• Published on Jul 4, 2018
  • What would Fortnite be like if it was in real life?!
    Ian Hecox
    Noah Grossman
    Keith Leak Jr.
    Courtney Miller
    Olivia Sui
    Shayne Topp
    Directed & Produced by Ryan Todd
    Written by Ian Hecox, Shayne Topp, Damien Haas, Monica Vasandani, & Ryan Finnerty
    Smosh Co-Founded by Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla
    Smosh Creative Director: Luke Barats
    Director of Photography: Mitch Anderson
    Editor: Nick Agich
    Senior Producer: Alex Hluch
    Producer: Kristina Nikolic
    Production Manager: Andy Garwig
    First Assistant Director: Tanner Risner
    Production Designer: Taylor Frost
    Art Director: Mary Rose
    Art Director: Brendan Sheley
    Camera: Brennan Iketani
    Gaffer: Trent Turner
    Key Grip: Justin Thatcher
    Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
    Makeup Artist: Rachel Jenkins
    Costume Designer: Lindsay Hamilton
    Assistant Editor: Matthew Duran
    Post-Production Supervisor: Reed Brice
    Senior Design: Ness Cardano
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Chase Frazier
    Chase Frazier 10 hours ago

    0:11 when a PUBG player joins fortnite

  • Harrison Is Garbage!!!
    Harrison Is Garbage!!! 17 hours ago


  • Lewis Platt
    Lewis Platt 20 hours ago

    Who else noticed the knife Noah was holding was a potato peeler

  • Pengoon
    Pengoon 23 hours ago

    *S A P*

  • Carl Johndon
    Carl Johndon Day ago

    Keith looks like Anthony Davis

  • Battle Beast
    Battle Beast Day ago

    0:10 sweaty tryhard
    0:00 defaults

  • Mr. Llama
    Mr. Llama 2 days ago


  • Segathemega 9898
    Segathemega 9898 2 days ago

    Did they actually put real money in there mouths?

  • Ryan Davison
    Ryan Davison 3 days ago

    Smosh died when they made this

  • WildWolfシ
    WildWolfシ 3 days ago +3

    2:37 gets stabbed in the left and hold his right side

    bruh moment

    DL GAMING 4 days ago +2

    I love the Logan.P part

  • quen sevqge59
    quen sevqge59 4 days ago

    To be honest PUBG is better than fortnite

  • Kevin Flowers
    Kevin Flowers 4 days ago

    For 1 fortnite did not copy of of overwatch or pug g it coped of h1z1 GET IT Right

  • dxy jay
    dxy jay 4 days ago

    I play fortnite and don't they get kicked out of the bus 🤨

  • Hinrik Hrafn Stefánsson

    If you are in danger just build walls

    • Prestin J
      Prestin J Day ago +1

      Yea did you know earth was based off of fortnite

  • zwhplays -gamesandmore

    Do Minecraft

  • Tinor
    Tinor 6 days ago +1

    Omg 1

  • Nathan Hybreas
    Nathan Hybreas 6 days ago +7

    For Some reason I think BUILDING A WALL I HAVE RECEPTION

  • Matteo LeRobo
    Matteo LeRobo 6 days ago +1

    They used monopoly money

  • Galaxy Wolves101
    Galaxy Wolves101 7 days ago

    Almost everybody likes fortnite 😂

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams 7 days ago

    Dont eat money kids.

  • John Nguyen
    John Nguyen 7 days ago

    2:27 guys you need to build a one by one

  • Scar_lord_666 666
    Scar_lord_666 666 7 days ago +1

    Music? 1:22

  • Blabidoodoo PoopedHisPants

    This kind of disrespect fortnite I don’t like it

  • Fallen Hysteria
    Fallen Hysteria 9 days ago

    Do you know I'm colour blind?
    Yeah in what 1 eye or 2? 😂😂😂

  • Pharohawk
    Pharohawk 9 days ago +1

    I've never wanted to die watching a TVclip video more

  • ARNAV 24
    ARNAV 24 9 days ago

    Yo did anyone else notice that the fortnite gameplay was x box gameplay and shayne and Keith were on PC wtf lol

  • RealTurnt
    RealTurnt 10 days ago

    Running out of content so you make a fortnite video

  • Gamer King
    Gamer King 10 days ago +3

    Shows a picture of a trash can. The end!

  • Chicken Wang
    Chicken Wang 10 days ago

    Police tmmmji

    OOFED GAMER 11 days ago

    Is that a freaking frozon suit

  • Vxoliboi1911
    Vxoliboi1911 11 days ago

    EA: 1:45

  • Nathan Hohaia
    Nathan Hohaia 12 days ago

    *Does Orange justice* Epic please make 0:00 lobby music

  • Lantern K5
    Lantern K5 12 days ago +2

    2:09 return of the montage machine from like five years ago yeet

  • Untold Hacker
    Untold Hacker 12 days ago +3

    Ian: PUBG!!!!!!
    Everyone else: FORTNITE!!!!
    Me: Tetris is still a thing, right?

  • //_Blues _\\
    //_Blues _\\ 12 days ago

    At the beginning I’m pretty sure Keith is wearing a frozone suit

  • MRFEa4 N2
    MRFEa4 N2 13 days ago +3

    Ian has thanked the bus driver
    Shayne has thanked the bus driver

  • Goldenteh Foox
    Goldenteh Foox 13 days ago

    3:22 is this a Brooklyn nine-nine jake peralta and amy Santiago referance?

  • I do videos
    I do videos 13 days ago +1

    Well actally everyone will be kicked off of the battle bus when the bus reaches the edge of the match

  • Harshita Sharma
    Harshita Sharma 14 days ago

    No, thanks! 😂

  • Thanos
    Thanos 15 days ago

    But wouldn’t they be kicked out by the bus driver?0:00

  • Flame Eagles
    Flame Eagles 15 days ago


  • Mathias Voorhees
    Mathias Voorhees 16 days ago

    Wow we really did go down a long way haven't we now?

  • It'z ur gurl
    It'z ur gurl 16 days ago

    You spelled trash wrong.

  • Parker Giesbrecht
    Parker Giesbrecht 16 days ago

    Smosh is so bad without Anthony

  • Theo Lake
    Theo Lake 16 days ago

    When they have no more ideas

  • ZK Youtube Channel
    ZK Youtube Channel 17 days ago +2

    5:30 he's playing on PC but has and Xbox controls on the screen

  • the man bun bun
    the man bun bun 18 days ago

    The first part was so cringey

  • Doug Yee
    Doug Yee 18 days ago

    Are they saying building an a erection (saw same thing as another)

  • Patrick F.
    Patrick F. 19 days ago

    The song should have been:
    Building a wall, physical protection
    Building a wall, big ass muscles and stretches.
    As a call back to the montage machine video

  • KittyPlayz :3
    KittyPlayz :3 19 days ago +1

    1:40 , EXACTLY!

  • sour_ cream8
    sour_ cream8 20 days ago +1

    They did 90s lol

  • Imagine dragon 23
    Imagine dragon 23 21 day ago +8

    I agree with Shayne it's so stupid when I can't hold anything else in my inventory and I found a really good weapon

  • Ed Brady
    Ed Brady 21 day ago

    They really stooped this low. Smh

  • Abomb Adrian
    Abomb Adrian 21 day ago +1


  • JJROX ?
    JJROX ? 22 days ago +1

    Legend has it they are still running to this day

  • detective clickbaitchu

    Car boi

  • XdSpree
    XdSpree 23 days ago


  • R0B M3RKZ
    R0B M3RKZ 24 days ago

    Fortnite was made in 2011 in save the world aka zombie version they came out with the battle royale not trying to be a ass

  • Roslan a
    Roslan a 24 days ago

    Why did they even play fortnight if they never kill them

  • PigeonTree
    PigeonTree 24 days ago


  • Cyrunix
    Cyrunix 25 days ago

    Drake look like he was streaming In Dj Akademiks room.

  • Wyatt Ford
    Wyatt Ford 26 days ago

    Fortnite x Jordan’s CoolSpartan3094

  • apex loser
    apex loser 27 days ago +1

    Where is the sweats on fortnite

  • tarahornke
    tarahornke 27 days ago

    What about apex legends

  • Initial 1890
    Initial 1890 27 days ago

    *fortnite nerds incoming watch out*

  • cringy gingy
    cringy gingy 27 days ago

    6:30 your face when ninjas in your game

  • Callum Creations
    Callum Creations 28 days ago

    2:48 shayne is me when i play fortnite with friends 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sarahiz Gonzalez
    Sarahiz Gonzalez 28 days ago +2

    All of them combined played 4 games of fortnite

  • TG Shady150
    TG Shady150 29 days ago

    They didn't copy pub g

  • Cosmic Sharko
    Cosmic Sharko 29 days ago

    Anyone else realise shayne was playing on a computer but he had xbox controls

  • JL Valdez
    JL Valdez 29 days ago

    this is not even fortnite in real life

  • Edenilson Martinez
    Edenilson Martinez Month ago

    It’s actually 15 seconds to revive

  • spud with a z
    spud with a z Month ago

    anthony padilla checked out early

  • Mordecai Pladah
    Mordecai Pladah Month ago

    Rich Uncle Pennybags featured I see.

  • KVNG Mist
    KVNG Mist Month ago

    5:32 DRIZZZZZY

  • Gamer Boyz
    Gamer Boyz Month ago +1

    4:38 he realy look like logan paul

  • jacob lim
    jacob lim Month ago

    Your saying bad words ok

  • sigge SQID
    sigge SQID Month ago

    in Fortnite you cant be in the bus forever

  • Iris Melendez
    Iris Melendez Month ago


  • Joseph Kasongo
    Joseph Kasongo Month ago

    Oh no ko

    JP PRIME Month ago

    2:43 that accent tho

  • Zaki Waziri
    Zaki Waziri Month ago +2

    Just put the rocket down and put the bandage in your pocket

  • lemy the great
    lemy the great Month ago

    you forgot tf2

  • Jpstich Gaming
    Jpstich Gaming Month ago

    1:25 the screen lol

  • Galaxy Moon
    Galaxy Moon Month ago +1

    I touched a girl

  • Jackspedicey
    Jackspedicey Month ago +13

    can you belive they were the 1# most subscribed channel

  • Nathan Hybreas
    Nathan Hybreas Month ago +1

    Sis:Take those Bandies
    Sis:Put them i your poket
    Me:Drops Everything

  • The Blaze 20
    The Blaze 20 Month ago

    The players can't even dance in the battle bus also do you guys even play fortnite cause this is actually making me mad for all the walking and doing nothing

  • Bacon Studios
    Bacon Studios Month ago

    It’s true that they take stuff from bot overwatch, PUBG, and Minecraft.

  • leon -the brawl star

    what emotes are they doing!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  • Boba phett
    Boba phett Month ago +1

    The beginning: the one sweat

  • AROW 15
    AROW 15 Month ago +16

    Who else noticed Keith was using a frozone suit under the astronaut costume?

  • Gaming York
    Gaming York Month ago +1

    Fortnite is shit

  • Alvin Aasmäe
    Alvin Aasmäe Month ago

    Fortnite in real life vs my life in real life

  • Oliver Reyes
    Oliver Reyes Month ago

    How about every fortnight ever

  • The legion Gang
    The legion Gang Month ago

    Guy:I did it I touched a girl

  • Master Chief 070
    Master Chief 070 Month ago

    Good vid

  • Chase ISON
    Chase ISON Month ago

    4:36 the screen is on Xbox but your on pc exposed

  • David Zelezny
    David Zelezny Month ago

    Oh no we lost smosh
    . Who next?