• Published on Jun 13, 2019
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    || Project design ||
    ►Bogdan Malynovskyy
    ►James "the Hacksmith" Hobson
    || Cinematography ||
    ► Owen Lynch ( )
    ►James "the Hacksmith" Hobson
    || Video Editing ||
    ► Owen Lynch ( )
    Produced by Hacksmith Entertainment © 2019
    Directed by James “the Hacksmith” Hobson
    borderlands power loader sigourney weaver aliens james cameron jaws of life
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  • Arab Thanos
    Arab Thanos 11 hours ago

    Mass produce these sell them to shipping company’s and get all the money you need for your projects

  • sergej dboss
    sergej dboss 13 hours ago

    Now you have a hydraulic press

  • Slippery Apple
    Slippery Apple 14 hours ago

    6:11 SKRATTA

  • Bubbles Vier
    Bubbles Vier Day ago

    is there going to be a part 6?

  • Wreck Wrack
    Wreck Wrack Day ago

    Now try crushing a Nokia 3310 with it. Good luck.

  • Lathan Thompson
    Lathan Thompson 2 days ago

    That's cool I want to see you make the whole thing

  • Leena Thomas
    Leena Thomas 2 days ago +1

    Try to crush an egg from the edges

  • Kelvin Loo
    Kelvin Loo 2 days ago

    looking forward for the battle between 3310

  • Games RFun
    Games RFun 3 days ago

    I just remembered he's Canadian when he said "it's from a gun thing"

  • archer crystal
    archer crystal 3 days ago

    Try putting in a Nokia to see witch us more powerful

  • Kerple90122
    Kerple90122 3 days ago

    Is it me, or does he look like tony stark?

  • 100.000 Subs no videos

    Children of africa could have eaten that apple

  • peyton the undertale lover

    If only the could minimize the arm and make a power loading glove

  • Aaron Mauthe
    Aaron Mauthe 4 days ago

    So be honest. Once it’s done, you guys are gonna go fight the megabots guys, right?

  • Michelle Valmores
    Michelle Valmores 5 days ago

    Hacksmith destroys ozone layer because painting projects with spray paint but griper destroys sprah paint
    Edit:uncorrect spelling

  • teamsonic channel
    teamsonic channel 6 days ago

    I just thought now that the arm is finished would you use the hydraulic press for projects still or now would you use the arm instead as it is initself a hydraulic press

  • Gamemaster 405YT
    Gamemaster 405YT 6 days ago

    Next project: working infinity Gauntlet

  • dean simp1
    dean simp1 7 days ago

    Well this thing was at Pinewood Studios UK, it was fully functional and hooked up to so many wires and hydraulics caterpillar [PWL] it actually had someone inside of it walking around testing it it was insane for 1986 same with the APC you could look after and see it happen at the time brick walls just sit on them and watch

  • DiyEcoProjects
    DiyEcoProjects 7 days ago

    Shit *MACS* .... *PC's* would of held up lol

  • Chris Blake
    Chris Blake 7 days ago

    Understanding the cost factor, but steel bushings on a stainless linear rod, without substantial/continuous lubrication, performance characteristics will degrade exponentially, ultimately causing a catastrophic bind and perhaps warp, bend or crack the mechanism. I know they're expensive, but I'd replace the bushings with closed, stainless 1.5" ID linear bearing and avoid the forthcoming pitfalls altogether. If you're dead set on the bushing approach, I'd recommend inserting several greasezerk fittings into the parallel tubes, with teflon wipes, to at least provide some lubrication and decrease contamination of the bushings.

  • Zacky Ducky
    Zacky Ducky 8 days ago

    How are you going control the legs , arms and have the mech support itself? I think it would be way to heavy for someone to carry the entire thing by themselves but their legs also control the legs of the mech.

  • jaden nguyen
    jaden nguyen 9 days ago

    borderlands 2 vibes

  • aggiewoodie
    aggiewoodie 10 days ago

    You gotta get in touch w/ Bunker Branding for merch...specialize in merchandise for social media/youtubers, deliver higher cut if profit than teespring.

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  10 days ago

      No one buys our merch anyway so more % of sales doesn't mean anything haha

  • Nafryti Nosferatu
    Nafryti Nosferatu 10 days ago

    Don't forget to grease those rods

  • Alicia  Monsivais
    Alicia Monsivais 11 days ago +1

    Make a hulk buster

  • Steve Edwards
    Steve Edwards 11 days ago

    Great series guys, but surprised you didn't see that whole gripper gonna act as a lever against those two bearings causing that guide slot to open.

    • Steve Edwards
      Steve Edwards 10 days ago

      @the Hacksmith ouch

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  10 days ago

      Apologies for showing the entire design process -- even when ideas don't work

  • TankEnMate
    TankEnMate 11 days ago

    yeah, but will it crush?

  • Stu B
    Stu B 11 days ago

    Can’t wait for the next one....

  • omgz gamer
    omgz gamer 11 days ago

    what you know just shape and beat

  • Brian Brewster
    Brian Brewster 11 days ago

    You guys are totally nuts! I guess it's part of the process to work out all that angst from hours of promising designs only to have frustrating builds. I love the way you edit your videos now to remove extraneous crap. That once round propane tank looking almost square was pretty cool. But I'd have avoided the lithium battery pack due to unpredictable nature. I wish I had a hydraulic section of a store that you guys found for yourself. I paid at the wazoo every time I had to replace hydraulic lines for my 1970 Ford 4500 loader. It's so much cheaper buying premade lengths of hose than to have any custom-made. I would like to see a price breakdown on the parts you guys put into these builds. That would prove very interesting I feel. Greal work, guys. Keep at it!

  • Sujatharavi Sujatharavi

    Please make Black panther hidden claw's

  • Ishaan Sethi
    Ishaan Sethi 12 days ago

    @the Hacksmith hiiii

  • Cane Randagio
    Cane Randagio 12 days ago

    I think that all body of exoskeleton it would cost you much money... But the beginnings idea don't is bad,the question is if you will want create the first exoskeleton for the industrial department!

  • Eman
    Eman 12 days ago

    What movie is this from 🎥

    • Eman
      Eman 11 days ago

      the Hacksmith wow senpia noticed me ok cool

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  11 days ago


  • Kiddo Hedge
    Kiddo Hedge 12 days ago

    I can't even build a lego

  • wolf grube
    wolf grube 12 days ago

    you are totaly crazy... in a good way :)

  • T Lee
    T Lee 13 days ago

    Can't wait to see the power loader fully completed 😍😍😍

  • Dave S
    Dave S 13 days ago

    Louis Rossman needs to see this!

  • HarveyisonYT
    HarveyisonYT 13 days ago

    I know that expenses would be a big problem but what about creating a complete mech!

  • Juan Luna
    Juan Luna 13 days ago

    You should take the Mac Book to apple and see if they can fix it.....

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 13 days ago

    Hacksmith:finally that these humans think we are entertaining them now we can rule the world

  • KEGrewe
    KEGrewe 13 days ago

    So you made a fancy log splitter. Who's mommy and daddy is underwriting all this ?

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  13 days ago

      My channel employs a dozen people dude. I literally support my parents

  • Scrotor
    Scrotor 14 days ago

    How would you be able to make it articulate faster than the pace it is? I imagine the Xenomorph Queen might not be so patient while waiting for the grabby thing to slowly swing around.

    • Scrotor
      Scrotor 14 days ago

      ​Watched all of them. Didn't catch it I guess. Don't know anything about hydraulics. =3

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  14 days ago

      If you watch all the videos it's explained. Just using a dinky hydraulic pump for testing right now, bigger pump, faster flow

  • Gamer Boi
    Gamer Boi 14 days ago

    Can u guys crush a nokia?

  • Tyleritis
    Tyleritis 15 days ago

    If this project works out he could probably try and sell it to a construction company.
    Just a thought though.

  • Nerd Musk
    Nerd Musk 15 days ago

    Don't forget to paint all your hoses red, like you did in the 1st video. :D

  • Henkka
    Henkka 15 days ago


  • Eri Si
    Eri Si 15 days ago

    I like your grinding face visor at 11:26, mine just has an elastic webbing piece to hold it to your head and it always falls off.

  • Bsheer Gamer
    Bsheer Gamer 15 days ago +1

    Now to just make an entire mech.

  • P Nut
    P Nut 15 days ago

    James A Janisse?

  • spartan .117
    spartan .117 16 days ago

    Cant wait for the next part of this serise

  • CR3W1SH03S
    CR3W1SH03S 16 days ago +13

    Ironically, your new gripper design look a lot like the movie version with the rails now.

  • Maximum Max
    Maximum Max 16 days ago +1

    Danger explos-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That killed me

  • Gurffy 3
    Gurffy 3 16 days ago +1

    Cant make this design... too expensive
    But we can buy a hydraulic press on a wim

  • Mr L
    Mr L 16 days ago

    When then next video

  • sans
    sans 16 days ago

    Team up with colin he is an crazy maker pls

  • Katana Seiko
    Katana Seiko 16 days ago

    PLEASE send that Macbook to Louis Rossmann! 186 First Avenue, New York 10009. Maybe with a note that "it doesn't have a picture"?

  • William Bond
    William Bond 16 days ago

    9:38 SO BLOODY TRUE!

  • Paul Matlhare
    Paul Matlhare 16 days ago +1

    I tried making that now I'm in the hospital all because of that machine! 😐

  • Melvin Divina
    Melvin Divina 16 days ago

    if I were to guess there will be a total of 15 parts of this project

  • BelieveNoGod
    BelieveNoGod 17 days ago

    Why don't you use electric motors, and cogs to close, and open the grip ? It will be much faster.

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  17 days ago

      This isn't the final pump, it will go much faster

  • raw6757
    raw6757 17 days ago

    You might want to check out forklift rotating tables. They rotate 360 degrees continually. they would be perfect for your wrists. maybe you could make some copies

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  17 days ago

      We have, they are very big joints. wouldn't work for this

  • Wyatt Evancheck
    Wyatt Evancheck 18 days ago

    I’m determined that eventually they’re gonna mix all of their projects and make a giant robot exoskeleton that will destroy the US government

  • Big A Gold
    Big A Gold 18 days ago +3

    if the whole complete machine works you have a new industrial tool that will revolutionize everything warehouse and shipping involvement....

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy 16 days ago

      Not really... Fork lifts are pretty good at their job, plus you can sit on them and don't have to walk around all day.

    • the game cube
      the game cube 16 days ago

      That kost a LOT of money

  • Big A Gold
    Big A Gold 18 days ago

    i waited all my life to see something come of that lifter concept... if i had the money ....SUPER JOB GUYS !!!

  • shawbros
    shawbros 18 days ago +11

    Instead of making the jaws perfectly parallel, it would have been better to have them slightly out of parallel, with the tips of the jaws meeting first.
    That way, when you have flex, the jaws become closer to parallel.

  • Anthony Maduri
    Anthony Maduri 18 days ago

    cant wait, keep it up guys

  • uno efx
    uno efx 18 days ago

    you guys are off the hook. I am jealous, it would be a blast to be involved with this project.

  • george kosmadakis
    george kosmadakis 18 days ago +3

    next time do the impossible challenge mech arm vs Nokia 3310

  • DaBuild.
    DaBuild. 18 days ago

    Amazing! :)

  • Michael Middleton
    Michael Middleton 18 days ago

    Awesome, finally some visionaries👍🏾

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B 18 days ago

    LOL. So true, I always tell my customers, "I can make anything look good on the computer." Its always that pucker factor when you deliver a custom product that someone paid for and you're just waiting to see if reality matches CAD, and then, if it actually works.
    Congrats guys.

  • Brian Wieden
    Brian Wieden 18 days ago

    Excellent, watched all 5 videos, why did you not look for pre existing hydraulic machines from say car manufacturing plants, obviously obsolete or damaged ones you could repair & retrofit, was it the cost ?, also plate aluminium, it would have been a hell of a lot lighter ?, a guy in Australia made a articulated T- 800 & cast most of the aluminium himself, I recommend giving it a look. But great job guys, I look forward to the rest of the series, cheers.

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  18 days ago

      Cylinders are cheap, having to design something around scrap parts that don't match? That's expensive

  • dynadude27
    dynadude27 19 days ago

    um,,,there has already been a real fleet of these in a warehouse/distribution plant in L.A.,,,since the late 80's

  • half life kid
    half life kid 19 days ago

    You guys can sell these to company's like construction company's and make a fortune a mass produce them

    MTB ADDICTION 19 days ago

    Should've just used his time stone to go fix it.

  • perpeyes
    perpeyes 19 days ago +1

    this project brings up a good question, what do you do with the failed prototypes? do you sell them, reuse them, throw them away. I'm quite curious.

  • OldSlowGamer
    OldSlowGamer 19 days ago +2

    I just want to see you use this to CRUSH MORE APPLE PRODUCTS!!!!

  • Dylans
    Dylans 19 days ago

    Petition to make the Hacksmith make Power Armor from Fallout

  • Richard Rawlings
    Richard Rawlings 19 days ago +1

    Great work. The tab A into slot B method was excellent. I've been in on some new construction, custom fabrication, patented processing methods, and general assembly. Since I've worked as a machinist, welder, fitter and layout man, I'd like to contribute a few impressions; 1.) Is this arm really designed for the task of loading? Because those forks don't seem like they'd slide under anything. 2.) 20K force is overdoing it to crush soda cans and Apple products. And, likely, anything else a functional walking forklift might encounter. 3.) On that note, the arm seems overbuilt. It could be lightened, lines smoothed (so it doesn't tear up the cargo or the workspace) and made more efficient. 4.) Efficiencies like using bearings (excellent economy) and screw jacks to expand and contract the clamps. That arm might be able to manipulate 20k lbs. But can it walk it anywhere? (think; curling 20lbs vs holding 20lbs at arms length. While running.) Point; creating a torso and legs capable of handling that lifting ability (and manipulating the weight of that assembly) seems daunting to unlikely.
    Overall, outstanding production job. I just wish you were in the Seattle area. I'd love to visit your shop. OBTW: if you want to get an impression of the loaded cargo/unit balance issue, try driving an early wheeled Bobcat loader with a full scoop of gravel. With the scoop held above eye level. I know I was entertained the first time I tried it. Well, cheers, Pulski Polski, and Uff Da!

  • Sepuku78
    Sepuku78 19 days ago

    Black stripes guys - please don’t forget’em! Great job!

  • king kaorid
    king kaorid 19 days ago

    As they where crushing deadpool they should put in the video the sound deadpool saing canada

  • Augustus Sinclair
    Augustus Sinclair 19 days ago

    Can't wait to see how you make the thing walk.

  • Randi Owen
    Randi Owen 19 days ago

    The BEST thing about this video was when you folded the Mac Book ... Die MB Die!!!

  • jettshriv 01 - gaming
    jettshriv 01 - gaming 19 days ago

    I honestly wish I could make that. Amazing work hacksmith! :)

  • ManiacalShowz
    ManiacalShowz 20 days ago

    You crushed some strong things. But no Nokia 3310. It's literally the strongest thing on earth

  • Headlock 1000
    Headlock 1000 20 days ago

    Now all you need is another ZGB Ivan zombie analog to test the true strength

  • Alan Minne
    Alan Minne 20 days ago +1

    Get a '73 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale and build the "Deathcoaster" from Army of Darkness! 😃

  • Emilio Borselli
    Emilio Borselli 20 days ago

    Sooooo... can that thing actually lift anything?

  • Sam Duncombe
    Sam Duncombe 20 days ago

    Would you be able to make a full size hulk buster from marvel infinity war I think it would look really good thank you

  • Derek Tavares
    Derek Tavares 20 days ago

    Can the hacksmith build the shocktrooper blaster from star wars please?

  • Risen Soldier Of war
    Risen Soldier Of war 20 days ago

    You guys should make a smaller working version of a jeager from Pacific Rim

  • IWasCrafting
    IWasCrafting 20 days ago +3

    You are literally becoming the real Tony Stark ._.

  • charlaine nordin
    charlaine nordin 20 days ago

    Love your work and love this. Though I have a few questions. 1. would powder coating be better once its fully done? 2. would you need to design a duel chamber 360 rotating fitting that fits in the center of the gear plate as to not break the lines when doing a 360 spin of the loader jaws. 3. how are you going to protect the parts attached to the outside? 4. What about interchangeable jaws like cutting jaws, chainSaw jaws, buz saw blade jaws, ext? Your Jaws of life idea could make this a practical heavy rescue tool for dealing with things like train wrecks, building collapse, nature ect.
    If you can figuare the mobility issue i can see this being a huge help fighting forest fires. you could even make a fire fighting design as well. the possibilities are there.

  • Universe Beats/remixed

    DO A COLAB WITH XROBOTS he has a xenomorph suit

  • Patrick Connor
    Patrick Connor 21 day ago

    Very well done. But, as you said in the opening video "forklift trucks are more practical". So, why not replace the forks with the loader arms. Having "articulated forks" on a truck may be commercially viable. I would still like to see the full power loader realized though. Good luck!

  • Davy Jones
    Davy Jones 21 day ago +1

    Yay my favorite song

  • Erimmp Fake
    Erimmp Fake 21 day ago

    Nokia 3310 vs this who will win

  • BlackEquinox
    BlackEquinox 22 days ago

    The paint can was cool as sh*t! 12:49 That's something I always hated about the movie. When Ripley had the Queen in the fight she could have crushed her neck and twisted her head off. She had her in that hold, WTF is wrong with you Ripley!?

  • Jono Murphy
    Jono Murphy 22 days ago +4

    If only i had a hypersleep chamber to hypersleep until the power loader is complete and the videos are uploaded...