Is Your Gaming Rig Being Bottlenecked??

  • Published on Aug 5, 2018
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    Everyone hates bottlenecks. It’s a common question on our forums to ask whether a part will be a bottleneck… But what does a bottleneck even look like, and how can you avoid one?
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Comments • 5 411

  • Edvin Sibla
    Edvin Sibla 8 hours ago

    It is sapphire hd 1gb 128bit compatible at antlom x4 640 processor? Thanks for response Gobless

  • Farid Rudiansyah

    Bottleneck is an intel conspiracy

  • Tyler Dickson
    Tyler Dickson Day ago

    did you just sharpie a 1070...

  • Rodder
    Rodder 2 days ago

    I just used a bottleneck calculator and I'm at 0,02% bottleneck with an i5-4590 and an NVIDIA 1050 TI, sooo hooray!

  • Fellipe Fabbri
    Fellipe Fabbri 3 days ago

    Today i use a i3 2100 + R9 270 + 8Gb ram.
    I'll upgrade to a Ryzen 5 1600 + 16 gb ram.
    I'm brazillian and everything i's too expensive here.
    Anyway, will I have a bottleneck?

  • Navi 12
    Navi 12 4 days ago +1

    8086 + TITAN RTX

  • Rodrigo Willian
    Rodrigo Willian 5 days ago

    Wish I would have studied more about this before building a bottlenecked rig

  • Extundo
    Extundo 8 days ago

    I think there is ALWAYS a bottleneck on every CPU and GPU pair. Just some doesn't lag too harder than others, its hard to tell.

  • Extundo
    Extundo 8 days ago

    Recommended: you should just build your PC without dedicated graphics until you do more research on what you want.

  • ŦzOr
    ŦzOr 9 days ago

    Will I have a bottleneck with the RTX 2070 super and i5 8400? Explain to me why?

  • 512yottabytes
    512yottabytes 11 days ago

    I just bought a single core celeron and an RX 5700 XT

  • kamikaze_azzai
    kamikaze_azzai 12 days ago

    i wonder will my cpu bottleneck my gpu..i have a6 5400k and rx480 8g

  • Threetree583059
    Threetree583059 13 days ago

    yes fx-6300 and rx 590 is the worst

  • elijah cormier
    elijah cormier 13 days ago

    I just use pc-builds bottleneck calculator online.

  • master moss
    master moss 15 days ago

    A 2080 and a 3600x?

  • zdayOG
    zdayOG 15 days ago +2

    i5-3450 & RX 570 8GB is a lad combo

  • headz88
    headz88 15 days ago

    i have an amd a10 5800k 4,2 ghz proscessor and a gtx 1060 3gb and 8 gigs of ram but i stil have lag in games and not even high fps in some games is it because its bottlenecking my CPU ?? please help me out people thank you and greetings from the netherlands

  • NaturalBornCamper
    NaturalBornCamper 17 days ago

    Isn't there an app that gives a rating to each component? HDD, CPU, graphics, memory, Motherboard? Just to know if there is one that's really worse than the others?

  • Nate Randall
    Nate Randall 20 days ago

    Gaming should revert to 720p but max out all them sexy details.

  • Eli Hal
    Eli Hal 20 days ago

    This video sucked!...just kidding.

  • Nikki Trustrup
    Nikki Trustrup 20 days ago

    As of now my Rig is slowly getting more and more warm by the day and is useing up to 100% of the cpu no matter what game it is i play :(

    MEGA F4IL 20 days ago

    99 bottlenecks on the wall lmao

  • Dare Robertson
    Dare Robertson 25 days ago +1

    when you're so rich you can pick out whatever part you want from a bin

  • asusar2jeje Gamer
    asusar2jeje Gamer 25 days ago

    The GTX 1030 wait what!?

  • Gilo_ Z
    Gilo_ Z 26 days ago

    hey man i love your videos and it is just in time actually, here is my build,
    GTX 760
    AMD fx9590
    16 RAM

    i want to upgrade obviously my GPU i was going for the RTX 2070 but then i saw your videos after i heard about the bottleneck that i will have due to my processor, so what should i do?
    i thought i can buy the RTX and then when i have another budged of money i buy a new processor, sorry for the long talk, i would appreciate an answer, thank you.

  • myHuge249
    myHuge249 29 days ago

    tfw u still got a amd fx 6300

  • Officer Earl
    Officer Earl 29 days ago

    So will my i3-8300 bottleneck my RTX 2060?

    if yes then fuck

  • Wulf Rache
    Wulf Rache Month ago

    so i have a xeon 31230 If im trying to run most games at a medium to medium low setting what king of graphics card should i aim for. I have been looking at some used cards on ebay and there are some deals but what is the best potential card i can hope for.

  • Wulf Rache
    Wulf Rache Month ago

    so i have a xeon 31230 If im trying to run most games at a medium to medium low setting what king of graphics card should i aim for. I have been looking at some used cards on ebay and there are some deals but what is the best potential card i can hope for.

  • A N D Y
    A N D Y Month ago

    I’m gonna get an i5 9400f with a rtx 2060, will I bottle neck my cpu?

    • A N D Y
      A N D Y Month ago

      I think instead of a 9400f I’m gonna get the 9600k

    • Alfonzo Russ
      Alfonzo Russ Month ago

      That's almost perfect for 1440p

  • MiroRacing
    MiroRacing Month ago

    What you thing i have i5-9400f and 2080ti gaming x trio its bottleneck or no🤔

    • Tanzz zzz
      Tanzz zzz Month ago

      No... but also not the best compatibility

  • Christian Petersen
    Christian Petersen Month ago

    do i bottleneck myself with this i7-7800x together with an 2080 ti oc ?

    • Tanzz zzz
      Tanzz zzz Month ago

      @thanos car I don't think that's like a severe or considerable bottleneck. That much variation would always be there. no?

    • thanos car
      thanos car Month ago

      Kinda. For now the best cpu for the 2080ti is the i7 9700k. No one can do better and almost every other cpus (include ryzen 9 3900x and i9 9900k) lose aroun 10 to 15 fps against it

    • Tanzz zzz
      Tanzz zzz Month ago

      No.. that seems pretty compatible

  • Al Bundy
    Al Bundy Month ago +1

    Check the led fluid level first... a 50/50 mix of transmission fluid and 18 year old scotch works for me.

  • Scotty Brown
    Scotty Brown Month ago

    can your power supply be a bottleneck I feel like it is because i get power throttling when i use intel extreme tuning utility
    my setup is
    Asrock B360m
    i7- 8700 stock cooler
    16gb ddr4
    250 GB WD SSD
    1TB WD HDD
    Thermaltake smart 600 gold

  • Starlord
    Starlord Month ago

    An old HDD is the biggest bottleneck.

  • kevin ragsdale
    kevin ragsdale Month ago

    I got my first pc a few days ago real cheap, it has an i7 3770 with gtx970. I was about to buy a gtx1070 ti, but I wonder if it will bottleneck? My board only has pcie 2.0 too

  • Ryan Monaghan
    Ryan Monaghan Month ago

    I've been watching videos on bottlenecking... Was curious about how to "tell" if my gpu is being bottlenecked by my CPU... I have a rtx 2080 xc (from evga) coupled with a ryzen 5 2600. In games (like the witcher 3) gpu useage is pegged at 100% and CPU useage bounces around 20-40%... @ 1440p and max settings I get like 75 fps average which is I guess good?

    • Jarrad411
      Jarrad411 Month ago

      Witcher 3 is heavy on gpu.

  • Dumbicus Maximus
    Dumbicus Maximus Month ago


  • Grandma Gaming
    Grandma Gaming Month ago

    I dont know why i watch this, i dont understand it

  • Arnold. k
    Arnold. k Month ago

    Still don't get it

  • C O D A
    C O D A Month ago

    I got a i5-4460 and a gtx 960. If i were to upgrade my GPU to a newer one (which i shoul), will i be bottlenecked ?

    • Charming_Prism
      Charming_Prism Month ago +1

      C O D A My i5 4690k was fine with my gtx 1060

  • jgriffin812
    jgriffin812 Month ago

    Ryzen 7 2700x and sapphire rx 590 nitro. Bout to build my 1st pc

  • Chri AAtor
    Chri AAtor Month ago

    Gosh, you explained shit. You don't know nothing yet you talk talk and nothing really comes out that makes sense.

  • Wigglythegreat2
    Wigglythegreat2 Month ago +1

    How about a rtx 2080 with a Pentium II 350?

  • nutte®
    nutte® Month ago +1

    so what i'm getting from this is if i turn my graphics settings up an rx 5700xt is still worth putting into a nuc

  • Puish
    Puish Month ago

    My 2060 doesn't get passed 60 percent usage with my 2700x I get horrible stuttering and my cpu stays at around 30 percent. Any help ? I have high performance on and 8gb dual channel ram OC to 3000mhz. Any help would be appreciated thanks

  • MojangYang YAN0014
    MojangYang YAN0014 Month ago

    Shelf full of cpus

  • NAWW
    NAWW Month ago +1

    Just use the bottleneck website

  • XxmatixX - 6 videos diarios de nada :v

    Do you want to know what a bottleneck is? I use an i3 4130 with a gtx 960

  • Michele Beccalossi
    Michele Beccalossi Month ago

    Since I have upgraded my GPU because the old one died I keep getting recommended videos about CPU bottlenecks, like they know this is my situation now 😳😂

  • acid oblivion
    acid oblivion Month ago

    i am building my first pc. Is AMD Athlon X4 840 fm2+ compatible with Geforce GTX1050 2GB DDR5?

  • Jonathan Ryan
    Jonathan Ryan Month ago +1

    Wow, I just found this video... And saw you nearly featured my old rig as an example of bottlenecking.
    Your chart had an I7-8700k and a GT 1030. Drop the K and that was my prior computer. If only my mom saw this video before she bought me that computer, lol.

  • Tommy Bergqvist
    Tommy Bergqvist Month ago

    I came here meaning to find an answer to a simple question (i thought). Is there an easy way to find out if my system is bottlenecked and which part is causing it?
    I can see now it's not quite that simple after watching this video.

    • Ra awesome
      Ra awesome Month ago +1

      There isn't. There can be a cpu, gpu, storage, ram, motherboard, or even cooling bottleneck.

  • Brendan Kiernan
    Brendan Kiernan Month ago

    Serious comment here:
    For a long time, my rig had an RX 580 with an FX-4350. It was atrocious for modern titles with microstutters and freezes of up to five seconds.
    Don't do that to yourself, people. Cheaping out charges interest.

    • Ghost Royal
      Ghost Royal Month ago

      Same here, RX 58o with a FX-8300 upgrading to Ryzen 5 3600 very soon tho

    GREEN NEBULA Month ago

    Just Bye an i9 9900k and an rtx 2080ti. no bottlenecking for the next 5 years or so

    • Michele Beccalossi
      Michele Beccalossi Month ago

      Now I just need to find a spare kidney somewhere

    • Ra awesome
      Ra awesome Month ago

      Nah, just buy an ryzen 9 3900x with a rtx 2080

  • Orangutan Gang
    Orangutan Gang Month ago +2

    Haha, I get that this scenario is for research, but I have a Athlon X4 860K paired with a goddamm RX 570. Thank god I'm switching to Ryzen 3, then 7.

  • Scopeglares clips
    Scopeglares clips Month ago

    Mechanical drives...

  • Seth 42000000
    Seth 42000000 Month ago

    Is it possible for a monitor to bottle neck your rig because I have a nitro 5 AMD version it has a ryzen5 2500u and a RX560x and the monitor has 60 hrz refresh and in rainbow 6 it was running 40-50 FPS at 720 medium graphics but then I over clocked my monitor to 85 hrz and not its 50-60 FPS

  • Alexander Torsson
    Alexander Torsson Month ago

    I checked "bottleneck calculator" with my i5-8600 and GTX 1060 6gb. It said i have 100% bottleneck :D

  • HealMyTech
    HealMyTech Month ago

    Recommended config as a conclusion would be nice, maybe I'll do that video...