Food mascots I could beat in a fight

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • Do you think you could beat these food mascots? Do you think you would win in a fight against me? I honestly doubt any of you could take on me or people of my ilk....just sayin...
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 16 838

  • Jinx
    Jinx 6 minutes ago

    Song name?? 1:11

  • Darktyl
    Darktyl 11 minutes ago

    He looks like if Anthony Fantano went crazy

  • I do stuff In Slo mo
    I do stuff In Slo mo 36 minutes ago +1

    Don’t be a chicken ayy some chickens will kick your ass especially roosters you’ll run from them I live on a farm i work with chickens every day you can get flogged they Will kick your ass

  • Justin Steave
    Justin Steave Hour ago

    Polar bears are no joke. He would rip your asshole out for fun.

  • Barney the thiccc Purple dino

    Make a vid fetureing every dilldo youve ever been sent

  • Cnel 003
    Cnel 003 Hour ago

    Wait so he’s 68 years old from the clown logic. He added 500 points

  • Will Whitaker
    Will Whitaker Hour ago

    Please don’t stop uploading

  • Jaxon Forgues
    Jaxon Forgues 2 hours ago

    You should do a morgz content cop

  • Dark Dream
    Dark Dream 3 hours ago

    That's you hell of a comb over you got!

  • Captain Skater
    Captain Skater 5 hours ago

    1:30 oh so they're boomers ok

  • thomas moran
    thomas moran 5 hours ago

    A badlands chugs documentary would be top tier

  • Doran Clerinx
    Doran Clerinx 6 hours ago

    I think they are black and in a jazz band hahahah yeah that will do you dirty

  • illuminate- vhybz
    illuminate- vhybz 6 hours ago

    You forgot to put staypuff and all the McDonald’s mascots

  • Vita Eve
    Vita Eve 7 hours ago

    You look like the guy who took my virginity.

  • xProphecy
    xProphecy 7 hours ago +1

    upload more fuckhead

  • Protoka
    Protoka 8 hours ago

    What if the nesquik rabbit could turn the water in your body into chocolate.

  • inn
    inn 9 hours ago

    nobody notices his Anthony Fantano look alike? ...

  • spotted dick food
    spotted dick food 12 hours ago

    iDubbz looks like a pedophile with his balding and a moustache.

    7EVEN 8IGHT 15 hours ago

    10:30 That's the first time ever Ian made me feel uncomfortable... VERY uncomfortable.

  • Maurice Harth
    Maurice Harth 16 hours ago

    Bring back Content Cop 👮

  • Wrench Bench
    Wrench Bench 16 hours ago

    I want my content cop -_-

  • Jake
    Jake 18 hours ago

    Of course u ain't put Wendy in there, you too scared with you know Wendy would fucking knock ur feed out just to make ur mouth more comfortable when she fucking ur throat. She'll cut off your balls, deep fry them and put it in a Happy meal with ur dick as the toy. It'd be a FDA violation since you're not supposed to five out tots small enough that the child might swallow it on accident. (The minimum cut off is 32 millimeters )

  • Markus Sparkus
    Markus Sparkus 18 hours ago

    Idubbbz is about to post something else big again...just wait

  • Reilly moorhouse
    Reilly moorhouse 18 hours ago

    He should keep the OG hair style

  • Jake
    Jake 18 hours ago +1

    *We live in a society*
    Barber: Whatchu looking for?
    Idoobz: Give me a representation of the duality of man in our Post-Modern society.
    Barber: Say no more fam

    • Jake
      Jake 18 hours ago +1

      @Jake Shut the funk up faggo
      (Last comment deleted immediately for having cursing.....?)

  • Bill Nye
    Bill Nye 18 hours ago +1

    Chuck E. Cheese is a fucking robot with teeth that likes being around kids. I would definitely rate him one of the highest that could murder me in cold blood.

  • Magic Spatula
    Magic Spatula 18 hours ago

    Good Michael Reeves joke

  • cassbats
    cassbats 19 hours ago

    You ain't beating up that wheat guy! Not with that fuckin hair and mustache

  • Comrade Pooch
    Comrade Pooch 19 hours ago

    I miss content cop. There’s so many creators that need to get knocked down a peg. Morgz content cop?

  • Jordan Adams
    Jordan Adams 19 hours ago +1

    It's been almost a month, are we getting a new chonchent chomp?

  • xERRORx04 Plays
    xERRORx04 Plays 19 hours ago

    Anyone remember his overgrowth videos

  • How to be a idiot 101
    How to be a idiot 101 20 hours ago

    Idubbz is making a new content cop

  • Promateur Ent.
    Promateur Ent. 20 hours ago

    Just for that joke I want the trix rabbit to shove your rectum down your throat

  • ieat babies4fun
    ieat babies4fun 20 hours ago +1

    Mans look like Anthony Fantano

    • inn
      inn 9 hours ago

      i think that is what he is going for lol

  • Brittany
    Brittany 20 hours ago

    Content cop onion boy

  • Zeb Conner
    Zeb Conner 21 hour ago

    Keep doing ur thing man ❤️

  • Sir Chromosome
    Sir Chromosome 21 hour ago

    When the quiet kid asks for a pencil from you but ur down 3 lines of shnay 3:44

  • Eden
    Eden 22 hours ago

    I don't like your hair, personally you should shave it also I love your mustache and that ending was weird

  • Majestic Duck Horse
    Majestic Duck Horse 22 hours ago

    Hail, i of Dubbbz

  • Mr. Randum Guy?¿
    Mr. Randum Guy?¿ 22 hours ago +1

    Break the Cinnamon stick and stab the apple with it

  • Den 45
    Den 45 23 hours ago +1

    I dont have fun that i used to a few years ago =( i miss the old content you 3 did not naming cos i would get demonetized

  • Lucien Fiasconaro
    Lucien Fiasconaro 23 hours ago +1

    Do a content cop

  • Youthful lyfe
    Youthful lyfe 23 hours ago

    You look like walter white

  • John deneau
    John deneau Day ago

    I seriously need more iduppps. I just rewatched all the bad unboxings\:

  • Skullgrinders 358

    Hes like logic, if logic was crazy and cooler

  • Gamer Nader
    Gamer Nader Day ago

    I’m gonna do this

  • Carley Cha
    Carley Cha Day ago

    Hey i miss your funny, you should post something. Lol.

  • MLGLuigi Gamer
    MLGLuigi Gamer Day ago

    I am not used to seeing Idubbbz with a mustache in which I mustache you when did he grow such a magnificent one

  • f_y
    f_y Day ago


  • Big black Hairy pussy

    Hi Ian I need a shit can I shit on ur head ?

  • Tyrant L
    Tyrant L Day ago

    Why did he cut his hair like that

  • Ice
    Ice Day ago

    honestly the land o lakes was so offensive especially because i'm native american but i still laughed my fucking ass of. like seriously i cant fucking find my ass its gone i cant sit down or stand up help

  • Skystrike70
    Skystrike70 Day ago

    idk man Ronald has killed hundreds of thousands

  • blue cactus
    blue cactus Day ago

    He looks like adjective Walter White

  • Skystrike70
    Skystrike70 Day ago

    0:46 Somebody please make a smash bros mod adding these characters

  • Rito Shuro
    Rito Shuro Day ago

    By each video idubzz gets more insane

  • Aydn Lunden
    Aydn Lunden Day ago

    idk why but you remind me of sheev from dukes of hazard in this video

  • lily 06
    lily 06 Day ago

    idubbbz looks like anthony fantano if he wasnt allowed within 500 yards of a school

  • lily 06
    lily 06 Day ago

    land o lakes lady could beat your skinny ass idubbbz dont flatter yourself

  • Phoebe Mchugh
    Phoebe Mchugh Day ago

    When’s the next content cop 👮‍♀️