Japanese Street Food - LAYERED BUTTER CAKE Belgian Waffles Japan


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  • grace surbakti
    grace surbakti 7 hours ago


  • tango carioka
    tango carioka 14 hours ago

    It's polite work
    Not a stall, but a demonstration sale

  • Sunggi Pranasari

    I watched this cake in Chibi maruko Chan.. 😅😅

  • Tom Crisa
    Tom Crisa Day ago


  • Caroline Thersa
    Caroline Thersa 5 days ago

    Jason Voorhees knife

  • すすちゃんねる


  • Joe Food 2017
    Joe Food 2017 6 days ago


  • Murat Karakaya
    Murat Karakaya 6 days ago

    İnsan bi eldiven takar amın evladı

  • Kris B
    Kris B 7 days ago

    My argument against intelligent design is the fact everything that taste wonderful is bad for us.

  • Кирилл Шишканов

    Damn, I want to taste it!

  • 山田太郎
    山田太郎 8 days ago


  • Шмель Шах
    Шмель Шах 8 days ago

    В Японии про перчатки не в курсе?

    • Dean Smith
      Dean Smith 8 days ago

      what makes you think that loser

  • Baz82
    Baz82 8 days ago

    I want some

  • radry100
    radry100 9 days ago


  • Безумная Кошатница

    Мне недавно привозили два круга такого с вертела. Очень вкусные, напоминают манник но слаще и тяжелее и плотность больше.

  • Marie Sewelscroon
    Marie Sewelscroon 9 days ago

    These comments complaining about the sound don't even know what it is- it's the sound stoplights make for the blind to cross safely

  • Tt h
    Tt h 9 days ago


  • Bin Cho
    Bin Cho 11 days ago

    그냥 와플이랑 바움쿠헨같은데..

  • Marilyn Capehart
    Marilyn Capehart 11 days ago +1

    TfS 9-12-18

  • Nicole Thijs
    Nicole Thijs 12 days ago

    Finally true Belgian Liege waffles! But why all these strange additions like matcha?

  • josie raven
    josie raven 13 days ago

    Cool rotisserie cake 😂😁👍🏼

  • 만듀
    만듀 14 days ago

    꿈파에서 본거랑 다르게 생겼어...

    • 만듀
      만듀 14 days ago


  • Geovanna Quiroz
    Geovanna Quiroz 14 days ago

    Que es eso ?

  • A. Zhr
    A. Zhr 15 days ago

    Remind me of chibi maruko chan

  • effbuds
    effbuds 15 days ago

    I'm dying

  • Kathy Lecluyse
    Kathy Lecluyse 15 days ago

    Name those waffles what you want, but Belgian they are not!

  • Aninha e Danilo Rodrigues

    Só faltou umas luvinhas né?!
    Mas parece ser muito bom...

  • nixez13 gumiho
    nixez13 gumiho 16 days ago

    Omigod. I'm so sad. I've been to Japan but never seen these... now I miss taiyaki and dango...

  • holyworrier
    holyworrier 16 days ago

    Asians just don't get pastry.

  • 하얀앵두
    하얀앵두 16 days ago

    일본 신호등소리 감성돋는다

  • viry O
    viry O 17 days ago

    Price? Really yumi!

  • Elisa Lie
    Elisa Lie 18 days ago

    Mesin pembuat lapis legit...👍

  • yang yang
    yang yang 19 days ago

    look closer to that fingering,have you recognize it been seem before....

  • Dinny Meireles
    Dinny Meireles 21 day ago

    Ai que vontade de comer essas coisas ... Experimentar um pedacinho de cada 😍

  • Ahmed Sadman
    Ahmed Sadman 21 day ago

    These are street food!!???
    Holy Shit

  • F V
    F V 21 day ago

    that's a horizontal doner cake.

  • Akim San
    Akim San 22 days ago

    Beda jauh sama makanan india, india jorok jorok

  • Joe Soap
    Joe Soap 22 days ago

    Like watching paint dry

    • Carl Smith
      Carl Smith 12 days ago

      You mean peel, as everyone forgot Fukushima???

  • Michele Saracino
    Michele Saracino 22 days ago

    Japanese are so precise and meticolous, when they work!!!

    • Carl Smith
      Carl Smith 12 days ago

      Yup don't forget Fukushima.

  • Railos1 Gaming Official

    All the those delicious sweets and eats i could have a delicious fit there 😊☺💗 Great process there

  • cor boet
    cor boet 23 days ago

    i'm so hungry now, why did I watch this!?

  • gianni arnoldons
    gianni arnoldons 24 days ago

    Would have went kanikaze aswell with that damn robot bird in the background... lmao

  • H M
    H M 25 days ago

    Why people are so nationalistic? Nobody insists it’s a Japanese cake and nobody cares the origin of the food that much. There are so many sushi, ramen, mochi, macha outside of Japan with bit different style than the original. Culture is always mixed up and that creates more interesting new culture. You are living in the 21st century of globalism... come on..

    • robotrip M
      robotrip M 4 days ago

      Fuck you! Japan best! Japan better everyone!

  • I Love Prophet Muhammad

    looks delicious , greeting from saudi arabia

  • Herr Lich
    Herr Lich 26 days ago

    that is actually a german style cake called baumkuchen

  • mimamo
    mimamo 27 days ago

    This is Baumkuchen, a German cake, extremely popular in Japan.

  • Terane Mecidova
    Terane Mecidova 27 days ago

    А я из Баку не понятноооо

  • Lusi Alfiah
    Lusi Alfiah 28 days ago

    Kue lapis legit

  • White
    White 28 days ago

    저거 바움쿠헨 아닌가요?

  • rena park
    rena park 29 days ago

    기계로 하네::

  • ᄏᄏ에우니
    ᄏᄏ에우니 29 days ago

    횡단보도 신호등소리들으니 일본갔을때 생각나네ㅋㅋ

  • Tinalala's World
    Tinalala's World 29 days ago

    That last dessert us a baumcugan which is a Germany dessert

  • Ildun
    Ildun Month ago

    Cake kebab!

  • MustangNancy55
    MustangNancy55 Month ago

    this is German Baumkuchen "treecake" thats not Belgian

  • R T
    R T Month ago

    Baumkuchen in Japan who knew. I need to go there!

  • hotpockets222
    hotpockets222 Month ago

    R A R E C H E E S E

  • Mary Ann Mata
    Mary Ann Mata Month ago

    wow,,,it looks like super tasty....i want to try it

  • Constancia
    Constancia Month ago

    Wonderful. Neat. Tasty.

  • BELLEZURA Astral
    BELLEZURA Astral Month ago

    que manera tan original de hacer un ponque excelente .. fabuloso..

  • Everton Correia
    Everton Correia Month ago

    I mean, he's already using a fucking lathe why not make the white sauce stuff spray from the cooling system pipes?

  • John Jenks
    John Jenks Month ago +1


  • lemonade23 93
    lemonade23 93 Month ago

    How did they make it so smooth by the half of the video???

  • lemonade23 93
    lemonade23 93 Month ago

    This was so satisfying food video i have ever seen... especially the part when the worker fork the waffle 3 at a time... 😮 wow

  • A7med DLmoon Tupica

    اكلات مقرفه خلطات زيوت خنزير من الشارع،،، 😈😕😵👹💩

  • ドキンちゃん
    ドキンちゃん Month ago


  • proNUB Central
    proNUB Central Month ago

    DOUGH! Not BATTER! MY mind is blown!

  • Game ne over
    Game ne over Month ago

    Кукушка,ска! Здохни падло!

  • 민주
    민주 Month ago

    that food is japanese? cake is just western food

  • Lynnm81
    Lynnm81 Month ago

    I wish you hadn't skipped the part of how they got the outside of the cake so smooth. Yes, I know they take a layer off, but would have liked to have seen it.

  • Kat2873
    Kat2873 Month ago

    Can't you talk? Tell us what it all is and what is happening ffs.

  • Adriana Valente
    Adriana Valente Month ago +3

    Fantástico ☺

  • jappie jappo
    jappie jappo Month ago


  • Elena Lancaster
    Elena Lancaster Month ago

    The last man dont have gloves , i dont like 🙄🙄🙄😑😑😑

  • warmbronze1
    warmbronze1 Month ago

    I just love the way u can see the layers on the cake. I would pull it apart layer by layer

  • алекс алекс

    Бисквит рулоном очень классный на вкус

  • Chris and Rissa
    Chris and Rissa Month ago

    This butter cake looks like a big corndog. I would kill for a slice though

  • Elineuza Jesus
    Elineuza Jesus Month ago


  • kika gorostiola
    kika gorostiola Month ago

    Pan "rostizado" 😂😂

  • 雅貓
    雅貓 Month ago


  • stephanie copenhaver

    2 things I will remember about this video: I need this cake and be-boop

  • Kerstin Jost
    Kerstin Jost Month ago

    Baumkuchen und Waffeln lecker

  • Kettle Korn
    Kettle Korn Month ago

    What is the name of this place and where is it? I don't recall seeing anything like this in Tokyo.

  • Helena Ivanova
    Helena Ivanova Month ago

    Какие замечательные инструменты для работы! Похоже ,что тесто дрожжевое и бисквитное! Очень интересная технология приготовления!

  • Евгений Рябенков

    И что это было???

  • burma bengol
    burma bengol Month ago


  • Susan Scott
    Susan Scott Month ago

    WOW looks delicious 🤤

    • Carl Smith
      Carl Smith 12 days ago

      Comes with a side of radiation.

  • Jobert Uy
    Jobert Uy Month ago

    I may be wrong but isnt this what Shiina Mashiro likes to eat

  • Real Deal
    Real Deal Month ago

    They seem to over do everything just let the ingredients shine through repetitiveness is something I see that they do crazy....

  • Real Deal
    Real Deal Month ago

    Too soft not crispy around the edges I can see that matbe it hardens after it sits out for a while ?....

  • กิจจา โพธิ์หอมศิริ


    MANNI YANG Month ago


  • Lupita Lopez
    Lupita Lopez Month ago

    Que rico se me antojaron 😦😦

  • Claudia Patiño
    Claudia Patiño Month ago

    Todas las comidas del mundo son ricas y más las que son elaboradas artesanal mente ya que tiene su origen y está la mano del hombre con amor y esperanza que sus productos sean acogidos por el comercio extranjero y que nunca cambien sus tradiciones y valorar el hombre campesino q siembra sus frutos para darnos de comer desde Colombia claudia

  • Kellyof thecorn
    Kellyof thecorn Month ago

    Have to try them,!

  • 塞北老油条
    塞北老油条 Month ago

    11:37 想起了加藤鹰

  • 마감노예
    마감노예 Month ago

    엇.....! 저것은 꿈빛파티시엘에 나오는 바움쿠헨....!!! (( 나이가 몇인데 이걸아직도 보고있ㄴ......퍼퍼퍽 ))

  • low manman
    low manman Month ago

    Where the shop ?what name for the shop

  • Clara W
    Clara W Month ago

    I need this recipe looks yummy

  • Phil Andrawis
    Phil Andrawis Month ago +1

    this item runs from 1300 yen to 1800 yen about $11 to $15 and upward depending on the flavoured topping and its the size of small cake extremely expensive this is high end, not street cooking

  • Ахмед Ахмедов

    А ято думал Японцы кроме рибы и рисса ничего не кушают