Sport Karate vs Other Martial Arts - Something to Learn

  • Published on Sep 30, 2018
  • Sport Karate vs Other Martial Arts - Something to Learn
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    In this video we discuss about some uses of point sparring which is mostly used in Sports Karate. Watch and enjoy!
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Comments • 54

  • EM zee
    EM zee 22 days ago

    Used to be a hater of point sparring but I started to respect it once I practiced it. Lack of conditioning is a major problem though, in a real fight you're gonna get hit hard and if you've never been hit before it's gonna break you.

  • Touka chan PsychopathGirl

    At least u learn how to defense yourself dummy ass haters

  • ragingryan256
    ragingryan256 3 months ago

    Please don't refer movie scenes as to how you can defend against knife attackers.

  • Senthil Kumar
    Senthil Kumar 5 months ago

    Kung fu is the best art in the world

  • Goktimus Prime
    Goktimus Prime 7 months ago +1

    I'm a traditional martial arts practitioner and I've been cross training at another school which practices point sparring and I gotta say that it's pretty damn useless. As others have already pointed out, any isolated benefits from point sparring can still be gained from other forms of training that doesn't embed that bad habits that point sparring brings. At best I've seen a few individuals fight well in spite of point sparring training rather than because of it (and it's often because they quickly adapted their style to cope with a non-point sparring opponent).
    Obviously you need some rules and regulations in training for safety reasons, but beyond that I think that sparring should be as realistic as possible. Point sparring seems to introduce a lot of rules that don't improve safety but just hold people back and strip away so many good techniques (the dirtiest moves are the best).

  • Sathish Kshatriya
    Sathish Kshatriya 8 months ago

    In childhood I started learning karate after finishing black belt I move on to wing Chun and impressed towards taekwondo in teenage and finally now at 21 IAM a muaythai practioner me something ...what IAM?

  • Shallibodhran
    Shallibodhran 8 months ago +2

    "Humble words of Conor McGreggor"....well that's laughable.

  • shades2
    shades2 Year ago

    This is to qualify Karate as an Olympic sport.

  • antonio pabon
    antonio pabon Year ago

    there's even a kick from behind using the heel, that if you're very flexible, you can use it to score points. but it's worthless in a full contact fight. even some kicks to the back, which work great to score points, wouldn't do anything in a real fight...

  • Leonardo Polato
    Leonardo Polato Year ago +2

    Sport karate is an insult to ALL martial arts

  • לי היימליך

    wow, that's a great video!

  • steve johnston
    steve johnston Year ago +3

    It's dangerous to say this shit can protect u from a machete attack. If that was to happen RUN!!!!

  • Te'Rik Green
    Te'Rik Green Year ago

    Conors words were spot on

  • Leonardo Polato
    Leonardo Polato Year ago +1

    sport karate offers some useful skills, but it is not fighting, and every sport karate practitioner should know it, me too, i choose karate as my background, because i WILL be a professional mma fighter

  • Isaiah Williams
    Isaiah Williams Year ago

    Judo is better than karate and aikido

  • subrata das
    subrata das Year ago

    MMA is nothing but the collection of powerful, hard, strong attacks of traditional martial arts

    • Goktimus Prime
      Goktimus Prime 7 months ago

      Traditional martial arts were also created by mixing, matching and modifying previous styles too. The idea of taking the best from other styles is ancient.

    • antonio pabon
      antonio pabon Year ago +1

      lol. MMA stands for mixed martial pick whatever works from ANY martial art...

  • ironmiketodd
    ironmiketodd Year ago +1

    I love the speed, timing and flexibility.... but MMA put a lot of the 10th degree to sleep. Watch videos of karate guys throwing incredible kicks in the air or on a bag.... then enter the cage and get taken down in seconds and made to look foolish. I’m a ex PKA fighter and had my first ring fight in 1974 at 8.... I have a wrestling and minor JiuJitsu and boxing background as well and most traditional martial artist can las a minute in the cage. Sorry if this hurts but there are hundreds of videos here on TVclip that back my statement.... still not convinced.... put in BJJ Vs. karate..... then come back

  • This is BAXTER
    This is BAXTER Year ago +1

    I've always wanted to do this but i don't think you're allowed to knockout your opponent.

    • antonio pabon
      antonio pabon Year ago

      nope. not even allow to use full force on the blows or hit the head with punches...

  • sherman4970
    sherman4970 Year ago

    Why all the bouncing up n down all the time?? Bloody stupid,you don’t have to !!!!

  • RemekMM
    RemekMM Year ago

    Och Bro. I was thinking why speed fight is useful on the street and You told the same what I noticed. Great video and we should remember, first understand, than criticise😃

  • The school Life
    The school Life Year ago +1

    Bruce Lee actually did jeet kune do .which he invited and karate is established in jeet kune do.

  • ronki23
    ronki23 Year ago +1

    I don't mind sport karate but that's often confused with freestyle kickboxing; in the latter they score backfist-reverse punch combos or hopping side kicks aka 'machine gun' kicks. The hands are also kept low-bad habits

  • Amel Puhovac
    Amel Puhovac Year ago

    Lyoto machida competed in point sparring and he's one of the greatest of all time

  • RageMysterio
    RageMysterio Year ago +2

    I'm not against sparring. I am however much more in support of "pressure testing"

  • John Reeves
    John Reeves Year ago

    The footwork and timing is key to not getting hit. Especially against stronger and larger people. Regardless of how big or strong, broad skill trumps broad strength. I mean unless the big and strong guy is as skilled as you then you have a problem but as long as you are better and you know what you are doing then you should win. But get out of there when you do.

    BROCKLY Year ago +1

    Going against a lunatic or a knife master? Good luck with that... Karate won't help that happens in movies where you disarm the bad guy in real life you need more than karate..

    • Jeremy Flinkstrom
      Jeremy Flinkstrom Year ago

      I kind of disagree and kind of agree... karate is about ceasing the opportunity and collecting yourself. It isnt about a moment like that there is an insurmountable amount of fear that one must sublimate in order to get out alive. But it is more than skill or heart or control... there must be faith which goes a long way! Karate teaches you to defend, but you would need more than the skills and mindfulness karate teaches. I thank God almost every day that I have been safe and havn't been attacked. God forbid if the day should ever arrive, I would need more than karate, yes indeed.

  • Shehryar Khan
    Shehryar Khan Year ago +4

    Brother plss upload some ITF TKD videos as well . Its also a world wide martial arts and sports. ITF TKD

  • antonio pabon
    antonio pabon Year ago +11

    These are good for timming and acurracy. But if you don't spar for real( light sparring). These give you false confidence. And forget the knife figthing. Nothing can prepare you for that, in real life...

    • Goktimus Prime
      Goktimus Prime 7 months ago

      Knife defence is bloody hard, no doubt's there - but not impossible. A knife, like any melee weapon, is an extension of an attacker's body. If you can move in close enough to deal with the attacker's body then you have better chances of defending yourself against a knife.
      I'm not saying it's easy - having a weapon gives you a massive, massive advantage over an unarmed opponent (it's why weapons were invented in the first place). And if you're going to be attacked by a knife then expect to be cut (just as if you're going to be in an unarmed fight you can expect to be hit). But training to move yourself in certain ways can improve your odds of survival.
      e.g. guard yourself with knuckles facing outwards rather than towards yourself. The outside of your arms are tougher and also have veins closer to the surface, whereas the inside of your arms are weaker and have arteries (that's why you measure your pulse by placing your fingertips on the inside of your wrist, not the outside). But maintaining a knuckle-out guard you are protecting the arteries in your forearms; if you're going to be cut then it will be superficial cuts to the veins. Yes, it will hurt and you will require stitches - but it's better than having your arteries cut where you will lose much more blood very quickly. Think of Victorian style boxing (Fisticuffs); Victorian England was crawling with nasty razor gangs and it made sense of boxers to defend their radial arteries.
      ^This is just one example. There are many other ways that you can train to improve your odds of surviving a knife attack.
      You cannot defend against a gun. It's a machine weapon.

    • antonio pabon
      antonio pabon Year ago +1

      @Dumb Username definitely, I agree

    • Dumb Username
      Dumb Username Year ago +3

      I was blatantly told that the best defense against a knife is a gun.

  • Piero Spanò
    Piero Spanò Year ago +2

    Interesting point of view 😊

  • Egi 1
    Egi 1 Year ago +5

    Karate is the best 🥋😎

  • Cavad Babayev HD
    Cavad Babayev HD Year ago +2

  • Dipayan Degtyarev
    Dipayan Degtyarev Year ago +6

    WKF point sparring doesn't teach you any skills that can't be learned elsewhere.
    If you want to train self-defense against weapons, learn a weapons-based art.

  • Savate Dragon
    Savate Dragon Year ago +4

    Action packed video. The women fight better than the men do in this one😉🙏👏👏❤

  • Endless Road
    Endless Road Year ago +1

    As someone who usually spars full contact, I love how you pointed out the pros of point sparring (speed, reflex, technique, etc.), all of which can be applied outside of said point sparring.
    P.S. Do you plan on doing a video on (Budo/Ninpo/Whatever it's generally called) Taijutsu soon? I know it's a pretty obscure/weird art from an observer's point of view, but I would love to see your breakdown of it.

  • Lee Bridgwater
    Lee Bridgwater Year ago +3

    Really enjoyable, 👍

  • Sagar Verma
    Sagar Verma Year ago +4

    Awesome video bro

  • Safdar Kh
    Safdar Kh Year ago +3

    Tai sabaki footwork worked well for me . I believe its the best evasive footwork! 💪💪💪👍

  • Game squad
    Game squad Year ago +5

    Nice video i like it karate

    • exo- xoxo
      exo- xoxo Year ago +2

      Me too 😊✌ i like martial art 😊👍💪👍❤❤❤

  • exo- xoxo
    exo- xoxo Year ago +3

    OMG amazing, great video 😊 ✌ 👍 👍 👍 ❤ 👏 👏 👏 👏 ❤

  • exo- xoxo
    exo- xoxo Year ago +3

    First comment first liker and first who i see this great video 😊✌👍👍👍❤