Under $300 Kitchen Makeover! | Mr. Kate Decorates on a Budget

  • Published on Apr 19, 2018
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Comments • 2 817

  • Lindsey Hutchison
    Lindsey Hutchison Year ago +2432

    Woooow, the difference is incredible!

    • Jennifer Dahl
      Jennifer Dahl 2 months ago

      I'm terrified of painting cabinets. I feel if it's not professionally done, it will peel or chip in no time.

    • Asahi
      Asahi 3 months ago

      me too I always think OMG that looks like such a terrible space and I’m like you can’t do that come on! BUT SHE MAKES IT BEAUTIFUL! HOW THE FRICK DOES SHE DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tiffany Kawamura
      Tiffany Kawamura 6 months ago

      Didn't even watch it but I know it'll be amazing

      ANAMIKA PRAKASH MISHRA 8 months ago

      Will you come to my home

    • Roma122 Amanueell
      Roma122 Amanueell 9 months ago


  • hannah humphrey
    hannah humphrey 3 days ago

    just up binging all your videos

  • Jes Banman
    Jes Banman 4 days ago

    I would enjoy these videos more if she didn’t talk like such a baby, and constantly try to be so “cute” like it’s just annoying

  • Ausie Ram
    Ausie Ram 7 days ago

    You are beautiiful

  • Adrienne Teitelbaum
    Adrienne Teitelbaum 8 days ago

    We bought a short sale those cabinets look familiar 😳 Need to update to match my black stainless. You both have such fabulous taste! New subscriber from Florida!


    Do a baby room.

  • fairy 0424
    fairy 0424 8 days ago

    I want you to do a a make over overseas it would be a pleasure if you will visit my haus

  • Do Adam
    Do Adam 10 days ago

    Thought the bottom cabinets were gonna be really bad looking but I'm so in love right now. Really love how it turned out

  • Mildred Bosque
    Mildred Bosque 11 days ago

    I just discovered this channel of Mr. Kate and Joey..Wow until now I love all the design they have done. Hey guys you 2 are so talented and what I love is that Mr. Kate always thinks in giving something to the person they doing the work for...First some chairs because she was renovating then a couch and believe me for only thinking in the need of others they will always be blessed by God. Congrats guys. Love this channel and one question do you guys get paid for this? Lol 😂🤣🤣😉😁

  • Priyanka Singh
    Priyanka Singh 11 days ago

    The makeover is really good, but Kate & Joey are so adorable I can just watch them all day.

  • A town Down
    A town Down 13 days ago

    This makeover sucks

  • Larry Gordon
    Larry Gordon 13 days ago +1

    This looks amazing!! Where are you guys located? I want you to make over my bedroom lol

  • Heer Vansh
    Heer Vansh 14 days ago +1

    Really helpful to my kitchen too. Thanks

  • Skyler G
    Skyler G 16 days ago +2

    6:50 right after he said that I got an ad that started with "Time to shine!" 😂

  • n S
    n S 17 days ago

    Please do mine

  • Alexis Veal
    Alexis Veal 20 days ago +1

    After the de glosser did you wipe them down or just let them dry then paint right after? I'm tackling my cabinets this weekend 😍

  • Deb
    Deb 23 days ago

    Why did you show the degreasing? How to?

  • Zainub Qadri
    Zainub Qadri 24 days ago +1

    Hey just wondering, how much do you guys take aside from thr materials budget, like for labor?

  • kripa A
    kripa A 24 days ago

    You guys make peoples dream come true. Love you guys

  • Elliott Perez
    Elliott Perez 24 days ago

    omg this lazy MF cut around the outlet covers.

  • Jeanna Baker
    Jeanna Baker 26 days ago

    Wait we have to pay for it

  • Lisa Green
    Lisa Green 26 days ago

    I love watching these videos because it really inspires me to think "Well, when I'm older and if I'm broke I can still have a pretty room!" lol.
    I loved watching this kitchen being remade!
    I do kind of think if all the cabinets were painted white it would be even more prettier!
    No hate or anything but I think it would've been just a little bit better painted white.

  • DieBoss Eyyy
    DieBoss Eyyy 27 days ago

    Theyre so cute in this video. Complimenting each others work and such. I love it, it warms my heart. :)

  • savanah's magical adventures

    I want u to do my room

  • Michelle Tokos
    Michelle Tokos Month ago

    It looks so cute

  • Terrie Hobson
    Terrie Hobson Month ago

    Best redo yet!

  • Siouxanne Buehrer
    Siouxanne Buehrer Month ago

    I am impressed by the videography and the result.

  • Lori Neilson
    Lori Neilson Month ago

    New kitchen looks amazing.

  • Nothing better than a good book

    Great job! Looks beautiful!❤
    The problem for me is just, that you have to own (expensive) real wood furniture from the beginning to upcycle it and paint it in a new colour. So unfortunately I can't use this trick on most of my furniture.

  • Estrella Ortiz
    Estrella Ortiz Month ago +1

    Just one succulent plant away from perfect...no shade I live for their videos

  • maricela hernandez
    maricela hernandez Month ago

    Awesome job 👍🏼👏🥳😎 Joey and Mr. Kate!!!

  • Colleen Catlady Hardesty

    You two make an AWESOME team!!!

  • Laurie Russell
    Laurie Russell Month ago

    Wow! Just found you! Great job!

  • PINK Angel0813
    PINK Angel0813 Month ago

    Be so cool if u did a rv remodel

  • Maria Isabel Figueiredo

    Nossa, que transformação.

  • Cheyenne1Rain
    Cheyenne1Rain Month ago

    I love your decor but both of you are soooooooooo very annoying. Toodles, byeeee.

  • BeastyBeauty
    BeastyBeauty Month ago

    that ending clip 😂😂😂

  • Famy Perez
    Famy Perez Month ago

    Wooow son muy buenos.

  • Sylvia Quinones
    Sylvia Quinones Month ago

    $300.00 in paint and junk stuff

  • Bijou Palace
    Bijou Palace Month ago +1

    Gorgeous! I do EVERYTHING on a budget!

  • ɑӀɑղղɑ Տհɑղղօղ

    This is the first budget video I've seen that doesn't use the golden ticket😂

  • maaz habib
    maaz habib Month ago

    Joe look like Shown Micheal

  • 1samuel2415 1samuel2415

    When you do such a good job, even an old fridge looks new - lol. And if you let the 2 ladies appreciate the kitchen 10 more mins, I bet they will invite you to have dinner with them. They are just so amazed at what you have done. FANTASTIC JOB!!!

  • off black
    off black Month ago

    2 different colors for the cabinets? That’s a big no no

  • Kiona Hutchins
    Kiona Hutchins Month ago

    You guys are so talented!!!! I am binge watching all your shows.

  • Kandace Thomas
    Kandace Thomas Month ago

    Love how you redid this kitchen. So gorgeous!!

  • Nicole Penny
    Nicole Penny Month ago

    am i the only one who thinks that kitchen didnt need a makeover?

  • Erena Thompson
    Erena Thompson Month ago

    Wow!!! your both the bomb!! Ig the 1k thumbs down - obviously not creative weirdos - just straight weirdos lol

  • Livia Swayy
    Livia Swayy Month ago

    I loved this like simple yet open and aesthetically pleasing

  • Sydney Maynard
    Sydney Maynard Month ago

    Idk why but Mr. Kate kinda reminds me of Mona-Lisa from Parks n Rec. Not in a bad way, just kinda the way she says some stuff and is super energetic. Does that make sense to anyone?????

  • ena krstic
    ena krstic Month ago


  • Sarina Sun
    Sarina Sun Month ago

    lol..Joey...you guys are such goofballs.

  • haley callaghan
    haley callaghan Month ago

    "what about a... plaid horse"
    *pats horses head* "sorry buddy"

  • Giselia Pereira
    Giselia Pereira 2 months ago

    Awesome job!

  • Amanda Laughlin
    Amanda Laughlin 2 months ago

    Where did you guys buy the brick material for $26?

  • cg Galan
    cg Galan 2 months ago

    Thoroughly impressed!

  • TheSwaggieBum
    TheSwaggieBum 2 months ago

    I thought I was doing something with my home improvements. Y'all are opening my mind to a whole other level. Love it

  • agreen0401
    agreen0401 2 months ago


  • A J
    A J 2 months ago

    I can't be the only one who noticed the paint on the drawer, 21:39 lol ocd kicks in hard.

  • Jess Novak
    Jess Novak 2 months ago

    Brick is ridiculously hard to clean

  • Melissa Clark
    Melissa Clark 2 months ago

    From a design standpoint, I'm not sure that panel (I'm guessing by the look of it, it's made of plywood?), not a good choice for long-term kitchen.... Terrible to clean and might quickly turn into a mold problem...

    • Melissa Clark
      Melissa Clark 2 months ago

      I would have gone with a simple stencil and use a high gloss paint so it's cleanable and more practical for a kitchen

  • Salty Sailor
    Salty Sailor 2 months ago

    Unfinished basement budget design ideas??

  • Deidre Pyatte
    Deidre Pyatte 2 months ago +2


  • listychick
    listychick 2 months ago +2

    i was just thinking that Kate reminds me of Gidget on The Secret life of Pets, her and the rabbit were my favorite characters, i had to watch that movie over and over with my lil rugrat and also this kitchen was amazing, you both are so amazing and talented at design, together you both make everything comes together so perfect

  • Anddi Hier
    Anddi Hier 2 months ago

    Did you sand and prime the cabinets before painting?...that paint won't hold??..YIKES

  • Kiomi Woods
    Kiomi Woods 2 months ago

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Avery with Slime Hipolito

    What colors & brand name did you use for the cabinets

  • Alice Mescher
    Alice Mescher 2 months ago

    Wonderful makeover! Some awesome inspiration.

  • Quynne Richards
    Quynne Richards 2 months ago

    Where would we send the videos?

  • John Philip Castor
    John Philip Castor 2 months ago

    Joeys' shoes is lit.

  • Ana Karina Carbajal
    Ana Karina Carbajal 2 months ago

    This was the make over that made me a subscriber . Amazing !

  • xxo ea
    xxo ea 2 months ago

    I just painted my cabinets and I used de glosser /liquid sandpaper and it literally does not do SHIT. De gloss my ass. Anyway whatever all adults in the house so hopefully they’ll last long

  • Rose M.
    Rose M. 2 months ago

    Every video I watch seems like he is a controlling type taking advantage of her fun side. If she wants to do a little extra then let her see for herself if she has time left dude! I mean, she the brains in most of this lol

  • Jude Lewis
    Jude Lewis 3 months ago +1

    Yasss!!! Joey IS GREAT!!!

  • Alisia Robertson
    Alisia Robertson 3 months ago +3

    Tiny half bath/ laundry room!