THE STORM OF A LIFETIME - Tornadoes & Lightning, Laurel NE

  • Published on Jul 29, 2014
  • Eight tornadoes, epic supercell and constant lightning from the Cedar County Nebraska storm on June 17th, 2014.
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    At least 8 separate tornadoes touched down from this isolated supercell. The first was a cone that roped out, the second was a brief rope minutes later and the third was long-lived and began as a multi-vortex tornado. On several occasions a thick RFD engulfed and obscured the tornado, then the rain cleared enough to see a tornado was still there. These could have been separate tornadoes however the more likely scenario is that it was the same one. The constant lightning produced by this storm was odd in that it was made up of many, many small cloud-to-cloud discharges rather than the usual large discharges and anvil crawlers that more often accompany the supercells I witness. After dark, the consistency of the upper updraft and anvil was fuzzy or foggy giving the soft glow to the small frequent discharges.
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  • Camren Kimmerling

    0:55 mmmmmmm thats what she said

  • Susan Flowers
    Susan Flowers 2 days ago

    You did an excellent job creating this video! Truly well done. And you have the perfect voice to narrate!

  • Colton Casey
    Colton Casey 8 days ago

    Who are the 488 dip shits who disliked this video?

  • Rohit IRL
    Rohit IRL 8 days ago +1

    hank schyma Is Musician And A Tornado Chaser Professional Strom Chaser

  • hellen ferguson
    hellen ferguson 9 days ago

    My stars, your videos are SO AMAZING and informative and show the scary and GLORIOUS parts of weather that makes me want to run and hide :-)! Thank you for all you do!

  • Kurt Baynes
    Kurt Baynes 10 days ago

    The "Hell Hath No Fury" Lightning toward the end was incredible!

  • Kurt Baynes
    Kurt Baynes 10 days ago

    Great effort put forth by the Storm Chasers here. I liked the vortex within a vortex scientific explanation with the freeze-frame examples caught in their footage. I also liked that they followed up the very next day on the damage caused by the storm. But as always, I find myself extremely upset at the sufferage of the Live Stock Animals, wildlife and pets lost & killed by the storm, as well as, the general human response to it (being Livestock) a commodity financial loss, but nothing in terms of the horrendous pain, suffering & terror to the animals during any & all types of natural disasters.

  • Ruairidh Boon
    Ruairidh Boon 11 days ago

    0:54 huh wat? oh the tornado

  • Erik Johnson
    Erik Johnson 11 days ago

    You KNOW that you're a TRUE AMERICAN ,when you're drinking beer and cracking jokes, cleaning up AFTER an F5.....👏👏👏👏👏

  • Insert Name Here
    Insert Name Here 15 days ago

    It's not Laurel, it's Yanny, NE

  • Mundus vult Decipi
    Mundus vult Decipi 21 day ago

    It's amazing how your voice is so calm while all this is going on.

  • Justin Bennett
    Justin Bennett 28 days ago

    the storm on this vid has to be the worste storm that has ever happened that wasn't a hurricane

  • Justin Bennett
    Justin Bennett 28 days ago

    once here in porchmouth ohio, we had a storm so bad that the sky was completely black during mid day.

  • Wire2904
    Wire2904 Month ago

    Damn, nature...... YOU SCARY

  • Michelle Pip
    Michelle Pip Month ago

    Try explaining the comment at 1:05 to your nieces and nephews in the Nederlands. Their Opa said to me "They are not old enough to know that sometimes while expelling hot air, another tragedy may occur". Well put Uncle Rob, I now know where I get my sense of humor.

  • T CR
    T CR Month ago

    You teach your viewers a lot about tornado activity and what to look for. Thank you!

  • chillin epic
    chillin epic Month ago

    Epic storm and tornado

  • Yuna Vogelzang
    Yuna Vogelzang Month ago

    omgfwhate fok

  • Melanie Mellon Fox
    Melanie Mellon Fox Month ago

    I was in a tornado watch once and my sister clearly said" Hey Mom? What about the dead ppl in the graves?"
    Me: ;-;

  • Talon Briggs
    Talon Briggs Month ago

    I had non stop lightning where I am a few weeks ago, no tornado tho, just a funnel forming but never made touchdown

  • Donna Jenkins
    Donna Jenkins Month ago

    That was amazing!! Unbelievable lightning at the end!!

  • Heather Hillman
    Heather Hillman Month ago

    Your videos are always so beautifully done.

  • tony games
    tony games Month ago

    In Abilene I had a satilite tornado warning

  • ThatGirlFrass
    ThatGirlFrass Month ago +2

    The lighting may just be from Thor's hand, but the tornado may just be his hammer... We'll never know

  • Slytherin's Love
    Slytherin's Love Month ago

    The thumbnail is Hurricane Dorian not the Moore tornado and JUST HOW JUST HOW IN 2014-2015 PEPOLE KNOW ABOUT HURRICANE DORAIN

  • Itz Wolfie Gacha :3

    Be careful out there

  • Kelly Truong
    Kelly Truong Month ago

    when the 4:54 it look like god is like summoning something .-.

  • Funtime Ballora
    Funtime Ballora Month ago

    If i were in your place,the second I would have seen a tornado I would be like 'Nopety nope nope nope!!'

  • Anita E
    Anita E Month ago

    Wow awesome

  • wavematrix
    wavematrix Month ago


  • ii mini
    ii mini 2 months ago

    i live in nebraska! (we dont really get tornados in oamaha)

  • Lize Dockx
    Lize Dockx 2 months ago

    of that woud happen in belgium i would go to the other side of the world

  • MR Skittles
    MR Skittles 2 months ago

    (Clears throut)
    Hank: big daddy on the ground

  • PewPewsAlote
    PewPewsAlote 2 months ago

    am i the only one who dislikes the photogenic tornadoes

  • Monetization
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  • CHOPZ 4 LIFE 13
    CHOPZ 4 LIFE 13 2 months ago

    That's so dame scary u can't even see duh tornado at night

  • Joshua Winnipeg
    Joshua Winnipeg 2 months ago

    this is problably my favorite tornado chaser

  • Pekka S
    Pekka S 2 months ago

    0:54 had to turn down volume at the office, a bit too risky

  • Satan 666 Lucifer
    Satan 666 Lucifer 2 months ago

    i Love the storms and thunder and Lightning

  • S G
    S G 2 months ago

    So beautiful, as if earths outermost protective layer has a hole from being under attack by the four evil element gods

  • FMJPatriot
    FMJPatriot 2 months ago +1

    1:45 when pigs fly...

  • Rashid Alghanim NAUTTP
    Rashid Alghanim NAUTTP 2 months ago

    🌪🏭🏠🕍🕌🏛💒🏩🏪⛪️🏫🏤 when tornado destroyed building ?

  • •Milky Animations•
    •Milky Animations• 3 months ago

    Boi i wish i can see even a lil tornado .-. ThErEs No ToRnAdOeS tOo MuCh In PoLaNd

  • Deilan’s Life
    Deilan’s Life 3 months ago

    imagine ur in a storm and its pitch black and then lightning lights up the sky and theres a tornado right in front of u! lord that would be scary

  • Armi_Army BTS
    Armi_Army BTS 3 months ago +8

    Me being a depressed prick
    My best friend: wanna go chase a tornado?
    Me: sure

  • Sonny gaming 2nd channel

    That's why I live in claforina but on a vatciton to the wrong place, NJ

  • William Strickland
    William Strickland 3 months ago

    Absolutely amazing videos! Seeing those huge tornadoes at night lit up by monster lightning bolts was beautiful but, absolutely terrifying.

  • yeah tbh.
    yeah tbh. 3 months ago

    i mean 04:45 is straight up beautiful

  • Flip Flop
    Flip Flop 3 months ago

    Cracking jokes around ice-coolers of beer after a tragedy. Now that's American. And proud to be one as I've gone threw hurricane Katrina and ice coolers of beer were essential

  • MrRedeyedJedi
    MrRedeyedJedi 3 months ago

    Why tf do you guys build your houses out of chipboard? Stop being lazy, use bricks stone and steel and you won't loose them when shit like this happens and actually be safer

  • CatMan98789 Gaming
    CatMan98789 Gaming 3 months ago

    I’m obbsesed with weather so this pleased me

  • Aesthetically Beautiful
    Aesthetically Beautiful 3 months ago +1

    What the hell do you think you’re doing hunting tornadoes at night? We need our favorite TVclip alive ;{

  • jeff James
    jeff James 3 months ago

    Stalking the angle of death by lightning flashes.
    Son, that ain't normal😁.
    Can't wait for the next video.

  • fumez111
    fumez111 3 months ago

    I'm sorry but you could offer me a lifetime supply of money to take at least ONE picture of a tornado while it's nearly pitch black out in a rural community and I would tell you off, I seriously don't know how you were driving TOWARDS the tornado... wow

  • Edwin Gerdes
    Edwin Gerdes 3 months ago

    Those people: *Filming*
    Me: *Screaming* RUN FOR UR LIFEE

  • 6'666 Subs with 1 video?

    1:56 fuck man. thats scary.. like hell or something. something from your worst nightmare. scary shit man

  • Kevin Klein
    Kevin Klein 3 months ago

    Wow that is insane!! And the finale was just epic... were you not concerned that you would get too close at times?

  • dawn whiting
    dawn whiting 3 months ago

    That was incredible ❤️

  • Creativefoxy Animations

    This way 2 days after my birthday 🙀🙀🙀
    God bless everyone that was hurt in the storms

  • Breck Swany
    Breck Swany 3 months ago

    I live in northeast Nebraska. Surprised I missed this.