Gordon Ramsay Makes Scrambled Eggs With Worms In Peru | Scrambled

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • This week on Gordon’s new National Geographic Channel series, Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, he heads to Peru to explore high altitude cooking. Now, Gordon is making Scrambled Eggs up in the mountains with Peruvian Worms. Catch Uncharted on Sunday’s at 10/9c on National Geographic and new episodes of Scrambled right here weekly!
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  • Cruzinthruspace
    Cruzinthruspace Day ago

    This is awesome

  • Kay Smith
    Kay Smith Day ago

    Only Gordon make scrambled eggs plate look sexy even the worm ones...😁🍳

  • jeffer
    jeffer Day ago

    damn he could have at least mercy killed em

    • Aibax
      Aibax 34 minutes ago

      You know they don't feel any pain anyways right?

  • Artik Breeze
    Artik Breeze Day ago

    PETA wants to know your location

  • Vinny Lopez
    Vinny Lopez 2 days ago +1

    When Gordon ate the eggs he made sure he didn’t eat a worm. Lmao...

  • tEmMie
    tEmMie 2 days ago +1

    *L A M B S A U C E*

  • Bill The Rock
    Bill The Rock 3 days ago

    im sorry you did what now

  • honey0081000
    honey0081000 3 days ago

    I don't know why I voluntarily clicked on this video to watch. Who else feel the same?

  • Eduardo Aguilar
    Eduardo Aguilar 3 days ago

    Crazy you can see the shock on his face when trying the scrambled eggs

  • Lol
    Lol 4 days ago +1

    You are inventing a fake shit with a fucking alcoholic, dude !! That's not true.

  • Lol
    Lol 4 days ago +1

    I lived in Peru for a lot of years and there's no records about native communities who has that kind of food, just some extrange isolated drunk native guys who doesn't work, lazies and survive with bizarre foods. Most native Peruvian are hard working in Agriculture, their food basically is based on what they produce for themselves: potatoes, corn, vegetables, lamb, caws, alpaca meat etc. SO THIS VIDEO DOESN'T SHOW AN ACCURATE STORY ABOUT THESE NATIVE PEOPLE. You can ask any researcher about native Peruvian people, national or foreigner and they will confirm that consumption of worms is not common even among native ones. You are inventing a fake shit, dude !!

  • Renatto R.
    Renatto R. 4 days ago +1

    This story is Not accurate. That's an alcoholic guy, considered homeless by his community because he doesn't work and survive just with bizarre food. Gordon, He scammed you !!. But I'm pretty sure if you go to the jungle in the border between Brazil and Peru, you can find certain tribes who has that tradition.

    CHRIS 4 days ago +1

    THAT'S NOT TRUE, SORRY RAMSAY, SOMEONE LIED TO YOU. Guys like this one, are not accepted by his community because they are vicious, alcoholic and lazy.They live isolated and survive with bizarre foods like worms, usually their parents were like him too. Native Peruvian Communities are really hard working in agriculture and they consume their produce. They have 3 principles like a law since their ancestors : "Don't be lazy. Don't be thief. Don't be liar.". Guys like this one broke this law into their community

  • Lohlo Paloozo
    Lohlo Paloozo 4 days ago +2

    Gordon Ramsay......This happen when you don't do a good research. You find a case and you assume it like general or common case. For real man. Your story is Not true and I think is an offense for those communities Who are essentially farmers, whose food is their own produce.All highlander people eats potatoes, sweet potatoes, ocas, broad beans, corn and meat they farm.

  • Yoshi gamer
    Yoshi gamer 4 days ago

    Get those things crispy, Yeets worms into pan

  • Moody Dude
    Moody Dude 4 days ago

    liquor me up and ill eat anything too

  • Mr Star
    Mr Star 5 days ago +5

    Peruvian: va bieeeeen
    “Licks lips”

  • Splendid Dwarf
    Splendid Dwarf 5 days ago +2

    Peta:- oi mate you took our worms eh!!

  • DakotasWorkshop
    DakotasWorkshop 5 days ago

    Takes a shot lol I would too up there Gordon is a SAVAGE #🇺🇸

  • Judith Nagle
    Judith Nagle 5 days ago

    I watched Johnny Carson open one of the first can of dehydrated worms on his show back in the '80's when they were first put on the market in Calafornia. The rule is that the worms have to be dehydrated.

  • AeonmikeYT
    AeonmikeYT 5 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay is the kind of guy who can survive a night in the woods with just a pan, fire and some eggs.

  • Cristian Benaprés
    Cristian Benaprés 5 days ago

    cries in worm

  • Wang Core
    Wang Core 5 days ago

    He didn't eat any worm, Did I miss something? It was like he tried his hardest to avoid them lol...sure the eggs had essence of worm but still!

  • PattyLove8888
    PattyLove8888 6 days ago

    *These worms are only eaten in some cities of Peru* . 🐛🐛🐛 😳😳😳 🍷🍷🍷

  • Katty Noyfrios
    Katty Noyfrios 6 days ago

    Y te falto decir Rocoto , the Peruvian chile ( super picante )

  • Smol nerdy Bean RMR
    Smol nerdy Bean RMR 6 days ago

    Worms: burning alive wiggling around
    Gordon: Those worms look so happy :D
    worms: am I a joke to you?

  • vinny Cool
    vinny Cool 6 days ago

    Me engulfed in flames: I’m so happy right now.

  • Bizim food
    Bizim food 7 days ago

    I will call animal protection association .. Painfull 😢😡😡🤬🤬

  • Can't_snap
    Can't_snap 7 days ago

    Is scrambled eggs the only thing Gordon knows how to make anymore? hahaha

  • Wafflelappen
    Wafflelappen 7 days ago

    Nothing quite like being burned alive in chilies after bathing in alcohol...

  • Christina Hitson
    Christina Hitson 7 days ago

    I don't think Gordon ate a worm lol but love how he wanted the camera man to eat one 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    • Christina Hitson
      Christina Hitson 6 days ago

      @2nd breakfast I'm sure he has, I was speaking of this particular video, my comment wasn't in a bad way of speaking, I found it funny (Haha funny not weird funny) how he really wanted the camera man to eat one.

    • 2nd breakfast
      2nd breakfast 6 days ago

      He’s eaten bugs loads of times(and enjoyed it), I’m sure he had no qualms about eating those worms

  • Triggered
    Triggered 7 days ago

    This is more like a proper TVclip channel then a natgeo show. I like the random interactions with the locals or the crew.

  • Zuraidah Mustah john

    the cameraman feel fainted with the smoke ..is pain in eyes.

  • Edith Anyoza
    Edith Anyoza 7 days ago

    Arto pisco para pasar el gusanito.

  • Qanon Anonymous
    Qanon Anonymous 7 days ago

    Yummy 😋

  • david skalski
    david skalski 7 days ago +7

    i appreciate how Gordan tries to appear down-to-earth. It seems very authentic. :)

    • david skalski
      david skalski 3 days ago

      @GeorgiePhilly ok. regardless, he is entertaining. I don't assume to know him, so he seems _____(fill in the blank to me). Personally, I'd like to meet him.

    • GeorgiePhilly
      GeorgiePhilly 3 days ago

      david skalski don’t think he tries to appear down to earth, this is him, authentic, real, no bullshit persona, I love it

  • E Lewis
    E Lewis 7 days ago

    Reuse them after u shit them out

  • sensemille
    sensemille 7 days ago

    Hey Gordon, how come you don't try those tasty worms?

  • Bethany Fuentes
    Bethany Fuentes 8 days ago +2

    Donde están mis peruanos!!!
    Mi familia los amoooo
    Y que viva Peru 🇵🇪 carajo!!!!

  • nyleve Rodriguez
    nyleve Rodriguez 8 days ago

    @UCIEv3lZ_tNXHzL3ox-_uUGQ you have to go to the jungle of Peru.

  • PaцḶєє BlцєṢтяєєт

    i wonder if Gordon is still going to dye his hair with blond tips 80's style when he's 80 years old!

  • Marco Cp
    Marco Cp 8 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay, tu eres de la Beba Arrrmy?

  • Eddie Shredder
    Eddie Shredder 8 days ago

    Someone with an ugly face like Gordon's shouldn't be on TV.

    • ;3바나나진
      ;3바나나진 7 days ago

      If ugly people can't be on tv, we'd lose a lot of shows

  • Lolia 1991
    Lolia 1991 8 days ago

    So inhumane

  • OG Stewie
    OG Stewie 8 days ago

    What the duce ?? Louis better put some fucking worms in my breakfast

  • TechStacker
    TechStacker 8 days ago

    *“A touch”* 🤔

  • Apna Multan94
    Apna Multan94 8 days ago

    Help me please my TVclip channel subscribe

  • Carol O'Rourke-Elliott

    why on earth ruin such great looking scrambled eggs w worms? yuck. rest of video was terrific

  • Doyledeth
    Doyledeth 8 days ago


    Thought I'd never say that about a Gordon dish.

    • Perpendicular Driving
      Perpendicular Driving 6 days ago

      Lol yeah worms can't really be good in any kind of food. Maybe if they were super rare and endangered worms, but ehh🤷🏿‍♂️

  • lex
    lex 9 days ago

    National Geographic was fuck .nobody eat his shit.

  • Jack Morgan
    Jack Morgan 9 days ago +1

    Let the worms do the work

  • Miguel Ángel Simosa

    El es el papa de los vengadores

  • Ramil Madriaga
    Ramil Madriaga 9 days ago

    i think the lens has a dirt

  • Hadassah
    Hadassah 9 days ago

    Not gonna lie, I would eat gordan ramsay's worm scrambled eggs

    • Hadassah
      Hadassah 8 days ago

      @xdsekuna good question. Imma go and fix that. Thanks😂👍

    • xdsekuna
      xdsekuna 8 days ago

      Who’s hordan ramsay

  • blurry face
    blurry face 9 days ago

    Bi-of Oliv-ol!

  • Sean Arman Abergos
    Sean Arman Abergos 9 days ago


  • Troy
    Troy 9 days ago +2

    gordon didnt even eat a worm in his bite XD

  • marinho mendoza
    marinho mendoza 9 days ago

    Now i know why they use the skillet on Pubg

  • PoppyInJapan
    PoppyInJapan 9 days ago +1

    I hope those worms enjoyed making scrambled eggs with Gordon Ramsay (:

  • Aditya More
    Aditya More 9 days ago +1

    *Bear Grylls liked that*

  • Leanne Smith
    Leanne Smith 9 days ago

    OMG GORDON!!! YOU BOILED THEM ALIVE AT LEAST CHOP THEIR HEADS OFF !!!! How would you feel been thrown on the fire!!!

  • Perla Rodas
    Perla Rodas 9 days ago +1

    Que felicidad tengo al verte mi chef favorito😍me encantas

  • Mitzi Barrantes
    Mitzi Barrantes 9 days ago

    Dear Gordon Ramsay, I am so glad you were in my country, I hope you enjoyed to cook in a high altitude I know is hard to breathe. Those worms eat cheese and tastes like cheese.

  • Sarab Pahlevan
    Sarab Pahlevan 10 days ago +1

    Gordon: It's too fucking dry

  • Thomas Briscoe
    Thomas Briscoe 10 days ago

    Gordon drinking from the bottle in a foreign country. Proving the point that when us brits go on holiday we leave all class behind.

  • xXxblesssingsxXx Blessed

    Gordon: “those worms look happy”
    Worms: *Burnt to a crisp while fighting Ramsey*

  • Martín Enjoy
    Martín Enjoy 10 days ago

    Si se dan cuenta, mientras Gordon cocina parece tener pequeños orgasmos.

  • William S
    William S 10 days ago

    Traditional british culinary cuisine :p .. I knows ya eat haggis n eel

  • harry Stone
    harry Stone 10 days ago

    The worms taste Chicken

  • 陈浩楠
    陈浩楠 11 days ago


  • Oranjmuse Meyer
    Oranjmuse Meyer 11 days ago

    Ruined perfectly good eggs!

  • Không rủ nữa nhé vlog

    very rich culinary resources..

  • Donald McRonald
    Donald McRonald 11 days ago +2

    Obviously the company he is working for has said no swearing but Gordon needs to swear to be Gordon