Where to Hide Your Money Ep. 1


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  • Stack'n Silver
    Stack'n Silver 2 months ago

    How to hide $100 or less in terrible places.

  • prival fang
    prival fang 4 months ago

    if someone sees a phone box, they are going to take it regardless

  • Aaron Snyder
    Aaron Snyder 7 months ago


  • Tybetts
    Tybetts 8 months ago

    I used to keep my cash in my iPhone case but people will deff grab a phone or an iPod box to steal just fyi. The key to diversion safes is to stash money in things people would NEVER look twice at

  • ethan Daw
    ethan Daw Year ago

    triangle nigga thats a square

  • malan franklin
    malan franklin Year ago

    Yes i do that any time

  • Ryan Hudson
    Ryan Hudson Year ago

    This video gives me asmr😂

  • A Default
    A Default Year ago +1

    2:31 square not triangle

  • Trent Baker
    Trent Baker Year ago


  • Wyatt Garland
    Wyatt Garland Year ago

    the first one that you did is the one that I put my money in all the time

  • Surfycandy0374 gaming
    Surfycandy0374 gaming 2 years ago

    on the cards you said triangle Trace at the triangle it is a rectangle

  • nicholas yovanovich
    nicholas yovanovich 2 years ago

    great ideas

  • Diana Rose
    Diana Rose 2 years ago +1

    I guess this video was meant for people who lives with their greedy parents or family. The phone looks exactly like my phone lol...I now know where to hide my money from my family. They won't steal my phone because it's a cheap one and most people here own a smartphone. They love playing cards though so I can't hide my money there.

  • Blake O'Connor
    Blake O'Connor 2 years ago

    How to be an idiot it should be called

  • Legendazf Betancohurt
    Legendazf Betancohurt 2 years ago

    Wrong ways to hide your money.

  • Devin Polk
    Devin Polk 2 years ago

    good video

  • Maeleigh
    Maeleigh 2 years ago

    Hes a MoronOfLife. If someone was to rob you, what do you think they would steal? 6:18 this is a picture of everything a robber would steal. Now you put all your money in it. Your basically giving a criminal bonus money along with your valuables.

  • TheHeavenGirls OG
    TheHeavenGirls OG 2 years ago

    (which isn't a common thing because I usually use my cards or sometimes carry $10 or $20 bills around)
    1. The air vents in my room
    2. Inside my door knob
    3. Taped behind my mirror
    4. Inside my closet (I have so many piggy banks, mini storage boxes, a chest, clothes d shoes... so...)
    5. In my small wallet which I can carry in my pocket
    6. Inside a pen, sharper, or marker (usually the big ones, you can take the color ink out...)
    7. My bed (or if you have a hole in your bed)
    8. My drawer (the bottom drawers have a small unnoticeable hole when you pull them out, you can lift the hole and store things down there... I found so many lost items 😂)
    9. Taping the money behind your curtains... or under the flaps
    10. Making a small unnoticeable hole in your school bag (if it has more than two layers...) and storing your money in there
    11. And many other ways

  • Amy Harvey
    Amy Harvey 2 years ago

    Ridiculous! What thief is not taking all your cell phones and your I-pad?? Now the deck of cards is a different animal... though they could love to play Solitaire as much as I do... ;-D

  • Saran2k
    Saran2k 2 years ago


  • Show Your Skills
    Show Your Skills 2 years ago

    are you can put it in a crappy cereal box which no-one will touch

  • Winter Wolf
    Winter Wolf 2 years ago

    In your pillowcase dude

  • Linda Harkness
    Linda Harkness 2 years ago

    Thanks for letting thieves know where to look when they're robbing a house.

  • MikElite04
    MikElite04 2 years ago

    He's just trying to get subs, I don't blame the guy, he sure has more then my lol

  • Eliza S.
    Eliza S. 2 years ago

    But if somebody were to break into your home, they would most likely take your old phone along with all of your hidden money.

  • Ruben Strating
    Ruben Strating 2 years ago

    Need to stash like a few thou, got a way for that?

    • Duke Of Prunes
      Duke Of Prunes 2 years ago

      Ruben Strating My daughter sticks $100 bills in the pages of certain hardback books, and she has quite a lot of books for a child -- a couple of thousand wouldn't be any trouble at all.

    • Billie Bleach
      Billie Bleach 2 years ago

      Jep....inside an old TV. Not one of them flatTV's but an old biggen one. Plenty of space inside and nobody wants to take an old crap-tv. The cops don't even check it out when they search your place, it's a laugh...they turn the whole place upside down, walk by the old TV dozens of times but don't touch it...neither the 20 or 30 grands inside 😂

    • Duke of all Trades
      Duke of all Trades 2 years ago

      if youre the home improvement type, you can use a double wide blue electrical box woth a blank faceplate, just hide it behinf some furniture.

  • emmet
    emmet 2 years ago

    If somebody wanted to look for some money to rob, and found a phone, they'd probably rob the phone too, so now they have your phone AND your money. BAD IDEA!!!!

  • Wayne Osmand
    Wayne Osmand 2 years ago

    Make sure you tell someone where you hide it as my Grandparents grew up in the depression and after they passed no-one had a clue where it all was, they found some like in between folded linen but they were canny old folks and the whole family knew roughly how much was hidden, they only found roughly 5% And as for me if I get old and forgetful I will need to know as well where I hide mine!

  • David Doughtie
    David Doughtie 2 years ago

    if i was a robber i would steal the ipod box and phone box and old phone stupid every theif would

  • TLGang300
    TLGang300 2 years ago

    lol he got 1$ at beginning😂

  • nikolamar
    nikolamar 2 years ago

    Lmao rotfl

  • Sabrina Harris
    Sabrina Harris 2 years ago

    one problem wt if u ain't got no money

  • steve evans
    steve evans 2 years ago

    anybody that would break in would steal any phone or take the box?

  • andrew lobel
    andrew lobel 2 years ago

    why would i put my valuables in my valuables?

  • Abel
    Abel 2 years ago

    this guy has a lot of money$

  • Quad God
    Quad God 2 years ago

    My favorite one is at 6:36. Who would have thought of a candle!

  • Rex Marinus
    Rex Marinus 2 years ago

    LOL This is a how to hide condoms from your parents. If you keep hiding money like this you will end up throwing your money in the garbage some day.

  • Chervanny C
    Chervanny C 2 years ago

    i love this video and i think it's hilarious . thank you for making this video , and i honestly think that hiding ur money in the phone box is great bcs who would want a box with manuals in it lmao .thanks for the ideas

  • Keegan Parsons
    Keegan Parsons 2 years ago +1

    I hide my money in my wallet. Why do you need to hind your money? If you get robbed they will wait till you are gone and if you leave you take your wallet or purse

    • Alex Beltran
      Alex Beltran 2 years ago

      +Ocean The Minecrafter lmao

    • AmandaxNicolee e
      AmandaxNicolee e 2 years ago

      mabey people are going to concerts?

    • Ladylalleke
      Ladylalleke 2 years ago

      It's actually a game on scouting camp. We go hiking for 3 days and we can take our money with us if our leaders can not find it. So we try to hide it from them :)

    • xTP
      xTP 2 years ago

      A question why would u ever search for this Video , if you didn't wanted to know how to hide your money ! ?

    • Ocean The Minecrafter
      Ocean The Minecrafter 2 years ago

      Idk, the only reason I do it is because I have a strange obsession of hiding things...😂

  • Military Downturf
    Military Downturf 2 years ago

    Your a fucking idiot

  • irolden
    irolden 2 years ago

    I put like 100 dollars in a deck of cards once....but I collect cards and have upwards of 400 decks....I don't remember which one has the cassssshhh

  • Anthony Upstart
    Anthony Upstart 2 years ago

    why don´t you just hide your money in a wallet

  • SupaEMT134
    SupaEMT134 2 years ago

    Are you high?

  • Filippo’s Momma
    Filippo’s Momma 2 years ago +3

    2:32, trace this "triangle" out right here 😂😂👌🏼😭😭😂

  • Adolfo Ixcoy
    Adolfo Ixcoy 2 years ago

    In your pocket

  • Robert Thomson
    Robert Thomson 2 years ago

    The phone one ? Dumb that's the kind of shot they be looking for

    BUTCH BROWN 2 years ago +1

    Hiding money in a cell phone.........ROTFLMAO!

  • Onése Vanessa
    Onése Vanessa 2 years ago

    Not a triangle bro

  • DC prep n post
    DC prep n post 2 years ago +2

    I like to hide my money inside money

    • Adolfo Ixcoy
      Adolfo Ixcoy 2 years ago

      I was trying to laugh so hard but it's nights 😂😂

  • Hayden May
    Hayden May 2 years ago +1

    Lol triangle with 4 sides. Bud thts a rectangle.

    • Ector Rodriguez
      Ector Rodriguez 2 years ago

      For real I was so confused trying to figure out where the triangle was

  • Agarandom
    Agarandom 2 years ago


  • Abby Xo
    Abby Xo 2 years ago

    For the last one you could put money in both parts of the phone case

    CORVETTE STINGRAY 2 years ago +1

    Ok so,,heres the deal bro,,,,,,,,,,,,,,as far as stashing any money in your phone - REALLY BAD IDEA BRAH,,,-WHY YOU ASK?WELL THINK ABOUT IT mon ! ! ! ! ! Cuz if anyone sees a phone pe on your desk or counter or wher ever ,,,you can guarantee that your phone is going to be ripped off and so is your money when they scoop your phone dude ???? SO YEA MON -- REALLY BAD IDEA TO STASH ANYTHING IN YOUR PHONE -----BUSTED BAD IDEA :-(

  • gamer Gabby
    gamer Gabby 2 years ago +1

    He said triangle .......wtf😂😂😂😂😂

    • Terri S
      Terri S Year ago

      gamer Gabby Four-sided triangle... Yeah, right!

  • Tyler Adkins
    Tyler Adkins 2 years ago

    ya your stupid seriously why put it in 4 thongs that will most likely be stolen or checked either way that just dumb seriously

  • Steven Windham
    Steven Windham 2 years ago


  • Eshan Hanif
    Eshan Hanif 2 years ago

    what if the thief stealls the cards then if hes playing a card game naaah man naaah then ur messed up

  • steeeeve1
    steeeeve1 2 years ago

    Of course a thief will steal a phone. That's like saying "Hide your house key under a bar of gold in front of the door. "

  • Osca Alva
    Osca Alva 3 years ago

    never stash money in phone case they will still your phone or tablet and your money better place in hotel room use there tv converter remove battary put it there
    best place put cash in small zip lock type plastic bag put in your shampoo bottle leave it in the shower .

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  • That Guy
    That Guy 3 years ago

    Why the fuck would you hide your money on something that a thief would steal like a cell phone? Why don't you just dip it in gold and and hide it inside a sign saying car keys inside??? Wtf

  • Gsus Challenge
    Gsus Challenge 3 years ago

    OMG did u just hear him call a rectangle a TRIANGLE!!!!!!!!

  • xToxinx
    xToxinx 3 years ago

    Triangle? Nigga that's a rectangle

  • cynthia butterfield
    cynthia butterfield 3 years ago

    Well maybe the cards not watching the rest

  • cynthia butterfield
    cynthia butterfield 3 years ago

    These are things that would get stolen to begin with

  • Matthew Free
    Matthew Free 3 years ago

    well if its just a ipod box who would steal a box

  • Smile 05
    Smile 05 3 years ago

    The old phone ones not bad but if someone takes your phone they have your money too

  • just a lonely BONE
    just a lonely BONE 3 years ago

    no not in a phone that is what they (burglars)look for

  • Tdyfydyfhfhf Yfhdhfhchxhchch

    you dumb ass that's a rectangle

  • Esther Baettig
    Esther Baettig 3 years ago

    The thief who stole my old HP would have been delighted to find a treasure inside!

  • zee1
    zee1 3 years ago

    Instead of rectangle he said triangle

  • CreeperFino
    CreeperFino 3 years ago

    1. Who wouldn't steal a phone?
    2. Who wouldn't steal an iPod?
    3. This one's alright
    4. Who wouldn't steal a phone again?
    5. Who wouldn't steal a phone for a third time?

  • Angie Sings
    Angie Sings 3 years ago +15

    How is he the genius of life if he called a rectangle, a triangle ??? (2:30-2:38)

    • Me Kylie
      Me Kylie 2 years ago

      ikr i was like what then i looked at the comments to see if anyone else noticed

    • Holly Moses
      Holly Moses 2 years ago

      so true hahahahahaha lmfao ahahahahaha

    • Billie Bleach
      Billie Bleach 2 years ago


  • Tristan Collins
    Tristan Collins 3 years ago

    i like the deck of cards one but u said cut out triangle

  • VibeVault
    VibeVault 3 years ago

    the card Thing is a preety good trick

  • Zoo York
    Zoo York 3 years ago +1

    Yeah cause no one would steal a phone

    • dwip
      dwip 2 years ago +1

      +Brandie Brabant its called sarcasm genius.

    • Brandie Brabant
      Brandie Brabant 3 years ago

      bruh anyone.would. steal a phone

  • Silver Money .999
    Silver Money .999 3 years ago +2

    The deck of cards was a good one. Maybe using the same trick on a book would be good too. The last thing a thief will steal would be a book.

  • MikePlaysIt
    MikePlaysIt 3 years ago

    Honestly man, the only practical one that I see in this list is the deck of cards. All of the other stuff is small and of high value (or at least has the immediate appearance of being high value, such as a smartphone box or an iPod box), which isn't a good place to stash stuff because that's the kind of stuff that thieves look for. Something that's small as possible/least effort for the highest dollar... A Blackberry smartphone sitting on your desk and an iPod and/or Samsung smartphone box with contents possibly inside make for a quick grab. Now, because you've stuffed your money in those boxes at the very least the thief is going to open up the box once they are where they need to be and be disappointed that there's no iPod or Samsung smartphone, but at least there's some extra money in there to make up for it..
    Good idea though, to find stash spots to place your valuables rather than just having them out laying about. Only the particular choice of what to store them in wasn't so great.

  • ThinkTinka
    ThinkTinka 3 years ago

    this video is beyond stupid lmmfao 😂 He can't be serious smh

  • EJB
    EJB 3 years ago

    Nice video I'll think about it but for now I'll keep it in my wallet thanks for the tips though great video

  • Hisoka Morow
    Hisoka Morow 3 years ago

    its a fucking rectangle idiot

  • TheCatGamer XD
    TheCatGamer XD 3 years ago

    what if the robber takes the new ipod ans finds the money #Thinkbeforeyoutalk

  • Ariel
    Ariel 3 years ago

    A triangle hahaha I can't breathe

  • EverythingOxiClean 24
    EverythingOxiClean 24 3 years ago

    i know to things bring all of you money to the bank and get a debit card or get a safe

  • Jaaden Newell
    Jaaden Newell 3 years ago


  • TSpike73
    TSpike73 3 years ago +2

    I found that a really great place to hide your money is an inconspicuous secret compartment in what appears as a solid gold bar - that way you can keep it in plain sight and no one will ever guess there's 40 bucks hidden inside it!

  • alytijo
    alytijo 3 years ago

    I hide money and forget where hid it.

  • Jorge Garcia
    Jorge Garcia 3 years ago

    I have to find out from you. Who are you hiding your money from ? and is it money you are trying to hide there or somthing else. The video should be call "WHERE TO LOSE YOUR MONEY". Man i can't wait to see the next video.

  • Matt Meyer
    Matt Meyer 3 years ago

    Please make an episode 2

  • Matt Meyer
    Matt Meyer 3 years ago

    Please make an episode 2

  • Madison Martinez
    Madison Martinez 3 years ago

    that's not a triangle it's a rectangle

  • Hrdxyt
    Hrdxyt 3 years ago

    I like this 💯😊✊

  • Christine Barcial
    Christine Barcial 3 years ago +1

    2:31 "trace this triangle right here" umm... isn't it a rectangle?

    • Silver Money .999
      Silver Money .999 3 years ago +1

      +Christine Barcial
      Give the kid a break, he might have been taught that new Common Core geometry.

  • Grace Barnhart
    Grace Barnhart 3 years ago +3

    I would use these..... If I had money😭

  • JensenBade
    JensenBade 3 years ago

    are you mad if someone takes your phone then they have an expensive phone andava Lord if money. Your Smart

  • Joanie
    Joanie 3 years ago

    Really great idea's!! Thanks!

  • Joshua Da Silva
    Joshua Da Silva 3 years ago

    the cards is smart.. if someone is going to rob your house, their not going to bother to steal your cards

  • Sara Contreras
    Sara Contreras 3 years ago

    I only do the cell phone case one when i go and don't have pockets

  • Riley Edwards
    Riley Edwards 3 years ago

    The genius of life doesn't know the difference between a rectangle and a triangle...

  • Betty Cubillos
    Betty Cubillos 3 years ago

    you said trace the triangle but it is a rectangle