Japanese Street Food - LAYERED BUTTER CAKE Belgian Waffles Japan


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  • Chi Javier
    Chi Javier 6 hours ago

    I wanna go to Japan!!!

    VIRGY M 2 days ago +1

    Se fosse aqui no Brasil, estaria cheio de moscas! 😁

    VIRGY M 2 days ago +1

    Quem disse que os japoneses só comem alimentos saudáveis??? Quanto açúcar nesses bolos, Deus me livre! 😲🤔🤑

  • Friede auf der Welt
    Friede auf der Welt 2 days ago

    Komisch. Das Video hat einen deutschen Titel aber in den Kommentaren finde ich keinen einzigen deutschen Text.

  • Kupo Sempai
    Kupo Sempai 4 days ago

    The way he fingered that cake to take out the rolled parchment paper is...erotic. LOL

  • Kpop Lover
    Kpop Lover 6 days ago

    do u by any chance know the addresses to this clips food outlets?

  • veronica urrutia
    veronica urrutia 7 days ago


  • 0 0
    0 0 8 days ago

    9:00와 가격 진짜 개미쳤네

  • Pipin Risma
    Pipin Risma 9 days ago

    Kue yg di film chibi maruko chan yg tetangga nya ampe salah paham di kira kue nya berlubang-lubang😂😂😂

  • BeautyVids
    BeautyVids 11 days ago

    Comment "Done"
    And I'll do the same 🤗

  • 00_Cortalez_00
    00_Cortalez_00 11 days ago

    Even if everything looks delicious, i guess i would get crazy with that beeping sound while working in that bakery.

  • UndeadCollector
    UndeadCollector 11 days ago

    This "layered butter cake" is called "Baumkuchen". It's a German Word, but used everywhere around the World, even in Japan.

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky 11 days ago


  • Ziom Odpocznij
    Ziom Odpocznij 12 days ago

    w polsce to sie nazywa Sękacz :D

  • jessy sandoval
    jessy sandoval 13 days ago

    Gran paciencia!!! Para producir ese pastel

  • Terrence Linder
    Terrence Linder 14 days ago

    I got type five diabetes looking at that butter cake!

  • mpastenessandiego
    mpastenessandiego 16 days ago

    Esos productos los fabrican en un local , por lo tanto no es comida callejera , según yo

  • knarppina
    knarppina 17 days ago


  • rafael rodriguez jimenez


  • 김누구
    김누구 18 days ago

    바움쿠헨 아님?

  • Salade Russe
    Salade Russe 18 days ago

    Des gaufres! Plus français tu meurt😂

  • Amore mio
    Amore mio 18 days ago


  • Alex di-prima
    Alex di-prima 19 days ago

    прикольно . а что это за сосиска в кляре?

  • anthony dame
    anthony dame 19 days ago

    Japenese people put macha everywhere !! :'D

  • Fluieras Oana Alina
    Fluieras Oana Alina 21 day ago

    Such tasty food the japanese people do

  • سامر العلي
    سامر العلي 21 day ago

    زعلت منكم يا شعب اليابان أنا بعرف أنتو ما بتاكلو غير الصراصير والحشرات والخنازير والضفادع ما ضل غير أنكم تاكلو الخراا 💩💩 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aileen Cecilia Muñoz
    Aileen Cecilia Muñoz 22 days ago

    Is this in Tokyo?

  • Lilas21 Aaa
    Lilas21 Aaa 23 days ago


  • CelloAtivo
    CelloAtivo 23 days ago

    Demais, esses vídeos dão água na boca...rsrs

  • Федя Съел медведя

    Язык проглочу

  • Vonny Anggraeni
    Vonny Anggraeni 24 days ago

    how many vid you gonna put on 15 minutes video? it not 10 minutes yet and already 4 vid.. come on

  • Kalibracja Wtryskarki
    Kalibracja Wtryskarki 25 days ago

    To jest kurwa sękacz, kurwy

  • isaias dias
    isaias dias 25 days ago

    Não seria mais fácil assar tudo numa forma

  • warakan sima
    warakan sima 25 days ago


  • Lobikya Kawaii
    Lobikya Kawaii 25 days ago


  • Andy Liu
    Andy Liu 26 days ago


  • Mike Lee
    Mike Lee 26 days ago +1

    No you don’t!!! You need to learn how to cook first!!!!!

  • l_m الشمري
    l_m الشمري 27 days ago

    شكلها لذيذة😍

    ARAGON ARFAXAD 27 days ago


  • Silvia Paiva
    Silvia Paiva 27 days ago

    Eu quero ir pra o Japão só pra comer essas delícias 🙋

  • Viviane
    Viviane 28 days ago

    O que é isso 😒

    YAQEN Y_Y 28 days ago

    يمي امبينه طيبه 😙

  • 라윰
    라윰 29 days ago

    와 바움쿠헨이다!맛있겠다

  • hidalgo21
    hidalgo21 29 days ago

    que delicia😊😊

  • Kasey CB
    Kasey CB Month ago


  • Luisa Martinez
    Luisa Martinez Month ago

    There in Japan if I eat, they wear gloves, face masks.

  • wharem wharem
    wharem wharem Month ago

    Vachement Japonais !!!!! 2 spécialités bien Française
    Gaufres de Liège et gateau à la broche ....

  • Dmitriy Dmitry
    Dmitriy Dmitry Month ago

    Какой же это торт

  • math bcht
    math bcht Month ago

    This is a typical French cake, it call « gâteau à la broche ».

  • 船山ナタリー
    船山ナタリー Month ago

    Масляный торт😂😂😂 п.....ц. Эта выпечка называется - баумкухен

  • Тамара Говорухина

    Этот бисквит обмазан глазурью не ровно

  • 廖里昂
    廖里昂 Month ago


  • 송천
    송천 Month ago

    rly clean this is real food fuckin indian street food plz fucking hand gloves that's all you need

  • English-RC
    English-RC Month ago

    Where does that come from?

    • English-RC
      English-RC Month ago

      This seems more like France town in japan.

  • English-RC
    English-RC Month ago

    What about bacon sandwiches does japan like bacon.

  • The Emerald Dream
    The Emerald Dream Month ago

    I've never wanted a piece of cake so bad in my entire life...

  • maria cristina campoy

    arteeee ¡

    NTH THN Month ago


  • MrTGrey89
    MrTGrey89 Month ago

    для тех кто зашёл из за 1ого скрина видео 11:30 не благодарите =)

  • say tehee
    say tehee Month ago

    kek lapis serawak dah boleh kot guna mesin ni. besaq sikit keknya. dok makan haluih besaq telapak tangan

  • Master Hunter
    Master Hunter Month ago +1

    5:27 hahahaha is crazy.

  • Matti Suutarinen
    Matti Suutarinen Month ago

    i just love to eat waffles maybe that is why i am 237 kgs

  • Tatiane Barros
    Tatiane Barros Month ago

    Brasil alguém??

  • DiCrazy
    DiCrazy Month ago


  • Christina Ho
    Christina Ho Month ago

  • 黃阿飛
    黃阿飛 Month ago


  • Ezio Martini
    Ezio Martini Month ago

    torta al burro ok,ma sono waffel o no??

  • Charlotte M
    Charlotte M Month ago

    C est ou ça ? Les gaufres Belge au matcha

  • VII Hells
    VII Hells Month ago

    How did they make those bumpy ass cakes from the start into a perfect cylindrical shape by the time they went to ice them?

  • beliy pion
    beliy pion Month ago

    всё облапанно руками. Фу.

  • Iscap Amical2018
    Iscap Amical2018 Month ago

    Très intéressant on à l'occasion de voir les autres cultures

  • JustSimple A.H
    JustSimple A.H Month ago

    he even heard of gloves

  • 나야나
    나야나 Month ago


  • たいすけ
    たいすけ Month ago


  • Dann mreps
    Dann mreps Month ago

    Kue lapis legit, in different style and shape..

  • Mulder & Scully
    Mulder & Scully Month ago

    What is that annoying sound.

  • MorryMemento (TM)
    MorryMemento (TM) Month ago +1

    ok its an old german dish and its called baumkuchen ;)

  • 성원제
    성원제 Month ago +1

    2,100 yen = 2,1000 won

  • Frederick Bird
    Frederick Bird Month ago +1

    anyone else think the machine was about to fall off the side when it was closed?

  • İnfinity Life
    İnfinity Life Month ago

    bi hindistan sokak yemeklerine bak bide bunlara

  • Gregorita  Vigil
    Gregorita Vigil Month ago

    That looks delious

  • Skinner31
    Skinner31 Month ago

    Geez I want to try that so bad looks really good

  • tubedude54
    tubedude54 Month ago

    Can I get these in the US or do I have to go to Japan?!

  • Gislane Oliveira
    Gislane Oliveira Month ago +2

    Parece estar uma delícia

  • Pamela Bozeman
    Pamela Bozeman Month ago

    How are the majority of Japanese people so thin with yummy foods like these? 😊

  • TheFinemocha
    TheFinemocha Month ago

    this seems like a lot of work for cake.

  • Lex
    Lex Month ago

    Tutte robe copiate..

  • BigDH28
    BigDH28 2 months ago

    OMG! I must have........ 😱😱😱😱👍👍👍👍

  • Martin The Making Of
    Martin The Making Of 2 months ago

    I just lost the game

  • anhemail
    anhemail 2 months ago

    need wear gloves

  • Fludderlumpagoose Thethird

    I must partake in the cakeloging.

  • pascal BLD
    pascal BLD 2 months ago

    Thank you very much for this movie.
    Did you test the cakes?...
    Can you tell me the brand factory name for that nice machine? I saw the 3 first letters ..

  • timothy hardy
    timothy hardy 2 months ago

    The guy cutting the chocolate one need more cutting training overall all this looks great

  • Andrew Walle Johansen
    Andrew Walle Johansen 2 months ago

    I think I've seen something just like that in Italy. they taste really good

  • Raquel AN
    Raquel AN 2 months ago

    Is this making anyone else hungry

  • Fe .oliveiran
    Fe .oliveiran 2 months ago

    O verdadeiro bolo de rolo. 😂

  • 芥散
    芥散 2 months ago


  • Anna Blomer
    Anna Blomer 2 months ago

    me too

  • GypSea ASMR
    GypSea ASMR 2 months ago

    Oooo I want to do a video of the layered cake! I wonder if anyone makes them in my area....yum!