BEST WORLDS PLAYS 2016 | (League of Legends)


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  • Bluwesnikodem
    Bluwesnikodem 12 days ago +1

    I have no idea what’s really going on but I love it

  • Twisted Fate
    Twisted Fate 28 days ago

    Where was the Ashe Arrow?

  • Juliet Persia
    Juliet Persia 2 months ago

    oh god that CC chain

  • billcam
    billcam 3 months ago

    That fucking poppy peel is insane

  • goodthunder Playz
    goodthunder Playz 3 months ago

    666k subs...

  • panithan chantorn
    panithan chantorn 3 months ago

    scumbag kuro 2:51

  • 이유찬
    이유찬 3 months ago

    LCK fails or defeats team fight = BEST WORLDS PLAYS 2016 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  • Chris
    Chris 3 months ago


  • Jack _2029
    Jack _2029 3 months ago

    300 comment here

  • Ortensiang
    Ortensiang 3 months ago

    6:00 nar rap

  • Muntadher Games
    Muntadher Games 3 months ago

    Master YI One Shot Highlights

  • Patrick Turqueza
    Patrick Turqueza 3 months ago

    6:55 did u guys hear that woman creaming wtf

  • Joaquim Gustavo
    Joaquim Gustavo 3 months ago

    que saudades da minha skt

  • MNS
    MNS 4 months ago

    7:00 orgasm ?

  • Booyah Buya
    Booyah Buya 4 months ago

    Wait LoL has a Miracle too?

  • [A]bsolute
    [A]bsolute 4 months ago

    2018 lol

  • Grau80 Linseneintopf
    Grau80 Linseneintopf 4 months ago +1

    Miss the old League and the old times wird ifunzio

  • Anaraa Anaraa
    Anaraa Anaraa 4 months ago

    *I dont play LoL i really liked it and watched this.. i didn't understand anything guess im not gonna download it*

  • Dana Park
    Dana Park 4 months ago

    I'm the only one who thinks that the presenter is rapping from 6:33?

  • VikingzTV
    VikingzTV 4 months ago

    Went to the 2016 worlds semifinals in New York, saw the ROX vs SKT games. I was present when MF support became a thing.

  • Fair Wind
    Fair Wind 4 months ago

    Golden age of League. It's all over now though. Just memories left.

  • There Is No Sandwich
    There Is No Sandwich 4 months ago

    4:40 Forg1vens cam hahaha Oh no no no you don't

  • Giosue Popu Baratta
    Giosue Popu Baratta 4 months ago

    5:50 idk why they run 3 vs 1 lel

  • Yi Z
    Yi Z 4 months ago

    did skt even make it to worlds this year?

  • Kenisuke
    Kenisuke 4 months ago

    No pray's arrow? rlly... the best play by far of 2016

  • One Night
    One Night 4 months ago

    dude the announcers went ham in this era

  • Demise Senpai
    Demise Senpai 4 months ago

    No faker this year :(

  • Nick Jiang
    Nick Jiang 4 months ago

    this was, this is and this will be the best video of the 2016 worlds

  • Sir Smurfer
    Sir Smurfer 5 months ago

    And the shockwave will find them all...

  • Lyoild Gajelloma
    Lyoild Gajelloma 5 months ago

    13:01 no more yelling

  • Zom boss
    Zom boss 5 months ago


  • Kalpos1
    Kalpos1 5 months ago

    I really enjoyed that video, but I can't stand the music. It's too loud and I can't contentrate on the game itself.

  • Not Me
    Not Me 5 months ago

    Damn. I really miss the showdown between skt and rox

  • Zerocall 911
    Zerocall 911 5 months ago

    Remove your fucking trash music next time

  • nikusha soselia
    nikusha soselia 5 months ago

    i always love crown vs faker

    BILLY 5 months ago

    when league was good

  • gypsy
    gypsy 5 months ago

    7:00 that girl masturbate so hard

  • Jayvie Baracena
    Jayvie Baracena 5 months ago

    That Duke and MLXG's top chase i the best

  • Expert Cynos
    Expert Cynos 5 months ago

    to beat skt You need to beat mid lane

  • 中二病智障不打排位的

    Pray's stopping duke tp's arrow?

  • Sempre que voce ler os comentarios eu vou estar lá

    Época que lol ainda prestava

  • Swogg Jenkins
    Swogg Jenkins 6 months ago

    Probably the Best Season

  • Hiseck
    Hiseck 6 months ago PENTAKILL YASUO

  • 박준성
    박준성 6 months ago

    Where's Pray's legendary ashe arrow against skt?

  • pastor babatundeh
    pastor babatundeh 6 months ago

    back when league was fun

  • Royalee Gamer
    Royalee Gamer 6 months ago +1

    Which game is this it is not in play store

  • Jermaine Ball
    Jermaine Ball 8 months ago

    Where is 2017

  • Yasuiside Sawano
    Yasuiside Sawano 11 months ago

    6:50 rap god

  • Kamil Śmierzchała
    Kamil Śmierzchała 11 months ago

    Jebane świry, to nie jest normalne xD, jaram się!!!

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy Year ago

    idk whats going on this game too fast paced

  • Wani Junior
    Wani Junior Year ago

    can some buy me rp for 5E please ❤ i need it for 1 skin on offer name
    IvanBroTheR plssssss my parents no give me to drop money on games bcs they sucks plsss

  • Zeroz
    Zeroz Year ago +1

    Loud obnoxious music ruins the video

  • André An
    André An Year ago

    I never played this game but I wanted to relate with other people who enjoy this game so I watched some videos for beginners then I clicked on this video only to have no idea what's going on. Guess I'll have to start playing myself.

  • Mehmet Efe Aktan
    Mehmet Efe Aktan Year ago

    where is pray's amazing ashe arrow

  • SweetNaked
    SweetNaked Year ago

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  • A Catalyst
    A Catalyst Year ago +1

    FINAL SONG (bonus clips): Canary - Jim Yosef [NCS Release]

  • Hung Duc
    Hung Duc Year ago

    Anyone know the song at 12:45

  • Hung Duc
    Hung Duc Year ago

    Name of ending song ?

  • DuckAndCover
    DuckAndCover Year ago

    Anyone else hear a girl lose her virginity at 6:51

  • Victor Luiz Muneratto de Lima

    pray ashe backdoor

  • SooDoneWithYou
    SooDoneWithYou Year ago +1

    Remember when TSM beat SSG in the first game pretty easily? Yeah that was nice...

  • HctDrags
    HctDrags Year ago +4

    Am i the only one thats here to get hyped for worlds in a week? :p

  • Rger93
    Rger93 Year ago

    Soon 2017 world !! So hyped

  • Soradon Pawny
    Soradon Pawny Year ago +1

    2016 worlds was quite exciting let's hope 2017 will bring the samw

  • raukura2011
    raukura2011 Year ago +3

    06:32 Starting to sound like rap lol

  • Petex
    Petex Year ago +1

    Last Song is: "Cormak - Flavors" im looking for her 1 hours np guys :P

    • Đạt Trần
      Đạt Trần 3 months ago

      I really love all song in this video

    • Đạt Trần
      Đạt Trần 3 months ago

      Do you know another song in this video sir ???

  • L K
    L K Year ago +1


    • Petex
      Petex Year ago

      look up i gave answer in comment > like him if u can

  • L K
    L K Year ago +1


    • Lucas Agnaldo
      Lucas Agnaldo 3 months ago

      jim yosef canary

    • L K
      L K Year ago

      its not cormak flavors its very far from the last beat in this video.

    • Petex
      Petex Year ago

      first com is my ;D but i will here say "Cormak - Flavors" < NCS create this song

    • L K
      L K Year ago

      where is that comment?

    • Petex
      Petex Year ago

      look up i gave answer in comment > like him if u can

  • Wiperrz
    Wiperrz Year ago

    fuck zo burn in hell u cancer noone likes legue of legends

  • Wiperrz
    Wiperrz Year ago +1

    I HATE L0L

  • Newen X
    Newen X Year ago

    Better keep doing it like the other ones from 2015 and 2014, the titles before the play ruins everything :P

  • Manos Kitsaas
    Manos Kitsaas Year ago

    6:32 is speaker Rapping?

  • Arda Devrim
    Arda Devrim Year ago

    What s the song after 4.26

  • Pontus Hjalmarsson

    Lol it is like 90% skt

  • Gaspard Roussel
    Gaspard Roussel Year ago +3


  • Nils Petras
    Nils Petras Year ago +12

    I miss a lot from SKT-ROX and SKT-SSG, for example the MF pick or Prays Arrow from SKT-ROX and the tournaround in game 3 from SSG against SKT in the finals that made that finals so memorable. Anyways, greatly worked out hightlights!

    • Ri Soo Keu
      Ri Soo Keu 5 months ago

      Nils Petras worlds 2018 is coming hoping that it would be a great one too.

  • Bartosz Tomaszewski

    Fucking music ... Ruin entire video ..Die in hell

  • Ata Yıldız
    Ata Yıldız Year ago

    where is Pray's ultimate Ashe ult? :d

  • NapSin
    NapSin Year ago

    The Gnar Kiting clip sounds like rapping no joke

  • David Kevyn
    David Kevyn Year ago +4

    5:43 wow

  • flumfer dumf
    flumfer dumf Year ago

    i have no idea what the fuck was happening

  • Joseph Yoo
    Joseph Yoo Year ago

    What was the very last song used for the bonus sections? @11:42

  • Rafael Mantas
    Rafael Mantas Year ago +8

    9:37 phreak going "hyuh" after every sentence is too funny

  • nicklbaert
    nicklbaert Year ago

    What's the music at the crown viktor play at the end? I didnt find it in the description

  • siskat
    siskat Year ago

    fucking C9 Fan

  • Black Nero
    Black Nero Year ago

    this one is crown madmovie. isn't it?

  • pkfreevampirehunter

    7:00 that grill orgasm 🙄

  • cride
    cride Year ago

    shoulve made the music a little louder

  • Karma
    Karma Year ago

    6:55 who is masturbating?

  • khiem khiem
    khiem khiem Year ago

    Best montages video i have ever seen!!!!!Love it SO MUCH!

  • Mahmoud Abuzarqa
    Mahmoud Abuzarqa Year ago

    its just skt 😍😍😍

  • Boby Lovy
    Boby Lovy Year ago +8

    where is the ashe ult? that won ROX tigers a game vs SKT T1

  • Hieu Nguyen
    Hieu Nguyen Year ago +15

    the ashe's arrow that stops Duke's teleport should be in here too :D

  • StinkyLinkyReport

    6:40 feels like a rap song

  • Amira Slouli
    Amira Slouli Year ago

    6:30 good rap bro

  • Thomas SEILER
    Thomas SEILER Year ago

    7:32 looper is dead no ? wtf ?

  • paulo estevan
    paulo estevan Year ago

    esperando um mundial que supere o de 2013

  • yumi
    yumi Year ago

    Where's PraY's game winning Ashe arrow???

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee Year ago

    idk why but I feel like this worlds wasn't as hyped or just didn't feel as big and exciting as last year. I'm going off of ifunzios view count on 2015s worlds montage versus this one. it's literally night and day. does that mean ifunzio is a bad editor? I don't know. but u did do it to the style of the funny moments with the captions such as funny dodge or the trap. that kind of makes me feel like it wasn't as big of a quality production as your 2015 montage. like I think without a doubt your 2015 worlds montage was your best video and my favourite that you've made. I wish u made these big event montages to the quality of that one. thanks for staying around :). have a nice day ^^