Film Theory: Doctor Strange Magic DEBUNKED by Science

  • Published on Nov 16, 2016
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    Everything can be explained by science, including the "magics" of Dr Strange. Thor himself stated that they live in a place where magic and science are one in the same, and Dr Strange continues that statement. Today, I'm proving to you that the magics of Dr. Strange can all be explained with science.
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  • Peyton Grissom
    Peyton Grissom 18 hours ago +1


  • Sadie Cakes22
    Sadie Cakes22 Day ago

    I hated that I clicked on this crap. Dr. Strange is a movie. Debunk magic? Duh. Click bait 👎👎👎👎

  • Buddy Saliba
    Buddy Saliba Day ago

    He protec he attac but most importantly he debunk magic with fac

    DaReal BANANANA Day ago

    Mat pat swore

  • Erdi Roblox & More!

    I had a dream about quantum physics. It maked a Minecraft block smaller for some reason...

  • gaming studios
    gaming studios Day ago

    You sed a bad word in 1:31

  • Kimble Angus
    Kimble Angus Day ago

    With nearly 30,000 comments on this this is a bit of a long shot, but, 8:00 What's the sauce on this?

  • Nikolas Feraru
    Nikolas Feraru Day ago

    Marvel himself acually says that magic is science they don t understand

  • zanan zanan
    zanan zanan 2 days ago

    Doctor strange more like
    Doctor light/photons

  • Brainstorm Entertainment

    But.. but the moving cities isn't just perceptional, it was used at one point to attack doctor strange and I think it did hurt him

  • mingyao wu
    mingyao wu 2 days ago +1

    How about explaining the scene where he use his "sling ring" to open portals and the eye of agamotto?.

  • NaimMacD
    NaimMacD 2 days ago

    I'm a junior astrophysicist #THANKFRANK
    and I'm nine

  • GlitchedOut
    GlitchedOut 2 days ago +1


    FREE SPEACH FIRST 3 days ago

    scince cant debunk all things..

  • Annie the Weird
    Annie the Weird 3 days ago +2

    My inner nerd is pleased

  • AB the underrated tryhard

    Adam Frank is the better Anne Frank

  • Perry Farley
    Perry Farley 4 days ago


  • Jacob Bau
    Jacob Bau 4 days ago

    Me: trying to enjoy the movie
    Matpat: I’m gonna stop you right there.

  • faruk delikaya
    faruk delikaya 4 days ago +1

    it's all good and all but how do they affect photons using faith? like "hey if u believe enough u can make crystals from light"

  • Red Tingzon
    Red Tingzon 5 days ago

    But if the crystal is made of light, how did doctor strange gone through the crystal when the crystal is completely solid?

  • Some guy On YouTube
    Some guy On YouTube 5 days ago

    There is air in space or we would fly away

  • Some guy On YouTube
    Some guy On YouTube 5 days ago

    I thought you were family friendly mate

  • 「Night Sky」
    「Night Sky」 5 days ago


  • Ghux Superfan
    Ghux Superfan 5 days ago +1

    It was actually explained in the film but I prefer this

  • Expected rain 2.0
    Expected rain 2.0 5 days ago

    Multiple Benedict Cumberbai

  • treboR 10
    treboR 10 6 days ago

    How about the portals?

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man 6 days ago +1

    Matphatt : there is no magic
    Dr strange : I just realized that

  • Ryooken
    Ryooken 6 days ago

    This doesn't debunk magic with science, it explains common points of energy that can be created in multiple ways. For example, just because I can create lightning artificially doesn't over turn the natural phenomena of lighting. Magic is the harnessing of energy that transcends reality on the sub-atomic level. Sorcerers do that by using words and gestures with their hands. Where as you need to build a device and attune it to the energy source to do some of the same things.

  • Palse Pixellated
    Palse Pixellated 6 days ago

    1:31 never thought mat would say the b word

  • Zachy Boi
    Zachy Boi 6 days ago


  • Mikkel Amtorp
    Mikkel Amtorp 6 days ago

    Light has a mass

  • Ebic Life
    Ebic Life 7 days ago

    So Dr. Strange harnesses photon energy.
    Now that's hot.

  • joe plush and more
    joe plush and more 7 days ago

    so your saying portals to another dimension are real

  • Krasa_vyts
    Krasa_vyts 8 days ago

    Sorry Pat you lost this one. Scarlet Witch isn’t using quantum mechanics. And in infinity war Strange literally split into multiple clones of himself and saw the future.

  • YellOH Lime
    YellOH Lime 8 days ago

    Just because it can be proved as being science doesn't mean it isn't magic

  • Jeff Llama
    Jeff Llama 8 days ago

    how many more avengers are gonna be in no you see me

  • Elouxian
    Elouxian 8 days ago

    It's funny cause all of MatPat's theories are the opposite of what is shown. What's next? Spider-Man DIDN'T gain his powers from a spider? :o

  • Xochitl Rodriguez
    Xochitl Rodriguez 8 days ago


  • khalyjah little light


  • Game Jam
    Game Jam 8 days ago

    Anyone: Movies about magic don't need science to make sense.
    Matpat: Let's debunk Doctor Strange with science so that it makes more sense.

  • Scooch a Mooch
    Scooch a Mooch 9 days ago


  • ACee 130
    ACee 130 9 days ago

    You’re right there’s no magic, there’s sorcery.

  • Melbin Paul
    Melbin Paul 9 days ago +2

    man in end game he is able get him in multiple form is that science?

  • Dalek Metaphorical accuracy not needed

    Cool, lez du it

  • Blayzing Angel
    Blayzing Angel 10 days ago

    As someone who’s German, has anyone else noticed anything you say in German sounds really violent. No matter how you say it.

  • Vinay Gulwani
    Vinay Gulwani 10 days ago

    strange reality can be whatever i want

  • Vinay Gulwani
    Vinay Gulwani 10 days ago

    please be my maths and science teacher

  • PhOenixXD_574
    PhOenixXD_574 10 days ago

    Yeah but how dose he do it with just his hand

  • ღ KellyCakez ღ
    ღ KellyCakez ღ 11 days ago +5

    I want to have magic like Dr. strange!
    *Sees video*
    *Watches Video*
    Is this a science lesson?
    *video ends*
    My. Dreams. Are. BROKEN.

  • Tristan Laird
    Tristan Laird 11 days ago


  • Mark Knight
    Mark Knight 11 days ago

    Funny that Star wars exists in the MCU.
    Jane Foster & Nick Fury?
    Think about it for a second

  • Abigail Gott
    Abigail Gott 11 days ago


  • Akam Khoshnow
    Akam Khoshnow 11 days ago

    Nobody noticed that at 1:30 he swore

  • The Redstone Engineer 479

    The correct translation of I have a theory in German is Ich hat ein theory

  • Arkaix
    Arkaix 11 days ago

    This is still my favourite episode of film theory. I love knowing more about the science behind this film and I appreciate it more this way.

    JUZOXXX 12 days ago

    The fuck do you mean gone wrong?

  • Galactic Quasar
    Galactic Quasar 12 days ago

    that's because it's MAGIC

  • Sr. James
    Sr. James 12 days ago

    I don't think it's magic

  • KT LoveBTS
    KT LoveBTS 13 days ago

    3:09 he is Sherlock 😌 he’ll figure it out
    Basically what you saying is - whatever DR. Stranger does : THIS IS POSSIBLE !!!! #thankfrank

    SLJREB YHTTAT 13 days ago

    No SHiT iT Is mAGiC

  • Jan Franquesa
    Jan Franquesa 13 days ago

    He never called it magic, he calls it MYSTICAL ARTS hahahahahahaha

  • king of comics
    king of comics 13 days ago


  • Jozi Renken
    Jozi Renken 13 days ago

    my science teacher is named Adam Frank but is a completely different one, he looks very different and also is probably not as good at science since he is a high school teacher and last year taught at middle school and mostly taught out of the textbooks

  • YouTuber Milestones
    YouTuber Milestones 13 days ago +7

    My friends when I introduce them to anime

  • Khairul Gaming
    Khairul Gaming 14 days ago

    Hey MatPat... the intro music is always too loud... please adjust it.. tq

  • Toxic Playz
    Toxic Playz 14 days ago +1

    Me:thinks this is new
    Description:its from 2016
    Me:wait I thought it was 2019

  • Makin' It With Me & Miles

    *quantum mechanics forbids this*

  • Jair Guerra
    Jair Guerra 15 days ago


  • By Passr
    By Passr 15 days ago

    Explain why the Ancient one is so old

  • EloquentTroll
    EloquentTroll 15 days ago

    Any sufficiently understood magic is indistinguishable from technology.

  • Charizard Master Hayden

    How can you “debunk” magic with science? It’s MAGIC, by definition it doesn’t have to follow the laws of physics.

  • PiggieMcJr
    PiggieMcJr 15 days ago

    *In space, no one can hear you scream.*

  • DabBeast Entertainment

    Actually, you got it all wrong...

  • Silver bullet
    Silver bullet 15 days ago +1


  • Keira Loughney
    Keira Loughney 16 days ago

    I think it's dead on MatPat well done #thankfrank

  • Elijah Sudaria
    Elijah Sudaria 16 days ago

    thank you frank

  • DuckNation
    DuckNation 16 days ago

    Me: *looking through game theory videos*
    *Dr. Strange magic fake*
    Also me: "welp. Guess it's time to get a new favorite Marvel hero"

    DRAGONIC GAMING 16 days ago

    I hate your intro

  • devorah agana
    devorah agana 16 days ago

    next video: spider man was not bitten by a radio active spider

  • Fast break 383
    Fast break 383 16 days ago

    Mat pat I’ve come to bargain

    You need to make more videos

  • Infinity Games
    Infinity Games 16 days ago


  • M0h4med _Gaming1
    M0h4med _Gaming1 17 days ago

    That's awesome!

    but i didn't understand a thing

  • Perry the platypus
    Perry the platypus 17 days ago

    1:28 that's the power of Disney bitch

  • Mathew Culver
    Mathew Culver 17 days ago

    What about his time skip

  • Mathew Culver
    Mathew Culver 17 days ago

    Using weird science

  • Fortnisphere Gaming
    Fortnisphere Gaming 17 days ago +6

    The first five minutes was my 4th grade math class review

  • purple lavenders
    purple lavenders 17 days ago +16

    And known by its other other other title: Just Another One of Sherlock Holmes's weird fever dreams.

  • The cute little doggy
    The cute little doggy 17 days ago

    I faking loved the intro

  • Nate B1313
    Nate B1313 17 days ago

    But that’s just a theory!,!

  • god of cringe
    god of cringe 17 days ago

    So explain sling rings

  • Y barraza
    Y barraza 17 days ago +1


  • I am One
    I am One 17 days ago

    Matpat alone makes 1 million views in the trailer just for a film theory, well done good sir!

  • Primordial Malevolence
    Primordial Malevolence 18 days ago +2

    Notice how he doesn't talk about how they manipulate light???

  • raping mac
    raping mac 18 days ago


  • Golden Gamer Star
    Golden Gamer Star 18 days ago

    If the science can be explained behind the magic can you actually explain with science how Doctor Strange has his powers and I don't?

  • JustPlayerDE
    JustPlayerDE 18 days ago

    that doesnt matters at all if the movie is good (haha)

  • Hieu Dao
    Hieu Dao 18 days ago +1

    Explain sling rings

  • Reximus Maximus
    Reximus Maximus 18 days ago

    1:31 wow I have never heard him cuss before.

  • Mario Playz61
    Mario Playz61 18 days ago

    how to use light as a weapon

  • Max Ruiz
    Max Ruiz 19 days ago +7

    Doctor strange: teach me
    Mat pat: cool let's do it
    Me: 😂😂