• Published on Sep 26, 2016
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    BOOK REFERENCES. If you are interested in learning more on the subject I would suggest a few books to get started
    1) Weapons of Mass Instruction by John Taylor Gatto
    2) Creative Schools by Ken Robinson
    3) I Love Learning; I Hate School by Susan D Blum
    4) The One World SchoolHouse by Salman Khan
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  • Prince Ea
    Prince Ea  8 months ago +3649

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    • Erkka Michael
      Erkka Michael Day ago

      Prince Ea Not to be mean but in Finland students get about 3hours of homework when they are only eleven years old. Well atleast I do.

    • Vano Sky
      Vano Sky 3 days ago

      I am from Ukraine, please include subtitles so that other countries can translate every word.

    • BRUNO
      BRUNO 8 days ago


    • Pero Bes
      Pero Bes 8 days ago

      Prince Ea PREACH

    • Jordan Bryant
      Jordan Bryant 11 days ago


  • mtojo - ROBLOX
    mtojo - ROBLOX Hour ago

    no no no
    im just sweating through my eyes
    must be allergy season

  • Chris Matheson
    Chris Matheson Hour ago

    The 6K are teachers...lol

  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry 2 hours ago

    So underrated

  • Ben Williams
    Ben Williams 3 hours ago +1

    He knowz da wae

    Sorry 😭

    ARMYYY4LIFE! :D 4 hours ago

    Just realized that this was uploaded on my birthday.. XD
    I'm late on this...

  • Mavrick Meyer
    Mavrick Meyer 5 hours ago

    In schools they learn to be civilized.
    A kids dream these days has nothing to do with school or learning but to sit in front of tv or play pc games. So they can be taught how to climb a tree in school...after school its up to them

    BTSX ARMY 8 hours ago

    I'm a send this to my principal in email from westwood I'm tired that they label us I'm tired that kids are given packets work that doesn't matter a thing with our lives and future work that is meaningless that's so meaningless to our future and dreams 🙇

  • Jul aday
    Jul aday 9 hours ago

    I am literally in tears, because I’m being told my behavior is an example, I’m intelligent, creative, but still, I cannot fit in school

  • liam9100 liam9100
    liam9100 liam9100 10 hours ago

    ur sooo right ! u rock

  • Subhrabrata Choudhury
    Subhrabrata Choudhury 10 hours ago

    Sir , you are real human. You have hold the real truth of our stupid education system.

  • Robyn Wilson
    Robyn Wilson 12 hours ago

    This literally moved me to tears. Back in High school I did art class. And I remember the overload of work I had from my other classes and how it practically drowned the only class I did that focused on self expression and creativity. I remember literally crying over what little time I had for art, by the time my math and my science lessons had finished and their homework was done, I found myself unable to draw or paint, found that the thing I loved with all my heart seemed foreign to me after an eternity of things that had answers as art has no answer, it's not a question to begin with. I was lost and confused, I loved art, yet I couldn't see art as the expressive language it is, and only saw it as a question.
    Just before graduating, I did some tours of my ideal colleges. And even though art was my passion, I looked at the previous students' work on the walls and panicked. They were so good. And if been taught for YEARS that everything in education has a bar you must reach or you fail. I saw their work and I forgot that art was subjective and didn't have standards to be met, that I didn't have to do this or that exact thing to get that A.
    After thinking strongly on who I was and what I could do, I found that the best answer to my problems was to do a full course on filmmaking. Because I would have to learn from scratch how to do everything and I could actually start over. And two years on, having learned everything I know now on film and done so in an environment that DOESN'T tell me I have to wear this uniform, write this down and do this thing in one exact way and rather in a place that tells me I can wear what I want, dye my hair, wear makeup and make projects that reflect ME as a person, I am so fucking happy.
    Thank you so much for expressing how I feel in such a clear and moving way. Bless you. ❤

  • Freedom Rasum
    Freedom Rasum 14 hours ago

    You are a genius I love you bro

  • MustacheSheep
    MustacheSheep 14 hours ago

    What you didn't learn in normal school!

  • Eldiantoro
    Eldiantoro 15 hours ago

    How to add the subtitles? Gonna add Indonesia translation.

  • Poket Mon
    Poket Mon 15 hours ago

    Dislikes are the idiot principles,teachers & parents

  • vladimir ikic
    vladimir ikic 18 hours ago

    True i have add and am creative... But even in art school i didnt feel free to express myself to my full potential. Because school is just 7projects at the same time all with the same day deadline. It's cruel and kills your creativity. And thats just what the school system is all about graden nothing that fitts a students needs. I felt useless and even after school i hated being creative. I didnt believe in myself anymore.

  • NJB
    NJB 20 hours ago

    Yep Im homeschooling too because I can customize my childrens education and give them freedom from peer pressure on the daily. and to give them more time to tap into their own gifts.
    but Im also studying to become a teacher so I can help other kids. I dont know the answers to how to education the nation but I want to help.

  • Remo. Singh
    Remo. Singh 22 hours ago

    You r great

  • Dont judge me
    Dont judge me 23 hours ago

    I wanted to show this at school but...

    English can cause nosebleed they said

  • When you're Septiplier Trash

    this gave me chills lol

  • Deion Johnson
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  • Little George
    Little George Day ago

    So beautiful

  • Emilio zapata
    Emilio zapata Day ago

    I want to personally meet the people who disliked this video. This video is great, fucking preach

  • Soshia marie
    Soshia marie Day ago

    I showed this to my afternoon teacher and she didnt even watch all the way throw it and stoped it and said now most of this is true but not all of it she also said you know we try our best to not have to do work all day every day and watch a movie or go outside or play games and talk to are friends and do fun stuff and do fun activities like making 3 percy Jackson poster and putting it on the principle and the assistant principle and the other assistant principles doors and not having to do work for a full day

  • kianosh farsani
    kianosh farsani Day ago

    So true

  • Pöörtia msp
    Pöörtia msp Day ago

    I have 2 talents one is draw and one is dancing but My teatchers says you have No future because Im not good at school they press me more than others Thats Why Im gonna start homeschool at age 15

  • RaptorHD
    RaptorHD Day ago

    This is so true, i hate how school is such a cruel place.

  • R4ne HD
    R4ne HD Day ago

    I'm glad im from Finland.
    respect for you men for making me realize, my opportunity that ive got. Thank you ~R4ne

  • Yash Sachdeva
    Yash Sachdeva Day ago

    This is brilliant

  • Hazel horse
    Hazel horse Day ago +1

    You are 🦆 ducking awesome

  • Christopher Maeder

    Talk about the horrible Prison System.

    RIYA GAIROLA Day ago +1

    This was a beautiful poem I suppose

  • Friday Ganners
    Friday Ganners Day ago

    I just wanna pull my phone out in class and....yell it out and teach my teacher what school is!!!

  • Likhith Pillai
    Likhith Pillai Day ago

    hes such a great motivational speaker that we can't doubt on his views n thoughts coz hes goin in a right path . I completely agree with u prince ea

  • Likhith Pillai
    Likhith Pillai Day ago

    best motivater ever

  • Ban Dassi
    Ban Dassi Day ago

    6k dislikes are the parents

  • Phone Email
    Phone Email Day ago

    Rudolf Steiner.

  • Phone Email
    Phone Email Day ago

    John Taylor Gatto.

  • anonymous me
    anonymous me Day ago

    This guy deserves more subscribers.

  • Sarasprettyness
    Sarasprettyness Day ago

    prince ea : Finland doesnt have homework
    me: *packs bag*

  • Robert Helenium
    Robert Helenium Day ago

    This is so right

  • Heyim_KB
    Heyim_KB Day ago

    BTW thanks for making this video it's great it touched me heart 😖😣🤧
    Can't wait to show this to my teacher 😄

  • Yawi Oo
    Yawi Oo Day ago

    Wrecked it 😂

  • KrayKray Insane
    KrayKray Insane Day ago

    I hate schools, I get good grades but it is hell, I am so bored. Not what you usually hear. I have severe anxiety and I have medical problems that make it so I can't do must things athletic besides swimming. But I am forced to stand up infront of the class until I have a panic attack or I am made to do a workout I can't do until I break down from pain because I try so hard. How can kids succeed like that, when someone who isn't given help they fall and don't even have a chance to learn how to get up. I can't get up, I glide through as much as I can with sleepless nights that are filled with tears, and mornings drinking any caffine I can to be able to stay awake long enough to not get a detention. Honestly school is messed up and needs to be fixed.

  • Ultimate Ninja
    Ultimate Ninja Day ago

    In history, we did ancient egypt. So we did a test, i didnt study but played ac origins instead and i got a A grade. Books aren't everything you know.

  • Bubba pop15
    Bubba pop15 Day ago

    This is so true I don’t know where to start😰

  • Donutlover88 :
    Donutlover88 : Day ago

    Let's do this together guys! We bout to sue the schools!

  • Rocker Girl
    Rocker Girl Day ago

    My teacher showed us this video, right after that he gave us all the same debate paper and went on his computer

  • Neapolitan Icecream
    Neapolitan Icecream 2 days ago


  • Abhinav Dangri
    Abhinav Dangri 2 days ago

    Sir education is only money it teaches us how to give xams get job and earn money nothing else sir something is what we can do mainly in our education system we can have 2 percent of studies with books else case study and practicals videos creative videos
    Like i m in class 10 i m a indian in our class 10 we have taught in physics that when we move a magnet between a insulated wire the current is induced this is all about theory they never give the practicals and take exams we got nothing to learn only theory nothing else we don't know how it is induced how it works nothing everything is theory nothing else and especially in our Indian education system please do something for our future we are no more creative we are stopped to think more and more when we go to a teacher he or she says first you complete class 10 then you will got to know about it and then it never comes and like this we never go to teacher because we know teachers going to send back us to the class nothing else

  • mdlaprise
    mdlaprise 2 days ago

    Prince Ea I am so inspired by you. As a high schooler, I go to school, sit through 2 boring classes, get an hour to eat lunch, sit through 2 more boring classes, get 5 hours of homework, and then go to bed to do it all over. I have been getting even more due to exams coming up. I will watch this every day until my exams are done. Thank you so much and continue to inspire people all over the earth.

  • Klaus Iohannis
    Klaus Iohannis 2 days ago

    The school system of Romania....

  • Nevin Raneskumar
    Nevin Raneskumar 2 days ago

    Amazing🔥🔥 so much respect for you prince ea! Let’s make a new world

  • Buckshot North
    Buckshot North 2 days ago +1

    The part when he says teachers are not the problem i dont fully agree with because sometimes they are. Some teachers are just so lazy they just give you tests and textbook work and dont teach you. I had a class like that and i usually get 80's and 90's in my classes but i got a solid 60 and to some people that might be alot but thats a failure to me. In that class litterally half the people failed and most of these kids never failed a class and now they are down a credit just because there was a bad teacher that didnt teach or help with the work. Its not fair.

  • 影 ShadowZZZ
    影 ShadowZZZ 2 days ago +1

    and how do you plan to change the education system?

  • BigMac Meme
    BigMac Meme 2 days ago +1

    we have homework in finland xd

  • Digital Pirates #J3ZEN a.k.a The Spectre


  • Gopesh Goswami
    Gopesh Goswami 2 days ago

    This made me cry. Keep ur hard work Prince Ea. I support u. Please try to make the better place.

  • KingJ J
    KingJ J 2 days ago +1

    how can people dislike this...? Bunch of Haters😑

  • anh nguyen
    anh nguyen 2 days ago

    did you sue them for real or it's just a video?

  • Sharonica Smallwood
    Sharonica Smallwood 2 days ago

    Thanks for your encouragement.

  • AquaNix Gaming
    AquaNix Gaming 2 days ago


  • Umbreotic Tarantulite

    did he actually sue the school system?

  • Zeo1229
    Zeo1229 2 days ago


  • Alpizaan
    Alpizaan 2 days ago

    2:01 Yesssssss! YOU ARRRRRRE?!

  • Onyx_ The_Wolf
    Onyx_ The_Wolf 2 days ago

    OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS!!! SO MUCH TRUTH IN IT!!!! *Hugs you cause you're suddenly the best TVclipr*

  • Lola Gambino
    Lola Gambino 2 days ago

    I love it 😍

  • gillgruntgaming
    gillgruntgaming 2 days ago +1

    I have straight a's

  • Unknown. Deffinatley Unknown.

    I have the same thought in every video... truly beautiful.

  • Assassin 4056
    Assassin 4056 3 days ago

    All schools need to watch this video

  • EliteWolf178 Wolf178

    I can’t say how much I relate to that fish I am in 8th grade and struggling my social studies teacher has told me that I ask stupid questions twice but I try I don’t stop but I am still not getting where I want to be. I still have c’s

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 3 days ago

    We all hears this from teaches " eh whatever i still getting paid wheter you pay attention or not"

  • Gaming With Destroyer

    Dang I'ma move to Finland sounds great, short school days, no homework to kill my grade. P.S Homework lowers my percentage in every class by about 10%

  • FancyWolf Boy
    FancyWolf Boy 3 days ago


  • nintendo awesome
    nintendo awesome 3 days ago

    I think in schools kids choose what they want to do because thats there need like the system forces teachers to forces to makes students do stuff that are useless to them

  • Funny girl 122
    Funny girl 122 3 days ago

    I was crying if I saw it idk know why tho

  • Evantry_coon
    Evantry_coon 3 days ago

    I would love to show my school this video but....

  • amiin cade
    amiin cade 3 days ago

    I’m Swedish student I kind of feel the same about the Swedish school system.

  • Dan the gam
    Dan the gam 3 days ago

    While watching this I cried, I realized that school is taking my freedom, my will to think in my own way, I realized I'm wasting my life hour by hour just for what so I can get a job that they want me to get, I've seen it with my own eyes kids saying I want to be an astronaut and almost any don't get too because school didn't let them exceed, I as a kid thought anything was possible, that you can achieve anything in life but school though me oder wise, so school is telling me that without an A on a piece of paper I won't achieve or make it to anything. I hope that future generations won't have to go through this crap named school just a system to turn you into "robots", "zombies", for a simple letter to be on a pice of paper.

  • Natek K
    Natek K 3 days ago

    My teacher gone get so mad when I show her this...

  • Jazmin Nunez
    Jazmin Nunez 3 days ago

    I'm moving to Finland

  • Samurocket674
    Samurocket674 3 days ago

    This made me cry. It’s true, so true... I’m not a parent, I’m a student myself, and having to be put with kids who don’t get it as quick is me makes the one teacher review thousands of times. I get bored a lot, everyday I come to school never getting a challenge, never able to do what I want to succeed in. The school system the way it is would never be able to bring out the creativity and success out of everyone.

  • Amelia Pitts
    Amelia Pitts 3 days ago

    Oh my fucking god, he’s right, I’m stuck here in school, wanting to be an artist and doing none of the sort, except for the occasional doodle or the weekly 1 hour classes, this hurts, I feel trapped, manipulated and controlled, with tears in my eyes, I fuckin’ hate this

  • abelardo david
    abelardo david 3 days ago

    your the best..
    prince Ea

  • Sahil Verma
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  • MiinArii
    MiinArii 3 days ago

    Found my favourite video regarding school!

  • Dr. Arun Kumar
    Dr. Arun Kumar 3 days ago +2

    i dont use insta😢😢😢😢

  • Vedha Kaushik
    Vedha Kaushik 3 days ago

    U should run for president

  • Sabine Bautz
    Sabine Bautz 3 days ago

    The start up I am working for is totally for a revolution in education. Prince Ea...respect! Check our page cell.academy/.

  • Stevie Wonder
    Stevie Wonder 3 days ago +3

    Are people actually this stupid? Clearly the government doesn't want to improve the school system, and that's because they want a dumb population to boss around. Just imagine if everyone was smart, they would have a hard time having people work for them, earning the government money. With dumb people they can make them work for the government, allowing them to get some sort of income. After all we are just statistics and numbers, nothing else to them.

  • L Lawliet
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  • Captainsame
    Captainsame 3 days ago

    *A Fish*

  • Alexia H
    Alexia H 3 days ago

    This is amazing

  • Krishnapuram Nagarajan

    Yes Globalisation has shattered a CIVILIZED Globe for our dear children. I believe VIRTUE, that is the Nature's gift, depending up on the State of Mind of Parents (any creature) at Conception of any living creature. Chemistry tells us the Valence band, electronics teaches the Electron band and the concept of "e volt" energy. it is true in genetics. Genetics is greatly influenced by the State of Mind. To keep it Ideally or at least Desirably, Hindu Philosophy has a Huge Mine of Knoweldge. By the way I have some input to Democratically awaken the world to leave a civilized world to our children. Yes I am neither Wealthy nor very healthy to do it my self. I need some good hearts to join me.
    Thank you,
    Yours Sincerely,
    Email: nagarajanks27@yahoo.co.in

  • Jonathon Hawkyard
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  • Mark Heath
    Mark Heath 3 days ago

    This was so moving. I love it.

  • FireStudios :D
    FireStudios :D 3 days ago

    My only word for this is…

  • Elaiza Anthony
    Elaiza Anthony 3 days ago

    Kill school