Bob Saget Hiccups Uncontrollably While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Nov 16, 2017
  • Bob Saget became a household name as Danny Tanner on the classic sitcom Full House, as well as a legend of comedy for his decades on the standup stage. But none of that means anything if he can't handle the wings of death! Watch as Sean Evans leads Saget through the Hot Ones gauntlet, getting in-depth about everything from his love of Johnny Carson, to his uncanny resemblance to the lady on the Cholula bottle.
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Comments • 7 699

  • soho71
    soho71 2 hours ago

    “I’m gonna be on a plane in an hour...”. Love Bob....

  • SherrinfordHope
    SherrinfordHope 9 hours ago

    "Do you play dramatic music during it"
    Oh do they!

  • hattic
    hattic 13 hours ago

    he honestly handled the sauces pretty damn well

  • hattic
    hattic 13 hours ago

    "you were very good in it!!"
    "Ahh, you wanna get married? we can just eat hot wings and shit in bed"
    I AM screaminggGGGGGGG

  • Brad R
    Brad R Day ago


  • Yantra
    Yantra 2 days ago

    Still making jokes like he's in the 80s...

  • Malik Webster
    Malik Webster 2 days ago

    Where the hell is was No. 4 by Hollywood Undead!?!

    • Malik Webster
      Malik Webster 2 days ago

      Funnier than fuck, you can ask Bob Saget!

  • True Patriot
    True Patriot 2 days ago

    Not a fan of DJ Khaled after his performance and complete moronic ways of speaking like he's some kind of enlightened prophet

  • Tyty2k
    Tyty2k 3 days ago

    Always will love you

  • Kelley Nicholson
    Kelley Nicholson 3 days ago

    I love Bob Saget

  • Melvin Mansoor
    Melvin Mansoor 3 days ago


  • michael lawton
    michael lawton 4 days ago

    Ol' bob took it like a boss!

  • Danielle Murphy
    Danielle Murphy 4 days ago

    And I totally saw dirty work when it came out and thought it was hilarious in some spots

  • Danielle Murphy
    Danielle Murphy 4 days ago

    I haaaaaated his narration as a kid, fucking hated it. It was so annoying 🤬

  • Rubin
    Rubin 4 days ago

    Saget aged like shit

  • mm mm
    mm mm 5 days ago

    get Kevin James or Tim Allen

  • Destiny Singleton
    Destiny Singleton 5 days ago

    It still blows my mind how he is so different from Danny tanner, they are definitely polar opposites but honestly I think hes just really good at what he does and I loved watching him on full house and then finding out when I got older that this is how he really is haha, it was shocking but I love it cause he is hilarious. I cried during most of this video just because of whatever ridiculous think bob said next 😂

  • BarfyMan 362
    BarfyMan 362 5 days ago

    12:52 LMFAO

  • Steven Garcia
    Steven Garcia 6 days ago

    "You don't have to eat more... the people would probably want you to eat more- I know you just got over saying what an entertainer you are, but you don't have to eat more..." well played Sean... #WellPlayed!

  • Rodrigo Díaz Perera

    What a beast!

  • Steve Lender
    Steve Lender 8 days ago

    Can't stand this do

  • C J
    C J 8 days ago

    He's awesome! Savage af..

  • Tom The Plummer
    Tom The Plummer 8 days ago

    Love hot Version of Frank’s with som Tobasco plus their Buffalo sauce. Don’t forget the butter. Wings naked and extra crispy

  • duitoad
    duitoad 9 days ago

    Bob is always fun to watch! Wouldn't be cool to get some of these guests to repeat for something like hot ones.2

  • john vr
    john vr 11 days ago

    "and then my penis falls off and I throw it at your head and it looks like a unicorn" - bob saget

  • john vr
    john vr 11 days ago

    i wanna see norm macdonald get destroyed by these wings.

  • Nikki Rockz
    Nikki Rockz 11 days ago


  • Neil Heuer
    Neil Heuer 11 days ago

    from 17:30 on I was laughing so hard I cried! Bob Saget is too funny!

  • Sergeant Shultz Bear
    Sergeant Shultz Bear 12 days ago

    Bob and norm are remnants of the good ol days.

  • Alexia Jean Lacap
    Alexia Jean Lacap 12 days ago

    He double dabbed!! Legend!

  • Kenneth Linde
    Kenneth Linde 13 days ago

    Impressive! =)

  • goldie sincity
    goldie sincity 13 days ago

    Bob Saget to me looks like the type of guy who go to the toilet to fart. everytime .and still says excuse me to himself. intil NOW i never heard him cus. or seen his darker side now i look at him different. cooliest dude.

  • daniel pardo
    daniel pardo 14 days ago +1

    I don’t even like spicy but this made me pour a whole bottle of franks red hot on my dinner and go out and get some spicy chips

  • Eugene Gonzales
    Eugene Gonzales 16 days ago

    His face at 15:37 made me realize why he's the perfect older ted mosby.

    SICKNESS BE GONE MAN 16 days ago

    Imma be honest, the first time I heard of Bob Saget was from Tourette’s guy

  • Urethra Franklin
    Urethra Franklin 16 days ago

    He took that heat like a champ. Of all the ones I've seen he handled those the best.

    • Brian Eisley
      Brian Eisley 9 days ago

      You win one Internet for your handle, good fellow.

  • A B
    A B 17 days ago

    “My asshole just coughed” lmaoo lost it

  • A B
    A B 17 days ago

    Lmaooo yo bob’s fucking hilarious haha i think i’ve laughed the most on this episode

    DOGGNOSE 17 days ago

    Dirty dick...suck it right off 🤣🤣🤣.
    True comedian

  • N 7
    N 7 17 days ago

    All I hear is Ted telling his kids how he met their mother. Props to Bob Saget for the shout out to the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY.

  • Ghoul Goil
    Ghoul Goil 18 days ago

    He’s not funny.

  • majorxdf
    majorxdf 19 days ago

    Bob Saget might be a foul mouthed comedian, but he genuinely seems like a really good guy.

  • Josh Guyette
    Josh Guyette 20 days ago

    Sit up straight, no hiccups. :)

  • Niveous23
    Niveous23 20 days ago

    more like bob savage

  • Its time. MelyndaGarrett

    SMH. Sick fuck.

  • Ian Kelly
    Ian Kelly 20 days ago

    fucking right Bob going for the double dab!!!!! what a performer!!!!! 👍👍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • I am The Antichrist
    I am The Antichrist 21 day ago +1

    Bob I love you

  • armybeef68
    armybeef68 21 day ago

    EXACTLY like me.....LOL

    In fact, my body has changed, I used to hiccup, then I stopped hiccuping and my eyes would water and my nose would run, then I started hiccuping again, then my eyes would water, my nose would run, and I would sweat. then I started hiccuping again, now it takes me a lot to do anything, I've been using Blazin' from Buffalo Wild Wings on pretty much anything, pizza, taquitos, popcorn chicken, and I think I've gotten used to it because I don't do much of anything, but man, the

  • mattrosexual
    mattrosexual 21 day ago

    Bob has been the bravest guest

  • nickalicious76
    nickalicious76 21 day ago

    @seanevans I’m your biggest fan! ❤️

  • nickalicious76
    nickalicious76 21 day ago

    Anyone else watch this for Sean Evans? ❤️ he’s my man crush!

  • Robbie Cancian Photographer

    I have been smashing this show for the last week. This episode had me in tears. Well done Bob!

  • Richie Berrios
    Richie Berrios 22 days ago

    Bob Saget with the double dab!!!!!! SAVAGE LEGEND!!!!!

  • Vivie Vei
    Vivie Vei 22 days ago

    "my asshole is coughing" "my lung is hanging out of my ass" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Star Heel Records
    Star Heel Records 22 days ago

    The funniest thing about the last dab is that's the moment you can tell this celebrity has literally never watched a single episode of this show before agreeing to participate.

  • Jacob Barajas
    Jacob Barajas 22 days ago

    We want JOE ROGAN!!!

  • JW Koenig
    JW Koenig 22 days ago

    Ok. I’m just a bit younger than Bob. I’ve never liked him for some reason. Seen all his stuff. I’ve always panned it cause, I guess, well, I’m a bitch. However... as a massive fan of Hot Ones... I’m now in love with him. Super Star Last Dab Stud Monkey. Props... bitch.

  • Heavy Hammer Gym
    Heavy Hammer Gym 22 days ago

    Probably, one of my favorite episodes! Good work.

  • Joey Lopata
    Joey Lopata 23 days ago

    *honk* OH BOB SAGET!!!

  • PowerScissor
    PowerScissor 24 days ago

    I've seen Dirty Work a dozen times and never knew Bob Saget directed it.

  • Terence Marshall
    Terence Marshall 24 days ago

    My dude nacho

  • Crysta Belle
    Crysta Belle 24 days ago

    Bob Saget doesn't know if he can get milk from a pussy.

  • Jason Ware
    Jason Ware 24 days ago

    Took it like a champ.

  • Jeff Maynard
    Jeff Maynard 24 days ago

    BOB IS A TANK!!!!!!!

  • Sheri Racine
    Sheri Racine 25 days ago

    Why no mention of Rollin With Saget....the " Illest mf in a cardigan sweater "

  • Nick Barker
    Nick Barker 25 days ago

    Love the show

  • Alex Stutler
    Alex Stutler 26 days ago

    We don't control hiccups, hiccups control us. Duh

  • Kozmic Kauldron
    Kozmic Kauldron 26 days ago

    Please get Trixie & Katya on here 😭

  • Matt Olson
    Matt Olson 26 days ago

    I hiccup

  • ThreadThatHas NoEnd
    ThreadThatHas NoEnd 26 days ago

    you can milk anything with nipples bob

  • JxC
    JxC 26 days ago

    Holy shit! I had no idea Bob Saget was this funny or crass! That’s awesome!

  • D H
    D H 27 days ago

    Saget is a pedophile fuck - I won't watch this episode.

  • mcasuse
    mcasuse 28 days ago

    I got to be on a plane in an hour got me!!!!

  • Howard Luken
    Howard Luken 28 days ago

    Bob Saget, filthy fucking almost a jerkoff kinda likable dude. Drove him to a studio once, forget what it was for, not important. He immediately launches into the 'I'm gonna try fucking with the driver' time killer as opposed to the silent passenger type like Richard Dean Anderson. He starts telling me about his pool and the attached hot tub. Tells me he came out and found a raccoon sticking its tail in the hot tub and the big disease carrying rodent or whatever they are has NO HAIR on its tail like it's been torn off by some other beast. He's asking me if he should worry about the thing having rabies or whatever and what he should do. I play along and say throw some chemicals in it and forget about it... which is what he probably does when he fills the tub with disease ridden whores who pee on him and spoon feed him their feces. Or I say just drain the fucker and have some mexicans disinfect it... I wanted to tell him to just move and not tell the buyer and leave all his own filth in it like a good zionist would. Make a profit and cheat the taxman up in the Hollywood Hills where he lives. So Sagat was probably disappointed I didn't turn out to be a nitwit he could amuse himself with for a few moments. Question is how did this guy become a multimillionaire? All he did was that child molesting Full House... he must own a piece of it. This dude is my age? He colors his hair, the vain old bitch.

  • will crow
    will crow 28 days ago

    *Quick note: Joe Rogan did have to put a guy in a restraining hold outside a club, it's on video. The dude just would NOT stop poking and jabbing at him, and did NOT take the hint that putting his hands on Joe just wasn't cool.

  • Rusty
    Rusty 28 days ago

    That was Great Bobby's the Man!!!

  • Zach Lohman
    Zach Lohman 28 days ago

    Bob Sagat is a tough ol' bastard, huh?

  • Ryan Higgs
    Ryan Higgs 29 days ago

    That was a good one!

  • Life Imitating Death
    Life Imitating Death 29 days ago

    I got my nose bit off by a SAIGON WHORE!
    RIP Chris Farley.. Love you buddy

  • Marisa Packer
    Marisa Packer 29 days ago

    Wow. Bob Saget isn’t funny at all.

  • jmacsss
    jmacsss Month ago

    An extra dab??? Legend.

  • jmacsss
    jmacsss Month ago +1


  • Jacob Maldonado
    Jacob Maldonado Month ago

    Bob's a beast .he fucking man handled those hot wings!!!

  • Hector Flores
    Hector Flores Month ago

    there should be a hall of fame for comedians!

  • Hector Flores
    Hector Flores Month ago

    bob saget sells himself short and cholula dropped the ball on letting him sponsor them

  • Ron Barrie
    Ron Barrie Month ago

    Glad this man is still around he is a great person and I watched full house how did he ever keep in character with his dynamic personality I wish I would of seen this side of bob when I watched full house lmao rofl

  • pagansforbreakfast
    pagansforbreakfast Month ago

    Takes a bite of the hottest wing, the question, "So Bob, when did you begin inappropriately touching children"?

  • Christian Lucero
    Christian Lucero Month ago

    Funniest episode by far

  • Dani Pepper
    Dani Pepper Month ago

    This show makes me feel like Bob Saget genuinely thinks he isnt anything special, I disagree I love Bob Saget despite what people say about him

  • Peter Chicarielli
    Peter Chicarielli Month ago

    "I'm gonna be on a plane in an hour" was the best line lol

  • Mr Snuffleupagus
    Mr Snuffleupagus Month ago

    "Pussy Milk"

  • bobsaget0429
    bobsaget0429 Month ago

    just got pizza and the clerk asked if i wanted some hot wings to go with it. i said no. watching this eating pizza, wishing i would have got some of those hot wings now.

  • Norman Avery
    Norman Avery Month ago


  • DLS711
    DLS711 Month ago

    One of the funniest episodes!!!!!

  • Scott Free
    Scott Free Month ago

    Wow respect!!!

  • Melissa Wilson
    Melissa Wilson Month ago +1

    I had no clue he had such a dirty sense of humor 😂

    • Negan20
      Negan20 14 days ago

      Melissa Wilson
      Same here. This guy is original comedy king

  • Tristian Bangert
    Tristian Bangert Month ago


  • julle jokine
    julle jokine Month ago

    Bob Saget is a fuckin legend for double dabbing that last wing

  • Scot Coffman
    Scot Coffman Month ago +1

    Bob has been the funniest so far. Gee hes a go fig.

    • Scot Coffman
      Scot Coffman Month ago

      Wow double dab!!

    • Scot Coffman
      Scot Coffman Month ago

      hold on my nose is bleeding. and my lung hanging outta my ass. wanna see.
      to good

  • WiCk3D oN3
    WiCk3D oN3 Month ago

    I remember when I was a kid i couldn’t wait for the old afv to come on the laughter from stupid home videos made the family gather around I still remember the theme song like it was yesterday long live the 90s