General election: Nicola Sturgeon launches SNP’s campaign

  • Published on Nov 8, 2019
  • It's the turn of the Scottish National Party to launch their election campaign in Edinburgh laying out their Brexit plans.
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Comments • 192

  • AlasdairShutt
    AlasdairShutt Day ago

    Drinking game: Every time she says ‘Boris Johnson’ 🍻

  • colin newton
    colin newton 12 days ago

    If Scotland becomes independent who will finance it? The payment it currently receives from England will cease. The EU will offer to support Scotland financially if the Scots will join the EU and once again they will not be independent. If, or rather when, the rest of United Kingdom leaves the EU, the EU will collapse, it cannot exist without Britains contribution to its economy. Where then will Scotland be? This will be another Darien Venture

  • Fez Man
    Fez Man 12 days ago

    Beat that Nationalist drum Nicola. Show the BNP how it should be done.

  • Marty McFLY 1985
    Marty McFLY 1985 16 days ago +2

    SCOTLAND ALSO VOTED TO STAY PART OF UK as well but that bit she never says ,Funny how Nicola always forgets that bit

  • Paul Isbell
    Paul Isbell 16 days ago

    SNP get 25% more money per person in Scotland than the east of England, give the uk a fair deal ?

    • MrGibspoon
      MrGibspoon 15 days ago

      That extra money is paid for by revenue from Scottish oil fields. Contrary to popular belief, English taxpayers are not helping us poor Scots scrape out an existence in our mud-huts. Search on TVclip... 'tory admits Scotland is not subsidised by England'.

  • Stewart Nicol
    Stewart Nicol 17 days ago

    Oh YE of little faith....Remember this. Scotland voted Labour (not Tony Blair's Tory Lite) Real Labour, socially aware labour who created the NHS, Pensions, Holidays, Employment rights etc etc etc. Labour.
    Scotland voted overwhelmingly for Labour at every General Election after World War II. THEN they got what England voted for!
    Including Thatcher!!!!
    The Scottish National Party is a tool to take back power from the Zoo at Westminster. Then Scotland can choose to have who or whatever we want in government. Left-Right-Centre or break away from "divide and rule" then elect people, not parties. Free to choose.
    Incidentally I love the English, my Wife and her wonderful family are English from Northants, both my Sons-In-Law are English and I believe that England would benefit greatly from being a country again instead of part of the U.K.

  • Stewart Nicol as BILLY CONNOLLY

    Oh YE of little faith....Remember this. Scotland voted Labour (not Tony Blair's Tory Lite) Real Labour, socially aware labour who created the NHS, Pensions, Holidays, Employment rights etc etc etc. Labour.
    Scotland voted overwhelmingly for Labour at every General Election after World War II. THEN they got what England voted for!
    Including Thatcher!!!!
    The Scottish National Party is a tool to take back power from the Zoo at Westminster. Then Scotland can choose to have who or whatever we want in government. Left-Right-Centre or break away from "divide and rule" then elect people, not parties. Free to choose.
    Incidentally I love the English, my Wife and her wonderful family are English from Northants, both my Sons-In-Law are English and I believe that England would benefit greatly from being a country again instead of part of the U.K.

  • MrGibspoon
    MrGibspoon 17 days ago +2

    I'll take rule from Brussels over the jokers, criminals, toffs and liars in Westminster any day.

  • ju ju ju
    ju ju ju 22 days ago +3

    No magic plan on how she will achieve financial independence: just lots of dangerous hot air! She is a complete liability to Scotland as her personal ambition is all that matters !

  • Geoff White
    Geoff White 23 days ago +1

    lies she say

  • Geoff White
    Geoff White 23 days ago +2

    IRA lovers

  • George Benvie
    George Benvie 24 days ago +1

    Man hater

  • Salanzarx
    Salanzarx 25 days ago +1

    Sturgeons Plan: Leave the UK to gain more control by joining 27 other countries and giving away control

  • Martin Dornan
    Martin Dornan 25 days ago +3

    In an independent Scotland the Scottish people would be governed by the government that they vote for and not be governed by the government that another country voted for.

  • See Oursels
    See Oursels 26 days ago +2

    Anywhere the SNP are mentioned the worst of the Unionist Brexiteers appear to write down their ugly thoughts for everyone to see, displaying the exact reasons anyone with any decency and integrity wants nothing to do with them. If they had any points worth discussing they'd be able to express those, instead it's just juvenile nonsense and name calling. They offer nothing but tired cliches and hatred, not realising they are doing the SNP's work for them. They are easily encouraged and will always take bait. Progressive & Inclusive, Saor Alba

  • sharon wesley
    sharon wesley 26 days ago

    l cannot stand fish face Sturgeon

  • steve stokes
    steve stokes 26 days ago

    Why does her head keep bobbing about like a budgies toy ?

  • Ivor the driver
    Ivor the driver 26 days ago +1

    Nicola Sturgeon is Jimmy cranky, SNP =(TAMS) TORMENTED ARMANI MANNEQUINS

  • Ralph Duff
    Ralph Duff 26 days ago +2

    Krankie talks crap. Vote to send her into retirement.

  • peter allison
    peter allison 26 days ago

    Just need to get things strait: so Scotland voted in majority to stay in the union and this women thinks Scotland as a independent state will be accepted into the EU as they have already stated this is not possible what part of reality does she not get. Again we have a politician with a mono agenda that is total fantasy.

  • mel grant
    mel grant 27 days ago +2

    It's Mary rabb c nesbitts wife.
    Hellooo Mary hen!

  • mr foad
    mr foad 27 days ago +2

    The people who are against Scotland sound very bitter in these comments, it seems the pro Scotland people have facts and positive thing to say... there is a serious attitude problem going on.

  • Alex xx
    Alex xx 27 days ago +5

    Let Scotland decide, whether Brexiteers like it or not

  • Rob Val
    Rob Val 27 days ago +1

    Scotland is a tiny economy, wouldn't they just become entirely reliant on the E.U. thus at their beck and call, just swapping Westminster for Brussels? Also, who would fund their NHS, student fees, prescriptions etc? (assuming they were admitted of course)

    • J.A R
      J.A R 27 days ago +1

      Well if Scotland is a tiny country reliant on Westminster, why not get rid of us?

  • Professor x
    Professor x 27 days ago

    Useless First minister who is practically an English slave...

  • ian clappison
    ian clappison 27 days ago

    Wee nippy is barking again

  • vordman
    vordman 27 days ago

    I can see Scotland voting for independance and joining the EU if Boris gets a majority (which he will). And for a short honeymoon period things will be hunky dory, but when the nation realises it can no longer afford all those freebies the Scots have grown accustomed too, they'll turn on Sturgeon.

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss 27 days ago +1

      @Everything Cool Both Unelected in Scotland

    • Everything Cool
      Everything Cool 27 days ago

      Am I the only one who sings a Jeremy Corbyn government is actually really hard to accomplish because despite what the leaders of the say as we saw in the last parliament it is hard to get majority for a Jeremy Corbyn gov if Boris gets a minority gov he probably will still have the majority of the house because that majority is scared of Jeremy Corbyn so we'll be back where we started

  • geoffrey collins
    geoffrey collins 28 days ago +2

    wouldnt it be nice if scotland could break away from the uk and float across to europe and join it.. the scots would be happy and the eu would engulf it...

    • Hunter Game
      Hunter Game 26 days ago +1

      @Jy Jym then let us leave. Mutually beneficial😂

    • Jy Jym
      Jy Jym 28 days ago

      The English would be overcome with happiness also.

  • Jy Jym
    Jy Jym 28 days ago

    Independence for stevenage !!

  • Eliza T.
    Eliza T. 28 days ago +1

    Democracy??? FFS...

    • Eliza T.
      Eliza T. 27 days ago

      FTS Oh ye, just 17,410,742 .....

    • FTS
      FTS 27 days ago

      Leavers are a minority

    • Eliza T.
      Eliza T. 27 days ago

      Ian Blair British

    • Ian Blair
      Ian Blair 27 days ago

      That what Scotland is seeking

  • H H
    H H 28 days ago +7

    I'll be voting SNP to escape the control of people who have such morbid values...and then I'll be voting Green.

  • TheDjOfChoice
    TheDjOfChoice 28 days ago

    SNP voter here, won’t be voting SNP until Sturgeon commits to delivering Brexit before calling for another Independence referendum
    I don’t want to have another independence referendum if at some point down the line we can just ignore the vote because remainers think they know better
    So for this reason until SNP pledge to deliver a full & final Brexit I’m not voting for them

  • littlebighorn
    littlebighorn 28 days ago +12

    This woman will never ever respect the results of any referendum unless of course it goes her way. Bigoted hypocrite.

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss 27 days ago

      @David Holdstock Wastmonster isnt democratic , scotland voted to stay in the eu, So we're on our merry way, hopefully , 'uk' is not a country its a political union

  • Aspartame69
    Aspartame69 28 days ago +2

    Scotland gets allocated 15% more per capita in tax distribution then gloats about how good their public services are. They ignore that the vast majority of those taxes were collected from english people.

    • Ian Blair
      Ian Blair 27 days ago

      That is a misrepresentation of the real situation, the solution is for Scotland to keep all the revenue raised in Scotland

    • Jy Jym
      Jy Jym 28 days ago

      Someones got to pay for those lazy good for nothing druggies and alkies.

  • FTS
    FTS 28 days ago +5

    This just got me so hyped, well said. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Robert Duncan
    Robert Duncan 28 days ago +5

    Scottish Ross is living in dreamland. I am Scottish, but proud to be a United Kingdom citizen.

    • FTS
      FTS 27 days ago

      'Dreamland' 'fantasy' I keep hearing this from yoons and I'm beginning to think they all get there information from the same Facebook page🤔

    • Ian Blair
      Ian Blair 27 days ago

      Its not about citizenship or nationality its about taking responsibility for your own affairs.Westminster is in chaos and we can no longer accept the damage being to done to our country and the people who live there

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss 28 days ago

      70% of tax goes to ukgov. do the eu take 70% of tax robert? Your kind but how about inheriting that 70%

  • Mihai Ciubotaru
    Mihai Ciubotaru 28 days ago +1

    Well done Nicola!!

  • Diand Bull
    Diand Bull 28 days ago +15

    We want our freedom so we can give it to someone else.😳

    • Paul Brice
      Paul Brice 16 days ago

      @A S Well said, tell these brexiteer morons how the E.U actually works.

    • A S
      A S 27 days ago +2

      @suburben yobbo yeah. But they can only remove officials if there is a consensus to do so. And anyway that's kinda trivial in comparison to being raped of your national resources

  • Eye Ball
    Eye Ball 28 days ago +3

    Start of the panto season for wee Jimmy Krankie .. 😁

  • Martin A
    Martin A 28 days ago +2

    How can she decide it's OK to stop brexit when it was voted on? She is a globalist. It's easier to control UK within the EU. Ridiculous legislation that is imposed by the non elected in another country cannot be right for UK. This global warming hoax and global utilities smart meters are globally pushed by billionaire utility owners. Zero carbon would kill millions. Isthat the plan?! Just asking. UK needs control not dictation by those that have not been elected, that cannot be removed. This is the goal of the globalists. Take over by stealth in a disguised way. If they tried with weapons it would be noticed but the end goal is the same. We cannot allow people from foreign lands to set legislation, law, and rules within the UK, when these people do not have the UKs best interests at heart, are not elected by UK citizens, and cannot be removed by them. How stupid would that be?!

  • Anna Hunt
    Anna Hunt 28 days ago


  • 23Revan84
    23Revan84 28 days ago +5

    Well if Scotland’s to go it’s own way, then good luck.

    • FTS
      FTS 26 days ago

      @Infinitystar 2 so what was the point in bringing it up then?

    • Infinitystar 2
      Infinitystar 2 27 days ago

      ScottishRoss read my comment carefully. Did I say the economy was the strongest?

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss 27 days ago

      @Infinitystar 2 Backtracking! 😂 will it be less or more after we'v left with our inheritence of 10% out of 'uk treasury? ''the pounds stronger for now' says @infinitystar 2 , too Oblivion and beyond

    • Infinitystar 2
      Infinitystar 2 27 days ago

      ScottishRoss i said it was strong not the strongest.

    • FTS
      FTS 27 days ago

      @Infinitystar 2 🎤

  • John Hayes
    John Hayes 28 days ago +10

    I wish we had leaders like this in ni

    • Geoff White
      Geoff White 19 days ago

      yes ww2 bring the SUBS in refuel and the spies

    • ju ju ju
      ju ju ju 22 days ago

      John Hayes : good joke 😂😂

    • Ian Blair
      Ian Blair 27 days ago +1

      She will lead us to Independence and to take responsibility for our own affairs stand or fall

  • Party Time
    Party Time 28 days ago +4

    I’m English half Scottish best of both world Dual Nationality passport

    • FTS
      FTS 28 days ago +1

      That won't change after scottish independence.

  • D ee
    D ee 28 days ago +7

    This deceiver has ran her constituency in to the ground she turned govanhil into sex trafficking hub this creature does not speak the whole Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • FTS
      FTS 27 days ago

      @D ee only Boris Johnson speaks for Scotland, he cares about Scotland ❤️


    • D ee
      D ee 27 days ago +1

      @mr foad not her

    • mr foad
      mr foad 27 days ago

      then who does speak for scotland?

  • Mr Pickles
    Mr Pickles 28 days ago


  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown 28 days ago +7

    Hope that we can dump Scotland A.S.A.P. so sick of Nicola Krankie whingeing and moaning.

    • Phil Marland
      Phil Marland 27 days ago

      @Ian Blair 90%? Doubtful but we'll see. I've not known a poll to be accurate since before the EU referendum.
      And IF the SNP get their indyref2, and the Scottish people vote overwhelming to remain a part of the UK, sturgeon will honour the result - although I wouldn't hold my breath.

    • Ian Blair
      Ian Blair 27 days ago +1

      @Jy Jym Ok, everyone is entitled to an opinion

  • Colin Croxford
    Colin Croxford 28 days ago +3

    Vote SNP, lib Dem. of Farage in haste and repent Corbin at leasure

    • docfloc
      docfloc 27 days ago +1

      Colin Croxford Scotland wants more centrist government and to distance itself from the Far Right and Far Left which are the only two choices now in existence south of the border.

  • Alexander The panda
    Alexander The panda 28 days ago

    If a no deal is so bad, can we assume that to prevent Scotland from just crashing out of the UK, she will be making a deal with Westminster to keep Scotland tied to them economically, subject to English courts and which solves the problem of hard border between Scotland and England in the event of them rejoining the EU???👍

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss 28 days ago +1

      @Danny M Entirely different process daniel , 60+ Countries have ditched wastemonster, so its a known process unlike your brexit laughing stock, Statute of Westminster 1931, the route took by Canada,Australia,New Zealand when they left wastemonster,
      '''immediately or upon ratification, effectively established the legislative independence of the self-governing Dominions of the British Empire from the United Kingdom'''
      '''As the statute removed all of the British parliament's authority to legislate (for the Dominions)'''

    • Danny M
      Danny M 28 days ago

      I can see them going for a soft Scotexit as a hard one will hit them hard. Irony.

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss 28 days ago +1

      60+ Countries have previously left wastemonster. Uk depends on Scottish oil for petrol , scottish renewable electricity ,30% of Englands electricty is imported from Scotland ,
      Scottish law system is separate as is English law. The border is the boundary. No hard border Safe border and Created in 1923 , Independent Rep of Ireland, Isle of Mann , Channel Islands are members of it.,

  • Hunter Game
    Hunter Game 28 days ago +7

    About time. Let's leave this sh*stained taint which is Brexit and Westminster behind already

    • Hunter Game
      Hunter Game 26 days ago +1

      @zipZIP Not much of a say with only 59 of the 650 seats. I understand it's done proportional to population however it doesn't lessen the fact that we don't really have much of a voice as is. Yes we've had more devolution given to us and we have free prescriptions, free education and a better NHS because of it. However more could still be done if we got to keep all of our tax revenues including from oil which is a huge industry. The UK has been slowly decaying into a less and less significant worldwide role since the end of the empire and the hard truth is that our politicians at Westminster (all of them) behave like a bunch of noisy spoilt preschoolers. Even without Brexit I do not see the UK ever being anything more than just a small island off the coast of Europe ever again on a scale of world politics and political sway

    • Hunter Game
      Hunter Game 27 days ago +1

      @zipZIP Scotland should leave the union even if not for Brexit. It does not make sense for us to remain part of the UK where we don't get a say in how we want our future to be and how we budget our economy. Scotland is far more open minded and progressive than the majority of England but due to the union we are now being dragged out of the EU against our will with no say about it. This is the final straw.
      Also I doubt brexit will be done within the decade. We can't even agree a plan to leave the EU, imagine how long it'll take to get that noisy riot in Westminster to actually pass new trade agreements and the like. We've already cycled through 2 PMs who can't do anything and we're about to get our 3rd GE in mearly 5 years. We have become the laughing stock of Europe and a new verb 'to brexit' has been ironically created as a mockery of our governments failure across dozens of European countries. If we can't even conclude Brexit chapter 1, how on earth are we to get to the end of this crisis within even 10years?

  • bogen broom
    bogen broom 28 days ago +5

    The Scottish People need to dump the SNP (. Part of the Westminster Swamp.... ) Vote BRexit Party.......

    • thecoder101
      thecoder101 18 days ago

      I would rather vote for Siol nan Gaidheal if they were standing un my area. 😂😂

  • Bearded Enigma
    Bearded Enigma 28 days ago +3

    She should focus on fixing her own nation rather than shifting the blame onto everybody else. The SNP are currently in charge of scotland's affairs. They are that obsessed with breaking up a 312 year union out of pure anti english hatred that they are destroying scotland in the process.

    • Ian Blair
      Ian Blair 27 days ago

      The issue at hand is that the revenue raised in Scotland is carted away to Westminster and we only get a small percentage returned to Holyrood to run Scotland whilst expenditure on things we don't want, like the Trident nuclear submarines, is spent on our behalf without our approval.

  • Raymond Deeble
    Raymond Deeble 28 days ago +3

    Wallace is back 😂

    • FTS
      FTS 27 days ago

      @Jy Jym which made him a martyr, who died fighting the good fight. As a result he is now immortal.

    • Jy Jym
      Jy Jym 28 days ago

      @FTS yes, and he got a good pasting.

    • FTS
      FTS 28 days ago

      He's also immortal and known by all. What a guy ❤️

    • Jy Jym
      Jy Jym 28 days ago

      He got a pasting

    • FTS
      FTS 28 days ago

      I'd rather Nicola Wallace than Boris 'the brexit' Johnson.

  • Forestman
    Forestman 28 days ago +3

    SNP = weird coalition of fascists & leftwing localists
    Nothing wrong with the later but it's a strange mix. I don't believe the old-fashioned nationalists will like where the SNP is headed

  • Bucket with a face on it
    Bucket with a face on it 28 days ago +2

    She is a European Unionist.

  • Andrew White
    Andrew White 28 days ago +2

    She forgets that seperation from the EU by the remainder of the former once great UK will mean Scotland is liable financially for the privilege of membership.
    Begs the question ... 'If 75% of all export revenue gained by the sale of goods and services into Britian specifically is lost, can continued affiliation and trade with the EU only make up the this massive and debilitating shortfall?
    I think not.
    Might need to highten Hadrian's Wall, to keep all of the future poor people out from the north.

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss 27 days ago

      @Infinitystar 2 Couple o fannies

    • Infinitystar 2
      Infinitystar 2 27 days ago

      Andrew White I think Hadrian's wall is in England and not on the border.

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss 28 days ago +2

      Oh and Scotlands eu contribution is £303million , Scottish Exports to the eu countries £15 billion.

      In contrast , , ''Currently 32% of taxation collected in Scotland is in the form of taxes under the control of the Scottish parliament and 67% of all taxation collected in Scotland goes directly to the UK government in taxation that is a reserved matter of the UK parliament''
      ''over half of all taxes collected in Scotland remains under the direct control of the UK parliament which has remained a reserved matter to itself all powers over Corporation tax, National Insurance, Value-added tax (VAT), Capital gains tax, Inheritance tax, Aggregates Levy Insurance Premium Tax and Motoring taxes''
      Do the eu take 70% of tax in England Andrew?

  • H4WK69
    H4WK69 28 days ago +4

    England should give Scotland a trial run of sorts by cutting off their funding to see how well they cope being independent.

    • FTS
      FTS 28 days ago +1

      Scotland provides England with money 😐 a trial run would mean we have all our money to support ourselves 😐 England would have significantly less money to use 😐 just FYI.

  • Wood Seeker
    Wood Seeker 28 days ago +6

    What gives her the right to try and stop Brexit. The people of Scotland voted to remain in the UK and she ignores them.

    • ell beveridge
      ell beveridge 27 days ago +1

      I know people in Scotland that did vote “no” in 2014 but after everything has happened with brexit (which Scotland did not vote for) their answer has changed to “yes”

    • Ian Blair
      Ian Blair 27 days ago +1

      Scots voted massively to stay in the EU ?

  • Geth Creator
    Geth Creator 28 days ago +4

    Independence is OK for Scotland but not for the UK? She is such a joke and I hope Westminster do whatever they can to mess with Scotlands democracy like they have done to the UK

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss 28 days ago

      60+ countries have left wastemonster, because of wastemonster messing with their democracy

  • Mr Olsen
    Mr Olsen 28 days ago +1

    Why do England not leave the UK, then the other can join if they think it is better for them...