Jose Mourinho Predicts Every World Cup 2018 Group Winner


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  • Ellen Brown
    Ellen Brown 21 day ago

    Well Mr.Murinho , a teams reputation does not win games as we saw from the 2018 world cup.

  • sline X
    sline X 27 days ago

    Matic is from serbia

  • Tahsan Joy
    Tahsan Joy 28 days ago

    Who's watching after the World Cup

  • Fornite Rockzz
    Fornite Rockzz Month ago

    🇫🇷 won

  • Sourav Debbarma
    Sourav Debbarma Month ago +1

    He didn't even consider Croatia.. and Croatia is in final now

  • townrumor
    townrumor Month ago +1

    This guy knows 💩

  • Charles Lauvergne
    Charles Lauvergne Month ago

    Poor José. Your 4 favorites (Portugal, Argentina, Brazil & Spain) are already sacked.

  • Croatia desert
    Croatia desert Month ago


  • Akhtaruzzaman Joy
    Akhtaruzzaman Joy Month ago +1

    fuck !! he didn't think Croatia would reach 2nd round !! wtf

  • Steve Delahunty
    Steve Delahunty Month ago

    Lol. Croatia in the finals now

  • PUBG gameplay Live India

    coratia is in the finals ass

  • Pat Bateman
    Pat Bateman Month ago

    Nailed it.

  • y2khris
    y2khris Month ago

    With the way he could fused the Swiss flag for Sweden, you'd think he is American.

  • john smith
    john smith Month ago

    Jose predictions all terrible 😂

  • Amadelo Da Swell
    Amadelo Da Swell Month ago

    except he misjudge
    for senegal, croatia, japan he was almost right...

  • Izik Ben
    Izik Ben Month ago

    BOB BLOB Month ago +2

    "I think Germany will finish first" I LAUGHED SO HARD BECAUSE GERMANY GOT LAST IN THE GROUP!!!😂😂😂🤣

  • Venumpty
    Venumpty Month ago +1

    hilariously wrong

  • hey are you single? youre so beautiful

    africa overrated

  • Tom Biermann
    Tom Biermann Month ago +1

    "Germany has to win" 🤣😂

  • Dor1an
    Dor1an Month ago

    ur dumb as duck

  • Suicide Girl
    Suicide Girl Month ago


  • PhoenixCZCZ
    PhoenixCZCZ Month ago


  • Nofan Felani
    Nofan Felani Month ago

    And this, is the different between prediction and forcasting

  • Big Poppa
    Big Poppa Month ago

    Sweden won. Germany at 4th place. Get it right motherfuckers

  • Devon Phothirath
    Devon Phothirath Month ago

    I predict Croatia/France.

  • The Songs
    The Songs Month ago +2

    ha ha so wrong.

  • Tin Jakušić
    Tin Jakušić Month ago +4

    Laughing in Croatian

  • Shihan Hong
    Shihan Hong Month ago


  • shahz121
    shahz121 Month ago

    He chose Nigeria over Croatia? Croatia have a star studded dream team at this world cup.

  • Juan ROMERO
    Juan ROMERO Month ago

    "Germany Has To Win"

  • faisal ramdhani
    faisal ramdhani Month ago


  • Blento
    Blento Month ago

    You hardly mistaken about Croatia, not even passing the group, and we ended first

  • Art Deco
    Art Deco Month ago

    Hahahahaha loser portugal
    Heartbroken anyone? Nope :D

  • Michelle Rice
    Michelle Rice Month ago

    All the professionals are predicting this World Cup wrong

  • Rahel Bakir
    Rahel Bakir Month ago +1

    Well this explains man u performance

  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo Month ago

    Mourinho, Portugal got eliminated by mighty Uruguay! suck it!

  • Jakov Sarolic
    Jakov Sarolic Month ago


  • Paul Sakaly
    Paul Sakaly Month ago

    The team that has the least amount of gays, is gonna win world cup.

  • noel serrao
    noel serrao Month ago

    Damn he was Pretty much right with some of them

  • Hanke hsw
    Hanke hsw Month ago

    xbox ahoy

  • Rage - Kid
    Rage - Kid Month ago

    Then di maria will tie it up

  • Rage - Kid
    Rage - Kid Month ago

    7 on France will score a penalty against Argentina

  • Jay Singh
    Jay Singh Month ago

    Worst predictions ever

  • Marwa Afzali
    Marwa Afzali Month ago

    He was actually pretty accurate but Germany as first... ended as last hahaha

    WWIILLEE Month ago

    *W R O N G*

  • Simone Caramaschi
    Simone Caramaschi Month ago

    Pretty near

  • essay9
    essay9 Month ago

    He was on a role till Australia and couldn’t have been more wrong about group H

  • Arief Nugroho
    Arief Nugroho Month ago

    This is terrifyingly accurate

  • Ocnarf000
    Ocnarf000 Month ago

    "Gernany to win.."


    Dobroooo lol

  • terri Seow
    terri Seow Month ago +1

    Sweden finished first hahahahahaha

  • terri Seow
    terri Seow Month ago

    Wrong. Germany did not qualify to the knockout stages

  • Nighder 22
    Nighder 22 Month ago

    🇵🇹 will 🏆 This World Cup#believe

  • Steve Gln
    Steve Gln Month ago

    Half correct, half false

  • Huan jr
    Huan jr Month ago

    Legend says if someone predict germany will lose is the chosen..

  • J.I Mendaro
    J.I Mendaro Month ago

    His predictions weren´t that bad.
    He acerted in everything that was logical, the rest was just in the realm of possibility

  • DL 14
    DL 14 Month ago

    It was going so well...

  • FutureTitan392
    FutureTitan392 Month ago +1

    Ya boi we beat Senegal and their out, sorry bud but ur production was wrong.

  • The Antisine
    The Antisine Month ago

    Well at least he got a few correct

  • Z1yaad
    Z1yaad Month ago

    Only thing he can predict is when the 394 arrives at Islington

    OSCAR NAVAS Month ago

    Hijo de puta, Colombia quedo de primero

  • zonneP
    zonneP Month ago

    hahahah RIP Senegal, lost by 1 card bc stupid FIFA fair play

  • George Nic
    George Nic Month ago +1

    He got 11 out of 16

  • Leetbeast
    Leetbeast Month ago

    sucks for senegal i had them as 3rd place finish dissapointment

  • Hafid Maulana
    Hafid Maulana Month ago +2

    Everyone predict germany will win the group 😂

  • Radya Gardian Pranoto

    This is actually really close

    • -Genes-
      -Genes- Month ago

      Radya Gardian Pranoto lol no it’s not

  • maghryby hour
    maghryby hour Month ago

    fifa the racist and corrupt did everything to eliminate MOROCCO. I will hate fifa till I die.

    • -Genes-
      -Genes- Month ago

      maghryby hour you are an idiot

  • Dzikri Qalam
    Dzikri Qalam Month ago

    This is why man utd never growing

  • lalala lilili
    lalala lilili Month ago

    what happen with Maurinho and East Asia?

  • Igledala S
    Igledala S Month ago

    11 out of 16 he got right thats pretty damn good

    • -Genes-
      -Genes- Month ago

      Igledala S that’s pretty horrible

  • abdelilah afilal
    abdelilah afilal Month ago


  • Real Pewdiepie THC
    Real Pewdiepie THC Month ago +1

    Free pass for switzerland

  • TarsalTV
    TarsalTV Month ago

    1:36 OOF

  • Mister Dobble F
    Mister Dobble F Month ago

    Lul Germany Lul Poland and Senegal

  • Papa Yelpo Doblaje
    Papa Yelpo Doblaje Month ago

    Why did he call him "Mr. Marino"?

  • nadierelevante
    nadierelevante Month ago

    "Germany has to win"

  • DrDeadlifts
    DrDeadlifts Month ago

    Whomp whomp

  • Tadija Krstanovic
    Tadija Krstanovic Month ago

    idiot bhahah

  • Tommy L
    Tommy L Month ago

    "so Mr. Morino"

  • MustafaPlayzTr
    MustafaPlayzTr Month ago +2

    1:38 germany has to win
    South korea: Hold my beer

    • Valkyrie77
      Valkyrie77 Month ago

      Sweden: Sure i'll hold it for you.

  • SlavSquatMaster
    SlavSquatMaster Month ago +2

    You're wrong Jose. S Korea beat Germany.hahahah

  • Bernhardina Hörnstein

    Croatia and Sweden and Colombia and Belgium underrated! Germany overrated :)

  • ZodFi
    ZodFi Month ago

    at first i couldn't see if this was a game or real.

  • Assi Bro
    Assi Bro Month ago +1

    "Germany has to win" OK. ..

  • Gamer Guard HD
    Gamer Guard HD Month ago

    D1 is Croatia

  • Ammar Sedqui
    Ammar Sedqui Month ago +1

    He got 3 out of 8 right (37.5% ).if you flipped a coin you would've gotten better results. Tnx Jose! :p

  • DragoN 3 PG
    DragoN 3 PG Month ago

    Started very good and then as ALWAYS his emotions fucked everything.

  • mapabu
    mapabu Month ago

    Germany will.. Meh

  • Flipper Omar
    Flipper Omar Month ago

    Lol will no longer be in the world cup cuz they lost to korea

  • yohanes wilasa
    yohanes wilasa Month ago


  • sep Rez
    sep Rez Month ago


  • Dominik Pavić
    Dominik Pavić Month ago

    Croatia first hehehehehehehehehe

  • Mehran TJ
    Mehran TJ Month ago +4

    You were right just for the 3 groups of A, B and E

  • cro chicago
    cro chicago Month ago

    Really nigeria???moron...australia even bigger moron

    • cro chicago
      cro chicago Month ago

      noka5730 how can he pick nigeria when he knows that croatia is stacked and nigeria is young and inexperienced come on!

    • noka5730
      noka5730 Month ago

      cro chicago Nigeria were so close to qualify !

  • apache tyson
    apache tyson Month ago

    Oh how wrong you were

  • Waffles Silver
    Waffles Silver Month ago +1

    Completely farted an egg on the last one coach.

  • Rudy 9292928282828727722881818939939393821


  • Azhan
    Azhan Month ago

    Sorry but the final will be Brazil vs England 😂😂😂