The $12 McDonald's Burger

  • Published on Sep 11, 2015
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  • Mike Mikel
    Mike Mikel Day ago

    This guy is weird looking

  • Turn Down For What?

    Oscar in 2013 looks like a Sopranos character

  • XxIanxX
    XxIanxX 2 days ago

    discount sean penn?

  • Jesse Wanderss
    Jesse Wanderss 2 days ago

    this was such a pleasant and straight to the point vlog. did you ever follow up on his health after consuming such an atrocity?

  • Jesse Wanderss
    Jesse Wanderss 2 days ago

    this man does not look happy to have to try a $12 mchorror

  • Janice Bedford
    Janice Bedford 6 days ago

    I pity the fools the went into the bathroom after them the next day. Ain't nothing worse than the McShits.

  • ArmyBricksProductions

    You have to try the Greek Mac it’s only in Athens it’s so good

  • Chad K
    Chad K 8 days ago

    Oscar always looks like he's borderline suicidal

  • Kyle Luke
    Kyle Luke 9 days ago +1

    In South Africa I won't even dare eat from mac Donalds ...The only thing I would have if I had to go would be fries

  • Lil Crayfish
    Lil Crayfish 9 days ago

    The same price as a normal Big Mac in Switzerland! XD

  • himanshu kalane
    himanshu kalane 9 days ago

    Ready to go MacDonald

  • berk balaban
    berk balaban 10 days ago

    delicious hmmmm

  • Lidia Ibarra
    Lidia Ibarra 12 days ago

    Is that secretly sean penn?

  • Zac Ched
    Zac Ched 15 days ago

    What do you live from ?

  • Jonah Wornica
    Jonah Wornica 16 days ago

    Musics loud because of when it's a full resturant

  • Paco Vega
    Paco Vega 19 days ago

    Does anyone else think this guy looks a bit like Sean penn

  • meg waldorf
    meg waldorf 19 days ago

    this is fucked up

  • koala plays Roblox&Minecraft

    I got a McDonald's ad and I'm eating McDonald's so WHY Casey

  • Abbas Mohammed
    Abbas Mohammed 19 days ago

    oscar smile pls

  • Neal Gupta
    Neal Gupta 21 day ago

    "Let's go to lunch". Really. You just had giant burgers no lunch!

  • sushant ahlawat
    sushant ahlawat 22 days ago

    Try Mc aloo tikki burger. Its the worst try from mc Donald's trying to be Indian. Half of there menu is not worth eating. Except french fries. Which now burger king makes better.

  • J M
    J M 23 days ago

    sulletje, doe je zonnebril af. Waar heb je die trouwens gekocht.... bij intertoys.....

  • Cpt. Shmitt
    Cpt. Shmitt 23 days ago

    It costs $10 to use the kiosk? Where I work it's free.

  • Ai Ayad
    Ai Ayad 24 days ago +1

    $12 is the price of a regular burger here in Switzerland lol

  • Oblivion404
    Oblivion404 25 days ago

    I made the same burger before, it 20$+.. CDN

  • Morten Løkke
    Morten Løkke 25 days ago +1

    like hvis du er fra Danmark

  • Endless Playz
    Endless Playz 25 days ago +1

    6.15 😂😂😂Look at casey

  • moicel
    moicel 26 days ago

    In Austria we have this for like... 4 years i guess lol

  • Wee Aboo
    Wee Aboo 27 days ago

    sadly every burger at mcdonalds is almost 12$ and look like shit..

  • Fuckle Jewerbag
    Fuckle Jewerbag 28 days ago

    Is your dad saun Penn?

  • Smartbro30
    Smartbro30 28 days ago


  • Migel the sloth
    Migel the sloth 28 days ago

    Thumbnail dude looked like Matthew McConaughey

  • david Holloway
    david Holloway 29 days ago

    "We're not filming... we're shooting a video" -Oscar

  • dalia sharwieda
    dalia sharwieda 29 days ago

    ط:مهعغفقثصسيقبفلغاعهخحجطكحخهعغف6لغاتنموكزوةىلارؤيءسيءؤ رلاىةونهع7غ6فقبلا

  • Watch Me WIN!
    Watch Me WIN! 29 days ago

    Four eyed idiot.

  • Commander Cody
    Commander Cody 29 days ago

    If only Australia did these burgers ._.

  • Smiles Uk
    Smiles Uk Month ago

    Imagine if you new your were fucking born....still what do you care.

  • Ayush Kumar
    Ayush Kumar Month ago


  • Chris Lind
    Chris Lind Month ago

    That guy seems like a dbag

  • Avoozl
    Avoozl Month ago

    It would probably cost over $24 here in Australia.

  • ProNoob
    ProNoob Month ago

    When Oscar Said lets go to lunch i freaking died😂😂

  • Jay23
    Jay23 Month ago

    That shit is weird filming like it's nothing. It's not usual.

  • FixerUpperVideo's
    FixerUpperVideo's Month ago

    That’s one of the biggest McDonald’s Place I’ve ever seen

  • Andrew Brookes
    Andrew Brookes Month ago

    Hahaha 'yeah lets go to lunch'

  • mike greened
    mike greened Month ago +1

    Beme lol

  • Nito
    Nito Month ago +1

    Pls watch freelee why are you promoting animals dying pls educate yourself watch freelee

  • polak szestowicki
    polak szestowicki Month ago

    I am geting hungry

  • QsTs Legend
    QsTs Legend Month ago

    This is the first Casey niestat video I’ve ever watched

  • Musashi's Ghost
    Musashi's Ghost Month ago

    Idiots: We want $15 p/hr minimum wage!
    Capitalists: But the business can't support that?
    Idiots: We don't care! Bernie said we could!
    Capitalists: You're fired; Here's your self-checkout machine, Customers!

  • Mr. Williams
    Mr. Williams Month ago

    You guys should do once a month food reviews together.

  • cr92m7rz
    cr92m7rz Month ago

    im gonna cry im so hungry

  • Rick Nash
    Rick Nash Month ago

    Now I know why he invited Oscar to taste test the Impossible Burger. It's funny that the burger only cost $12 but seemed expensive in 2015. Now in 2018 its a typical price (or higher) for a fast food gourmet burger.

  • Vince B
    Vince B Month ago

    that woman's blouse was maybe just a little too tight - what do you think?

  • Nick Moody
    Nick Moody Month ago +1

    God dam I first watched this when I was 11 I kinda hate that

  • Jesus Haro
    Jesus Haro Month ago

    also, how is that only 12 dollars

  • xxdrewxx
    xxdrewxx Month ago

    looks like subway on buns lol

  • Sleepy Toast
    Sleepy Toast Month ago +1

    what you mean 12 dollar? in sweden u get a bigmac for 12 dollars D:

  • Zunair Qureshi
    Zunair Qureshi Month ago +1

    3 years later and this is still one of my favorite vlogs from casey.

  • Brandi Lee
    Brandi Lee Month ago +1


  • boss Raneem
    boss Raneem Month ago

    Stop doing videos ur videos are very nice thxxs 😘😘

  • you're nan
    you're nan Month ago

    2018 anyone?

  • Brian
    Brian Month ago

    Bloody hell now recreate this video with Dan lol

  • Eric Frickey
    Eric Frickey Month ago

    Burger King paid you to do this. jk. chill.

  • Sebastian Slettebø

    That’s a cheap burger 🍔 in Norway a regular Big Mac costs 14 $ at least

  • huh
    huh Month ago

    Who else got a McDonald's ad

  • Endless Playz
    Endless Playz Month ago +1

    lets go to lunch?😂😂😂😂

  • The Crypto Roadshow!

    Neistat goes epic Mealtime

  • Randomboyontheinternet 200

    That McDonald’s looks familiar

  • Hello World: with Miyah

    I could not eat a burger that big but why is this chain location more extravagant than all the rest?

  • Hello World: with Miyah

    Great statement about McDonalds

    TETSUYA NAITO Month ago

    The big titty's chick in pink.....Omg😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Xan Tried
    Xan Tried Month ago

    In Australia, every maccas I’ve been to has build your own burger

  • The TECHnique
    The TECHnique Month ago

    12 dollars. Now you know how much a Macca's burger would cost in Australia

  • Amber Madridy
    Amber Madridy Month ago

    i really want a burger ow

  • KABY
    KABY Month ago

    In Norway a bigmac cost 13$

  • Ferdinand Zebua
    Ferdinand Zebua Month ago

    Is there going to be, or has there been already, a part-3 weird McDonald's review?

    • Ferdinand Zebua
      Ferdinand Zebua Month ago

      Ohwait, yeah the McLobster forgot about that one for a moment.

  • s summers
    s summers Month ago

    Casey please tell me you were paid by McDonald's for this advertising...this is actually good for their business. If you were not paid I would bet money that someone from McDonald's corporate contacted you.

  • Jose Sabina
    Jose Sabina Month ago

    American people enjoy while you can do it someday you'll know what It's to live and feel the poor

  • Erik Himaj
    Erik Himaj Month ago

    in switzerland it would could about 50$

  • joshua rotugal
    joshua rotugal 2 months ago

    PaPaRapRapRap "I'm Loving It!"

  • Quinn Richardson
    Quinn Richardson 2 months ago

    Daamn in my country you can get a burger for 17,50 guilder wich would be 10$, and this is like just a normal burger without the triple stuff and so on.

  • shookening
    shookening 2 months ago +1

    I thought it was Mark Wiens in the thumbnail

  • nikikiikki nikikkikikikiik

    Thats nothong here in Switzerland we have to Pay at least 16 Dollars for a normal burger at burger king

  • Junior Fannx
    Junior Fannx 2 months ago

    I was so hungry after he put the bun on top lol

  • Joe Masters
    Joe Masters 2 months ago

    57th & Lex? That is a NICE McDonald's. Most of them are crap

  • RoyalFitProgram
    RoyalFitProgram 2 months ago

    Did that chick really say that the grilled cheese burger was vegan... sm😂

  • Joel Dodson
    Joel Dodson 2 months ago

    Right on Oscar. Well done for a skinny feller.

  • GreenLanternSalem
    GreenLanternSalem 2 months ago

    God damn Oscar....

  • Dank Memez
    Dank Memez 2 months ago

    I've been there 😂

  • Martijn Bromet
    Martijn Bromet 2 months ago

    So where do i find this mcdonalds?

  • RubyTV
    RubyTV 2 months ago

    First video I saw of yours back in the day... didn't dissapoint

  • KazPLAY
    KazPLAY 2 months ago

    this made me hungry XD

  • Trym Øby
    Trym Øby 3 months ago

    Is this supposed to be expensive? Every big burger from mcdonalds in Norway cost eitherr that or more..

  • Sonu Socks
    Sonu Socks 3 months ago

    Oscar what a piggggg😕

  • Adityaraj Chauhan
    Adityaraj Chauhan 3 months ago

    I am Hungry

  • michael massey
    michael massey 3 months ago

    They lied they went too lunch

  • LuisFonsiVEVOSI
    LuisFonsiVEVOSI 3 months ago

    2 number 9's, 1 number 9 large....

  • 侯少桐
    侯少桐 3 months ago

    His burger looks so gross

  • Cire bron
    Cire bron 3 months ago

    Nothing screams douche bag like wearing sunglasses indoors.

  • New Beetle
    New Beetle 3 months ago

    oh my God that things going to give you diarrhea for a month