Car Crash Compilation 892 - April 2017

  • Published on Apr 18, 2017
  • All car crashes in this compilation are non-fatal.Take this video as a learning tool. This video is only for educational purposes. Be careful on the road. Drive safely and keep yourself and others safe.
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Comments • 111

  • Gnome Warlock
    Gnome Warlock 4 months ago

    That last one is the exact reason I, too, keep pepper spray in my car.

  • a man of many parts
    a man of many parts 5 months ago

    8:00 I do hope the Russian police didn't shoot that driver (only once).

  • BekTuFutur
    BekTuFutur 5 months ago

    даже не знаю... Хорошо что он упал в этот момент. А вообще сказочный персонаж, волшебная история, но очень тупая. Что и говорить, Россия

  • Andrew Manche
    Andrew Manche 6 months ago

    1:30 absolutely horrid wipers, couldn't see CRAAAASSSSSHHHH

  • Yamaha SR650
    Yamaha SR650 6 months ago

    Re-runs of old re-ran previously pirated re-ran re-runs. Don't bother doing more than giving the kid another "thumbs down".

  • Giulio Pravato
    Giulio Pravato 7 months ago

    i'm italian

  • Giulio Pravato
    Giulio Pravato 7 months ago

    Non ho capito l'ultimo incidente

    CAEL SPRINGS 7 months ago

    03:20 #Академик чель?😂😂

  • Prakoso Danang
    Prakoso Danang 8 months ago

    what happen in the last? 9.55

  • Hunter Ray
    Hunter Ray 8 months ago

    4:08 this guy that is filming is so rude like wth is the problem with letting someone over i hate people that do this

  • TheDarkBurningWolfs
    TheDarkBurningWolfs 8 months ago

    how do you get these things on cam?

  • URKillingme100 *
    URKillingme100 * 9 months ago

    I love what we DON'T see in the last video. Haha! Pepper spray.

  • CorsetGrace
    CorsetGrace 9 months ago

    Douchebag gets pepper-sprayed. That couldn't have been better.

  • Chris Madrigal
    Chris Madrigal 9 months ago

    3:42 cyka blyat

  • The Gentleman
    The Gentleman 9 months ago

    7:25 vodka detected.

  • Арман Ибраев

    правильно в лицо баллончиком...

  • Челыч Шариков
    Челыч Шариков 9 months ago +2

    1:13 Эпичный пешеход!

  • Boom Box
    Boom Box 9 months ago +1

    9:23, thumbs up if you would smash.

  • jan gr
    jan gr 9 months ago

    the last one is excellent

  • Ahmet yalçın
    Ahmet yalçın 9 months ago

    Amk ayyaşları sabah akşam sarhoş geziyorlar carpmadık yer bırakmıyorlar sonra

  • Michael K
    Michael K 9 months ago +8

    It always amazes me at how many of these people will willingly accept getting into a wreck over letting someone merge in front of them.

  • Jonas Johnson
    Jonas Johnson 9 months ago

    What kind of buffoonery was that?

  • Jonas Johnson
    Jonas Johnson 9 months ago

    Music at 2:22?

  • Peter Gray
    Peter Gray 9 months ago

    3:00 Where there is desire, there's gonna be some cash/Where there is cash there's gonna be a bribe/But even though you bribed, you still can't drive/So you might as well give up and die, die, die/You might as well give up and die

  • Peter Gray
    Peter Gray 9 months ago +1

    Hello stupid Yurixruz!

  • rajesh mohan
    rajesh mohan 9 months ago +8

    Where's that stupid Italian YURIXRUZ

    • muttley1956
      muttley1956 9 months ago

      lwolf1952 😂😂😂😂

    • lwolf1952
      lwolf1952 9 months ago +6

      Picking olives with his forked dick.

  • GamleErik100
    GamleErik100 9 months ago

    9:53 Lol, did that idiot get pepper sprayed? :D

  • SYNE
    SYNE 9 months ago +1

    После момента со светофором упал на пол от смеха и не смог смотреть дальше))

  • Mostdoobiest
    Mostdoobiest 9 months ago

    0:51 я твой светофор огни шатал!

  • Сергей Балашов

    1:08 Россия сегодня)

  • Fa'aumu On The Bus
    Fa'aumu On The Bus 9 months ago

    i didn't know skoda makes cars.

  • Nacho Montes
    Nacho Montes 9 months ago

    soy chileno ctm!!!!!!!

  • yurixruz
    yurixruz 9 months ago


    • Peter Gray
      Peter Gray 9 months ago +4

      yurixruz .....are still superior to you in every way.

  • Marcomanseckisax
    Marcomanseckisax 9 months ago +1

    That guy at 7:30 - pissed as a newt.

  • Maksim Ivakin
    Maksim Ivakin 9 months ago +10

    Последнего как качественно поперчили)))

  • muttley1956
    muttley1956 9 months ago +14

    Is Yurixruz dead?

    • Don Krypton
      Don Krypton 9 months ago +1

      Oh Yurixruz! Nice to see you. Stupid motherfucker.

    • lwolf1952
      lwolf1952 9 months ago +1

      +yurixruz has always been *brain*-dead... but he just keeps on postin'.

    • muttley1956
      muttley1956 9 months ago +2

      yurixruz Sorry, if you don't speak proper English I can't understand you.

    • yurixruz
      yurixruz 9 months ago

      Please, recovers your brain

    • muttley1956
      muttley1956 9 months ago +8

      yurixruz Ah, so you're still with us. I recognise your satirical eloquence. Perhaps you need to focus on quality not quantity (as in repeativeness) when posting.

  • Mr. Sir
    Mr. Sir 9 months ago

    man ....and i thought my country Romania is bad.

  • Ri Max
    Ri Max 9 months ago +1

    1:47 - hands up those of you who still have these trams in your country. They're fucking undestroyable and super-fast. :)

  • LimAnd
    LimAnd 9 months ago +14

    0:08 я думал знак аварийки автоматом выставился )))

    • demodemoii
      demodemoii 9 months ago

      вместо кирпича отложил треугольник :)

    • Mostdoobiest
      Mostdoobiest 9 months ago

      Нет, это водитель его на ходу выставил, когда понял, что столкновения не избежать.

  • Julian Benson
    Julian Benson 9 months ago +1

    The second clip is the song just one way ticketed...

  • Serge1980
    Serge1980 9 months ago

    3:45 - страшнейшая авария. Достойна 6 часового ожидания ментов на морозе, хе хе.

    • rolandsv8
      rolandsv8 8 months ago

      Avarija dostoina faktom, čto loh sam jedet babe v zadnicu, a ona po jevo mneniju " suka, bļadj!"
      Takoi oleņj!!!!


    0:51 : D

  • Smersh87
    Smersh87 9 months ago +6

    6:52 не надо бабу слушать, когда ты за рулем

  • Horacio Rodríguez
    Horacio Rodríguez 9 months ago +9

    6:52 Man: Where should we go to?
    Woman: I don't know. Maybe you should go straight ahead.
    GPS: at 60 m. turn right.

  • newuserpointofview
    newuserpointofview 9 months ago +19

    1:09 Oops... hahahahah!
    And last one is pepper spray for sure. That thing sucks the eyes, man.

    • lwolf1952
      lwolf1952 9 months ago +6

      He was so orange he looked like Don the Con.

  • adamlhota
    adamlhota 9 months ago +57

    1:08 russian traffic lights :D :D :D :D :D

    • The Sethioz Project
      The Sethioz Project 9 months ago +6

      not just traffic lights ... on almost every video that includes russians, you see something falling or coming off on it's own. wheels flying off, sometimes even entire axle falls off, power lines falling, trees falling .. and now even a traffic light. REASON: ruskies are too drunk on vodka overload when they do the work, so they leave everything half-open and ready to fall, they even plant trees on vodka overload and poison tree roots with vodka, so trees are weak and will fall with medium wind.

    • Völl Däpp
      Völl Däpp 9 months ago +3

      That was actually Clark Kent. Touched the pole barely … BAM!

  • Павел Левин
    Павел Левин 9 months ago +1

    Отлично :), надеюсь этот канал не заблочат

    • Дальний Родственник
      Дальний Родственник 9 months ago

      авторские права владельцев роликов

    • Bond James
      Bond James 9 months ago +2

      7 Car Crash Compilation а за что блочаат то каналы?

    • 7 Car Crash Compilation
      7 Car Crash Compilation  9 months ago +1

      +Павел Левин Этот канал мой последний :) если заблочат то так тому и быть ;)

  • Christian Wescley
    Christian Wescley 9 months ago +10

    Dude, I can't keep asking myself, why the hell Russians cars are so freaking dirty? They don't have asphalt? I know that there's snow, but come on, there are other places with snow and you don't see cars so dirty.

    • randomnickify
      randomnickify 9 months ago +3

      dude, I was expecting full on troll bait but that was actually extremely good and educational article :)

    • Petr Lohnický
      Petr Lohnický 9 months ago +6

      The art of drainage, mastered by the ancient Romans, is still unknown to us.
      Hahaha, that's pure magic that article :-)

    • короед дубов
      короед дубов 9 months ago +1

      russian asphalt content muds

    • Андрей ps2
      Андрей ps2 9 months ago


    • MrHenkkkie
      MrHenkkkie 9 months ago +4

      starsheep9000 very interesting! Thank you!

  • BellaLugoshi
    BellaLugoshi 9 months ago +26

    в последнем видео товарищ, живя в техасе, не дожил бы до совершеннолетия.

  • MStawski3d
    MStawski3d 9 months ago +8

    Last one .... pepper spray ?

  • Илья Иванов
    Илья Иванов 9 months ago +1

    Это играет какая-то из книг саги о Ведьмаке на 5:22? Уж очень знакомый декламатор
    Как вообще люди слушают аудиокниги за рулем? Не понимаю... Постоянно же нужно следить за всеми знаками, происходящим на дорогах и еще кучей всего.

  • BlastForward
    BlastForward 9 months ago

    I don't get the last one.

    • BlastForward
      BlastForward 9 months ago

      Okay, now it's obvious, thanks. :)

    • Guillaume2606
      Guillaume2606 9 months ago +1

      Well, in this case the stupid fucker got what he deserved!

    • Gainstrup
      Gainstrup 9 months ago

      I think he got sprayed with pepper spray, and that work on some people, and in other cases just make people more angry.

  • mongolz1000
    mongolz1000 9 months ago +25

    instant karma at the end :D n1

  • Alexandr Ivanov
    Alexandr Ivanov 9 months ago +4

    09:01 - тупой говнарь с регистратором
    Кто согласен - ставьте лайк!

    • thesvovl
      thesvovl 9 months ago

      Белый словил как положено.

    • DragonFly1001
      DragonFly1001 9 months ago +6

      тупой пидар на насране, сам полез, сам получил по еблу, лепота, так этим пидарам ебучим и надо

    • BellaLugoshi
      BellaLugoshi 9 months ago +23

      лови диз, регик ехал по правилам, никого не трогал, но чудо на белых жигулях (с шилдиком ниссана) решил что дорога для него одного и когда он едет то все должны остановиться, а потом еще и быковал - не брат, он не прав, за что и получил газу.

    • Johnpolonnikov
      Johnpolonnikov 9 months ago +19

      быдло на ниссане нюхнуло газку и осознало что был не прав. регистратор мог и пропустить но движение было не плотное так что не хер лезть-правда на его стороне

    • persona201
      persona201 9 months ago +20

      я бы тоже быдлу на ниссане хуйнул в глаза перцовочки за такие подрезы. Ибо нехуй.

  • Stupid Wool
    Stupid Wool 9 months ago +28

    4:25 зачем таким пиздюкам как на лехусе еще и номера ретушевать?

    • Alex K
      Alex K 9 months ago +1

      есть ситуации, когда это действительно неуместно, например на скорости лучше пускать, так как дров может наломать оч много. В данном случае все закономерно, кто на главной тот прав, без вариантов. Хоть с поворотником, хоть с чем.

    • aquilonis capital tararax
      aquilonis capital tararax 9 months ago +3

      ну х.з., по мне так рег неуместно принципиален. Движение не затруднено, лексус с поворотником, 2 секунды ничего бы не решили. Но рога...

  • Mylovesong lefi'
    Mylovesong lefi' 9 months ago +8

    omg it is funy at *1.13*

  • Ing. Max Koschuh
    Ing. Max Koschuh 9 months ago

    YAY. Thank you for sharing.

  • iulian ciobanu
    iulian ciobanu 9 months ago

    almost first:)))

  • Mylovesong lefi'
    Mylovesong lefi' 9 months ago

    good job!!