Bob Saget Hiccups Uncontrollably While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Nov 16, 2017
  • Bob Saget became a household name as Danny Tanner on the classic sitcom Full House, as well as a legend of comedy for his decades on the standup stage. But none of that means anything if he can't handle the wings of death! Watch as Sean Evans leads Saget through the Hot Ones gauntlet, getting in-depth about everything from his love of Johnny Carson, to his uncanny resemblance to the lady on the Cholula bottle.
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  • maxpower10k
    maxpower10k 10 hours ago

    This may be one of the lamest interviews other than the ones that are clearly plugs and all the questions are just about the project they're promoting. So many interesting things you could ask him but you play word association with "the letter A"? Seriously,?

  • maxpower10k
    maxpower10k 10 hours ago

    This may be one of the lamest interviews other than the ones that are clearly plugs and all the questions are just about the project they're promoting. So many interesting things you could ask him but you play word association with "the letter A"? Seriously,

  • Jake Nicklas
    Jake Nicklas 13 hours ago


    FULL METAL MEDIA 20 hours ago

    My god, this may have been the funniest episode yet. Brilliant!

  • Amanda Jardim
    Amanda Jardim Day ago

    Bob is a savage LOL I love it 😂😂❤

  • Xealot12
    Xealot12 2 days ago


  • Nathan Arievlis
    Nathan Arievlis 3 days ago

    Sean : "I hope I look like you at 61"
    Bob :"You won't, you keep eating like this, you'll look like the Crypt Keeper from Tales From The Crypt."

  • Sophie Kuhn
    Sophie Kuhn 3 days ago

    Pussy milk

  • Ana Hurtado
    Ana Hurtado 4 days ago

    Bob Saget is a beast❤️

  • JohnJacob JingleHeimer-Schmidt

    “Hit you in the dick.” Is what made me actually laugh at that clip. Before Sagat added that, I just felt bad for the guy.

  • jgando111278
    jgando111278 5 days ago

    I want to eat a bob saget flavored wing

  • Stacie Green
    Stacie Green 6 days ago

    "I use to suck dick for coke!!!! Have you ever sucked dick for some weed?!"
    -Bob Saget (in 'Half Baked')

  • Skeeter McTavish
    Skeeter McTavish 7 days ago


  • Paul Gaittens
    Paul Gaittens 9 days ago

    If you ever doubted whether or not Sean Evans was on your side or not I would like you to queue up to 16 minutes and 55 minutes of this video and listen to the comment he makes to Bob Saget when he says that he would like to throw away the wing because it's just too hot after he had already taken a bite

    • Paul Gaittens
      Paul Gaittens 9 days ago

      He says you don't have to eat more the people would probably like to see you eat more I know you're getting over something but I know how much of a Entertainer you said you are......
      Which kind of implies that if he doesn't eat the wing people aren't going to like him it's quid pro quo

  • 80 Deka
    80 Deka 10 days ago

    Follow @annunaki3

  • Tyler Huntington
    Tyler Huntington 10 days ago

    I have never heard Bob Saget cuss. It was pretty funny to hear. I just saw a whole side of Bob I have never knew he had. I always thought of him as the joyful innocent old guy. And here he is, talking about shoving his penis onto the dudes head and make him look like a unicorn. 😂😂😂😂

  • Dred Pirat Roburtz
    Dred Pirat Roburtz 10 days ago

    i want to see icp or twiztid or tech or someone like that on here

  • Guard Shack
    Guard Shack 10 days ago

    what about touettes guy ... oh bob saget!!

  • wre wre
    wre wre 11 days ago


  • Condorito
    Condorito 12 days ago

    I was 16 when Dirty Work came out. That movie sung to my underdeveloped heart.

  • Donya Lane
    Donya Lane 14 days ago

    LMAO throughout!

  • Brian Talbot
    Brian Talbot 14 days ago

    Is it just me or does he seem totally hammered?

  • Dan L
    Dan L 15 days ago

    Buffalo, Anchor bar!

  • thepac12andbig10suck
    thepac12andbig10suck 16 days ago


  • Jay K
    Jay K 18 days ago

    I love unicorns now !!! 😂

  • Jaime vazquez
    Jaime vazquez 19 days ago

    we need kits of all the hots sauces so we can play at home lol

  • clayton richardson
    clayton richardson 19 days ago

    You should have sam hyde in your show!

  • mdiem
    mdiem 19 days ago

    Had to watch this one again.
    This is a H1s top-3, and I'm not sure about the other 2.

  • JgHaverty
    JgHaverty 20 days ago

    Sean is SO good at calling people out. Thats an artform haha

  • Noora Alawadhi
    Noora Alawadhi 21 day ago

    He is such a sweetheart !

  • Guy Patterson
    Guy Patterson 22 days ago


  • justin m
    justin m 23 days ago

    What the shit? Bob Saget, everyone!

  • KimJørgensen
    KimJørgensen 24 days ago

    He is such a friggin champ! BOB SAGET!

  • Brad Hazzard
    Brad Hazzard 24 days ago

    Props to Bob. He seems to be a very genuine and gracious person. Offering a double dab. Never forget who touches you in life, THANKS DON RICKLES. LOL!

  • J&A Hernandez
    J&A Hernandez 24 days ago

    Double Dab Bob

  • J&A Hernandez
    J&A Hernandez 24 days ago

    Love it!!! He’s an awesome guy!!!

  • N R
    N R 24 days ago

    If you spent time at a comedy shop .. You have had your fair share of wings

  • Jhordan Welsch
    Jhordan Welsch 24 days ago

    when was Bob Saget allowed to curse?

  • KumaPaws376
    KumaPaws376 25 days ago +3

    Crystal hot sauce is my favorite (after loving it, I found out it was from Louisiana; was born in fort Polk lol).

    • Aphantastica
      Aphantastica 23 days ago

      KumaPaws376 cool. My parents met at Ft. Polk. :)

  • Richard Dufault
    Richard Dufault 26 days ago

    This is great Saget. Just a funny guy.

  • Amber Lai H-E
    Amber Lai H-E 26 days ago

    Love when people know Aardvark! also love Mr. Saget! As a PDX born and raised, from me that's all love! My fave hot sauce, since I can't get my hands on any Hot Ones'. When I want to see if my guy or my mother could win. Both of whom are huge fans of the hottest sauces they can get their hands on!

  • Proffesor Dick
    Proffesor Dick 26 days ago

    Ferret , Richard Gere !!!

  • Jozef Siekierka
    Jozef Siekierka 27 days ago

    Do we have a follow-up on Bob???? how was the airplane ride? Does he live? Does his ass live? How is BOB?? That was huge!!! lol

  • ShinyPrettyFancy
    ShinyPrettyFancy 28 days ago

    Full house didn't have both parents

  • Carmen Vallejo
    Carmen Vallejo 28 days ago

    I've discovered this show about a week ago and I've Binge Watched almost every single one. Great show, love wings.

  • Mariana Jimenez
    Mariana Jimenez 28 days ago


  • SparklesCLA
    SparklesCLA 29 days ago

    Hell ya Danny tanner!!!!

  • Outspoken Cat Lover
    Outspoken Cat Lover 29 days ago


  • David Hasselhoff
    David Hasselhoff 29 days ago +1

    1:49 looks more like John Stamos, doesn't it? LOL

  • Micheal After Radio Show

    " my dick is gonna fall off and Im gonna throw it at your head and itll look like a unicorn"
    man Im ded 100% ahahha

  • Bailey H
    Bailey H 29 days ago +1

    Shockingly I REALLY enjoyed this interview 😱

  • Queen Remains
    Queen Remains Month ago

    Bob Saget, you craft son of a bitch. You fooled me into think you were a soft spoken family man and you're a bastard like the rest of us. I love it.

  • geekgab
    geekgab Month ago

    Try brad williams or harland williams

  • MattGarZero
    MattGarZero Month ago

    Bob is a fucking boss.

  • Ya Momma
    Ya Momma Month ago

    I love Bob Saget

  • Joe Ippolitto
    Joe Ippolitto Month ago

    "There were a lot of wonderful people on it... and Gilbert" 😆

  • Caine Alexander
    Caine Alexander Month ago

    The kid is a great interviewer. Love the show!! And hey, wouldn't it be great to have Christopher Walken? Sure it would!

  • Jarrod Turner
    Jarrod Turner Month ago

    Bobs a major perv

  • mariethesizzler 9492

    "My asshole is coughing" 💀💀💀

  • Ronald Caldwell
    Ronald Caldwell Month ago

    Bob Saget with the double dab! I am enjoying going back and watching old episodes.

  • nicholas rizzuto
    nicholas rizzuto Month ago

    Hot shit = life. Give it!

  • E.
    E. Month ago

    Comet is Air Bud 😱😱😱

  • juan guajardo
    juan guajardo Month ago

    My asshole is coughing

  • juan guajardo
    juan guajardo Month ago

    I am a big fan of this channel and show because the guests come into this interview and be themselves no filter and I love it. Dont think this will ever get old

  • Jordan Benson
    Jordan Benson Month ago

    Let's do an episode where no one says a word and me and Sean just awkwardly stare at each other and make gestures at the camera as we go through the wings

  • Terrance Carter
    Terrance Carter Month ago

    I love spicy foods I just want to come on the show don't even have to put it on TVclip I just want sit down and talk shit with this guy lol

  • Gunman610
    Gunman610 Month ago +1

    "A lot of great people were on it. And then Gilbert."
    Check out Saget in the fantastic documentary, "The Aristocrats". Then watch it again with the audio commentary. Penn Gilette and Paul Provenza talk about the birth of his first child and how it was difficult and both the baby and mother barely survived. Saget took Penn (I think) into the nursery to look at his baby girl and Penn said, "That's a beautiful baby. You're so lucky," to which Saget responded, "Yeah...I'll let you finger her for five bucks."

  • Chandler Kelley
    Chandler Kelley Month ago

    Sagetttttttt.... Dude

  • Znido Znidersic
    Znido Znidersic Month ago

    This interview started out rough but became so damn good. So many memories of Bob on Full House, what a fucking legend!

  • Mojodajojo13
    Mojodajojo13 Month ago

    Ha, not a Saget fan, but I do the same thing I hiccup. Then I have to pause and breathe to stop the hiccups then next badass bite it starts and I have to do my breathing thing again.

  • Jamie Sasnett
    Jamie Sasnett Month ago

    I actually have met Bob Saget on the street in San Diego.

  • Momo Supremacy
    Momo Supremacy Month ago

    Lmfao I always thought lady on the bottle looks like Scott Baio

  • Afonso Lucas
    Afonso Lucas Month ago

    Kids, remember when I had to eat hot wings? And answer questions?

  • Madeline Kesner
    Madeline Kesner Month ago

    need to get Eminem, Adam Sandler, or Tim Allen on this show ❤️

  • Jay Janzee
    Jay Janzee Month ago

    Saget is a 🔥, beautiful dilf

  • Jay Janzee
    Jay Janzee Month ago

    My asshole is coughing.. What? Lol

  • CashmereBlac
    CashmereBlac Month ago

    I died when he said his penis falls off and he throws it at your head and you turn into a unicorn 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • KaterinaTalantliva
    KaterinaTalantliva Month ago

    let's play video games and eat hot ones

  • DoorknobHead
    DoorknobHead Month ago

    21:20 "...from my penis, to Viagra, to the death of my mother..." Too much information -- I don't want to know how his mother died after that sentence.

  • Anthony B.
    Anthony B. Month ago

    this man said "i directed a movie when i was 21 about my nephew having his face reconstructed"..."hold on that makes me hungry" wtfff hahahaha

  • Claes Wikberg
    Claes Wikberg Month ago

    OMFG! He's hardcore, AND hillarious

  • Hunter Avent
    Hunter Avent Month ago

    Host Gucci mane

  • Jasmine Barrett
    Jasmine Barrett Month ago

    Bill Nye pleeaasse

  • HeadshotHarry
    HeadshotHarry Month ago

    mmmm pussy milk

  • Not Me
    Not Me Month ago

    and then gilbert heh

  • Gunsandrosalina Padtwo

    funniest episode

  • tbarcy1
    tbarcy1 Month ago

    Love the Buffalo shout out! Bob you are a legend!

  • twotimezz
    twotimezz Month ago


  • Tyese Cooper
    Tyese Cooper Month ago

    I cant believe Bob Saget said "hos!"

  • The Keeper
    The Keeper Month ago

    Bob Saget is 61!?!
    He looks closer to 45 than 65!

  • Robert Fajardo
    Robert Fajardo 2 months ago

    I love how he takes actual bites vs nibbling on a wing. #killedit

  • CHC. Corey Hall Customs

    Fuckin love Bob Saget!

  • Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw 2 months ago

    He is such a different guy in person. I've only seen his comedy as a child.

  • Just Geo
    Just Geo 2 months ago

    Bob saget is a god

  • Megan John
    Megan John 2 months ago

    Sean's face at 12:11
    You're welcome.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 months ago

    God damn, it’s all dicks and buttholes with bob saget.. ffs

  • MomoBunBun
    MomoBunBun 2 months ago

    I love Bob Saget when he’s just being himself he’s so funny! I do love him on Full House and his clean humor but this is more him! I also remember watching AFHV all the time when he was host!

  • snavis
    snavis 2 months ago

    Lololol when he reads the rap "lyrics".. And Bobs gotta act like he actually likes it.

  • Diamond Fisher
    Diamond Fisher 2 months ago

    Dame all this ass talk shiting out his ass farting out his ass lung out hanging out his ass.dame SMH.

  • Diamond Fisher
    Diamond Fisher 2 months ago

    Johnny Carson became a major asshole before he died,maybe because he know his time was up or he was just always one???