
    I'm thinking a mixture of a bomb with a Schwarzenegger yell and max craping himself 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Troy Snaith
    Troy Snaith 27 days ago

    It's a pun heavy workplace, I'd fit right in. Though I'm sure a lot of people would.

  • Jaxson
    Jaxson 27 days ago

    I was half expecting joe to just lift the table up and put it on the stand by himself lol, still impressive I know that thing is heavy 👍🏻

  • B molitor
    B molitor 27 days ago

    people fall asleep cuz you make them feel safe.

  • Janet Storm
    Janet Storm 28 days ago

    Steve: "How am I supposed to make candy?"
    Me: 😂😂

  • THE SmitShow
    THE SmitShow 28 days ago

    Listen to Max!!

  • TheMatt1245
    TheMatt1245 28 days ago

    I'm Batman has to be the end of all the videos now,😂😂😂

  • Gillian Poole
    Gillian Poole 28 days ago

    Does this mean you will add citric acid to some of your candy now?

  • Brigitte R
    Brigitte R 29 days ago

    I was nervous for ya'll placing that table on the wood table thing... hoping it wouldn't slip and take Steve out on his end!! Whew! Then you guys and your sense of humor!! You always make me laugh!

  • Albert
    Albert 29 days ago


  • Gavy T
    Gavy T 29 days ago

    Says potpourri has idubz flashbacks

  • basiaboy
    basiaboy 29 days ago

    I hope the platform for the cooling table isn’t made with pressure treated lumber, it’s not food safe by a LONG SHOT!

  • Usty
    Usty 29 days ago +1

    I love hard work...I can sit and watch it all day!

  • Usty
    Usty 29 days ago +2

    New name for the company:
    Selling “Pun Sized” candies!!

  • Michael Bacon
    Michael Bacon Month ago

    Juat watches 5 hours of videos. Awesome.

  • Amanda B
    Amanda B Month ago

    OMG I can't wait until it gets cold enough to order the chocolate covered potato chips!!!!!! I went there this summer while on vacation to buy some but now I'm far away again and I miss them :( I wish I could win the lottery so I could buy buckets full of them and give some away to friends :)

  • NoobiePlayzGames
    NoobiePlayzGames Month ago

    52:11 Max i heard that xD Ohhh he said mooooore XD i am sorry

  • John Parisi
    John Parisi Month ago

    Your mom needn't have worried cause nobody would have wanted that ugly marble table. You should have taken some car polish and wax to it once it was out in the front.

  • Eclogites
    Eclogites Month ago

    looks like an 100039845904967859878987685986758767845765897657849578675893984590496785987898768598675876784576589765784957867589398459049678598789876859867587678457658976578495786758939845904967859878987685986758767845765897657849578675893984590496785987898768598675876784576589765784957867589398459049678598789876859867587678457658976578495786758939845904967859878987685986758767845765897657849578675893984590496785987898768598675876784576589765784957867589398459049678598789876859867587678457658976578495786758939845904967859878987685986758767845765897657849578675893984590496785987898768598675876784576589765784957867589398459049678598789876859867587678457658976578495786758939845904967859878987685986758767845765897657849578675893984590496785987898768598675876784576589765784957867589398459049678598789876859867587678457658976578495786758939845904967859878987685986758767845765897657849578675893984590496785987898768598675876784576589765784957867589398459049678598789876859867587678457658976578495786758939845904967859878987685986758767845765897657849578675893984590496785987898768598675876784576589765784957867589398459049678598789876859867587678457658976578495786758939845904967859878987685986758767845765897657849578675893984590496785987898768598675876784576589765784957867589398459049678598789876859867587678457658976578495786758939845904967859878987685986758767845765897657849578675893984590496785987898768598675876784576589765784957867589 year old grandmontsrrhrer

  • Nikita Vasik
    Nikita Vasik Month ago

    As much as I love your videos, they need some cutting down. Not only will they got more views but the entire video will be watched too, consider getting an editor!

  • PapaKryptoss
    PapaKryptoss Month ago

    No I'm batman.

  • MuleOnEarth Sims
    MuleOnEarth Sims Month ago

    That one guy with the dark hair and beard looks like the guy from froyo gamers lol

  • R W
    R W Month ago

    Recently discovered your videos. I just love them 👍😄

  • Michael Bass
    Michael Bass Month ago

    Ps run though any walls lately lol

  • Michael Bass
    Michael Bass Month ago

    You should look at stone coat countertops and build a shine cooling table with the pipeing inside check it out on youtube no affiliation just think it would be cool

  • Vic Wilder
    Vic Wilder Month ago

    Look how you have grown! Makes you wonder how you ever did it all in your house.

  • ATOS
    ATOS Month ago

    Someone call osha lol

  • mary fedchyk
    mary fedchyk Month ago

    the past, present and future walked into a bar at the same time. Things got a little tense!

  • Smurves
    Smurves Month ago

    The walls are so bare, you guys are a family business and are proud of that, and you include your customers and fans. I think you should start filling those walls with pictures of you guys candy making and customers and visitors ect.